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    It seems ONICO is close to opening 2-0 in the second match. Penchev looks like a good sub to Kwolek.

    Also when did Popiwczak grow up like this? He was just a baby a while ago. He's looking fine. :gone:

    ETA: Muzaj is there? I thought his transfer to ONICO wasn't approved?

    They denied the transfer because the insufficient time Kurek played.

    But ONICO used Kwolek as medical transfer for second time and they approved it.

    I see no one is discussing this, however, I think it's very important for VNL.

    Especially, I do care about the unreasonable travel maps. I hope the algorithm provided by KPMG does help.…mido-04020C9A3370CCB16326

    So Fernanda Venturini has just confirmed in this interview that Sheila and Mari were couple.

    The way she expressed herself about the whole theme in this interview was just not morally right in my opinion. Mari and Sheila were the ones who should talk about it one day if they decided to do so, not her.

    I don't know Portuguese,but if what you described was true, I feel so disappointed in her. Talking other personal life especially related to sensitive issue was immoral.

    Matt Anderson has confirmed on Instagram that he's indeed joining Modena next season as an OH. He said he'll be playing together with Micah Christenson and Max Holt too, so I guess it's safe to say both are staying as well.

    I am wondering how much Modena is paying him, more than Zenit-Kazan does?

    The list was posted on the twitter by Volleyball Federation of Slovenia.

    Only 18 players were called up for national team, is it normal?

    Setter :

    FUKATSU Akihiro

    FUKATSU Hideomi

    FUJII Naonobu

    SEKITA Masahiro

    Outside Hitter :

    FUKUZAWA Tatsuya

    KURIYAMA Masashi

    ASANO Hiroaki

    YANAGIDA Masahiro

    TAKANO Naoya

    HISAHARA Tsubasa


    HIGUCHI Yuki


    Opposite Spiker :

    SHIMIZU Kunihiro

    OTAKE Issei

    NISHIDA Yuji

    Middle Blocker :

    LEE Haku

    DEKITA Takashi

    YAMAUCHI Akihiro

    TAKAHASHI Kentaro

    ONODERA Taishi

    Libero :

    KOGA Taichiro

    IDE Satoshi

    YAMAMOTO Tomohiro

    Head Coach :

    NAKAGAICHI, Yuichi
    Assistant Coach :

    BLAIN Philippe

    You think the spikers really did so good? Look at what kind of balls Egonu killed today, in general she got much, much worse sets than Zhu Ting for example. Rewatch it! The spikers were no good today at all, same for Cansu. But the reception was terrible too.

    Its really easy to blame everything on a setter :lol: people were right about this.

    Agree, top level spikers know how to deal with bad sets and adjust themselves.

    Provided that they make it.

    I was saying that because there are large number of Polish immigrants and American poles living in Chicago.

    It will possible to be Poland Home Game if Poland can make it to final.

    In fact, USA did hosted VNL pool station in Chicago last year, the pool was with Poland, Iran and Serbia. It did looked like Poland Home Game to me, even Iranians fans were there more than Americans. LOL. Just go check it out. It's funny.

    I am wishing Moscow can beat Civitanova next week in its Italy's home. Frankly, Civitanova had gave everything they got into the game today and awfully presented it.

    lost in 5 sets was not so bad to Moscow and this game just made an educated lesson to Moscow learning which should be improved next week.

    Russian teams will continue their domination in European Championship League.

    I don't know does anybody mentioned it before, but World Cup 2023 will not be hosted in Japan.

    Japan is no longer interested to organize WC (hard to believe :) ) and probably number of teams participating will be reduced,

    No country can afford to host World Cup like Japan. Japan hosts both men's and women's World Cup together.

    If FIVB still wants men's and women's World Cup in one country, the size must to be cut. It's a huge financial burden to federation.

    I like the idea that only 2 spots for each continental qualification to win the tickets. I think the main purpose of this is to ensure more strong teams can participate into World Championship meanwhile to ensure equality to each continent.

    By increasing the competition level of World Championship, Volleyball can draw more audience and publicity.

    I think the big problem here is someone thinks that the InterContinental stage is assigned by world ranking which is clearly not mentioned in the news. This idea could be wrong.

    I think the teams participate InterContinental Pool needed to be assigned accordingly to the results of Continental Qualification. Ensuring the qualification into InterContinetal Stage is related to continental qualification would make sure the will of individual federations joining the continental qualification not to be reduced.

    I take AVC for example. Last continental qualification was divided into 2 groups. The best 2 of each group got the tickets to World Championship. If using the new rule, Iran and Japan still got the tickets to Italy-Bulgaria World Championship.

    23px-Flag_of_Iran.svg.png Iran (8) 23px-Flag_of_Australia_%28converted%29.svg.png Australia (13)
    23px-Flag_of_the_People%27s_Republic_of_China.svg.png China (19) 23px-Flag_of_Japan.svg.png Japan (14)
    23px-Flag_of_South_Korea.svg.png South Korea (23) 23px-Flag_of_Chinese_Taipei_for_Olympic_games.svg.png Chinese Taipei (38)
    23px-Flag_of_Qatar.svg.png Qatar (31) 23px-Flag_of_Thailand.svg.png Thailand (47)
    Central Asia Zonal Round 1st 23px-Flag_of_New_Zealand.svg.png New Zealand (59)

    And the following 3-6 countries can get a chance to participate into InterContinental Pool to win tickets to World Championship again. I think more federations will agree to it, especially it only takes 2 wins (mostly) to win the tickets. So China/Australia/Chinese Taipei/Qatar can gain another chance to win World Championship tickets. There is no one-time offer to those countries any more. You get second chance to fight your ticket.

    It's fair and better.

    Ferhat Akbas did mentioned he change some when he was in Japan national team.

    Look at Ishii Yuki, she has been improved a lot with her power. That's why I think the trainings in National team still are something difference with the Club's.