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    Of course pomì management is a mess but I bet that next year she will play in an another team. 😂😂

    Yes they come from 2nd division however THY is one of the few lower ranked teams that is willing to invest well in volleyball, their roster is already pretty good. I wouldn't be surprised if she renews with them as I can see them play in European cups next season also.

    They now have Özge Kirdar as setter, Şeyma Ercan (NT player), Enright as OHs. Rahimova as Opposite. Ruseva/Soroglu MB duos. Now that they also have a dominant spiker for sideouts I can't say a single spot in which they are weak!

    I Private Messaged Polina Rahimova on her case with Pomi-->THY she was very shady towards Pomi staff and says she is very happy to play in Turkey and the best league VVSL again :lol:

    Oh well, at least she seems fired up. Let's go Polina, show us what you really got to offer :box: she'll finally play with a good setter also

    I do not agree Rahimova and Stysiak over Havlickova will make the team way more competitive to me, Havlickova has failed to fullfill her role as a true opposite, main scorer of the team or performed only ok, she is simply not someone that can even come close to challenge most other Opps in the league even at her best and that's a sad truth. Şeyma has never been there to be an attacking OH. With Enright/Şeyma which means good reception and a strong dominant Opp THY can be very dangerous.

    I don't like Ataman but I like what he has been doing with Hande Baladın the last few matches; she starts as Opp without having to worry about receiving the first two sets and can spike exactly however she wants. Then in the 3rd she goes in as OH and Meryem Boz in as Opp, this way she gets to experience the best of both worlds and if needed she could transition easier to OH-OPP in the future and in the NT while Boz is also not wasted on the bench. Results wise Galatasaray also has been doing incredibly well with this. To be honest with you guys I find it hard to believe this is a tactic that Ataman came up with :rolll: must be one of his asssistants...

    hi guys, someone recommended me this forum as a volley fan :bump: I am from Ankara, Turkey. Why not start y first post with music I thought :D an Iranian song here that really is epic to me, very interesting, haunting song. You can feel that there's a very great meaning to it even as I don't understand the language. It's about the terrible Islamic regime in Iran I heard from a friend, this artist is wanted by the government... :(