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    Nothing against this lineup but does anyone know how long until we see Pimpichaya or Hattaya again?

    Sads Ajcharaporn won't play :(

    According to the news circulating around here, Pimpichaya should be back in time for the Asian OQ in January. Hattaya, however, might need more time than that.

    Ajcharaporn is also injured during the practice for intercontinental OQ. I don’t know why the younger players seem to be more fragile than the older ones 😔

    The Thai team is inferior to the host team, therefore the biggest obstacle for host in this championship is the Chinese team.

    “Thai team is inferior to the host team”


    The Thai team won over Korean team in Asian games, WCH, and VNL.

    They’ve also won this Asian championship twice while the Korean hasn’t.

    I don’t think they are “inferior”. The chance is 50-50 for both teams.

    I do agree that the Chinese team is quite strong and can certainly upset the host’s hope to claim this title.

    Also, Thailand beat S Korea in the recent 2018 Asian games. Could be Japan, China, Thailand.

    Thailand beat Korea in 2017 Asian Championship, 2018 Asian games, WCH, and 2019 VNL. I don’t why some people still think Korea is much better than Thailand. For me, it’s 50/50 for both countries in Asian OQ.

    Unless China doesn’t pass through the first round, then it’s 0 chance for both countries :p

    blue1234 I think part of the reasons is that she keeps playing for big teams in TVL and being on the bench for someone more famous.

    She was a sub for PJ during her time in BG and she was a sub for Amporn and Mai in Korat last season.

    She should consider playing for some smaller teams to have more time on court. But the smaller teams might not have enough budget to hire her as well =\

    blue1234 There’s a lot of discussion about her on Thai webboard. No one really knows why she hasn’t switched to indoor. But the fact that she’s playing beach volleyball in NT tells you she’s not unknown by the coaches and TVA. People believe she makes decision to stay on the beach volleyball team.

    I would really like to see a future Thai nt with height ranging from 180-186/7 cm if possible, with exception of players like libero and setter. But that might be a little too much to ask lol. With that height range, not too short, but not too tall either and can still be nimble, agile enough to move and dive around to save balls. But most importantly, can attack and block better.

    That's a fair point.

    However, if you walk along the busy streets of Bangkok, how many 175+ cm girls you think you will meet?

    Close to none. And BKK is a city with more than 10 millions people.

    I think it's ideal to find more tall girls for the team. Not just tall, they have to be willing to play volleyball and have discipline enough to handle tough NT schedule. That's not an easy task.

    Having said that, I do agree about foreign staff :)

    MKJ Know anything why Chatchu-on wasn't playing much during this first week? Does she have some minor injury? The times that she entered the court, she was actually a bit more effective than Ajcharaporn was. Hopefully she isn't and both her and Wanitchaya gets more court time in week 2.

    As far as I know, Chutchu-on is totally fine.

    They’re trying the new system with faster speed. I think that’s why they keep Ajcharaporn and Onuma on court even though they had problems scoring. To help them get used to the new speed.

    Chutchu-on seems to be ok adjusting. So doesn’t need to be on court as much. That’s what I think. Haha.

    I'm liking her. I think she will eventually replace one of the two(Chitaporn and Watchareeya). I wished she was just a bit taller, at least 183-86 cm lol.

    She’s replacing Watchareeya for sure. Chitaporn is 184 cm tall. They will keep her 😅

    Japan NT is also amazing to watch, I mean their defence is phenomenal. I prefer a bit more Japan NT because they have much more experience about volleyball, I mean they can fight for the best place in OG and WCH if slightly comparing with Thailand NT. On the other hand, their style is too similar IMO, but Japan NT sometimes can be tougher opponent than Thailand NT. If they beat Italy NT in tie break they could play in semifinal of WCH.

    In my opinion, the Japanese and Thai styles are not that similar. The Thai team has decent floor defense (not excellent) and has varieties of strong attack. They, however, depend highly on quality of passing and the setter. If the passing is bad or the setter can’t perform well in any particular games, the whole system collapses. And their blocking is terrible ^^”

    The Japanese team has excellent floor defense and blocking skill. The attacking is not as strong as the Thai team. They probably have the best teamwork in any teams right now.

    They’re both super fast though :)

    Not only Pleumjit is just 180 cm she’s also 35 years old. She’s amazing.

    I don’t know why the younger Thai players are so prone to injury. Thatdao and Hattaya are still recovering from their injuries. That’s why PJ has to continue carrying the team.

    For the setters, Nootsara is the only ‘usable’ setter we have now with Pornpun and Soraya out from, again, injury =\

    Ajcharaporn did a good job in Indonesia Pro Liga. I am very interested in where she is going to play next. In fact, is there any Thai users in here? Any rumors on where the Thai girls will be playing next season? Fingers crossed that they will make it to the Olympics this time after that huge disaster last cycle.

    All the main players in Thai NT team are expected to play in Thailand next season. They’re aiming for the Asian Olympic Qualification in January 2020 which is reasonable as it’d be nearly impossible to get pass Serbia in the first round.

    I do hope they make it this time :)

    just a minor correction :)

    One of the WS is Wanitchaya Luangtonglang (26). Not Watchareeya. And Tichakorn (MB) is going instead of her sister, Tichaya (S).

    Thai names are confusing, I know.

    All the Thai matches will be broadcasted by True4U channel which is accessible online.