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    Would love to see her suit up for the NT!

    The other middles currently training might have an upperhand, but hopefully she can work her way up.

    If she can improve her blocking, surely she deserves a spot on the NT for VNL and WCH.

    Technically, she did make it into the database for NT players:…doc-ikyamrmz9402962.shtml

    She presumably informed the coach of her intentions to play in AU and they OK'ed it.

    Did she? This would've been the best opportunity to join since Cai Bin is reshuffling players from Lang Pings cycle.



    My idol in the volleyball world is Zhu Ting, the person I want to see most is Jenny, if I can get accepted to the national team, that would be amazing.

    just speculation because she would've stayed for the training camp if she really wanted to be on the Chinese NT. Plus with Yan Ni retiring there would've been an open spot available.

    I would put her as the 3rd/4th MB on the NT instead of Yang Hanyu and Zheng Yixin.

    I thought she did say she want to be on the team :o

    That's not true. Ukraine had a strong anti-Russian nationalist wave with the new rule, Russians say this was US funded. (I can believe that)

    Ukraine (besides Donbass) started to be heavily anti Russian and nationalist, this anti-Russia campaign was one of the reasons mentioned for Russia ''having to invade/free'' Donbass to make sure the Russians don't face discrimination any longer as a result of the anti-Russian regime and media. The Ukrainian media was anti-Russia for years, even before the Crimea invasion, like I said it came with the new ''anti-Russian'' government.

    But Ukraine is not the only country that has a strong anti-Russian sentiment, and the Donbass issue has existed since 2014. I think the idea that Russia wanted to check NATO expansion is much more in line with similar events throughout history. Ultimately, none of us can read Putin's mind and it might as well be a matter of opinion.

    having media against Russians is still not a valid reason for Russia to invade internationally accepted Ukrainian territory (and it's not just Donbass being invaded either)

    That is not the reason why Russia invaded Ukraine. Media against Russians came after the invasion took place, not before.

    Russia is not a democracy. It's ruled by a (psycho) dictator

    If you think that Russia is not a democracy, then their citizens (by this I mean the athletes who can "vote") have even less responsibility on their shoulders than if Russia were democratic.

    Athletes in individual sports are banned entirely, just by virtue of being born in Russia. I'm not talking about not being allowed the national anthem or not allowed the white-blue-red flag. I mean excluded entirely, even if they spoke up against Putin's actions.

    do you really think A and B are angels? they are the most sinister of letters... (i can keep doing that :gone:)

    sorry i needed a bit of a laugh :lol:

    but in all of its seriousness i do think international law should be binding for ALL if we actually want this system of endless exploitation and suffering to truely end.

    Ban vowels. They're always meddling with the consonants and insisting they be included in words. Why can't the consonants have a word of their own?


    There are many countries across this world doing sh***y things, not just the USA, not just Russia. If there was a blanket ban on all of them, we'd be left with Fiji playing Tonga in the WCH final.

    I'm not in favour of banning anyone, but the premise of the ban is invading a sovereign nation, not simply "doing sh***y things". And the majority of countries are not involved in current invasions.

    Boycotting the country and it's officials during this current phase is not the same as a witch-hunt on Russians which people seem to think it is. It's extremely problematic!

    Back to the volleyball world, I think not using flag, not allowing national anthem, not allowing name of country, etc. that is all understandable, but still think the athletes should be allowed to participate.

    are you going to keep those feelings with china?

    genocide the Uyghurs, nightmare labor conditions that corporations take advantage of, covering up sexual assault from governmental figures and hushing the victims into silence.

    every major power has issues.

    Exactly, might as well ban every major country then.

    Poor Taliban, they couldn't sovereignly support a terrorism and protect Bin Laden, how could the US expect to give them an organizer of 9/11 attacks. Come on.

    I can make the analogous arguments about the Azov battalion, Zelensky's implicit support/acceptance of Stepan Bandera, and the shelling of separatists in Donbass.

    Take the L and move on.

    To expand on this:

    in a segment on the BBC, David Sakvarelidze, former deputy prosecutor general of Ukraine, described his emotional response in seeing “European people with blue eyes and blond hair being killed, children being killed every day” in his country

    I guess if you're a Ukrainian with brown hair or brown eyes, he doesn't care...

    Intervention in Afghanistan was fully justified, almost everyone was supporting heavy reaction towards Taliban government after 9/11 since they refused to agree on American ultimatum regarding Al-Kaida's support

    That's not a justification.

    "Either you let us in and lose your sovereignty, and if you don't, then we'll invade"