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    Should and had, hard to tell now, but are you telling me that Hill didn't had amazing performance at WCH ?

    She had but let’s be real it was mostly thanks to Glass. Hill had a tragic club season before WCH in Sopot when she ended being the 4th choice as the OH. Her game drastically improved when she started playing with Glass when she got good sets. Watch WCH 14 again and maybe you’ll see how USA team attacked on a single block which most of players do well :))

    Hill proved herself so much, even that idiotic things that SHAME is saying are far from true. She is great reciver, defence player and her back row attacks are amazing.

    I don’t want to be rude but when did Hill prove herself so much? She spent most of her career playing with world class setters like Glass, Wolosz or Naz who were giving her almost perfect sets on a single block but the truth is that when the ball is out of system she struggles a lot. She was not near the same player when she played in Sopot with Belcik or Novara with Signorile and she is not a great attacker by any means. I like her a lot and she is a world class OH but Robinson & Larson can actually kill the ball that is out of system...

    Doping thing aside Alisha was the only USA setter that could play that ridiculous system that Karch invented and she basically was the reason why USA won gold medal at World Championship in 2014. I thought that Carli could be a good substitude for her but unfortuntely after the injury her level dropped quite bit IMHO. Carlini and Hancock are just not at this level yet.

    From what I heard Górecka is planning to leave LSK in the next season. She thought about it earlier but stayed in Poland because of the matura exam.

    Radomka - Legionovia 2:3 (25-27 25-14 19-25 25-14 12-15) stats

    Radomka: Bączyńska (OH) 17, Bałucka (MB) 16 (7 blocks), Skrzypkowska (OH) 14

    Legionovia: Górecka (OH) 27, Olenderek (OH) 12, Skorupa (MB) 11, Kicka (OP) 11

    MVP: Zuzanna Górecka

    PTPS - Chemik 1:3 (25-23 22-25 23-25 23-25) stats

    PTPS: Azizova (OP) 20, Kaczorowska (OH) 14, Stencel (MB) 12

    Chemik: Stysiak (OP) 18 (56%), Ogbogu (MB) 12, Mędrzyk (OH) 11, Grajber (OH) 11

    MVP: Magdalena Stysiak

    MKS - Pałac 0:3 (19-25 14-25 21-25) stats

    MKS: Lazic (OP) 14, Strózik (OH) 10, Janicka (MB) 6

    Pałac: Fedusio (OH) 14, Krzywicka (OH) 14, Polak Balmas (OP) 12

    MVP: Ewelina Krzywicka

    Developres - ŁKS 3:2 (17-25 25-18 24-26 25-22 15-12) stats

    Developres: Zaroślińska-Król (OP) 26, Mlejnkova (OH) 25, Blagojevic (OH) 17

    ŁKS: Bociek (OP) 22, Bidias (OH) 15, Kwiatkowska (MB) 13

    MVP: Agnieszka Rabka

    Budowlani - KSZO 3:0 (25-13 27-25 25-13) stats

    Budowlani: Brakocevic-Canzian (OP) 22 (53%), Urban (OH) 9, Babicz (OH) 6

    KSZO: Dorsman (MB) 12, Słonecka (OH) 8, Trach (OH) 6

    MVP: Jovana Brakocevic-Canzian

    BKS - #VolleyWrocław 3:0 (25-22 25-16 25-18) stats

    BKS: Moskwa (MB) (6 blocks) 11, Harelova (MB) (75%) 10, Mucha (OH) 10

    #VolleyWrocław: Rasińska (OP) 11, Wers (OH) 11, Łozowska (MB) 6

    MVP: Kornelia Moskwa

    I hate that Karch changed Hancock serve :down:

    She had one of the best jump serves in the world and now even though her float serves are good they are much easier to receive with molten balls