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    Volleyball Federation of Serbia has been in Italy for the past few days. They are making interviews with NT players. For now, they visited Kovacevic, Lisinac, Krsmanovic and Stankovic and right now they are in Scandicci. They posted a picture with Stevanovic, so we might finally hear something from her, and if we don't it's unlikely we will see her in Tokyo. I'm not sure when will they post the interviews

    Novara is being forced to be literally the opposite of themselves from last year, no Opp and it's all about middles (+Vasileva). Vasileva's reception is making that a little bit harder but she seems to be in a nice form since ECh. Veljkovic ended up being second scorer of the match with 15 points:lol:

    Carlini should be in Moscow on 18th October, i think that leaves her enough time to play the final and then go to Russia. Maybe they wanted to give her a day to spend at home, thinking they got this

    What's going on at Palaradi?

    Tie-break, Scandicci saved couple of match points to win the forth set 30:32. Milenkovic and Sloetjes were subbed with Bosetti and Stysiak and it worked for them. And Malinov didn't play forth set also, she was pretty bad

    (25-20, 26-24, 19-25, 22-25, 11-15)
    Pomì Casalmaggiore: Stufi 11, Bosetti 17, Scuka 14, Carcaces 12, Veglia 7, Antonikevic 6, Spirito (L), Camera, Vukasovic ne, Fiesoli 1, Maggipinto (L). All. Gaspari.
    Eczacibasi Vitra Istanbul: Boskovic 17, Baladin 13, Kilic, Natalia 25, Eroglu 8, Lloyd 4, Guveli 9, Akoz (L), Kara, Durul 5, Sahin. Ne: Gibbemeyer, Arici. All. Motta.

    This loss was a little tougher to take, because this time they were outplayed by the team from the bottom part of the table . I guess this team will have much more difficulties against Asian teams. In a longer rallies Mirkovic becomes imprecise, also Mbs are having a hard time with opponent's faster game and Bjelica's level dropped down a little and Blagojevic had to take a role of main attacker lots of times. Winning against Japan or taking a set from China is pretty unlikely. I wish they can manage not to drop below 7th place after watching them so long in a fifth place:lol: I hope that we won't see Busa and Blagojevic duo together on court again, because Lazovic and Milenkovic need playing time and they are not performing bad.

    Some folks even said that Terzic is smiling big sending his B team here to have good training courses against some strong teams with A line-ups to pick few young bright players to make up the SRB team for the 2020 OG. But the side effect is for each defeat the B team suffers in the World Cup, the SRB team will lose further its WR points and farther away from its current top WR position. Well, IMO the World Cup is not the annual VNL suitable for the team's training ground to confirm the new talents. Though some may strongly argue that taking up the ECH trophy is the big prize worth this WC throwing-up by the team (just a mutual-exclusive choice due to the schedules), and it is impossible for the same core team to engage in WC after the exhaustive ECH for being so close the two events, and that eyeing for the next big trophy in Tokyo 2020 all justify this decision. Well, that is a strong argument indeed. But trying to belittle the World Cup as an irrelevant event due to no OG tickets being handed out in this edition is not the right thing to do!

    Truly, WC can't be compared to VNL, not just because one gives ranking points and the other not, but the level is much higher at WC because this time teams actually had time to prepare (except the Europeans, which gives them the right to shade the tournament :lol: ), and players are not playing every third match jat-legged. But it also can't be compared with winning OI and WCh. Serbia was forced to send the B team as all the main players, two days after WC would go back to their clubs and be expected to play as one of the main players which is too injury risky. Chinese/Russian league can give rest to their players. Also maybe Serbia would send a better team if ranking points were more currently important to them, expect calling yourself number one they won't lose much, in terms of benefits from higher ranking, next time when Fivb will be looking at the ranking list it will be for making pools for Wch qualifications, but Serbia already qualified as ex-Wch champion. It will be important to stay in the first six so they will get easier group in WCh. Next time when Oi qualifications happen this WC's ranking points will be removed and they would probably take tournament much more seriously.

    There is rumor that Brazil and Poland are interested in taking over hosting of WC

    Serbia has so many equally good options on OH position. MB's attacks were missing, but it will surely get better over time, Savic-Mirkovic had one training together before this match . Mina Popovic probably couldn't recover in time as she played almost whole ECH, but i hope she can play tomorrow, she could help a lot. They showed a nice game :mirror: