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    And there were some behind stories about the tryout on the potcast.

    1. Hyundai is considering whether to its contract with Maya(Milagros Collar). IBK is also considering whether to renew its contract with Anae. After head coaches go to Toronto and watch other players play, Collar's and Anae's contracts will be decided. Anae also has many variables because of rumors that she will go to Japanese league.

    2. Taylor Cook (née Simpson) again took part in the tryout. Since she broke her contract twice when she was playing in Heungkuk, Heungkuk has strong opinion that it would never pick her.

    Genuinley, Korean fans don't like Cook. Because she broke her contract twice with Heungkuk, and recently an article published that she spread bad rumors about V league. The article may be a lie, but Korean fans don't trust her because it's true that she broke the contract twice. And I don't know why she applied for this tryout again.

    Some fans are joking that it's Cook's strategy to eliminate the number of her competitors.

    3. A Brazilian player named Tiffany also submitted an application to participate. She was originally a man, underwent a sex change operation and was also allowed to play in the women's league by FIVB.

    Unfortunately, she failed to come to Toronto because she was eliminated in the preliminary evaluation. Though she has passed the preliminary evaluation, she can't play in V league because she was originally a man.

    4. Italy's famous player Valentina Diouf has also applied for a new challenge in the Asian league. But there a also a rumor that she has applied to play comfortably next season. Journalists and fans are saying that Diouf may have heard the wrong information since foreign players have to attack a lot in V league.

    And at dawn, a new episode was posted on a podcast run by volleyball journalists. There are some very shocking contents, but don't believe them too blindly.

    1. Bae Yoona's injury was the official reason for the drastic cut in her salary, which came out in articles a few days ago.

    2. But when one of the reporters,running the podcast, called Hi-Pass during the FA negotiations, Hi-Pass said the injury was not the main reason for prolonged negotiations between the team and Bae.

    3. Bae had a strong will to stay on the team, but the team tried to cut her salary a lot, claiming that her injury was serious. However, journalists said that the bad condition might not be officially checked in the hospital, but might be a unilateral opinion by Hi-Pass.

    4. The main point is shoulder surgery rather than knee surgery, where the team and Bae had different opnions. There is a possibility that the club had checked her physical condition. However, according to journalists, her shoulder condition is not bad enough to do the surgery.

    5. The team cut her new salary so much that even reporters didn't believe it at first. And no one said a positive comment of the team's way of negotiating.

    6. So you'd better think of most of the articles that have been published as the team's media brainwashing.

    7. Journalists' Evaluation of Hi-Pass : A team that makes players cry a lot.

    Now, Korean fans are very angry that Hi-Pass did something bad again. To be honest, Hi-Pass has done a lot of bad things to coaches and players since long ago, so Korean fans have a bad opinions. Recently, the team has been overcoming negative reviews with doing good support for the players.

    However, the efforts were all wasted by this incident. Fans are criticizing harshly that the team Hi-Passed again.

    {Hi-pass(verb, slang used by fans): Team Hi-Pass does bad things to players or coaches.}

    First of all, the list of compensation players was announced around 12 p.m. on April 16, in Korean time. At GS, it chose IBK's setter Yeom Hye sun and IBK chose Hyundai's wing-spiker Kim Joohyang.

    Because of the low number of current IBK's wing-spikers, the IBK's choice of Kim was expected. But GS's choice of Yeom Hye-sun is quite shocking. Most fans and reporters are wondering if GS picked Yeom to trade with other teams.

    And as the new head coach of IBK, Kim Woojae, the head coach of Gangneung Girls' high school volleyball team, was appointed. Unfortunately, the reaction of IBK Korean fans is not so good.

    Because he makes certain attackers work too much. Last year, middle blocker Choi Min-ji (now a member of the High-Pass) had 80 percent of attacks. Some fans even say why IBK fired their previous head coach, Lee.

    IBK fans had better not expect much from the new coach.

    <Some behind stories of 2019's FA>

    1. IBK tried hard to keep Go Yerim on the team. At the beginning of the negotiations, IBK offered a higher-than-expected salary, which made her more likely to stay. However, there was a change of atmosphere inside IBK, so she moved to Hyundai.

    2. At the beginning of the negotiations, Hyundai and IBK considered recruiting Bae Yoona to strengthen middle blockers. However, they turned their hiring direction to reinforce wing-spikers.

    3. Until yesterday, GS tried to check Bae Yoona's physical condition to recruit her. GS tried to target her with a signature-and-trade method, but they gave up because her knees conditions are bad.

    4. KGC offered to all player who have qualified for the FA in order to recruit at least one player except for Bae. In particular, it even offered a blank check to Yang Hyojin. But all the players who received the offer were very reluctant to move to the KGC.

    There are three reasons. First, the infrastructures, such as KGC's accommodation and rehabilitation center, are too poor. Second, the other team players think very little of the KGC's chances of winning.

    Also, it's too late to offer. According to reporters, KGC started offering when players finished talking about signing contracts with other teams.

    All the sources of this contents are from the famous user who tells some news of V league and at a podcasts program run by volleyball journalists.

    Lavarini, the head coach of Korean women's national volleyball team, interviewed at a press conference today and watched GS and Hyundai's match. I translated today's interview.…hn?oid=450&aid=0000048432

    I can also join the Korean national team in January 2020 (the Asian qualifying round for the Olympic Games)."

    The Korean women's volleyball team's first foreign head coach, Stefano Lavarini, has expressed his strong ambition.

    Lavarini arrived at Incheon International Airport on 28th, Feb and held a press conference at the Seoul Rivera Hotel at 1 p.m. on 1st, March.

    He said, "Thank you for giving me the first big responsibility. It's a big opportunity. The biggest goal is to win tickets for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. I know that expectations are high. I also want to make good results in the Olympics. I'm excited about my great journey. I'm in the part of the process of realizing my dream. But I am Italian, and have coached in Europe. I am aware of the differences in culture and values, and I must learn about them a lot."

    He said about players, "I'm still in the process of catching their abilities. On average, however, Korean players have excellent technical skills. I will make good results by combining my volleyball philosophy and familiar play with my players."

    He also mentioned 'Speed Volleyball' about his volleyball philosophy. He also said, "My volleyball style is aggressive in a word. This is the style of starting attacks from the serve. According to the video clip which KVA provided to me, Korean players are also good. Furthermore, he explained "Also, I prefer that all four attackers to participate actively in the attack process. And I pursue simple volleyball rather than complex strategies." At the same time, he also emphasized Quick hit play.

    Currently Lavarini has coached the Brazilian women's volleyball club, Minas from 2017 and made remarkable results and drew attention. Minas' players and fans trust him a lot. This year, he's going to try to make it to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as the coach of the Korean women's volleyball team.

    Korean women's volleyball team is also aiming to advance to the Tokyo Olympics for the third consecutive time following the 2012 London Olympics and 2016 Rio Olympics. Moreover, it may be the last Olympics of Captain Kim Yeonkoung.

    There's not much time. Lavarini will go back to Brazil after spending four days in Korea. He will not be able to join the national team until April.

    Starting with the VNL, Korean national team will participate in the Olympics World Qualifier, the Asian Championship, the World Cup and the Olympics Asian Qualifier.

    Lavarini also mentioned "I, KVA, and my agency are also aware of the Asian qualifiers in January next year. I'm on the Brazilian team now, but I might go to Italy next season." So, he can join the national team without any problems in January next year.

    Meanwhile, he's going to watch GS&Hyundai's game on 1st, March, KGC&Heungkook's game on 2nd, and Hi-pass&GS game on 3rd. And He's going to leave for Brazil on the night of 3rd, March.

    It is true that GS's 6th round schedule is the hardest. But GS has the best schedule for the entire season. GS plays five games against the other teams which only one day off. 5 times is the largest in the league.

    Fans of all clubs, including GS fans, think the schedules of Heungguk and Hippass the hardest.

    Already head managers of all women club have complained to KOVO about the matter. KOVO accepted these opinions of the teams so perhaps women's games are going to be held on Tuesday & Thursday or Wednesday & Friday(Even on weekends, of course, games will be held in one game per day.)

    Today, KVA announced that it selected KANG Seonghyung as the coach and KIM Seonghyun as a trainer of Korean women's national volleyball team.

    Kang was the former head coach of KB and Korean men's youth national team. Kim participated in Korean women's national team as a coach in 2017 and he also assisted Kang as a coach at KB last year.

    Their contract period will be from March 2019 to February 2020, and the contract can be extended if the national team goes to the Tokyo Olympics.

    Because Kang is known for his good personality, Korean fans expect him to play a good role in connecting Lavarini with the players.

    However, some fans say it would be better to pick another assistant coach additionally who knows each other well with the female players because Kang has worked only on the men's volleyball team and is not familiar with the female volleyball players.

    2018 FIVB women's world ranking is changed. As expected, South Korea ranked 9th.

    And Korea will compete with Russia, Canada and Mexico in 2022 Tokyo Olympic qualifiers.

    The problem with Lee is also the fault of KVA. According to KVA rules, players who are injured cannot participate in V league as long as their full recovery periods. But a player who are injured while training in 'the national team' can't participate in the league twice as long as the original rules.

    EX : If a player is injured while training in the national team and is judged he/she need to recover for 3 weeks, he/she can't play in the pro league for 6 weeks.

    Many fans, players, coaches and KOVO say that this rule is very unreasonable. KVA had to discuss about this rule with KOVO when it establishes the rule, but KVA ignored KOVO and made this rule its own way. Recently, KVA responded it's going to discuss with KOVO right after negative comments about this issue appear.

    Lee can't join V-league until November 2 according to the rule of KVA. However KOVO allowed her to play, so the head coach of Hi-pass let her play in yesterday's game.

    KOVO, pro teams and players are very unhappy about KVA's operation of the national team. Especially KOVO gives KVA $530,000 every year but no improvement has been made in the management of Korean national team. Players' poor conditions after many international competitions leads to poor quality of V league and that's why KOVO hates KVA a lot. This is a fight between KOVO and KVA and Lee & high-pass are victims.

    Actually this rule is necessary since KVA need to prevent a player from being overworked and teams from refusing national team's duties because of an excuse of a player's injury. However, it is absurd to ban a player from playing twice as long as she was injured during training.

    As I mentioned, KVA is the most evil and stupidest sports organisation in Korea.

    First of all, most Korean volleyball fans and media think the head coach Cha must be resigned because he made poor results.

    But it's hard to blame him about the sexual harassment problem. After Cha was hired as the head coach, he asked KVA to hire a female coach but KVA refused. Instead, KVA forced him to hire a male coach. He's the coach who's now accused of trying to do a sexual harassment against a female trainer.

    The important problem is KVA told media it would give Cha the entire right to hire coaching staff members and players. However, KVA forced Cha to select some players(high school students) and some coaching staff who KVA likes. So KVA is being blamed about the sexual harassment problem because it recommended(actually, forced to hire) that coach strongly. This problem occurred before the Asian Games and the coach was resigned. The bigger problem was KVA tried to cover the problem without investigating it.

    After 2018 World Championship finished, media mentioned this issue with criticizing both KVA and Cha. Korean Sports & Olympic Committee said it would investigate the problem, and then KVA organised a fact-finding committee. It's too late.

    It's been over a month since the fact-finding committee was organised but KVA has never announced anything about the progress. The president of KVA is abroad for his own business and all KVA has done is submit an apology.

    So public and volleyball fans think KVA is the most evil sports organisation in Korean sports world.

    Hi everyone! I'm new in this volleyball community website. I'm Korean and I love the Korean women's volleyball team players. Recently, a lot of very unpleasant things have happened about KVA, head coach Cha and Korean women's volleyball national team. So Korean fans are very sad, but we hope everything will get better soon.:lol: