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    1st i m only saying the facts u are the ones that can t see past your fanboyism of players and coaches and percieve that as an attack what makes u really pathethic fanboys is that u can t say anything bad about players or coaches that u worship it doesnt help them and it doesnt help the game called volleyball

    2nd i gave u 2 rosters one is dream team of vitra second is balanced realistic team of vitra i asked u 3 times to explain if there were any limitations before i even wrote a roster u didnt specify none then u blamed me for your mistake of not clarifing in the first place and no vitra doesnt need double the money cause larson costs 1mil and kim is around that amount as well only gibby is making bit less then rasic i think and rest of vitra mbs are making same amount of money as are eda or vakif(turkish) mbs so costs is pretty much the same u have failed miserbly all the players i wrote in balanced roster where attainable by vitra at a certain point in time but they choose not to sign them

    3 never said u hated ecz where did u get that from ? dont know where u got those retarded ideas from

    4 if that team that i wrote loses then i m not gonna blame anyone cause i know every position in that team is being filled with best possible players

    which isnt the case with vitra today cuase they have bad setter and bad mbs and stats prove that stats also prove kim has been a bad this year as well so i m only stating facts which can be checked

    5 zhu first club of choice was actually vitra dont know if u knew that they didnt feel like signing her,they could of signed rasic as well when her contract expired same with naz ,gizem ,vakifbank mbs and gabi it is not like somebody forced all of those players at gun point and said if u sign for vitra we gonna shot u lmao they could of done same with terzic or ze roberto but they choose not to the failure of vitra managment is apperent for the last 3-4 years they are struggling with blocking mbs for as mutch as long ,for u every player i mentioned is unrealistic which is retarded argument u assume loads of crazy stuff like rasic could join but probably wouldnt u said same thing for gabi and yet u didnt give any explanation what so ever u just pulling the information out of your behind how do u know they wouldnt join vitra did u talk to them all in face ?

    6 u still didnt write any roster yourself u just keep attacking others so i say write the roster down and stop beahaving like a child cause all u doing is assuming stuff and insulting others and if u knew me from the past they why hide behind the fake account that u made just to bash me

    7 u know fanboyism is strong on this forum when loads of people actually are considering hooker to still be one of the top opp in the world atm that is how bad it is

    first of all i didn't insult anyone here first hoyhoy was calling me pathetic jerk and what not i answered the same

    second:i asked u 3 times in 3 different posts if there are any limit to budget,players or coaches that could be hired u yourself didn't say anything i wrote u down 2 types of roster dream team of ecz and balanced roster of ecz as of players u are the one making excuses and presumptions example rasic probably but very unlikely gabi:probably but unlikely how ,do u know did u speak with all the players yourself ?zhu first choice of a club was actually vitra but they didnt feel the need to hire her they thought they could win with the roster they have planned and i if u read my posts u would see i wrote down naz instead of ognjenovic in balanced roster and they could of gotten her when she changed clubs from fener to vakif they didnt feel the need to do so just like they didnt feel the need to sign zhu all the players mentioned were available for grabs as for coaches instead of guidetti what stoped them from hiring terzic or ze roberto i know u will make some insane excuse now

    what i find pathethic is fanboyism of players in general on this forum if u are volleyball fan then u are doing this sport no service with this childlish like fanboyism u should focus on quality of the players game and not if u like something about them i have no problem calling my favorite players crap when they are performing like crap

    as of excuses that u say i write those are all facts was kosheeleva only good at wch yes she was after that competition she was more on bench then in game was thaisa injured in mid season and out for the rest of her contract with vitra yeah she was,did ecz had mb blocking issues for the last 3-4 years yes they had so facts only,did ecz have setter issues since maja left them yes they did facts did motta fail before with ecz yes he did

    seems to me u dont like facts my friend

    just an answer but i know some people are gonna see it as attack on someone or drama as they say

    Well, since you know my "new norme" now, then show us your list again. I repeat the same question to you again. Tell us which coaches and players AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET that fulfil your wish.

    most of the players and coaches i wrote down were available on market at some point in time all ecz had to do is offer more money then vakif or other clubs were those players played so now that u lost an argument u try to shift focus on present available players how about u give us a roster u think can fulfil those expert dreams of yours ? i did write down a roster that would be competitive and cost as mutch as roster of vakifbank costs this year now it is your turn and no more blabbaring write down the names of coaches and players u think would turn ecz fortunes for better i hope i will have some good reading material to read for tomorrow

    Stop playing stupid, pathetic hypocrite. You know very well what I'm asking for. I already asked you to give us a realistically answer about which coaches and players from the market can fulfil your wish. In your useless list, almost 90% of them are not available or they don't wish to join Vitra. Everyone here who know me well know that rarely criticize something or someone. But when I bite at a dishonest jerk, I rarely let go.

    the only stupid guy around here is your i asked u 3 times in 3 different posts if there are any restrictions in 3 different posts conserning players and coaches being able to be hired by the club u didnt say anything i gave u a roster with turkish restrictions 3+1 that costs same as the roster in vakifbank that they are using atm the only thing u can bite is your tongue because u just made yourself look really dumb

    I think it's very hard for them with the present context. What I mean is they build their team around bosko. They need to win something before Bosko pass her prime. If they start to build a new team with a bunch of youngsters, It will take few years before the core team become mature. At that time, Bosko's prime probably will be gone or she will leave the club.

    the wisdom oozes out of u can u write a realistic roster of the players who gonna achieve all of that according to u?

    The sport isn’t just that popular and kids just see it as a scholarship grant for a college degree. But there is silverlining, for girls the sport has overtaken basketball as a sport that they would try in high school. Maybe in few years a pro league can shape up as the sport keeps getting popular in the women’s side.

    NCAA can get boring but once the top 16 teams started gunning for the title the level of play gets really good. Lots of European players who did not turn pro outright are playing there.

    i saw some games of the last 8 and to be honest it was boring as hell they are playing high school grade of volleyball in europe lot of european players that didnt make a cut in european clubs go to collages in the states what u get from europe are mostly rejects so to say

    Dude, I also ask you an answer realistically. If I follow your logic, vitra should hire Guietti, Terzic, Lang Ping and Z Gimarez as coach and assistant coaches. For the players, they should hire Zhu, KYK, Rasiz, Maja, Tomkom, Eda, Bosko, Genero, Ogenu and Gabi. But, What if Vitra is still losing with all those people? Now who are you going to blame this time? If you cannot even give an realistic answer, then stop criticizing continually with your useless blah blah.

    what 3 posts didnt u get i asked what is the norm and u didnt say even do i asked u 3 times in 3 different posts i gave u a balanced team for both competitions the one with turkish restriction not might fault u dont like the resault u are being silly now that turkish restriction roster is perfectly realistic u should maybe stop critizing other and maybe learn a thing or 2 and stop fanboying certain players when they are crap or are u having issues with understanding english as a language ?

    u are the only one blabbering about nothing u asked for the roster i gave u one and now it isnt realistic even thought vakifbank is running almost the same roster minus some players u are a pathetic joke

    Rasic vs Veljkovic will be fun....But I can already see Vakifbank running all over Novara. We all know every ball will go to Egonu and a few to Rasic and Kubra will have no problem shutting them down.....not to mention Sloetjes and Zhu are huge on the net as well.

    I do think Conegliano will beat Fenerbache because every player has a really good backup....while in Fener Fatma is the only good backup.

    Unless Zhu gets injured Vakifbank will be winning it all again.

    totally agree with this post fener just doesnt have depth in their roster and bricio dobriana and varags are all very error prone i think their only chance is to serve imoco of the court or to disrupt imoco reception so badly that wolosz has to be chasing the ball all the time and not have easy sets those are all terzics traits he would rather u make a mistake on serve then give a easy ball to opponent not only do u give away a point to them but u kinda give them confidence to play better so i can understand where he is coming from

    as of vakif-novara i think that game is allready over before it even started i just dont see anyone in novara team that can help egonu out in such a way that they actually beat vakif

    I know winning both always the goal. But at the end of the day what is more important? Winning League Tittle or Champions League? ...I can not even imagine how pissed Vitra`s owners must be feeling....but if they win the League Tittle would it make it up for the CL floopy?

    well that is why i asked which competition is priority vakif won all those titles because they had best domestic players on mb,libero and setter they even have best turkish opp in their team so they arent really struggling with anything if they have to play turkish league they can do so in number of ways which isnt the case with ecz

    yeah i agree with your post almost fully yes adams was better on serve and spiking but her blocking was awful and that is the biggest problem vitra has for the last 3 years ,fb is doing great even thought their roster isnt really that well compacted their liberoes arent that great and they have issue with reception ,due to terzic i have to say even thought i kinda think he ruined serbia nt in the past with some of his crazy decisions i think he is doing good job in fener

    Honestly Vitra needs to improve their scouting department instead of chasing finished products only to end up being disappointed with their results.

    You have to take risks sometimes when the market have few options to purchase from. You can't really lose and sometimes the gamble can pay off if they look hard enough.

    they just buy stars even thought it doesnt make the team compact last 3 years they dont have any good blocking mbs at all and now they have issues with setter as well and on top of that kim bas been dissapointing this year to be honest with all that money spend they could of gotten a way more compact team and not rely on boskovic all of the time

    Well, to satisfy your pseudo-conditions, let's say same budget, same condition and same goals than this season or last three seasons (your choice). You don't like Motta, then tell us which coach in the market you want to see in Vitra. You also think that KIM playing crapply and they need a good setter and MBS, then tell us which players in the market can fulfill your wish.

    ok here it goes if i write down the names and u say players and coaches are not available cause they are signed with other clubs then we have nothing more to talk about cause i wrote about that last 3 posts

    my ideal ecz team


    for international competition (no restrictions team)

    mbs:rasic and danessi

    oh:zhu and gabi


    libero:de genaro

    setter:maja ognjenovic

    for turkish competition mostly but also very good for both (turkish league restriction 3+1)

    mbs:eda erdem and zehra gunes-rasic

    oh:zhu and gabi-meliha




    happy now?

    Stop evading my question with your pathetic and useless pseudo-conditions of this and that. Vakifbank was able to take everything locally and internationally last year, so answer my question. If you're unable to answer this simple question, then stop criticizing (euphemism of bashing) specific coaches and players continually as if you have a crystal ball and you know everything.

    dude what is your problem? u didnt say anything what competition are u focusing on what budget are we talking about ? are all players and coaches available for purchase those are simple question u can answer instead u going on some crazy rant if u wonna focus on both turskih and international competition write it down gimme how big a budget would be or isnt there a limit all u have to do is to explain precislly what u want and i will write down the names i see best fit for that team

    The beauty of the German league is that it is a great training ground for American players that will never have a chance on the USNT but still love to play volleyball. Bartsch is a product of the German league. Several of Stuttgart's players may play their way up to the Italian league and have solid long term careers. There is no chance for American girls to ever play pro volleyball in the US as the NCAA is the only game in town for women's volleyball fans. In the US college loyalties outstrip pro loyalties.

    I'm wondering what impact Volero will have on recruiting some of the upcoming young talent. There will be money spent to return to competitive participation in CL for them.

    yeah what is that all about america not having any pro volleyball league what so ever not for men or women ? taught volleyball is popular in the states seeing nt was really good for the last couple of years both men and women, if college vball is so popular why not make it pro like ? i tried watching some of that college vball and it is just painfull to watch most of the time cause the gameplay is on level of high school teams in europe

    Oh Lord, can you drift even further away from reality? :aww: Sure, Stuttgart played very well in 3rd and 4th set, but two sets are nothing to base a general judgement on. In fact, the only Stuttgart player who has a chance to get a contract in a team like Novara is McCage and possibly Tapp could go there as 4th MB, but otoh Stuttgart would dream of having any of Novara's bench players, maybe except Plak who currently is terribly out of shape.

    like i said i im really impressed by mccage,tapp and rivers to be honest didnt expect they would be that good and i m still bit dissapointed by performance off wilhite i think she has potential to be better

    i will have to disagree partly

    egonu=zhu in a attack yes

    bartch is worse in attack then sloetjes

    chirichella and veljkovic are both attacking mb that are decent at blocking not really on rasic or one of the other turkish mbs level when it comes to blocking

    carlini=cansu both had some good games and some really bad ones

    gizem is better then sansonna

    Have you ever asked why those world class players started underperforming when they joined Vitra? If Adams, Kosheleva or Kim played already badly before joining Vitra, I would agree with your "criticism". But it was not the case. You should also stop being evasive and dodging my question. I ask you again, tell us precisely, concretely and realistically who you want to see as coach and players in Vitra next season. If you already "wrote" which coaches and players you wish to see in Vitra, then write it again.

    not dodging anything it is actually u who can t define anything are we talking about focusing on both turkish league and international competition or just international ones cause there is a huge difference and what kind of budget are we talking about is there a limit to the budget ? are all players and coaches available for purchase u have to define your question way more precise then that

    wtf stream ended suddenly again?

    wth is going on with eurovolley this is like third time it happens and 3 times the matches were like 10 minutes late as well on that site even thought they were live on other sites