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    😂😂😂😂😂 In Italy for olympics qualifications. And of course even in the world championship the audience was really interested even in non Italian matches. Yeah Lodz arena is really big but a really empty arena like this for and European Champions is objectively embarrassing

    Yes, it is a sad sight to see, but it is reality.

    I can't think of a country where thousands people would pay to go see a random women's volleyball match, other than as you say Italy and dunno maybe Turkey.

    Ah ok, it's weird, but it makes sense.

    So in this case Poland will most likely play Spain and Slovakia will play Italy.

    Damn, this totally changes where they are positioned in the draw as well. So complicated :white:

    honestly the empty stadium in poland is awful. Polish audience seems interested only on his national team and this is trash 👎👎👎. In Italy at olympic qualification the Arena had a good response even when played kenya. And after all of this on this forum people are annoyed if the international competition are always in the same countries...😷😷😷 4 countries is already too much dispersive and why Hungary-Slovakia? Seriously?? I really don't understand Fivb and some on this forum who wants International conpetition in countries not interested in volleyball. Italy basically play in sahara desert 👎👎👎😷😷👎👎👎 Shame on you Polish audience

    Sorry, but your post makes no sense. Why would you expect anything other than an empty arena in Poland when it's not Poland that is playing? The same would be whoever hosted. And if Poland played Kenya in Poland, the arena would also be full.

    Having four countries hosting is the only way to improve attendance. The attendance in Slovakia and Hungary has been surprisingly big. Much bigger than how it would be if only one country hosted.

    Honestly, this isn't even a FIVB organized event, it's CEV who is the governing body.

    Sport Klub will not be showing the ECh. :wall: The cable broadcaster for Serbia will be Arena Sport, which I don't have.

    So now I'll only be able to watch Serbia's matches on national TV. :cursing:

    It's the other way around for me:lol: The good thing is that Arena Sport (unlike SK and RTS) actually has commentators that know volleyball and follow it beyond the international season, so it's really refreshing to watch.

    France – Bulgaria 0-3

    Serbia – Finland 3-0

    Turkey – Greece 3-0

    France – Greece 2-3

    Finland – Turkey 0-3

    Bulgaria – Serbia 0-3

    Greece – Finland 3-1

    France – Serbia 0-3

    Turkey – Bulgaria 3-1

    Finland – France 1-3

    Greece – Bulgaria 0-3

    Serbia – Greece 3-0

    France – Turkey 0-3

    Bulgaria – Finland 3-0

    Turkey – Serbia 1-3

    Belgium – Ukraine 3-1

    Italy – Portugal 3-0

    Poland – Slovenia 3-0

    Belgium – Slovenia 3-0

    Portugal – Poland 0-3

    Slovenia – Portugal 3-1

    Ukraine – Italy 0-3

    Italy – Belgium 3-0

    Poland – Ukraine 3-0

    Portugal – Belgium 0-3

    Italy – Slovenia 3-0

    Belgium – Poland 1-3

    Ukraine – Slovenia 3-2

    Portugal – Ukraine 1-3

    Poland – Italy 0-3

    Croatia – Azerbaijan 1-3

    Netherlands – Romania 3-0

    Hungary – Estonia 3-1

    Estonia – Croatia 0-3

    Romania – Hungary 2-3

    Azerbaijan – Netherlands 1-3

    Estonia – Romania 2-3

    Netherlands – Croatia 3-0

    Hungary – Azerbaijan 0-3

    Netherlands – Estonia 3-0

    Romania – Croatia 0-3

    Azerbaijan – Estonia 3-0

    Croatia – Hungary 3-1

    Romania – Azerbaijan 0-3

    Hungary – Netherlands 0-3

    Switzerland – Germany 0-3

    Belarus – Russia 0-3

    Slovakia – Spain 3-1

    Germany – Spain 3-0

    Switzerland – Slovakia 1-3

    Spain – Belarus 1-3

    Russia – Switzerland 3-0

    Germany – Russia 1-3

    Slovakia – Belarus 3-2

    Spain – Switzerland 3-1

    Germany – Slovakia 3-0

    Russia – Spain 3-0

    Germany – Belarus 3-1

    Switzerland – Belarus 1-3

    Slovakia – Russia 0-3

    • Group A

      Brazil 3-0 Puerto Rico

      Egypt 0-3 Bulgaria

      Brazil 3-0 Egypt

      Puerto Rico 0-3 Bulgaria

      Egypt 3-2 Puerto Rico

      Bulgaria 1-3 Brazil

      Group B

      Netherlands 3-0 South Korea

      Belgium 0-3 USA

      Belgium 1-3 Netherlands

      USA 3-0 South Korea

      Netherlands 0-3 USA

      South Korea 0-3 Belgium

      Group C

      Australia 1-3 Serbia

      Italy 3-0 Cameroon

      Serbia 3-0 Cameroon

      Australia 0-3 Italy

      Cameroon 0-3 Australia

      Serbia 3-2 Italy

      Group D

      Poland 3-0 Tunisia

      France 3-0 Slovenia

      Poland 2-3 France

      Slovenia 3-0 Tunisia

      France 3-0 Tunisia

      Poland 3-1 Slovenia

      Group E

      Iran 3-0 Cuba

      Russia 3-0 Mexico

      Iran 3-0 Mexico

      Russia 3-0 Cuba

      Cuba 3-0 Mexico

      Russia 3-1 Iran

      Group F

      Canada 1-3 Argentina

      China 2-3 Finland

      Finland 1-3 Canada

      China 0-3 Argentina

      Argentina 3-1 Finland

      China 1-3 Canada

    • Group A

      Serbia 3-0 Thailand

      Poland 3-0 Puerto Rico

      Serbia 3-0 Puerto Rico

      Thailand 2-3 Poland

      Puerto Rico 1-3 Thailand

      Serbia 3-0 Poland

      Group B

      China 3-0 Czech Republic

      Turkey 3-1 Germany

      Germany 3-1 Czech Republic

      China 3-0 Turkey

      Czech Republic 0-3 Turkey

      China 3-0 Germany

      Group C

      Argentina 1-3 Bulgaria

      USA 3-0 Kazakhstan

      USA 3-0 Bulgaria

      Kazakhstan 3-2 Argentina

      USA 3-0 Argentina

      Kazakhstan 1-3 Bulgaria

      Group D

      Brazil 3-0 Cameroon

      Dominican Republic 3-0 Azerbaijan

      Brazil 3-0 Azerbaijan

      Cameroon 0-3 Dominican Republic

      Brazil 3-1 Dominican Republic

      Azerbaijan 3-0 Cameroon

      Group E

      South Korea 3-1 Canada

      Russia 3-0 México

      South Korea 3-1 México

      Russia 3-0 Canada

      México 3-1 Canada

      Russia 3-1 South Korea

      Group F

      Belgium 0-3 Netherlands

      Italy 3-0 Kenya

      Netherlands 3-0 Kenya

      Belgium 0-3 Italy

      Kenya 0-3 Belgium

      Netherlands 2-3 Italy

    There was a moment at the medal ceremony, the lights were on Ognjenović, camera zoomed in on her, crying and smiling at the same time. Looked really cool.
    I'm happy that this lady got to experience that moment. Women's volleyball basically didn't exist in Serbia before her, so it is awesome that she got to lead Serbia to this gold, now towards the end of her career.

    Feel bad for Sylla tho, love her attitude and she played an awesome tournament, it's a shame that she ends it with an error.

    IMO Popović had a sick tournament and deserves it more than De Gennaro. And four individual awards for Italy would be excessive, especially if they lose the final.
    Agree that Yan deserves it more than Yuan tho. But Yuan is just such a big presence in the Chinese team and is probably the more "well known" player, so I kinda think they just give it to her by default.

    Yeah I thought about it, and I just don't think anyone from the Dutch team is deserving, other than Sloetjes. And there just isn't any room for her, because Bošković and Egonu are there (altho personally I prefer Sloetjes)
    Serbia came 4th in the men's WCH and got no individual awards either.

    Also, won't be surprised if a Japanese player turns up. Because Japan. :roll: