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    Before Boskovic Serbia won silver and gold on ECH. Although Boskovic play in Ecz, well they is not the best team in the world. I am not question her quality, it is just your pointless comment and argument. I do not want to say that Terzic is one and only the culprit of Serbia succes but he surely have big credit for that. If it is so easy, and have just ona good player, whu Serbia??, why not someone else, Italy has Egonu, China has Ting, Russia have Goncharova, Usa has the best system. You think you will be better than Terzic.Reading your comment it is obious you would not. It is obviously that you have something. Obviously you have something against Serbian team, in fact not only against Serbian team, but against every team/player that is not yout favourite or does not play for you favourite club or does not play your favourite style of volleyball. Favourites is one, fact and truly quality is something else and that is unquestionable.

    Serbian have quality and that is not because i say that already results say. Your opinion about Terzic does not crush all of medals that Serbia won in previous period with him on throne

    It's what i already wrote. I prefer the explosive style of black players but obviously the quality of serbia is great and i even wrote that is normal to use the best spiker expecially if in the squad you have a professional killer of balls like Tijana or Paola 😄😄😄

    Tie break between Belgium and Poland: the match is really enjoyable. Belgium is playing really good in defense, Herbots is such in great form and manages to make most of the points. On the other side, I don't understand why Stisiak: she is not reliable at all in reception (sometimes even Smarzek is helping) and she isn't a killer in attack.

    Honestly i don't understand that obsession for stysiak. She isn't at all a crack. She is really slow and pachydermic. The polish version of diouf

    Oh guys, it's pointless by now. Egonu gets 40 spikes over 3 sets = GODDESS of volleyball. Bošković and Mihajlović do the same = BORING! Serbia is useless without them!

    It just is what it is.

    For me isn't about the game. It's normal that in difficult moments to give the ball to the best spiker. For me is just esthetic. Black players are so beautiful to see. Egonu, Akinradewo and in the past Phipps, Luis, Torres, Aguero. They are really explosive and plastics in their actions. Their technical gesture is really elegant and enjoyable. White players seems Clumsy puppets in comparison 😆

    Sorry, but your post makes no sense. Why would you expect anything other than an empty arena in Poland when it's not Poland that is playing? The same would be whoever hosted. And if Poland played Kenya in Poland, the arena would also be full.

    Having four countries hosting is the only way to improve attendance. The attendance in Slovakia and Hungary has been surprisingly big. Much bigger than how it would be if only one country hosted.

    Honestly, this isn't even a FIVB organized event, it's CEV who is the governing body.

    😂😂😂😂😂 In Italy for olympics qualifications. And of course even in the world championship the audience was really interested even in non Italian matches. Yeah Lodz arena is really big but a really empty arena like this for and European Champions is objectively embarrassing

    So what is going to happen if Poland finish 2nd and Slovakia 3rd in their pools?

    I don't know if italy gonna to play "seriously" with Poland. A quarter final with Russia is a risk. I think that Italy is more stonger then Russia, now more then ever with fetisova out of competition but it's a match in and out so it's always a risk and the dinamics are really we will se..

    honestly the empty stadium in poland is awful. Polish audience seems interested only on his national team and this is trash 👎👎👎. In Italy at olympic qualification the Arena had a good response even when played kenya. And after all of this on this forum people are annoyed if the international competition are always in the same countries...😷😷😷 4 countries is already too much dispersive and why Hungary-Slovakia? Seriously?? I really don't understand Fivb and some on this forum who wants International conpetition in countries not interested in volleyball. Italy basically play in sahara desert 👎👎👎😷😷👎👎👎 Shame on you Polish audience

    China and Russia sporting federation need to be more clear and clean as possible about their athletes. Honestly isn't a surpirse when we saw being positive of doping for Athletes from these nations. I mean Sun yang a famous chinese swimmer. Efimova,Sharapova ( a lot of Russian athletes being positive on meldonium). That's important because, otherwise people will start to doubt about all the athletes and already a lot of people in Europe and America doubt about Antidoping system in china and Russia

    Terry enweonwu will probably go on to replace Elena pietrini. Mazzanti will take the decision after the glory cup where terry is committed.

    Terry is interested because she knows that the opposite role (her natural role) in the national team is closed by her cousin Paola Egonu. She already played as outside hitter, pretty good in the Club Italia

    source: website of the gazzetta dello sport (one of the main Italian sports newspapers)

    Apparently just Nwakalor from the group of Catania will be at the gloria cup. These are the convocation for now (the list isn't complete)

    Agnese Cecconello

    Terry Enweonwu,

    Adhuoljok John Majak Malual

    Beatrice Molinaro

    Rachele Morello

    Francesca Napodano,

    Sylvia Nwakalor

    Alessia Populini,

    Benedetta Sartori,

    Francesca Scola

    I`m surprised Egonu, Chirinchela, Genaro are going to Hong Kong..... I really don`t find it necessary... just give them a very much deserved break.

    Yes absolutely! One week of break it's ridicolous. They need more time!! Anyway im super happy that Sarah Fahr is back 😍😍😍 i see a story on her IG with Paola egonu