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    From Korat vs 3BB match, I liked Jidapa a lot. She can receive and control the power hit balls. I think should be called for NT this year and received the opportunity for playing in VNL 2020.

    Agreed. Jidapa is really good and has a lot of potential for such a younger age. I like that 3BB team tries to use a lot of young players in the game. The only problem with 3BB kids is their height. They’re good in a youth level; however, with this height, it’s difficult to make it in international or NT levels.

    Yes. I’ve read somewhere that she idolizes Saori and Ebata gave her the jersey as a gift during her time in Japan league. Chatchai-on had an ok time with Korat on Saturday but her reception can be improved. I want to see how they can utilize Rebecca Perry as another OH tho. I hope she can play in today match. Korat’s real problem is an MB, I think. The local MB is not very good at all.

    It’s hard to guess performance of the reigning champion this year as all the key players has moved (mostly to Diamond Food VC). I really hope they do well :)

    Agree. Bai Toey is showing a lot of potential in the match. With a good setter, she can do a lot of damages.

    It’d be interesting to see Wednesday match between Korat and 3BB. I think Korat should try to sign Nootsara (if she doesn’t go anywhere) in leg 2. Sirima is ok but the backup setter is not that stable for the team in Korat’s level.

    Diamond Food VC: (a part)

    Onuma (OH), Jarasporn (MB), Malika (OP), Amporn (MB), Tiana (OH, USA)

    According to the rumor, the matches of Thai League 19/20 will be broadcast in Youtube.

    some of the matches will be broadcasted live on TV (mostly prime time matches). All of the matches will be live on YouTube though.

    Are we using this thread for Thailand league as well? :)

    Thailand Volleyball Association just announced the roster for Asian OQ. It's basically the same list as the one from SEAGames.

    1. Wilavan Apinyapong

    2. Tichakorn Boonlert

    3. Pornpun Guedpard

    4. Malika Kanthong

    5. Pimpichaya Kokram

    6. Ajcharaporn Kongyot

    7. Chatchuon Moksri

    8. Watchareeya Nuanjam

    9. Thatdao Nuekjang

    10. Piyanuch Pannoy

    11. Yupa Sanitklang

    12. Onuma Sittirak

    13. Pluemjit Thinkaow

    14. Nootsara Tomkom

    ONJ any news of Hattaya's current status?

    on a different note, from the recent SEA games, Thatdao is back to doing her slides again, YAY! this will give her a more diverse attacking option other than just in front of the setter. And another thing I notice about when she attacks a quick in front of the setter, if she gets a ball a bit further from the net, she doesn't get blocked as often, but if it's rather close to the net, she gets blocked more easily and doesn't get a good swing either.....

    From what I heard, Hattaya is still recovering. She won’t be playing in OQ and isn’t listed in any team in VTL.

    Yes. Thatdao’s back doing her thing. She used to do the slides a lot before the injury. It’s a good sign :)

    They just announced the roster for VTL2020 this year and there’s a couple interesting points.

    - Nootsara and Acharaporn are not on the list of any teams. Acharaporn with the above reason. For Nootsara, either she’s resting in the first leg or she’s going aboard.

    - For the big teams, only KhonKaen doesn’t hire any foreigners. Even 3BB gets 2 South American players this season. Both MB though which is interesting as I think what they really need is a setter ^^”

    - Supreme made an offer to Thompson. We all know she’s going to Fenerbahçe this season so it’s obvious she declined the offer. However, the fact that they have that kind of money and willing to hire this level of players is a good sign for VTL (I think).

    - Dear (the girl with 19x cm) is on the list of players this year. So we can see how she’s now if you’re interested :)

    Hello, please can someone explain me why Supreme Chonburi didn't insert Ajcharaporn Kongyot in the list for 1st part of Thai League? They wrote something on their facebook page, but translation with google translate is very poor.

    They said her condition is not 100% recovered. They also expect her to be used in the OQ match this January. So they want to use the first leg period as a rehabilitation period for her to gain her strength back and recover as it’s better for her in long term. They said this happens a lot for NT team players at the beginning of the season.

    I think it’s also because they exceed the number of NT quota with PJ, Wilavan, and Piyanuch on the list. If Acharaporn comes back in 2nd leg, one of them has to go.

    I think they rerun the match in TV in the following day.
    Anyone has a link between THA and PHI with English commentators?

    I would feel bad if the PHI doesn’t reach the podium this year. After yesterday performance, I think they deserved it. If they did that well with VIE, they might win that 5-set match.

    It was a fun match especially in set 3.

    I love Filipino fans so much. They seem to enjoy every points the team got and really are supportive of their NT.

    The THA does have problem with serve receiving and that makes it's hard for Nootsara to work her magic.

    They need to fix it fast before the OQ in January. The Korean's serves are much deadlier than this.