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    Sorry but I have to disagree with this affirmation. Egonu, Boskovic and Haak are above everyone else, but after them there is Tandara, Stysiak, Vargas, Rykhliuk, Drews, Boz, Martinez, Rahimova, Goncharova and Rosamaria (to name just a few). These players have been consistently playing well in the past seasons. Everyone knows Ebrar is not consistent (and that's okay conbsidering her age). Bcause of that I don't see Ebrar in the level of the players I mentioned just because she played one good championship or a couple of amazing matches in which she scored like 30+ points.

    I like Ebrar and I think she is super talented. I also think she had a good season in Turkey. But people should stop treating her as a high-level opposite just because of the potential she has. Being a good prospect and being a top player are two whole different things.

    You really think Boz, Rahimova and Goncharova are better players than Karakurt (AT THIS MOMENT) ?...novara wouldnt do better with one of this 3. Maybe yes they have more experience but only this, not good enough for this level. Karakurt as you mentioned is young and has space for improvement, and potential. (Thats my opinion) Even Ryklhiuk. I m not saying they are bad, instead they are very good , but not for novara

    I think he may bring sorokaite , because she can play both opp and oh and she is not but at all. Except that, she has a good serve. In my opinion if not sorokaite he should take a 4th Mb

    I really hope lavarini starts with Daalderop , either as opp either as oh. She is doing good in last matches, at leats better than Herbots. For me novara should start with the most powerful line up they have, which in my opinion is bosetti-herbots-daalderop. Is their last chance so they need to have ful power. I hope we'll see a nice match 🤞🏻😊

    Novara is in mediocre shape past few weeks, we can discuss - rightfully so - Novara's problem with Smarzek, but the problem of Novara since 2nd leg with Fenerbahce is that none of Novara's players plays on her normal level since, even Bosetti. And it's not only problem of competing with Conegliano, they looked mediocre against UYBA in a league or against Chieri in Italian Cup as well. More than about losing to Conegliano, they should worry about potential semifinal against Monza, because I'm not sure they'll pass them with their current shape.

    I totally agree with you. They need to get their shape back. Because its not only Smarzek the problem, she was playing like this all season, but now every player is underperforming. Also they already lost to monza in regular season so with this shape is even harder maybe. Although, I hope they get revenge in semis😊👊🏻

    I really hope the rumor about Galatasaray getting stronger next season is true, otherwise...i dont see them in top 4-5 (turkish league). Although, I have a feeling the aim good players...(?) Congrats to monza 👏🏻. They are a very nice team and we new they would win:whistle: i would like to see more from orthman, i mean not to be so much in bench ,but i get that this season isn't her best

    What a shame...novara put a really good fight , and its not like conegliano didn't play good. I hope novara can play this good and even better in cl and why not win a match😊

    Novara won😍🥳 Smarzek took last point:rose:. although she has a bad season she finished two really important points, happy for her,(but again she wasnt that good🙁) hope next season she gets her old good shape. As for chieri..i love this team, the fight really good. They dont have a star player but all together work very well!!