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    It was such an entertaining match, 3 highlights of the season:

    1. Jovana's speech to referee :cheesy:

    2. Medrzyk's foot save :obey:

    3. Introvert Łukasik 1:1 vs Van Ryk and screaming in her face :what: even her teammates were like :huh:

    Please, find me multiple posts of mine where I'm tearing down Wolosz. I talked about her or the first time in years. :whistle:

    Please, read that post again. I talked generally that you love to tear down other players to defend your faves. You can't praise players who are not your favorites. For you Hill wasn't good and won MVP on WCH 2014 just because of Glass, you just can't credit someone for a good tournament without pointing that it is, because of someone. She's choker and doesn't deserve to be in USA NT. It's always the same, while Robinson is amazing all the time. A couple years ago when Skorupa was playing in Conegliano she was bashed by you just because Robinson and Fawcett played badly in some matches. You are all about OOS playing, but when you fave can't perform from OOS then you need to fine someone to blame.

    I did not give a f... about Wołosz, she's just an example here.

    What are you talking about? No one says that she doesn't deserve criticism after a bad game. I critisisized her many times in the past, the same as others, when she was not playing good. It's all about that you can't be objective at all. You love to tear one player down to gloryfiy your fave and you will use every excuse to defend them. You are biasd and that's all. :win:

    Wołosz will never win here, no matter what.

    When she's trying to do something extra and not set to the leader in crucial moments - she's the one to blame, because it's 'unnecessary' and she should choose wise. When almost the whole team is playing awful and she sets to the leader she's boring and nothing special. The girl can't win.

    It's funny to me that Carlini is now better than Wołosz :gone:

    @QLP - I'll be honest with you, you are the most biased person here. You'll always defend your faves, even when they play awful. I remember how many times you critistisied Skorupa when she was playing in Conegliano. Whenever Robinson or Fawcett played horrible it was always Kasia's fault, because her sets were 'unkillable' . It was always like that. Everyone has their faves, but in the end of the day you can always criticise them too.

    It's always someone to blame instead of your faves, always...

    When Egonu was playing in Novara she never had % like this and she was getting high amount of balls every match despite that in the team were players like Bartsch, Piccinini and one of the best attacking MB Velijkovic.

    Suddenly people act here like Wołosz had only good matches in Imoco and her blocking and defense is simply weak. 😘

    Legionowo lost DPD as their titular sponsor but they got a huge cash injection from their another sponsor - IŁCapital. They are going to hire a big name as OPP and very solid foreigners as OH and MBs. 8)

    Thanks for sharing the informations with us, it's really exciting to read all of these rumors during this awful time. :super:

    Różański - Hodge would be the strongest OH duo in attack. If they will sign her and a good OPP they may challenge Chemik and Rzeszów for gold medal. They've already a decent, polish players.

    I doubt stenzel go to Italy and if she goes to be back up

    In italy they are great liberos even in A2 they can bring someone really good as venturi this year in Firenze

    Only case i knew was simin wang of busto last year

    As long as there is no limitation in the team I see Stenzel to play in Serie A, she's already experienced and she can compete with italians libero. Besides Moki I don't see a libero who would be way better than her. She's on a similar level to the rest of them. If she has a chance to play in Serie A1 she should go for it, cause it won't happen soon.

    I don't want to sound like a hater, but I hope Grajber won't be taken into consideration. Every of these OHs is better in attack, her reception is not enough to be in top 14.

    My 14 would be:

    S: Nowicka, Krajewska

    OPP: Smarzek, Stysiak

    OH: Górecka, Fedusio, Różański, Szlagowska

    MB: Kąkolewska, Centka, Alagierska, Stencel/Gryka

    L: Stenzel, Łysiak

    Damaske and Rasinska deserve a chance too

    The most talented Polish NT since golden generation, but it is so sad that they have to work with Nawrocki.

    The saddes part is that if they achieve something Nawrocki will be like a king in polish media.

    Yeah, I know, but Chudzik as always says that they will solve this situation :lol: I am curious what they will do when if the ban is still in force, I don't see any good polish OPP that could join the team. Maybe Jasek? :lol::lol:

    They should get Rasińska instead or Szczurowska. I am curious about Nowicka, where she will play.

    In my opinion Baijens will be better than De Kruijf, she just needs to be smart, when it comes to her next clubs. She's good in front of setter, as a slider and blocker.

    It will be interesting to see this new Dutch NT.

    Lukasik was not so bad today, but Balucka... her kills were defended even by Chemik’s MB. No power in attack, no blocking. This match decided in a few details like MBs. Sometimes I couldn’t watch constant sets to Brakocevic. Huge respect for her that she keeps her level. Bruna is an amazing player and despite her height I would call her to NT because her technique is brilliant and she is very smart player. I really enjoy watching her play and hope she will stay in Poland for the next season.

    Łukasik was alright, because of her contribution in block, but that girl Bałucka? Totally useless. I don't know why Moskwa was benched, she's solid blocker at least. Those kind of MBs shouldn't play in the highest division. It's painful to watch them. I hope that Zaborowska will go to another team, she is pretty talented to me, but with Roberta she will spend another season on a bench.