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    Attacking wise, Piasecka won't be the best Polish OH but she distinguish herself with her balance and technics. She is what the NT need now and the future, i really hope Lavarini would bring her along and keep trusting her.

    Actually Piasecka had the highest killing spike % in the league for the all OHs/OPPs. In younger categories she had also better stats than Czyrniańska.

    I also don’t think that Czyrniańska is the same kind of player like Różański or Łukasik- she is way more versatile in attack than both of them.

    I’m not a fan of Łukasik but she actually was surprisingly decent passer after she became an OH (she is quite limited in attack IMO). The problem is that her reception became WAY worse in the last season in Police.

    Despite not playing every match in TL they were already our best attacking OHs in the league and Piasecka isn’t even that bad of a receiver (I think she is probably better than Różański).

    I just want to see at least one match in VNL with Piasecka-Czyrniańska duo because if they both get some international experience they will easily be our two best OHs for years.

    I like our second squad much more tbh. They are better in defence and Czyrniańska-Fedusio duo actually can attack OOS balls better than Łukasik-Różański.

    1. But he called 9 OHs and 1 just dropped out, 8 left so no need to call, especially that none all of them will be called to the camp before VNL.

    Sadly none of these OHs can be called good reciever.

    Yeah, when it comes to attack Piasecka this season is doing better than Różański so she would not add that much. Grajber already knows how to play with Roberta/majority of the team and can help a lot with reception and defence.

    Sad for Górecka, she really had a great season and would definitely be a starter in NT. The injury looks serious :(

    With her absence Poland does not have ANY good reciever in their OH rooster - the best one now will be… idk Damaske? :gone:

    That’s why Lavarini should’ve called Grajber on the first place. Her & Górecka are our only OHs that receives well.

    Some stats after regular season

    Best scorers (points):

    1. Rasińska (Kalisz) 351

    2. Durul (Budowlani) 345

    3. Damaske (Bielsko-Biała) 341

    4. Diouf (ŁKS) 333

    5. Drużkowska (Kalisz) 328

    6. Szczurowska (Wrocław) 307

    7. Brakočević-Canzian (Police) 300

    8. Kraiduba (Opole) 299

    9. Bidias (Wrocław) 285

    10. Fedusio (Budowlani) 283

    Best spikers OPPs (killing spikes % for OPPs with at least 200 spike attempts):

    1. Diouf (ŁKS) 42.8%

    2. Durul (Budowlani) 41%

    3. Orvošová (Rzeszów) 41%

    4. Gałkowska (Bydgoszcz)* 40.1%

    5. Rasińska (Kalisz) 39.8%

    6. Szczurowska (Wrocław) 39.4%

    7. Szczepańska-Pogoda (Bielsko-Biała) 38.6%

    8. Brakočević-Canzian (Police) 37.7%

    9. Sieradzka (Opole) 36.4%

    10. Kowalska (Tarnów) 36.2%

    Best spikers OHs (killing spikes % for OHs with at least 200 spike attempts):

    1. Piasecka (ŁKS) 44.8%

    2. Blagojević (Rzeszów) 42.2%

    3. Czyrniańska (Police) 41.7%

    4. Górecka (ŁKS) 41.6%

    5. Ščuka (ŁKS) 40.5%

    6. Kalandadze (Rzeszów) 39.9%

    7. Łukasik (Police) 39.6%

    8. Bidias (Wrocław) 39.6%

    9. Damaske (Bielsko-Biała) 38.6%

    10. Murek (Radom) 37.5%

    Best spikers MBs (killing spikes % MBs with at least 100 spike attempts):

    1. Gryka (ŁKS) 62.3%

    2. Centka (Rzeszów) 57.6%

    3. Pierzchała (Bielsko-Biała) & Wiktowska (ŁKS) 55%

    5. Korneluk (Police) 53.8%

    6. Pacak (Wrocław) 50.4%

    7. Efimienko-Młotkowska (Kalisz) 49.6%

    8. Obiała (Rzeszów) 49.1%

    9. Jurczyk (Rzeszów) 48.3%

    10. Mazenko (Tarnów) 47.8%

    Best blockers (blocks):

    1. Korneluk (Police) 76

    2. Pierzchała (Bielsko-Biała) 62

    3. Pacak (Wrocław) 60

    4. Lewandowska (Bydgoszcz) 57

    5. Witkowska (ŁKS) 56

    6. Pellegrino (Opole) 49

    7. Orvošová (Rzeszów) & Witowska (Wrocław) 47

    9. Fedorek (Kalisz) & Majkowska (Bielsko-Biała) & Wasilewska (Police) 44

    Best servers (aces):

    1. Damaske (Bielsko-Biała) 31

    2. Kalandadze (Rzeszów) 30

    3. Łukasik (Police) & Nowicka (Bielsko-Biała) 28

    5. Pellegrino (Opole) 26

    6. Bidias (Wrocław) & Grabka (Kalisz) 23

    8. Rasińska (Kalisz) 22

    9. Roberta (ŁKS) 21

    10. Bączyńska (Wrocław) 19

    Best receivers (received at least 200 times):

    1. Lemańczyk (Kalisz) 57.6%

    2. Górecka (ŁKS) 57.2%

    3. Stenzel (Police) 56.1%

    4. Maira (Police) 56%

    5. Szczygłowska (Rzeszów) 56%

    6. Łysiak (Budowlani) 53.2%

    7. Bidias (Wrocław) 53%

    8. Saad (Wrocław) 51.5%

    9. Adamek (Opole) 50.6%

    10. Nowak (Bielsko-Biała) 50.5%

    Well we can hate Martyna as much as we want but tbh if Lavarini want to use the same system as last year with Wołosz setting mostly to Stysiak + another offensive OH (like Różański/Czyrniańska/Łukasik) while the OH2 attacks 3-4 balls in set max there is no reason that Grajber should not get the chance to compete for that OH2 spot. Our only other OH who can be called solid reciever is Górecka and while she is far more better than Grajber in offense/service Martyna is still better reciever/digger than her and tbh that’ll be enough (if not even better) when Wołosz sets you the ball only if she has to (which happened in WCH last year). I guess that people will say that we need to give a chance to younger generation but if we want to try to get into olympics and Lavarini still wants to use this strategy Grajber can be very helpful.

    I really like Wasilewska but sadly after her injury she isn’t the player for this kind of matches. I think that Chemik should try to get a better local MB instead of her if they want to play better in CL or even Tauron Liga (a foreign one will be cool if they are planning to continue with Łukasik/Czyrniańska) .