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    Murek totally killed her career and development tbh. She had offers from better clubs, but decided to stay in Wroclaw for so long.

    I can not predict who will be the TOP 3 this year, it'is really tight. I think Chemik will be a champion once again. They just need a bit of luck, less injuries and COVID breaks to stabilize their game. I am curious about CL, they are now with Stranzali, it will be more difficult for opponents.

    It makes me so happy to see those youngsters winning cup and playing really well.

    Górecka killed many out of system balls yesterday and her reception was really good. I would like to praise Nowicka as well, for now she deserves to be 2nd setter in NT instead of Kowalewska.

    Taking into consideration that Smarzek is not at her best I would play with Stysiak - Górecka - Fedusio/Rózanski - Wolosz - Stenzel - Centka - Wasilewska. They can play really fast and with good reception.

    Alagierska is back with her shape, even with her poor start of the season she remains 2nd best blocker.

    My personal best team would be:

    Skorupa - Brakocevic

    Fedusio - Rózanski

    Centka - Wasilewska


    I am pleased to see Szlagowska, she started her volleyball career only 5 years ago! She has potential to be in NT very soon.

    Rzeszów is playing terrible, I have no idea why Antiga started without Krajewska, Rasińska and Stencel, but I am glad that two of them finally entered the court.

    Jeez! Scandicci is a mess! Are they even training? I do not like Barbolini as a coach. Malinov is worse and worse with every year. I find her the worst setter of Serie A tbh. It is a completely different player than in 2018. Maybe it is her evil twin or something?

    I really like Novara´s players, but to be honest I feel that as team they are not as good as they should be. Some of you should consider that they barely won against Chemik Police who were play with Grajber as a starter who is basically a worse version of libero and Lukasik who started to play as OH this year. (Kudos to her for reception, I am positively surprised).

    I accept more from Novara, because they are capable to be better.

    My thoughts on season 20/21:

    - Grajber is done as NT player, simply terrible in every aspects and after this season she won't play for Chemik Police.

    - Fedusio is underrated and should be praise more, she's better player than Górecka if you ask me, if everything with her health and development will be alright then she may be world class player, she's truly all around OH.

    - Rasińska is getting stronger and stronger as OPP, Smarzek should fear her, she needs to improve her technical lacks and speed.

    - I would like to see Stysiak as OPP with Górecka and Fedusio as OH.

    - Centka is on her way to be the best polish MB ever or at least since Golden Girls. She has everything to be world class player.

    - ŁKS is the biggest disappointment for me, Cuccarini is doing an awful job, every girl plays way worse in comparison to previous years.

    - Stenzel is no. 1 as libero in the league and NT, but Drabek or Łysiak should be her sub, Jagła is disappointing me.

    - Alagierska needs to step up her game ASAP, cause Kąkolewska, Stencel, Centka, Świrad, Wasilewska play way better.

    - Twardowska is done as NT member.

    - Mucha is done as NT member.

    - Różański is that bi*ch, we need her as offensive OH, she's the most dynamic polish OH to me. It would be nice to have: Smarzek and Rasińska as OPPs, Stysiak, Różański, Górecka and Fedusio as OH.

    - Mędrzyk won't be a part of NT soon.

    - I like Krajewska, Nowicka and Grabka as setters for NT in the future. Krajewska has improved so much under Antiga.

    - Szlagowska is very interesting player, hope she will play as much as possible.

    - Chemik should sign with Górecka/Fedusio for next season.

    - Unpopular opinion: Radomka won't achieve a medal this season. Their MBs are weak, and wings are very inconsistent. Skorupa saves the team all the time.

    - Murek is killing her career and development in Wrocław, while Bączyńska is messy and does not deserve to play in better team.

    - Szczurowska should play instead of overrated Bociek.

    - I think we should give up on Damaske Magda, all injuries killed her talent :(

    - Paulina Damaske is talented ans should play as much as she can in a different team.

    - Bałuk should not recieve invitation to NT, she's like Grajber and won't make an impact to the team.

    - Łukasik needs to step up her offensive game, I like her reception though.

    Well, Mirković is a good blocker and has nice tips, but let's be honest, in terms of setting she's average. Apart from that, she's not that young. I guess, she's 25 now. It's a big chance for her, maybe she'll improve. She was bad in Poland, but better in Italy. I did not like her under Abbondanza, sometimes I felt that she was bullied. He's agressive and puts a lot of pressure on players. Vakifbank will be dominating in Turkey easily, unless Fenerbahce surprise us, but I don't see Eczacibasi as a champion.

    Top 5 setters:

    1. Fofao

    2. Glass

    3. Ognjenović

    4. Lo Bianco

    5. Wołosz

    Top 5 opposites:

    1. Gamova

    2. Egonu

    3. Bosković

    4. Sheila

    5. Glinka

    Top 5 outside hitters:

    1. Tom

    2. Sokolova

    3. KYK

    4. Piccinini

    5. Ting

    Top 5 middle blockers:

    1. Thaisa

    2. Eda

    3. Scott-Aruda

    4. Rasić

    5. De Kruijf

    Top 5 libero:

    1. De Gennaro

    2. Castillo

    3. Fabi

    4. Sano

    5. Cardullo

    Top 10:

    1. Tom

    2. Gamova

    3. Sokolova

    4. Sheila

    5. Egonu

    6. Sokolova

    7. Boskovic

    8. Wolosz

    9. Thaisa

    10. De Kruijf

    Budowlani have arleady signed foreign OH and are negotiating with foreign MB, Julia Nowicka and Małgorzata Śmieszek extended their contracts and for sure will stay. Julia will be first setter and the second one will be also polish so there is possibility Tobiasz will be back. Stenzel may leave because her contract will be lower in that case they would like to hire Magda Saad.

    Pencova, Bałdyga and Maciagowski are likely to leave.

    I have a feeling that Stenzel will play in Chemik Police. Budowlani should get duo Fedusio - Damaske and try to extend with Kraiduba.

    Are Efimienko and Witkowska staying in Developres? one of them can play for Budowlani.

    Kazała deserves better club than Piła, she gained many MVP's, when she became a starter. Piła would have better results if she was a starter from the beginning.

    Bączyńska - Kazała - Pogoda sound promising for Wrocław.

    Is Stenzel staying in Budowlani? She could replace Maj in Chemik.