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    Please post here if league will resume. How many daily cases in Thailand now? I thought situation was very good there.

    There’s a news that the TVA is negotiating with the government about resuming Thailand league. They mentioned something like mid Feb as far as I know.

    The COVID situation was really good before the 3rd week of December when we found cases from migrants workers from neighboring country. Now we have 150-250 cases a day. Not too bad but it’s alarming to think we went from 3,xxx cases to 10,xxx within a month 😞

    For some reason I can't find the Thailand NT thread so I'll ask here. Who's next in line after Pornpun? Not a fan of Kullapa. Is Soraya Phomla in there? Who else is got buzz?

    Unfortunately, Soraya has quite serious health issue. She was called to the NT and had to quit due to health problem. She mentioned that the NT practice was too demanding for her conditions and playing in league suited her better career-wise.

    I think Khonkaen’s setter is quite good. I hope she makes the NT camp next year.

    Supreme’s manager already confirmed that Bai Toey will practice with Supreme but they will lend her to Proflex team (at least in 1st leg) for her to have more chances to play.

    I think it’s quite a good deal for Bai Toey. Supreme has the best physical training in TLV and she still has a chance to be a starter with Proflex.

    Let’s hope so. I think the rumor might be true. Sara is close to the head coach (Wanna) and captain (Onuma) of Diamond Food team. The team is also based in BKK which is more convenient to her. Let’s wait for an official announcement.

    Personally, I’d like to see her playing abroad too. It’s highly unlikely at this point though.

    No official news. Just rumors.

    I personally don’t think she would take a lower deal just to play abroad. Playing abroad could help youngsters to improve themselves but, for Sara, this is close to the end of her career. The only reason she would go abroad is money. If the money is not worth playing in high pressure environment + going out of the country during pandemic period, it’s her choice :)

    I think her salary playing in Thailand is not cheap as well. Maybe not the same level with Italy club though 🤔

    Has Wilavan finally called it quits?

    I saw a few facebook post and video of a recent interview where she said something like she wants to focus on her family going forth and and she was tearful...

    Wilavan mentioned she’d like to quit next year. Her contract with Supreme will also end at the time so it’s a good time to break and have a child. No official announcement though.

    Malika also posted something on her instagram implying that she’s quitted the NT after 14 years (2006-2020). Also no official announcement.

    The fact that the NT camp has started and no senior players are there implies that they might be on the way out of NT. Might not be in the same time though.

    I don’t think it’s fair to say Thai fans are jumpy. The only place I saw that takes those rumors seriously is here. Talking about Acharaporn going to Italy league is so outdated and not even funny anymore. And that is not even from a Thai.

    Even in Thai webboard, everything is flying strictly as rumors. No one takes those rumors seriously.

    Just saying ?(

    Diamond Food VC is done with the league as they’re not in the final 4.

    3BB coach mentioned in the news that the players’ visa has expired and it’s impossible to extend it considering the situation.

    Most teams have already let their players go (for now). Some reporters said most of players’ contracts end after the Super League.

    If they decide to do it later, they may have to do it without the foreign players.

    Some also said the league might be canceled all together ;(

    A lot of uncertainties now.

    There will be no final for VTL2020. The final 4 will compete with each other twice. The winner will be given to the team with highest points.

    At this point, if Korat gets to the final 4, it will almost certainly be no.4 😅

    We will know for sure today the final 4.

    I feel bad for Diamond Food. If there’s a team to beat Supreme this year, it’s them. Their players are really good but the team system can be improved. And don’t make me start with the coach :rolleyes: Wanna might be the best libero in her time. But she’s not a good coach...not yet. She’s overrated because Korat was a champion last year without losing a single match. But she had Nootsara then. Not this time.

    On the other note, Korat team is a mess. No one can hit the ball except Chutchuon and Strashi. It’s depressing to watch :sos:

    Daimi Ramirez got injured during yesterday match. She’ll be out for at least 2 months ;(

    I feel sorry for her and Korat. Their chemistry on court was really good and her absence was felt in yesterday match. I’m surprised the kids took it to 5th set after they lost her in set 1.

    Now I think Korat team will make it to the final 4 but it would be difficult to defend its title this year.

    Anyway, Thailand league is really exciting this year with 5 big teams competing for the final 4.

    In the men's division, is mb #12 of air force and OH #16 of Nakhon Ratchasima twins or at least brothers or are they same person? Lol

    I haven’t followed men’s division so I can’t answer that question. I looked it up and they seem to have different family name ^^

    It’s not really a resignation.

    Her contract is only for one season. So it’s simply the end of the contract ^^”

    Thanacha’s name is on Supreme roster since the beginning of leg 1.