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    And the Oscar goes to...

    Did Pietrini look pissed at the end of the game or is it just me?

    I'm personally really not sold on Lubian; her blocking might be one of the worst among the middles in the league. Savino really misses a blocker like Adenizia IMO.

    Malinov played a solid game IMO and I found Courtney, once again, the most consistent player of Savino. She might be one of the best when it comes to blocking the slides, her attack is much improved and 91 % of positive reception speaks for herself!

    I had the same feeling about Pietrini but Barbolini did well to sub her with Vasileva. Scandicci have to play a lot of games this month. Btw Pietrini did great until she played. About Lubian she is an awful blocker but she has the best slide among the italian MBs, along with Stufi..