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    By drama queen u mean Diouf? :lol:

    For sure eheheheh, and I'm agree! About Sorokaite, dunno. She'll be more helpful than Ortolani (and it seems that we're everybody of this opinion) but, not less important, she's not still young too. Despite this, in my opinion in this season she was one the best opp in tournament, between the leaders of Bisonte Firenze, team in the playoff for the scudetto (though with not many chances of win, according also with italian bookmakers). Well, basically if she'll came in these conditions for the next commitments of NT, and the youngers not, don't know why she can't have her chance!

    What about Indre Sorokaite? She made a very good season with Firenze and now she's playing playoff (next weet). Probably there're stronger italians opp, but she could has a chance, no?