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    Pacak is having such an amazing season when it comes to block. First 3 points for Bielsko were her blocks ❤️

    Hoping she will make it to the Olympics since her and Korneluk are my picks for starting MB.

    I 100% agree!!! I have the same feelings about their performances in any European cup. This year they show totally nothing. I am sorry, but I hope that will end on 4th place because I dont want to see them in CL next year...

    Sadly I think that even if they get 4th they will still participate in CL since I highly doubt Chemik will get a solid sponsor who can fund also a CL participation. Last year they also managed to get 3rd place so I’m praying for BKS to not flop and get the medal this year 🙏

    And another season of Budowlani somehow making top4 and playing European Cups next year while we all know that they won’t build any competitive team… 🙃

    Good for Budowlani girls they deserved it and played well but I just don’t want to see this club play Champions League or even CEV Cup cause they are not going to represent Polish League well there.

    I would take her or Medrzyk with Różański, Łukasik and Czyrnianska. Unfortunately, Fedusio showed nothing in NT.

    First Różański (and Czyrniańska) need to prove that they can play well this year. Różański had BAD last two club seasons plus in last year’s NT she did not play that well, Czyrniańska this year either was injured, bench, or far from good when she got their chance. If their form is worse than other players the other should be picked.

    And when it comes to Fedusio, while I don’t thinks she is spectacular player she is having much better season that these 2 mentioned plus saying she showed nothing in NT is unfair considering she was only used by Lavarini as a service-reception specialist which is neither her strong suit lol

    My choice for our olympics OHs would by Łukasik (only lock) + 3 of the Mędrzyk/Czyrniańska/Górecka/Fedusio depending on how they play in VNL.

    I really hope that Lavarini won’t be dumb and Mędrzyk will be in our final squad at the Olympics. She’s one of our few reliable all around OHs and she is having an amazing seasons when it comes to attack. She’s 2nd best OHs in our league when it comes to attack (44% killing spikes, 0.341 efficiency) 😍

    Hmmm Nowicka overall played well - she had great service, block and attack but I wouldn’t have her as MVP. Her setting wasn’t that great IMO. It was ok but during the game I was trying to guess where she would set the ball and I was right like 90% of times + her sets to the left weren’t always precise. In the second part of the game it was basically left-left-right and I was cringing when the commentators kept saying that her game is unpredictable lol. Still very solid season of her and considering that our better setters like Wołosz, Wenerska, Kowalewska are at similar age after they are done she is the only one that could be our main setter (since Grabka & Łyczakowska did not raise their level in last seasons).

    Some stats after regular season

    Best scorers (points):

    1. Laak (Bielsko-Biała) 365

    2. Szczurowska (Wrocław) 346

    3. Orvosova (Rzeszów) 338

    4. May (Budowlani) 337

    5. Johnson (Radom) 330

    6. Sikorska (Bydgoszcz) 326

    7. Gierszewska (Mielec) 315

    8. Olaya (Opole) 299

    9. Gałkowska (Radom) 298

    10. Damaske (Bielsko-Biała) 295

    Best spikers OPPs (killing spikes % for OPPs with at least 200 spike attempts):

    1. Inneh-Varga (Police) 44.9%

    2. Orvosova (Rzeszów) 43.1%

    3. Honorio Marques (Police) 42%

    4. Laak (Bielsko-Biała) 41.4%

    5. Szczurowska (Wrocław) 40.7%

    6. Szumera (Tarnów) 39.3%

    7. Diouf (ŁKS) 38.6%

    8. Bošković (Kalisz) 38.1%

    9. Gałkowska (Radom) 37.5%

    10. Gierszewska (Mielec) 36.8%

    Best spikers OHs (killing spikes % for OHs with at least 200 spike attempts):

    1. Dudek (ŁKS) 45.8%

    2. Mędrzyk (Police) 43.1%

    3. Kalandadze (Rzeszów) 43%

    4. Łukasik (Police) 42.4%

    5. Olaya (Opole) 41%

    6. Fedusio (Police) 40.3%

    7. Damaske (Bielsko-Biała) 39.9%

    8. Piasecka (ŁKS) 39.6%

    9. Bidias (Bielsko-Biała) 39.5%

    10. Murek (Radom) 38.6%

    Best spikers MBs (killing spikes % MBs with at least 100 spike attempts):

    1. Korneluk (Police) 60%

    2. Centka (Rzeszów) 57.2%

    3. Gryka (ŁKS) 56.7%

    4. Wasilewska (Police) 56.5%

    5. Jurczyk (Rzeszów) 54.9%

    6. Fedorek (Kalisz) 54%

    7. Świrad (Radom) 52%

    8. Lisiak (Budowlani) 48.7%

    9. Różyńska (Budowlani) 47.6%

    10. Lewandowska (Wrocław) 47.5%

    Best blockers (blocks):

    1. Pacak (Bielsko-Biała) 79

    2. Efimienko-Młotkowska (Kalisz) 62

    3. Gawlak (Tarnów) & Korneluk (Police) 58

    5. Schölzel (Radom) 56

    6. Gryka (ŁKS) 55

    7. Orzyłowska (Opole) & Połeć (Opole) 54

    9. Lisiak (Budowlani) 52

    10. Lewandowska (Wrocław) 51

    Best servers (aces):

    1. May (Budowlani) 32

    2. Nowicka (Bielsko-Biała) 27

    3. Pacak (Bielsko-Biała) 26

    4. Bączyńska (Wrocław) 22

    5. Laak (Bielsko-Biała) & Orzyłowska (Opole) 21

    7. Dudek (ŁKS) & Kalandadze (Rzeszów) & Lisiak (Budowlani) 20

    10. Kucharska (Mielec) & Ratzke (ŁKS) 19

    Best receivers (received at least 200 times):

    1. Stenzel (Radom) 62.5%

    2. Łysiak (Budowlani) & Śliwa (Kalisz) 55.8%

    4. Pawłowska (Wrocław) 54.9%

    5. Sahin (Police) 52.3%

    6. Pancewicz (Mielec) 51.7%

    7. Łukasik (Police) 51.4%

    8. Nowak (Bielsko-Biała) 51.3%

    9. Campos (ŁKS) 50.9%

    10. Adamek (Opole) 50.1%

    I think it’s quite sad that you can have two bad club seasons in a row and still be consider a 'lock' for the olympic squad while other players are preforming just better at the moment. Like I understand that Lavarini wants to continue with the same squad but if 2 of our 3 'main' OHs are spending the season on the bench and when they are getting the chance there they just are not playing well at all I would give more chances to the players that are showing at least something this season.

    Why are people flaming Frantti this much? Her role has become that of MBH’s in Vakif. Remember MBH’s attacking stats while playing in Vakif? They are about the same actually. MBH was not subbed out in most games despite her bad attacking rate because she was receiving, defending and serving well just like what Frantti is doing now. Vakif’s problem now is inconsistent Opp, the disappearing and reappearing of Zehra, and Cansu’s occassional instability.

    Ehhh I’m not a fan of Thompson and thought she didn’t prove much in her club career till the 2nd part of the last season in Milan but she’s been playing very well and consistent in Vakif this season and she’s definitely not their problem. She was the best OPP of the World Club Championship and played well both in Turkish League and Champions League. Also till this point she’s been playing better than Egonu last season…

    There is also Korneluk. I wonder why none of the top teams tries to snatch her from Chemik.

    I heard that despite of the domestic player rule, volero was playing with all foreigners and paying the fine instead. I can't be wrong, maybe a French user can give the right infor

    I think that’s how they won the championship 2 years ago. Kinda iconic move tbh. Awful but iconic ❤️