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    We don't know it yet but we assume Kübra will be the official captain while Gabi will be the captain on court. Same as this year. Kübra is in Vakıfbank for longest so that how it works usually.

    Gabi is the captain of next season. I think Brazilian media already confirmed that. I also (just by outside appearance) think she's the obvious best choice

    I really like what Carlini said, she also gave me leader vibes.
    Gave us a little insight to pro ball. A lot of the times I think the critiques we make of these player in their pro seasons are due to the fact that they're trying to play in a system in a completely different language often times.

    I agree the second part but not the first one. I think the only problem in Turkish league was 2-3 teams which were designed to drop to Division 1 while this number is maybe 1-2 in Italian league. However this is not a norm, how does Karch know how Turkish/Italian teams will look like next season or the season after? It can shift drastically.

    For me it would make more sense if he said, "Italian coaches are better than Turkish ones where you will actually learn things and improve" and this I completely agree.

    maybe because past history has shown that top to bottom Italian teams provide more competition excluding the top 3 teams of each league! I think the rest of the Italian league has very good competition between each other.

    Yes, you are right.

    But the past two seasons they basically just built a team around her, because the OHs almost never score and they dont even get a ball and the MBs are really good, but they are used when everything is fine only.

    good point! Also they're losing Folie and DeKruif won't play much because of foreigner rule so I'm not sure how they're getting better...

    At least she is contributing with her attacks and you know what you can expect from her.
    Besides, when facing spikers like Arina & Vargas, unless they can sign someone like Koroleva or Danesi, not many MBs can make a big difference at blocking them. The problem is those top blockers won’t be willing to sit on the bench for most matches like Heyrman did, due to the foreigners limitation on court.

    when will they change this foreigner rule? Now this makes more sense to me why Karch told his players to play in Italy

    I don’t get it, why they don’t make 4+1.:gone:

    Yeah... I am a little confused myself. I understand the intent of the TVF, so that their players get more playing time especially on top teams for development. But the thing is most of those players aren't playing on top teams, they're sitting the bench. And the ones who are playing probably aren't the stars or anywhere close to it. A 4+1 method would allow the league to be more balanced and for those players to shine on other teams, right?