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    Kazan seems to be falling apart, they lost Startseva & Arina last season then Kadochikina, Fabris & Bricio will leave as well. Although the departure of the foreign duo was kind of expected, I still wonder who they can find to replace them for next season. Or they still have more talents from their youth team to fill the place?

    Well, their budget will decrease since they won't play CL. Kazan already has Lukianova (Opp), Kostina (Oh), and Sperskaite (Oh). Also, Akimova (Opp) and Gatina (Oh) are Kazan's players and I won't be surprised if they play there. BTW, Kazan is working with some youngsters: Pavlova (16 y.o), Kovaleva (15 y.o), and Zamanskaia (18 y.o), but I don't think they are ready yet (at least not now). Maybe Kazan hires a foreigner.

    As to the Russian league, here you can read about the moves for the next season so far.

    I'm gonna highlight the most interesting ones.

    Moscow: Almost all the team renewed. Sokolov may leave.

    Lokomotiv Novosibirsk: Luburic renewed, meanwhile, Perrin is leaving (Verona).

    Zenit Kazan: Bednorz, Poroshin, and Berezkho are out. Deroo and Labinskii in. Micah may stay.

    Zenit SP: Kovalev comes back. Urnaut, Podrebinkin, and Kolodinsky are out. Kobzar stays.

    Belogorie: Samoylenko (Ural) and Petric are out. Poroshin is their new setter.

    Kuzbass: Klets is their new Opp. Butko, Krsmanovich, Sivozhelez, and Papazov are out.

    Fakel: Grankin and Syvozhelez arrive. Zhukovsky and Safonov are out.

    Enisey: D. Yakolev and Kazachenkov arrive. Klets out.

    There will be 16 teams. Nova Novokuybyshevsk and Shakhtyor Soligorsk (Belarus) are the new clubs.

    Dinamo Moscow is the champion!

    MVP: Pavel Pankov

    Best Setter: Pavel Pankov

    Best Opposite: Tsvetan Sokolov

    Best MBs: Ilyas Kurkaev, Alexander Volkov

    Best OHs: Denis Bogdan, Sergey Savin

    Best Libero: Roman Martynyuk

    I wonder what's in store for the NT this year with Russia banned from all the important competitions. Friendly competitions with China? Belarus? North Korea?

    AFAIK, VFV will host two tournaments. The first one is a regional tournament between regions (oblasts, republics, etc) like Moscow, Tatarstan, Kaliningrad, Sverdlovsk, etc that will be represented by their clubs. The second one is an international tournament with "friendly" countries like China, Serbia, Turkey, Brazil, Thailand, Korea, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Egypt, etc. The general secretary mentioned those countries in two interviews and he also says that they will try to make that friendly tournament under FIVB's approval.

    Russia's next big opposite may come from one of the Lokomotiv pupils - Klets, Sapozkhov, Murashko but currently the gap between Maxim and Poletaev, and all other opposites in Russia is huge. So I would say it would take another 2-3 years to establish them as an NT candidate. I"m still on the Poletaev train even if he is always injured, hopefully he can regain his good form for the home WCH.

    Or VFV should try to nationalize Babkevich because that young opposite is already a monster on the court :super:

    So someone finally made some posts here, I thought I was the only person in this forum following men's Russian league lol After some sleuthing , the conflict in fact is not between Sammelvuo and Kobzar, but between Kobzar and wait for it.. Yakovlev! Turns out, the root of this issue where this all started between the two all because of the captaincy (is that even a word lol) in the team. According to some Russian VB fans, the team had a vote and Sammelvuo and the coaching staff voted for Kobzar, and most of the Zenit players sided with Yakovlev. Some fans also noted Yakovlev liking fan comments in Instagram saying he is a more worthy captain that Kobzar lol Due to all of this drama, the climate in the team got affected, and it affected Kobzar's relationship not only to Yakovlev but to the rest of his teammates to the point that they weren't on speaking terms (I know crazy right sounds like HS drama).. This apparently is the main reason why Kobzar is not starting, if we were to believe. Rumors notwithstanding, except for yesterday's match with Lokomotiv, Kobzar is playing really poorly so he deserves to be benched but I think he regained some of his mojo back after yesterday's game.

    I still have two questions lingering in my mind: 1. Why on earth Poletaev is always injured? Seems like Sammelvuo is using Viktor as his scapegoat, as to why the team is always playing sub-optiamlly and not with the strongest composition. 2. And to echo one user, why does he get to keep his job in the club even after the very mediocre results with the team.

    Zenit is cursed. All players transferring to that team regressed. Yakovlev is not the same players even compared to last season. Kliuka during Fakel days was objectively better, and Poletaev I really don't know what to say. Even Zhenya seems lost a times.

    Well, I won't take anybody's side because both of them are playing horrible this season, but that captain thing is damaging the Zenit's environment (and results). I don't know why Sammelvuo has a preference in his Kuzbass boys (Kobzar, Poletaev, Yaroslav, Pashitsky, etc). Those players aren't Russian legends like Maxim, Dmitry, Tetyukhin, etc to have that status in the NT and their clubs. Kobzar just arrived at Zenit SP and Sammelvuo wants him to be the captain of the team, meanwhile, Yakovlev has more years playing there. If there's such a drama, Kliuka should be the captain. It seems the Finnish coach finally gave up on Kobzar and Poletaev... so, that's good news.

    With that saying, I think his Kuzbass boys should still be invited to the Russian NT (indeed, Yaroslav played well last year), but not with that untouchable status. There are other options that should be tested... Abaev, Lyzik, Fedorov, Klets, Semyshev, Tetyukhin.

    Hancock to Kaliningrad

    and according to that, Smarzek signed a 3-year contract with them earning 800k each season :gone:. I know some Russian clubs have a huge budget, but they should invest wisely. I mean, now they are signing Hancock when they could've brought back Dijkema who's playing in the league, or they should sign a foreigner OH since Voronkova is leaving unless they are trying to sign Parubets and Kosheleva :whistle:.