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    no. Before VNL it was 0 faith.

    But then I got some with how little Ogbogu was being used.

    now I’m back to 0 lol

    I lost faith after 2016. But it’s interesting. I wonder if the coaching staff already had in mind who they wanted to start. Ogbogu for barely any playing time and barely any attacking attempts even though we all know how capable she is dominating a match.

    I can see the hood. but I think youre right about the knee pads... well pad... it looks like she only has one on :lol::lol:

    :lol: i think we may be confusing people. I was thinking JT was in the blue but I do see someone in black with one knee pad

    To be honest I never believed the Ecz rumors for Kelsey, it never seem like a good fit for her. The team seemed to have more problems than solutions and I doubt at this stage in her career, is something she would want to be apart of.

    I can forsee her playing somewhere where she can have a short season post wedding and then back to the US gym to train for World Championships.

    Ogbogu is making bad choices I mean in the last 3season She spends more time on the bench instead of playing. I don’t like this.

    I mean yeah She is playing only for top clubs(Conegliano, Eczacibasi, Vakif) but still....

    I don’t understand this statement? she was a prime starter for all clubs she has played for (to my knowledge) except Imoco. Ecz she was their starter, she just had injuries that prevented her from playing all season. Same with JT...Plus what if she is looking at things from a money standpoint? At the end of the day these athletes are trying to make a living.

    Got it! Thanks for the explanations everyone. I truly don’t get on social media enough and usually it’s just for news and to follow sports. But I’ve noticed on personal accounts how brutal it can be. I’m not saying Turkish fans are more toxic I just tend to see more Turkish comments even for players not playing in Turkey! Social media can be a toxic place though so it’s not surprising

    I remember when Sheilla played for VakifBank and they lost the Semi Final against Eczacibasi. They did the same thing to her. It’s really bad

    I’m fairly new to the scene on Instagram and the volleyball forums, and I am not trying to offend anyone here but I’ve noticed that the Turkish fans tend to be more vocal to players in their comments and such. I don’t speak Turkish but based on context clues there are often times the comments are very demeaning. I wonder how this affects players... I know I’ve seen comments on this forum about how certain players have expressed that playing in Turkey can be difficult because of the “pressure”, is it fan pressure?

    I mean Zehra, Maja and Milena are such good players. To get this much hate after one game is a little ridiculous. Especially from the fans of the club....

    Unpopular opinion I think Cansu is a more than serviceable setter. I get it’s Maja and she is the best setter in the world but even moment during this last set I wish GiO would have subbed Cansu in

    I think Chiaka and JT did they best they could under those circumstances. Not everyone can be Boskovic and play well even with bad setters but I don’t believe it’s hard to set Boskovic. Just set her high?

    Chiaka and JT are definitely both better players than they showed I don’t think they were a disappointment I just think they were the casualty to a messy team with terrible management and subpar coaching...