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    what do you think about Bosnia vs Slovenia? People at volleybox and bookies see Slovenia as a huge favorite. For me? Bosnia can fight.

    I saw that Slovenia is going without Lana Scuka. Bosnia has Begic and Boskovic. Also Mladenovic (she was picked in KOVO draft) and Paradzik that was on france league. So Bosnia roster is looking good. The weakest point is setter, but if she can set to Begic/Boskovic they will score some points. I can Imagine Bosnia winning at least one set. People predictions are for 3:0 for Slovenia, almost 100% percent. Bookies Has 1,05 for Slovenia so it's 95%. What do you think?

    Last two matches for Scudetto were super close. Novara played amazingly. And Imoco was always down, and chasing the score whole match. This matches were more interesting than yesterday match. Especially the first one.

    But hey, can’t wait for next season maybe we are gone watch match between them :D

    Wait. You were crying with 0-4 in the 5th set that the match is finished already and that was "not interesting match"?

    but second receiver - Twardowska or Samara was not very important

    Was important as hell. Bjelica was very bad for the last three games and they had no replacement - in attack - for her. She was performing like an amateur and that was the time when Samara/Twardowska should take that on her back. Only Bruna was playing (also not as good as before) and they finished from almost winning the series to lose a fight for 3rd place

    NGL it’s going to be embarassing if Imoco loses to a dilapidated Vakif considering 5 of them had COVID including their main OH. A loss here invalidates their SerieA1 win imo.

    Is it possible in Turkey to have isolation from Covid less than 10 days? In my country it is at least 10 days so how she is training after 6 days?

    but where is the photo of the first game ?

    I can put also a photo how Conegliano was struggling with Busto but I think that you remember? This comparison makes no sense, just like your posts about Vakifbank.

    You are the only one person that is hating everything that is not Conegliano. You are the only one person that can't be happy that during the covid time we still have opportunity to watch to best teams in the world. You are the only one that makes other people cheering for Vakifbank because they can't read your posts anymore. Act like adult, not a child.

    Yup, partly agree, but.. You're talking only about turkish league. Roster for turkish league can make THY or Aydin or whoever else but Vakif, Fenerbahce and Eczacibasi have to make toster mainly for european cups. Vakif was do good in CL because they have great foreigneirs and Zehra and Hatice.

    And absolutely don't agree with the first part. How the hell they managed to won turkish league because of the Kubra, Meliha or Cansu? They won because they had amazing Haak, she played in almost every match and killed all the teams. The won because they had the best OH duo in the league - of course they were not playing together but the roster was so deep that they could manage just with one of them. Zehra is amazing of course, but they won because of the foreigneirs and great turkish players (Hatice and Zehra) not because of bench team.

    My point is that you need to sign foreigneirs, this is extremely important. You have to think about european cups not only league. Od course turkish players are important but just look at the CL this season. This turkish players can guarantee you good performances in the group stage with low level teams. The most important is to have a good foreign roster to be able to fight in the league and CL.

    Efimienko is okay but Łukasik and Moskwa were awful in playoffs. They should hire one more good MB. Łukasik was not so bad against Chemik but when I was watching this weak duo against ŁKS I was literally crying. That was the worst performance but MB's duo I have ever seen. If they want to play Efimienko + Łukasik/Moskwa it will be again drama in playoffs. Also Skorupa need some dynamic and good MB to finish her sets. Not Łukasik who was hitting the ball with a teenagers power...

    For the moment Radomka is a weaker team than this season. Zaroślinska and Lazic had so many up and downs. Grajber is good at the reception (she was needed this time, Radomka was absolutely in need of polish OH - not Biała :lol: - who has good reception to put Picussa on court) but she is literally zero in attack, or even below than zero. They will be struggling in attack. They need very good OPP than is playing all the season with good % not like Zaroślinska that she's a beast and next match she's playing like an amateur. And they need fast, dynamic MB that can easily finish sets. They have great opportunities and making such a bad choices...

    They need to have stabile starting six not changing all the time. And I think Adams is gone be on the bench the most of the time...

    In turkish league you can have stabile starting six or good team with too many foreigneirs. Like Vakif. There is no chance to fight in CL if you don't have foreign backup, you saw Fenerbahce, Eczacibasi and you know the league regulations. They will rotate the players, but it's better idea than put weaker turkish player just to have the same starting six all season long.

    Oh, I think it will be huge difference of the levels. Too big. For the moment I can't see Kiera in turkish league. She was good in Poland but she had too many different games (I mean poor/good).

    Let's see how she will perform but it's poor replacement (for me) for Ebrar.