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    Lee soyoung is definitely better in terms of everything, but she's on the short side, that's it. Kang sohwi is improving but can't find holes to hit through when up against gaint walls.

    At this point, do you see Ahn hyejin as main setter? Yeum hyeseon has not play any games since she got injured last time. But of course she is the most experienced setter there

    yes no doubt. YHS is injured, who knows what she can and cannot do or is just pushing. AHJ, even before the season was over was the only setter that did better. YHS, Lee Nayeon are decent but can't overcome crisis and needs to be sub out and their block height is short. Cho Song-hwa's knee issues has always been a problem for her, which maybe why she's slow. AHJ is young and inexperienced, but faster and could atleast get her hands up high.

    overall... these setters will have problems when up against 6ft and over players.

    I'd have to say an hye Jin would do better out of the 3 setters. kim da in is tooo short for a setter, especially against other teams. yeum hyesun and an hye Jin are about the same height (1cm difference) but AHJ has better block height. she will do well if she doesn't get intimated or nervous on big stages.

    About the twins......

    I wonder if that a wise decision to sue your victim, why bother issued an apology at the first place.

    I believe the public response is just gonna be more angry.

    as a fan of the girls, the issue cannot be overlook, but no decision was made over night, both the victims and the twins.

    because they didn't say anything after apologizing, the public criticize them, and because they are saying something now, the public criticize them. there's no winning at all.

    Will add that "suspended indefinitely" is not a defined period of time. The club and national team can reinstate the twins whenever this drama dies down. I'm not familiar with Korean culture, but in North America it wouldn't be surprising to see the athletes be reinstated right before the Olympics...because that's just how things are.

    seems like Koreans will give zero chances for a comeback... but we(i) can only hope

    fire_cai_bin definitely agree about the mom. and maybe she made wrong seemed right and right seemed like rewards. but regardless, I'm starting to feel like because mom was not disciplined during her shiny days while others were, so the continues onto her daughters making them think it okay to mistreat others because it was acceptable in their mother's days, because it was a way of "teaching".

    I'm talking from experience, as I work and train people, at one point I realize how hard it was on my trainee because of my training. before then I didn't think it was wrong and reported every wrong my trainee did to my boss, because that's what I was told to do in order to help her help them improve. I saw her cry and realized the training I went through was like military training, I didn't know when to sit or if I can sit, I went through it and passed because of my will, but does everyone have the same will? I don't know. now I refuse to train unless I can train my way at my pace and no private talks with the boss. yes she means well, yes she wants to pass her skills and knowledge before she retires, and she almost turned me into a bissh lol but this is 2021, many things has updated and change. the "we use to do it this way" doesn't work anymore.

    so hopefully not just the twins but the mom too should apologize and reflect.

    Their mother sounds like a straight a** b*tch. Does anybody have any details on this? Did the mother actually encourage and participate in the bullying? Or was it turning a blind eye?

    sounds like a tiger mom, wonder how the twins childhood was like in their own home, even forcing dayeong to train being lefty since it's rare.

    I second this! As kids not only was everyone a victim of bullying, but everyone also at some point participated in some form of bullying whether it be physical, verbal, emotional, mental, etc. You may not know you did it because it didn't seem like a problem then, but you don't know how that person felt or reacted when they went home.

    for reals... I thought alot about my childhood too, hopefully I didn't do anything I wasn't suppose to do then that'd hunt me now. because after all the teasing and punking people, we still play and eat lunch together too

    If I understand correctly, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but LDY's transfer to Pink Spiders occurred prior to KYK's transfer (or even before it was public that KYK wanted to return to Pink Spiders). LDY's transfer was completed in spring (April 2020?) whereas it only became news that KYK may be returning in June 2020. When LDY signed, it was well expected that this would be LJY and LDY's team moving forward and as a result, they would be the center of attention. Possibly the only person in Korean volleyball that could've taken that away from the twins was KYK, and that's exactly what happened.

    For the record, I am not saying that anybody is right or wrong. Unfortunately it was just a clashing of personalities that ultimately led to what we have now. This is all speculation, of course.

    yes you are correct. and it was very surprising but she also had no choice but to join HK because her 6 year contract didn't end yet before she went overseas. although I'm pretty sure with her influence, she could've played with any team. don't get me wrong, I was very much excited as much as everyone too.

    "This is 100% speculation but I think the twins simply couldn't deal with KYK's forthright and honest way of dealing with things. I believe the twins expected the Pink Spiders to be their team and be the centre of attention. When reality sunk in that KYK was really the leader of the team and was the one that called the shots, it was difficult for the twins to deal with it. "

    "In this case, I believe KYK tried but the twins didn't."

    ofcourse when they both signed on the same team, it was expected of them to take the team all the way, kyk coming back was just making it a definite win(unbeatable). center of attention wouldn't be what I'd call it lol but it was a surprise for everyone though.

    I do agree LDY shouldn't have used social media to voice herself like that and should have solved it differently. in this case, I'd say the same about the victim too (not trying to say it's wrong). she used it because it was her last resort, and so did the victims.

    and honestly, this isn't the first time the twins and kyk had issues together. KYK and LJY had issues back then also and she used the media during an interview to get her message through but ofcourse it all became good.

    I believed they all tried somehow but it didn't solve anything because everyone had a different approach and resolution.

    nobody is wrong or not wrong