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    how I wish Thailand would send a mix squad of their u23 and the 3bb youth to this event instead.

    These topic has been discussed in Thai webboard for years. The thing is this event is managed by SAT not TVA and they always request the best team for the event.

    It’s not just winning gold medal. Winning SEA games brings more support to the team in terms of budget, training facilities, and other stuff. So they can’t lose this.

    You may see mix squad but you won’t see 3BB youth team in this event. Ever.

    For this year, they will use sea games as a preparation matches for the OQ in January. This means full Asean Grand Prix squad + Nootsara and Ajcharaporn :S

    Thailand roster for leg 2 is basically the same except Thatdao(out), Chitaporn(in), Tikamporn(out), Supattra(in).

    It seems that they’ve decided to rest Nootsara completely for this tournament.


    ASEAN Grand Prix 2019 (2nd leg)

    The Philippines [GMT+8]

    4 Oct

    16.00 Vietnam - Philippines

    18.00 Thailand - Indonesia

    5 Oct

    16.00 Indonesia - Vietnam

    18.00 Philippines - Thailand

    6 Oct

    16.00 Thailand - Vietnam

    18.00 Philippines - Indonesia

    Supreme was supposed to go this year again according to the previous rule. But FIVB changed the rule forcing them to compete again this year for that spot and they lost it to the Chinese team.

    It seems that there’ll be no money prize from the Philippines as a host of leg 2 (4-6 Oct). Now the THA and PHI are only 2 confirmed teams for the tournament.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the first and last time for the ASEAN Grand Prix. Everything seems to be a little bit messy and Thailand seems to be the only country willing to host the whole thing (with reasonable prize).

    It doesn't look a great idea to me to not have league game till january? Only practice???

    According The the news, they’re going to hold a practice camp in Japan for a while. Then, they’ll have a SEA game in November right before the OQ.

    And I may have to disagree with you about the league. Thailand league is not that intense. They only have competition once a week. Practicing as a national team is much more intense. It’s good to get to practice together. This is why Nootsara didn’t go abroad last season (and this season).

    As much as I love Piyanut I have to agree with you.

    What about Thapapaipun? She is experienced player however I didn't see her for a while. What do you think about her as second libero?

    After 11 years with NT, Thapapaipun just announced 2 days ago that she’s quitting after the Taiwan Invitation. She got the best libero from that tournament.

    Piyanut is past her prime, she has been rather lazy these past couple of years. I would love to see another Wanna type of libero who covers the floor and pass well, digs/saves every ball, reads and anticipate every ball that is coming her way etc. She is by far the best libero THA has ever had and one of the world's best during her time. I think if she was still in the game, she could probably out perform all the current THA liberos lol

    Agree, Piyanuch hasn’t had any good matches so far this year. I’d love to see Supattra back with this senior team in SEA games. She’s quite good at digging but her passing skill can be improved ^^”

    The Thai team will have advantages of practicing together though. Korean league will start soon and all the players are playing in different teams with different systems. Plus KYK will be back to Turkey.

    The Thai league will start in January after the OQ to give them the best chance of practicing together as an NT.

    I do really hope they can win. Let’s see :)

    THA team has the habit of doing well when facing stronger opponents but doing poorer when facing weaker teams. I don’t know why.

    Their reception was bad yesterday though. Far below their standard. If they can’t receive PHI’s service well, just imagine what’s going to happen with KOR’s service in January :|

    Agreed. I don’t think TVA has a choice but to send their team A as this event is arranged by SAT (Sport Authority of Thailand) aka their parent organization.

    Same thing will happen in Sea games in November. Team A will be sent when they should spend that time preparing for the OQ ?(

    Having said that, I do like the line-up in set 2 of THA-VIE game yesterday. A lot of tall-ish young players. Gullapa has shown some potential to be the second setter when Nootsara retires (possibly next year).

    I wonder why they dont train the second setter from u23 squad for the senior NT? She is better than Tichaya, but Tichaya always gets started over her.

    And also train the u18 libero.

    Agree. Both of them have potential to be in the senior team. I do hope they will get that chance next year when most of the golden girls retire.

    To be honest, I will be sad when the day comes. They’re the part of this squad for almost 20 years. It’s hard to think of Thai volleyball without PJ, Nootsara, Onuma, etc.