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    look the twins are captivating and yes fun. However, there are much better players out there. Egonu, Boskovic, Zhu Ting, Gabi, just to name a few.

    teams and leagues are all very different, and the twins made KOVO a fun league. Did I love the facial expressions yes. However, skill and challenging yourself outside your comfort zone is from a players stand point necessary. KYK left Korea to improve and trying to show the way the glory now on the second half of career. The twins are popular, but not as much for the results on the court.

    Maybe this will turn out well for the twins in the long run, focused on play and not the off the court, but right now they are stuck. They have admitted the faults, next make changes, work with anti-bullying organizations through donations and their time. It is not hard to be supportive of wanting to help others after you have faltered. It make you a better person in the long run.

    I am an introvert, but my “why” in life connecting people to information. Sometimes in this “why”, I have bad news (with work news or volleyball news), but I will also laugh like crazy at things because we also need joy. I am an analyst by trade, so I am at times brutally honest too. When your friends call you out on things, then you know you have made a mistake. In this case, the twins were called out because we want to love them as fun and wholesome. Remember some things cannot change immediately in this life, and I hope that the victim and the twins can forgive and make them to be better people, and to bring joy back to them.

    yes there are other way better players out there, but this is mainly concerning the korean league, actually Korean Women NT. I'm from America and I feel like it's more acceptable here when you try to make changes for the community to make up for your past, atleast I fell like you can really get a second chance. I love the girls to death, and I don't support bullying in any shape or format, but it does make me question my childhood if I did something I thought was okay then but was really wrong now. and like you said about being called out by friends, I wonder if these victims every reached out to the girls personally they were denied and that's why they took this route instead. I'm not trying to make excuses for the twins but I've been asking myself these days, "What's the victims intentions? Why now?". apology?...

    again I'm not trying to make excuses(protect) the twins or for bullying or to deny the victims words.

    They sure aren't beating Serbia (well weren't going to regardless lol)/Brazil/Japan/DR without the Lee sisters.

    Also, does the NT even have a 3rd setter? I remember Korea took a 38 year old setter to the IOQTs... that's pretty old but considering the general career length of Asian female athlets that's really old

    yeah I think it was LeeHyohee, but she's retired now, probably in no shape to be back. I'm rooting for anhyejin.

    haven't been able to swallow the facts that their future isn't bright anymore.... the power of fans/anti fans/ knets. fortune the NT will suffer, nobody in the league stands out, only setter I can see going into NT is ibk Cho songhwa and gs anhyejin. Kangsohwi for left and parkjeongah to step up her game again...


    It was written in Spike Magazine. Some people posted a screenshot on DC Gallery. It was discussed on those forums. I tried to re-find a couple of threads here:…ion_mode=recommend&page=9

    It must be hard leaving your team after 9 years and after winning a championship, but business is business, and Lee Da-yeong (without the drama) is simply the superior setter so you gotta make that trade 100% of the time. Cho Song-hwa's arrival at IBK also kicked out Lee Na-yeon, and nobody shed a tear for her.

    for reals though about the lee nayeon thing. twins will always have a spot light on them for all reasons. I'm pretty sure there are issues with every team, but this seems to be a big issue because they are always center of attention.

    this is really getting out of control, fans that support kyk and fans that support the twins, attacking one side is still hurting the other side too, it's a loose loose battle.

    Yes, Nicole did play in the V-League from 2012-2015 but Alaina was after the introduction of the tryouts/draft in 2015. Sorry, this was before I got into volleyball but I think teams could sign any foreigner they want at the time.

    same, I think I watched summer 2014, forgot which game, maybe avc? at that time i didn't know much about the rules too lol and then was amazed by the twins then followed since then.

    didn't Nicole Fawcett play 2012 to 2015 too? how did that work?


    lol finally I it's been said... it was awkward watching the match after the last news that came out. was really hoping no more news came out...

    the Cho songhwa news, where did you read it from? I'm not saying it's not true, just wanted to read more of it.

    took me acouple of days to actually want to watch the whole game, (only watched 1st game, and that was it). cant say I'm surprised heungkuk loss, but I am disappointed. sometimes you win, sometimes don't. im not disappointed at the loss as much as the multiple repeated mistakes from earlier games until the finals. i hope they get it together, and hopefully the players rest well.

    Congratulations GS KIXX