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    My mistake. Peña is out of the Panamerican Games :flower:

    Russia - Universiade 2019

    S: Pankov, Poroshin

    OH: Bogdan, Ursov, Surmachevsky, Pakshin

    MB: Konovov, Melnikov, Belogortsev

    OP: Klets, Yakovlev

    L: Krivitchenko

    Verbov is the coach... and Semyshev isn't in this list. So... will he be part of Team A in future competitions?

    Are you even watching Russia's games in its entirety? Kobzar has definitely been the better setter overall. Leadership skills notwithstanding, he sets the balls to the middles better, is more scrappy in defense, and can "turn up" the team in the crucial moments. I love Kovalev but the only thing going for him is his block, that is why he is now mainly used as a blocking substitute towards the end of the sets.. Lastly, stats don't tell the whole picture, if you are able to I suggest you watch the replays of these matches in particular: RUSxJPN, RUSxSRB so you would see how Kobzar is currently the better setter.

    I think that Kobzar is good with Poletaev, Yaroslav, Kurkaev, Yakovlev, etc because they play "fast" volleyball. But I don't think that he will be useful when Maxim, Dmitry, Kliuka, Volvich come back... That's the reason why Kovalev needs to be ready in the principal competitions. If he fails, Grankin should return to NT.

    Pd: In the future Abaev (19y-o) will be the principal setter. I hope that this happens in Tokyo :rose:

    The main problem is that they are The main problems are the setters and the OH substitutes.

    In my opinion Starteva is OK, but she wasn't in her best level in that VNL. Romanova plays really fast and the players who plays fast in NT are Parubets and Kadochkina.

    And, Kosheleva, Kurilo and Khodunova (she in the next year) could be good OH substitutes. Obviously each player must be in her best level if Russia wants to get something :win:

    Enina and Stalnaya will also participate in Universiade. There's a rumor that the best player of Universiade team will have a chance to join main Russian NT.

    I think that Enina and Evdokimova are better than Orlova and Zubareva. Stalnaya won't probably participate in Universiade... she is just training in a large list of players (?) hahaha.

    Wow ...14th place at the standing table in a VNL?.. hard to see and believe. Had this ever happened before ?

    Yes, but in the WL 2012 (male competition). Russia was the worst team in that competition (because they played with the team B).

    WEEK 5

    Brazil - Italy 1-3

    Turkey - Belgium 3-0

    Belgium Brazil 1-3

    Turkey - Italy 2-3

    Belgium - Italy 0-3

    Turkey -Brazil 3-1

    Bulgaria - Serbia 2-3

    China - Germany 3-0

    Serbia - Germany 1-3

    China - Bulgaria 3-0

    Germany - Bulgaria 3-1

    China - Serbia 3-0

    Netherlands - Thailand 3-1

    Russia - USA 1-3

    Netherlands - USA 2-3

    Russia - Thailand 3-1

    Thailand - USA 0-3

    Russia - Netherlands 2-3

    Japan - Poland 1-3

    South Korea - Dominican Republic 1-3

    Poland - Dominican Republic 3-2

    South Korea - Japan 1-3

    Japan - Dominican Republic 2-3

    South Korea - Poland 0-3

    So Russia is 5-1 after two weeks of VNL. It will be interesting if the coaching staff decides to use the same roster for the third straight week or will have some changes.. The 3rd week is the make or break week whether they will qualify to Final 6, and their next opponents are: Poland, Canada, and Iran.

    Voronkov, for such a very short time against the game with Italy, made a good impression. If management decides to rest either one of Volkov or Kliuka, I think he can be a good replacement.

    PS. And what's up with the other libero Martynyuk, he barely played at all the past two weeks :what:

    after Rusia vs Italy, Voronkov said that he thought he will play in the 3rd (Iran) and 4th week (Brazil) and he was surprised that he plays few minutes in the last game... so it's probably that Russia gives a rest to Volkov and Kliuka.

    WEEK 4:

    Russia - South Korea 3-1

    Italy - Bulgaria 3-0

    Bulgaria - Russia 0-3

    Italy - South Korea 3-0

    South Korea - Bulgaria 3-2

    Italy - Russia 3-1

    Belgium - Netherlands 2-3

    Germany - Dominican Republic 2-3

    Dominican Republic - Netherlands 1-3

    Germany - Belgium 3-1

    Belgium - Dominican Republic 1-3

    Germany - Netherlands 3-2

    Serbia - Thailand 0-3

    Japan - Brazil 1-3

    Brazil - Thailand 3-1

    Japan - Serbia 3-0

    Brazil - Serbia 3-0

    Japan - Thailand 3-0

    USA - Turkey 3-2

    China - Poland 3-1

    Poland - USA 1-3

    China - Turkey 3-1

    Turkey - Poland 3-2

    China - USA 3-2

    I think that Russian Team B should be...

    Oh: Iurinskaia, Kotikova, Kuznetsova and Vorobyeva

    Op: Khaletskaya, Russu

    Mb: Lazarenko (if Orlova takes her spot in the Team A), Zaytseva, Zubareva

    S: Matveeva, Ryseva

    L: Kurnosova

    although today we lost the game against Serbia, there is one positive thing for me. Kurilo got 12 pts (52%), Parubets 14 pts (37%). Kurilo's statistics is better than Parubets even if Parubets needs some time for adaptation. Kurilo can be our "hidden weapon" in other tournaments. She can be sub for Parubets or Voronkova. Honestly, I do not think Kurilo is weaker than Parubets but I'm not a head coach of our NT to decide it. Iurinskaia also can be another sub for Parubets or Vorobkova IMO. I definitely do not want to see Khaletskaia in main NT, even 16y.o Kadochkina may be better OPP than her. If Kosheleva decides to play and I think Kadochkina or Iurinskaia will be out.

    OH: Voronkova, Kurilo, Parubets and Kosheleva

    OPP: Goncharova and Kadochkina

    Nobody else :cheesy:

    WEEK 3:

    Netherlands - Italy 0-3

    China - Japan 3-0

    Italy - Japan 3-2

    China - Netherlands 3-0

    Japan - Netherlands 3-1

    China - Italy 3-2

    Brazil - Germany 3-1

    USA - South Korea 3-0

    South Korea - Brazil 1-3

    USA - Germany 3-0

    South Korea - Germany 2-3

    USA - Brazil 3-1

    Turkey - Dominican Republic 3-2

    Thailand - Bulgaria 3-0

    Turkey - Bulgaria 3-0

    Thailand - Dominican Republic 2-3

    Dominican Republic - Bulgaria 3-0

    Thailand - Turkey 1-3

    Serbia - Poland 1-3

    Belgium - Russia 1-3

    Serbia - Russia 2-3

    Belgium - Poland 0-3

    Poland - Russia 3-1

    Belgium - Serbia 1-3

    I hope that Startseva, Kadochkina, Voronkova, Orlova, Kotikova and Galkina join to NT in the next week.

    My gosh, is this the Russia's future? :/

    No. Indeed, the vast majority of Russia's lineup have 22 to 25 y-o... the same age of Parubets, Fetisova and Voronkova and these three players are better than Iurinskia, Efimova, Khaketskaya, etc... I think that Russia's future are in the youth and junior team in this moment.

    WEEK 2:

    USA 3 - 0 Serbia

    Italy 3 - 0 Dominican Republic

    Serbia 1 - 3 Dominican Republic

    Italy 3 - 0 USA

    USA 3 - 2 Dominican Republic

    Italy 3 - 0 Serbia

    Russia 2 - 3 Germany

    Turkey 3 - 1 Japan

    Japan 2 - 3 Russia

    Turkey 3 - 1 Germany

    Japan 2 - 3 Germany

    Turkey 3 - 0 Russia

    Belgium 3 - 0 South Korea

    China 3 - 0 Thailand

    South Korea 1 - 3 Thailand

    China 3 - 0 Belgium

    Belgium 2 - 3 Thailand

    China 3 - 0 South Korea

    Bulgaria 0 - 3 Poland

    Netherlands 2 - 3 Brazil

    Poland 3 - 2 Brazil

    Netherlands 3 - 1 Bulgaria

    Netherlands 2 - 3 Poland

    Brazil 3 - 0 Bulgaria