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    seems like heungkuk just needs 3 wins with straight sets or 3-1 to secure #1. if hipass wins all their games they'd be at 60points but will still loose to heungkuk over wins and lost. gs... the started the season so strong, momentum got lost somewhere. hyundai and kgc just needs to keep taking atleast 1 point from each game then heungkuk will be champs. if all is true. heungkuk will celebrate their win at kgc on March 3rd.

    thanks for the clarification.

    OH Lee jaeyeong should try playing with other clubs outside of korea. but I hope she doesnt run into the same issue KYK did in the past. hopefully that issue isnt the reason players aren't playing outside if korean.

    hi all, this site has given me alot of answers to my noob know how volleyball. I am from usa and a big fan of korean league twins Lee Jaeyeong and Lee Dayeong.:win: