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    Ebrar is not expected to carry Novara like what Egonu did in 2017. What is expected of her is to produce numbers better than what Smarzek does currently, which is very possible. Novara has a lot of players who can score, which would not burden Ebrar.

    I think its a difference in time zone :lol: It will be broadcast here at 18.03 1 AM.

    But Kim aged and Lazareva is too young

    Meliha is a great asset because provide Fener to play with a foreigner MB.

    Lazareva is not young. She is 24 yrs old. Unless u are talking about Fedorovtseva.

    I dont think Kyk is the solution for Fener. Unless they want Kyk as starter and Fedorovtseva as backup. They also need a better MB to complement Eda. They need a balance team. Lazareva does not need to be a beast in scoring as long as the OHs and the MBs contribute.

    Wow these prospects are quite tall.

    And nothing has changed regarding Chirichella: she's very good middle blocker in her top shape, but because of few reasons, she's very inconsistent. Two years ago she was very subpar, last season Cristina was really good, this season she has shown only flashes of a very good level in CL because of injury. But she's also a vocal point of a locker room both in the club and the national team, so it looks like she has kinda guaranteed spot in both teams, and she's one of the highest-paid Italian players in a league thanks to that.

    But considering how outstanding Danesi, Mazzaro and Fahr all have been this season, I truly don't think Chirichella will be an important part of the Italian NT after Tokyo Olympics.

    After Tokyo, she might lose her spot but currently she is one of the best Italian MBs. For sure, Fahr, Mazzaro and others are the future though.

    And i still remember people were quick to dismiss Chirichella :tzz: