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    The CEV Champions League group stage has been started. Zaksa and BR Volleys opened the season in #CLVolleyM with 3-0 wins.

    Zaksa hosted the Serbian representatives Vojvodina and defeated them in straight sets 25-20, 25-21, 25-21. It was a good effort by the Serbian team but the Polish side controlled the situation during the entire game.

    Arpad Baroti was the best scorer in Zaksa with 16 points, while Simone Parodi contributed with 15. In Vojvodina, Aleksandar Blagojevic had the best display, finishing the game with 17 points.

    BR Volleys have also opened the Champions League with a 3-0 win over ACH Volley. The Slovenian side gave a huge resistance, especially in the third set but they couldn’t extend the game.

    Benjamin Patch was the best scorer of the game with 17 points, while Bozidar Vucicevic scored 15 points on the other side.…s-victorious-as-well.html

    Russia qualified via the INTERCONTINENTAL OQT whose rules say that the winner of the tournament gets an OG spot. Since Russia is on the brink of being banned, their slot should be given to the next placer of their pool which was set out by FIVB themselves.

    Simple as that.

    To me it's simple as fact the rule is the winner of InterContinental Qualifier is given a ticket to Olympic Games.

    NO Rules said if the winner is disqualified, the ticket shall goes to second position. This is not the rule, you are extending the rule by yourself.

    I think FIVB shall host another InterContinental Qualifier for the ticket if Russia truly banned from WADA.

    Schedules were set, last chance to win the ticket to Tokyo Olympics. :olympia:

    - Europe (January 5-10 in Berlin, Germany): Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, Serbia.

    - Africa (January 6-12 in Cairo, Egypt): Algeria, Botswana, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Niger, Tunisia.

    - Asia (January 7-12 in Jiangmen, China): Australia, China, Chinese Taipei, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Korea, Qatar.

    - South America (January 9-11 in Santiago, Chile): Chile, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela.

    - NORCECA (January 10-12 in Vancouver, Canada): Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico.

    it looks like AVC went with Asian championship results minus Pakistan for the serpentine grouping and then China was placed as A1 and Australia as B1. Then drawing for the spot in the Berger tables.

    Yes, AVC went with Asian Championship results, the top 4 were seeded which were Iran, Australia, Korea & Chinese Taipei .

    According to the result, Iran which Seed 1 went to Group A, Seed 2 & Seed 3 Australia & Korea in Group B, Seed 4 Chinese Taipei in Group A.

    China were drawn to Group A. China had right to choose one team to be with them which was privilege as hosting country. They went with Kazahsztan. Qatar was automatically went to Group B.

    The whole so called drawing of lots ceremony was a joke because only team was drawn was China.

    looking into the schedule, I feel sad for Team Germany. They have home game in week one, next travel to China, then back to Europe, then back to Asia again and finally go to Brazil.

    What a plan from FIVB!

    This live stream is very stressfull. Why japan league doing this to other fans outside japan? Seriously!!!

    I think the main reason is V.League organisation had sold the whole broadcasting right of V.League to DAZN JP but DAZN JP didn't explore its market outside Japan.

    Also V.League organisation tries to sell copy right to asian countries as well, they did sold to Thailand last year. They used to sell to Taiwan before. If you can easily watch online, it makes them harder to sell to other countries.

    The oversea fans only can hope that after the contract expired between V.League organisation and DAZN. V.League organisation can push more LIVE matches on their own website VTV for oversea fans. They can keep keep DAZN for domestic market.

    The best that I can make of that --which has also been on the V.League web site-- is that if you sign up for DAZN, and pay for a DAZN subscription, you don't have to pay for an additional VTV subscription to watch all the VTV matches. The problem with that is that DAZN is Japan only. That's my thing about DAZN not letting me pay them, ill-daughter and all, to watch the matches. Do you read it differently?

    DAZN has a USA thing going on but it's all about boxing and martial arts. Japan V.League is not offered.

    EDIT: I tried and tried with every VPN I could find to sign up at DAZN. No luck. I imagine that if you paid for a high end VPN it might work. The problem with the free ones (and the bad ones) is that they reveal that you are being proxied even if you are successfully masquerading as the country you need to be in. I read in DAZN's help section somewhere that they punt anything coming through a proxy. DAZN is ontop of this kind of thing because they are a worldwide broadcaster, and the reason that VPNs work for FIVB and VTV is that FIVB and VTV are children in this field compared to what DAZN is doing.

    Using a Japanese IP is only the first step to use DAZN

    You need a japan address and telephone number to register as well, finally they only accept bank cards issued by japanese bank to pay.

    It's terrible idea to sell the whole broadcasting right to DAZN and V.League organization is making difficult for oversea lovers to watch the V.League.

    Best luck in Iran!