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    Another great game by Paulina Damaske - 24 points, 47% of reception and 50% of attack. On the other hand, Sobiczewska plays dramatically weak. At this moment, Rasińska is much better than her.

    Damaske is playing the best season of all polish OHs right now. She's the main character for Bielsko.

    was Diouf bad in this match only or is she bad in general so far?

    I have written about this match. In general she's so so. I am not fan of her though. IMO it's very easy to defend her attacks, she attacks high, but not that powerful and Bydgoszcz digged her easily. ŁKS has very good roster this season and so far they did the biggest impression on me, if Diouf will be consistent they can reach championship this year.

    ŁKS looks so powerful! They won against Bydgoszcz 3:0.

    Gryka 10/12, 4 blocks

    Alagierska 6/8, 5 blocks

    Górecka and Piasecka with good performances as well, only Diouf wasn't good.

    Roberta feeds her teammates well.

    ŁKS 12:0 in Tauron League so far.

    MVP Gryka

    We could see that something is off in Turkish NT all season long. I am curious who will be the next coach. I don't believe in Lang Ping, McCutchen or Bernandiho.

    Antiga is very reliable, but turkish fans demand success and he's not so experienced as a coach of women and NT, so it may be too much pressure for him, especially that there's no much time left to Olympic Games.

    On the other hand Guidetti can overtake Holland now :lol: Robin will forgive him and come back to NT. They can be besties once again :lol:

    Kazała is solid player! she might be leader of this team when no one can lead...I thought that Fedusio would start better this season. At lest she is NT player:whistle:

    It's a mistake that she stayed there. She won't have chance in NT next year. Górecka left Budowlani and she plays waaaaay better. I know that it is Roberta's impact, but still Zuzia uses this opportunity well.

    Paulina Damaske and Karolina Druzkowska have better season than Monika so far.

    Natinha was the best thing that could've ever happen to Osasco... What an amazing performance... The whole team played super well, even Smarzek, but she was truly spectacular... After the second set they treated Minas like they were playing against a bunch of amateurs

    Can you please share statistics of the game?

    I am curious if Osasco will be able to snatch championship this year

    as a fan of Chemik I have a feeling Developres will win :whistle: It will also depend on Orvosova´s performance I think..Developres has three classes better setter, more stable reception with Blago

    I think it's 50/50. Orvosova's performance is always a question mark.

    Szlagowska is also irregular.

    A lot will depend on Czyrniańska and Łukasik.

    There is a great podcast with Wolosz.

    She said she had a horrible half of year last year, because of heartbreak. She said she was crying 6 months everyday and her teammates were helping her very much. She's didn't mention Hill, but I think it might be about her, because Wolosz was supposed to go to the USA instead of VNL this year.

    She also said that during here early years she did a tattoo for someone and she regrets it. She covered it, but she thinks about completely remove it.

    I was honestly surprised with all of your pre-season predictions for Budowlani this year. IMO it’ll be a successful season for them if they make it to play-offs’… :whistle:

    I said nothing about Budowlani after their desperate attempt to contract Twardowska.

    This girl is done. They're lucky that Legionowo is a mess this year

    I have no words for Fedusio. She will completely destroy her career in Budowlani with this an amateur setter Łazowska.

    Excellent game by Pierzchała with 6 blocks in 3 sets and a solid performance by Damaske.