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    Russian media claims that Modena offered 160k $ to Novosibirsk for Sapozhkov's contract and both agreed. He'll probably return to Russia after that season.

    Kazachenkov will be the main opposite of Novosibirsk in the next season. Luburic and Kruglov will leave the team.

    ;(;(;( I follow the matches and HL from that channel, wtf

    Me too. It sucks ||. Well, at least there are other channels, but I don't know if they'll broadcast all the games.

    Here, Russian Volleyball Fed used to broadcast some minor tournaments like the 3rd division and talent scouting tournaments. Now they're broadcasting the 2nd division too and probably the other divisions (I hope so!)

    Here it's another option.

    Do you know the reason? This is stupid.

    According to YT, it violated their Community Guidelines. But, we all know the real reason why it was banned.

    I don't know where to post this, but here mentions some of the salaries of some vball players.

    • Boskovic: 1.5M $ next season.
    • Arina: 375k $ this season, next season will earn more.
    • Goncharova: 1M $ this season.
    • Natalia Pereira: 750k $ this season.
    • Karakurt: 800k $ next season.

    Quite sad too. I don't see why they need to dope. They're already the physical embodiment of the game. I wonder if there's some issues with the women's side though? I remember Goncharova saying they got visited by WADA in random hours during the Rio olympics (like early mornings).

    and it's kinda interesting because they got caught positive while playing in the Russian League in the antidoping tests of the Russian Fed of Volleyball. What about the antidoping tests of the FIVB and CEV? They played in the NT during those years (especially Musersky as a starter). Let's see if FIVB and CEV reveal their results. They should've been caught positive. You can't cheat international federations. Well, at least those players are paying the price now.

    In a democracy, it is perfectly normal for people to protest and overthrow a government, yes that's how a democracy works.

    I also don't understand how my country's politics are related to this lol. But I am glad you started writing, so others in the forum can see your views and consider what they are in favour of.

    For the rest, I will not argue since we move beyond my point. We won't be able to come up with a conclusion who is right/wrong in this war until we discuss it for days and maybe 100 pages here.

    Not if you oppress the other big part of your population, bomb them, ban their language, their tradition (as celebrating the victory over Nazism), their religion. Or do you really think that people in Odessa or Kharkov wanted to speak Ukrainian before the invasion? Nope, but the Ukrainian government banned their mother language in schools and universities.

    and yeah, I hope many users read it in order to understand the other "side" of the story and stop calling it "propaganda". Of course, there is propaganda on both sides, but we should read the independent, historical facts in order to make a conclusion. The current Ukr government is pro-Banderite, followers of a Nazi collaborator who killed more than 150k Poles, Jews, and Russians.

    As I said, we should support peace and not war. Both sides are wrong and I hope this ends soon.

    I sincerely hope Russia to be isolated and Russians to be banned from all sports/cultural events until they change their government.

    I agree with that. Any country that invades another country should be banned (or play neutral) until it's over. If tomorrow Turkey decides to invade Syria once again (in order to "stop terrorism"), I think your country should be banned. If tomorrow the USA decides to invade Iran because they found massive destruction weapons (as they did with Irak), I think we should ban them too.

    Ukraine is a democracy because people could go out and overthrow a government. If CIA achieved that in the backgarden of Russia, Husky123 better question his countries abilities which I don't think it true. And yes I know Bandera. But before Bandera, please check Wagner group and what kind of parties Putin is financing in europe, it is becoming tragic.

    So, now democracy means to overthrow a government you don't like and then bombed the hell out of the regions that don't accept the coup :cheesy: You're really funny. You better follow your country's policy towards Greece, Cyprus, Armenia, Syria, and even the Kurds that the CIA and USA consider as Freedom fighters.

    BTW, Ukraine was a democracy back then. There were pro-Russian presidents and pro-EU presidents before Maidan 2014. Now it's not a democracy.

    Yeah, Putin should've helped the Ukrainian government back then as he did with the current Belarussian and Kazakh governments :read:, but not, he wanted to annex Crimea. He's guilty too, as I said.

    I know the Wagner group... they are like the Azov group. The difference is the Azov group is part of the Ukrainian army (indeed Wagner group dislikes the Russian Armed Forces). Unlike Bandera followers, Wagner followers aren't part of the parliament or other institutions. Bandera followers control the Ukrainian Armed Forces. That's a fact. What is their slogan? Our father is Bandera, and Ukraine is our mother! Do you really support that ?:down:

    Leave this russian propaganda out pls.

    Propaganda? So, wasn't Yanukovich overthrown? Didn't the Ukrainian government ban the traditional commemoration of Victory Day (Soviet victory over Nazi Germany) in all of Ukraine since they came into power? Didn't Ukraine ban the Russian and Hungarian languages in schools? Didn't they ban a lot of churches?

    BTW, I know the Soviets did horrible things, not just to Ukrainians, but to Russians too. Although celebrating Victory Day shouldn't be banned since they beat Nazism unless they are angry cause what happened to Bandera and his believers.

    Look at this. He's the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a Bandera follower :whistle: and it's neither an edited photo nor propaganda, he even posted it on the official Twitter of the Ukrainian Armed Forces then deleted it because of the bad comments of his Polish followers :aww:

    Another example of those supporters:

    and like them, are a lot of cases!

    BTW, not all Ukrainians are Bandera-Nazi followers, just the West part. Look at this table:…n_Ukraine_towards_Bandera

    People from Eastern (Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov, Dnipro, Zaporozhie), Southern (Crimea, Odessa, Kherson, Nikolaev), Central (Kiev, Chernigov, Poltava, Sumy, etc) didn't have a positive attitude towards Bandera faction, unlike people from Galicia, Volynia, etc.

    The last years the Bandera-Ukrainian government was rewriting history and imposing its ideologies to schools in order to make people from those regions Bandera followers too.

    In case you don't know, Bandera and his followers welcomed Nazis when they invaded the Soviet Union, they killed more than 150k Poles (AFAIK, more than 100k Poles were killed by Banderites), Jews, Russians, and even Ukrainians that didn't approve their actions. People who now praise Bandera and call him "Father" are Nazis. JFYI, the CIA helped Bandera until the Soviets killed them, and now they're helping his followers.…ra,_Ukraine_is_our_mother!

    Maybe you wonder what tf Russia should care about if they are Nazis or not. Well, it's about history. Kiev is considered the mother of all Russian cities, and there are a lot of cities that were founded from the scratch by Russians. F.e.: Odessa, Kharkov, Sevastopol, Kherson, Dnipro (formerly known as Ekaterinoslav), Donetsk, Sumy, etc. Communists gave those cities to Ukraine! BTW, in these cities still are a lot of ethnic Russians and Russian-speaking people.

    Russians will never allow Americans to put nuclear weapons in Kiev (mother of all Russian cities) nor create naval bases in Odessa and Sevastopol as was requested by Banderites. That's why Ukraine should be a neutral state!

    Russia and Russians have nothing against non-Bandera-followers Ukranians. Indeed, Russia is the country that received the most Ukrainian refugees.

    Ukrainians, Russians, and Belorrusians have a lot in common. They were from the same tribe and spoke the same language (Old Russian), then their languages evolved into what's now. Even Ukrainians were called Malorrusians (in English, Little Russians) a long time ago, like Belorrusiasn (White Russians) then their name was changed to Ukraine which means "Borderlands" or "Outskirts".

    Of course, Putin is guilty and should be accountable for what's happening. He should've helped the Yanukovich government, but if he did that, he couldn't have had a reason to annex Crimea and then invade and annex the rest of Ukraine :gone: also, the Ukrainian government doesn't help either, they are seen as Banderites and Russians don't like Banderites. Polish and Jews allegedly don't like Banderites either.

    With that being said, I wanna point out that war is bad and shouldn't happen in the first place. Many innocent people are dying cause of that. Both parts are responsible for what's happening. Now western media says Russia is amassing three more times military than at the beginning of the invasion and that in the upcoming weeks, they'll invade again in huge proportions. We should advocate for peace.

    I guess what made the world calm when you USA was invading Iraq was that it was led by a dictator and they promised to bring "democracy" (lol) unlike in Ukraine, what Russia is trying to do is "you have too much democracy, lets bring back a dictatorship".

    Do you really think Ukraine is a democracy? They banned a lot of parties, politics, traditions, languages, and even churches... CIA overthrew the democratically elected president Yanukovich (who was born in Donetsk) and installed a lot of Bandera followers (I guess you know who Bandera is, right?). Not just in the presidency, but in the armed forces and RADA parliament. That's when the civil war started. People from Crimea, Odessa, Kharkov, Kherson, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Nikolaev, Lugansk, etc voted for Yanukovich back then. They are normal, good people, unlike Bandera followers.

    Wow still so young. Definitely has time to grow.

    Why is Luburic a reserve now? Sorry I just got back into catching up with the league.

    How is it possible that Lokomotiv played great against Zenit and then got trashed on that second set by Dinamo Lo? 😂😂😂

    Luburic was injured at the beginning of the season and Kazachenkov, who's having a great season (2nd best scorer of the league with great displays), replaced him.

    IMO, the roster will be pretty much the same as in 2021.

    Setters: Pankov, Abaev, Poroshin, Kovalev, and maybe Kobzar.

    Even though Abaev has been recovering from an injury this season, I think he's a great prospect for the position. Pankov is likely to be the main setter because Bryanskiy (Dinamo Moscow) is the coach, besides he's a great blocker. Poroshin is also great. Both Kovalev and Kobzar are experienced and can help.

    OH's: Kliuka, Volkov, Podlesnykh, Semyshev, Bogdan, Voronkov, Tetyukhin Jr.

    Kliuka and Volkov are locked. Yaroslav is great and kinda locked too. Semyshev is having a great season... meanwhile Bogdan is recovering from an injury. I like Tetyukhin Jr., he could be used as a defensive player.

    MB's: Volvich, Yakovlev, Vlasov, Kurkaev, Lyzik, Konovov

    Russia's MBs are having a great/good season. IMO, Lyzik could be a star, his attack efficiency is pretty good, although he needs to improve his block.

    Opps: Mikhaylov, Poletaev, Sapozhkov, Kazachenkov, Klets

    Maxim is still the GOAT :obey: , but it's time to find his replacement. Sapozhkov is having a great season in Italy... at some point, he was the best scorer in the League. Both Klets (49%) and Kazachenkov (53%) are the best and the second-best scorer in the Russian league, respectively. They could have a chance in the NT. Yesterday, Loko beat Zenit St Petersburg and Kazachenkov scored 28 pts :super: BTW, he can play OH too, so he should be tested in both positions. About Poletaev, he had some great games this season... let's see if he recovers. Sadly, his height is a disadvantage if you compare him with the other opposites: Sapozhkov (2.20 m), Klets (2.10), and Kazachenkov (2.09).

    Special mention to Kuleshov (2.12 m, 2004). He's playing this season in Stroitel Minsk and had a lot of great games. He's a great prospect (reminds me of Babkevich, who is another prospect). Sadly, both of them are recovering from minor injuries and couldn't play the last matches ;(

    L: Fedorov, Baranov, Melkozerov, Golubev

    Fedorov is very good by Russian and European standards. He's very special.

    No question, libero should be Grebennikov (jk, his name sounds so Russian :rolll:).

    His father is Russian and was a player from the Soviet Union. Jenia said in an interview some months ago that he perceives himself as half Russian half French.

    Who is Russia HC last time?

    The coach of the Russian NT is Bryanskiy (coach of Dinamo Moscow). Let's how he coaches the team. Honestly, I hope he won't repeat the same mistake the Finnish did. No one should be indispensable (well, except Maxim :rolll:).

    BTW, I like Verbov. I think he could be the coach in the future Olympics.

    If i understand russian girls played league, this is just final tournament for them,

    Indeed, some of Kaliningrad's players play in the 2nd division of the Russian League (Loko Kaliningrad-2), and the rest in the youth league (Loko Kaliningrad U20). As I said before, some of the 2006-born players have sorta experience and have been part of the team that won the last ECh U17 (one of them was the MVP). BTW, they aren't the best of this generation... there are already some girls that are playing as starters in the 1st division of the Russian league (Kovaleva, '06, Kazan), Nesterova ('06, Sparta), Pavlova ('06, Lipetsk), and Musienko ('07, Uralochka).

    Today, Loko played at the beginning with a kinda mixed team (just two '08-born players: opposite and the libero, the rest were '06 players), then '07-'08 players entered. According to the stats of the match, the best and the 3rd best scorers of the match were '08 players from Loko (Opp and OH).

    About the other Russian teams, I don't know so much. Just some Chelyabinsk players play in the youth league (in Metar Chelyabinsk). I guess the rest are players from local clubs. According to the general stats, the best scorer and player of the tournament is the '08 OH player Burtseva from the Khakassia Republic, which plays the final tomorrow.