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    Till now I have always seen Sirima Manakit. Why this time transcription from Thai is Sirima Manakij?

    I have no idea how she officially spells her name in English. In Thai, her last name ends with จ which corresponds to the j in English. The pronunciation is the same tho.

    Are they going to play the whole 4 weeks, or the youngsters will follow and replace this squad when they test negative of covid?

    TVA said they will send some of the younger players (with negative test) as a replacement. Only 6 of them can be sent tho.

    Thailand's New VNL Roster

    1. Piyanut Pannoy

    2. Tapaphaipun Chaisri

    3. Pattiya Juangjan

    4. Wilavan Apinyapong

    5. Malika Kanthong

    6. Onuma Sittirak

    7. Sutadta Chuewulim

    8. Chatsuda Nilapa

    9. Amporn Hyapha

    10. Watchareeya Nuanjam

    11. Karina Krause

    12. Pleumjit Thinkaow

    13. Tirawan Sang-Ob

    14. Nootsara Tomkom

    15. Gullapa Piampongsan

    16. Soraya Phomla

    17. Sirima Manakij

    From the press release, they won’t be able to practice together before the tournament. Each of them will prepare themselves at home via online training system. The remaining time is for document preparation + vaccination.

    Wish them all the best :saint:

    No official news for Chutchu-on. But some speculators pointed out that she’s only 21 yo and still in school. She might want to stay in Thailand for another season and finish her school before going abroad.

    Idk if it’s true. She did go to Japan 2 years ago. She’s also in school then.

    im not positive, but I think the not being able to take them to Olympics and family/personal affair made him decided to retired? MKJ you might know more?

    He retired due to personal reasons and spent some time being a coach in China. He’s now living with his family in Thailand and, if I remember correctly, just got some management position in AVC.

    Feng Kun is also an instructor for AVC now. It’d be interesting to have her as a coach for NT :cheesy:

    Amporn and Wanna were the other 2 players in the original golden girls.

    Amporn quitted the NT after they won Asian Championships in 2013 due to injury while Wanna quitted in 2016 after WPG final in Bangkok.

    President of TVA mentioned they may bring the senior players back for SEA games 2021 and Asian Indoor Games 2022. I doubt that any of them will agree to come back though :S

    I’m more worried about the setters. Pornpun is quite good but her substitutions aren’t good at all. There’re other setters in VTL that are better.

    I think they may have to bring some of the seniors back at some point though. Especially for the important tournaments. Despite her age, Nootsara is still the best setter in Thailand imo.

    The best setter award is judged by statistics. Sirima has better running set ratio as she’s the main setter of Korat in both legs and the final series.

    Nootsara comes in 2nd leg so she has lower running set ratio. Nevertheless, she’s still in ranking 3 which is very high for a person who plays only 60% of the matches.

    I think Nootsara is cool about it. Everyone knows she’s a legend. It’s a known fact :lol:

    The end of Set 1 was pretty goofy, but fun. I sort of like that lefty OP on 3BB. She looks familiar but I don't think I've seen her name mentioned much

    Her name is Sineenat. She was on U23 NT team competing alongside Chutchuon, Pimpichaya, etc.

    Diamond Food team looks better but still shaky to me. Just want to see how it goes with the foreign player.