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    I thought Vargas in Turkish NT was a done deal. :what: As much as i know, she spends her off-seasons in Belgrade, but so do some other Cuban players like Casanova e.g. . I think it is something that SBCommunity agency organizes.

    As Bogdan said, laws are applied exclusively here . There are cases of someone getting a passport out of the blue, but for ordinary people the requirements are as in the most countries. This picture sums it up

    I was getting excited that Serbia might in future abolish 'two liberos' system, but apparently it ain't happening. The only way i see Terzic not using two power players are if he doesn't find decent replaments for libero and setter positions. Vargas with just her serve would be addition to any NT but how Terzic wants to use her, is very risky

    Regular season stats:

    Best scorer:

    (points / sets)

    TIJANA BOSKOVIC 6.09 (402/66)

    ISABELLE HAAK 5.55 (333/60)

    MERYEM BOZ 4.9 (348/71)

    OLESIA RYKHLIUK 4.81 (332/69)

    HELENE ROUSSEAUX 4.77 (377/79)

    Best server:

    (serve ace / sets)

    ILKIN AYDIN 1 (3/3)

    MELISSA VARGAS 0.85 (39/46)

    EBRAR KARAKURT 0.78 (40/51)

    TIJANA BOSKOVIC 0.61 (40/66)

    SEZEN KESKEKOGLU 0.6 (6/10)

    Best blocker:

    (winning blocks / sets)

    ZEHRA GUNES 0.95(54/57)

    BEYZA ARICI 0.9(46/51)

    LAUREN GIBBEMEYER 0.89(17/19)

    DICLE NURBABAT 0.89(16/18)

    SASA PLANINSEC 0.88(30/34)

    Best scorer:




    MERYEM BOZ 348



    Best server:

    (serve ace)






    Best bloker:

    (winning blocks)






    Reception - positivity %:

    (perfect reception + reception) / all receptions

    GABI GUIMARAES 65%(121/186)

    FUNDA BILGI 60%(47/78)

    SONJA NEWCOMBE 59%(61/104)

     SIMGE AKOZ 57%(141/248)

    GIZEM ORGE 57%(164/289)

    Attack - excellent %:

    spike point / all spikes

    MILENA RASIC 60%(86/143)

    ASLI KALAC 60%(140/233)

    LAUREN GIBBEMEYER 58%(34/59)

    DOMINIKA SOBOLSKA 55%(66/119)

    TIJANA BOSKOVIC 54%(323/600)

    Mina Popovic said three days ago that the girls from other parts of Italy went home, and foreigners can't go because " Italians would want to normally continue the league soon ":white:

    Probably it's not an unpopular opinion that league should continue if possible and it's not just Conegliano .

    In the last match between Saratov and Moscow, when teams switched sides in fifth set Havelkova went to Grozier who was in the audience and Godina called her out and wrote

    "Helena Havelkova allows herself to go to the podium to cuddle with her friend, who also calls himself a professional, during a side switch in the fifth installment, when her team loses" (google translated) .

    She didn't warm-up in a game against Vakifbank so she might be off for the rest of the season

    What do you think is the reason for Serbia not having good generations recently. Between 1990s till 1997s, Serbia was incredibly successful at junior competitions, constantly. All of a sudden, starting from generation 1998s and younger, they are not medal contenders unlike Italy, Russia and Turkey. Of course results at junior level does not necessarily translate to senior level but I think it is a good indication. Was there are fundamental change at youth academies recently or it was just unlucky years for Serbia. To be honest, I was expecting even better generations to come up after glory times of Serbian NT in last decade since more and more girls would probably start playing volleyball thanks to this success. (This was the case for Turkey, a lot of young girls started to play volleyball in 2003 when turkey won silver medal at Ech and since then we have very good generations upcoming

    After basically any success of NT there is at least 3 three stories that follow, about the doom of younger selections and club volleyball in Serbia, as they try to catch short media attention they just got. There are certainly lot more girls playing volleyball, but that produced a lot of new clubs who don't develop talents but instead just give them balls to play with and they never improve technique. And in the clubs who have tradition, they try to gather biggest talents, but financial conditions are bad so some coaches would rather work abroad and they all have good CVs from being a coach of young Boskovic f.e. If they would have a way of keeping good players and coaches for a longer in a league (which is hard with no money) they would have chances for medals after some time. They are probably going with "It worked till now, it will continue working, so no need to invest", but youth academies and the whole volleyball system in Italy, Turkey are now incomparable to the one in Serbia and it started to show.

    “We figured we wouldn’t worry, and that as French people we wouldn’t give up on our attempt to break the record,” one Smurf told AFP in the video above. “Now we’re champions of the world... there’s no risk. We’re going to Smurferize the coronavirus!"

    If this article doesn't give you crovolley vibes, idk what will...... Number of people with this kind of mindset is terrifying.

    • March 18: Match No. 5-301 Fenerbahce Opet ISTANBUL (TUR) vs. Igor Gorgonzola NOVARA (ITA)
    • March 18: Match No. 5-305 Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI (ITA) vs. Eczacibasi VitrA ISTANBUL (TUR)
    • March 19: Match No. 5-302 Igor Gorgonzola NOVARA (ITA) vs. Fenerbahce Opet ISTANBUL (TUR)
    • March 19: Match No. 5-306 Eczacibasi VitrA ISTANBUL (TUR) vs. Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI (ITA)

    All those matches will be played in Maribor. It's weird that they will play two very important matches in two days

    According to SportKlub, Scandicci - Ecz and Novara - Fener might be played in Belgrade . FIBA relocated one game to Belgrade, but it will be played without audience. If CEV allows audience, i except Eczacibasi to have a "home support" because of Boskovic^^

    Lokomotiv sent their youth squad to Sakhalin, i don't think they expected to win it. They also might have chosen between Moscow and Uralochka (if the favourites win). Moscow in the last game with Uralochka won by 3:0, and even for their bad regular season they are still a threat in the playoffs especially if it is true that Sukomel didn't even have video preparations for matches.

    I couldn't have picked better. Fenerbahce - Novara and Scandicci-Eczacibasi should be very fun, all of them are inconsistent and from time to time they turn into a mess, so the winner is not easy to predict

    Does anyone know if China could avoid Brazil if Netherlands were defeated by Serbia in Rio 2016?

    No, China would have been fourth anyway. Netherlands-Serbia was first on schedule of the last day of group stage, which meant the one who wins it, will face South Korea and the one who loses will face loser from Brazil-Russia match, so Brazil and Russia had an option to choose between China and Serbia for qf.