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    3 games in final four of Italian cup with same score; 3-0.

    Italian league is so much fun, everyone beats everyone lmao. So boring.

    Very low level of volleyball this weekend.

    I don't think so. Conegliano just have one of top class player in all roles in their roster. Egonu, Wolosz,Hill,Degennaro...if thei aren't the best they are really close in their roles. Probably just Bosko,Maja and Zhu are better then them…hStatistics.aspx?ID=36920

    It's been 5 months since Egonu made 16 attack errors in 3-1 lost to Serbia in semi final of EC. Her efficiency was 0.

    Egonu is one of the best opp in the world but she is not "simply the best", not "out of this wo

    oh sorry if she plays basically every tournament champions legue final, then vnl, then vnl finals, then, olympic qualification and then european tournament. She was CLEARLY in bad conditions that match with serbia don't mean anything about egonu talent or how she will plays olympics. A lot of international players didn't play vnl and closed their season with clubs days before Egonu. You can't compare boskovic,Mihajlovic,Goncharova shape with a player who plays basically every week last summer

    Know this is controversial. We all know Egonu is gay. However, her physique is kinda manly as well as her strength.🤔 Can her sexuality be similar Caster Semenya?

    No way. Caster semenya is basically intersex with high production of testosterone. Paola is 100% a woman biologically and absolutely normal values for a girl…cita-nasce-dalla-fiducia/

    Another interview by Mazzanti, most interesting part is where he says he's not sure if bringing 3 or 4 MB. I think his idea is to bring just 3 OH plus Sorokaite to play as both OH and OPP, and bring either a 4th MB or a 2nd libero for the last spot

    Just 3 OH? So sylla pietrini and Gennari or Caterina Bosetti plus sorokaite who can play both. OH and OPP. I agree on just one libero but honestly 4 MB are too much for me…sconfitta-della-mia-vita/

    Does it mean that Piccinini wont play at the Olympics and Pietrini will be back?

    Im not Italian so I dont understand it.

    Yes you are right. Mazzanti comfirm officialy that picci will not be in the tokyo 2020 project and that Elena pietrini will back in NT. He seems pretty happy even about the return of Gennari. After this interview im sure that Cate bosetti will be in Tokyo expecially if Lucia will not be in a good shape for July

    For sure Piccinini is in the list for olympics, a lot of papers said that no way she back on volley without the security to be in Tokyo. For some papers was Davide mazzanti in person who call Francesca. Probably he is scared that Lucia will be not ready for July. Indeed Caterina bosetti is really angry coz apparently mazzanti gonna to choose her for the vnl so not initially in the 12 for olympics and rumours hint that she was really upset about this. Anyway some papers think that mazzanti is gonna to choose just one libero,De gennero of course so no tokyo for parrochiale. A the end that should be italian roster for tokyo at the moment:

    De Gennaro





    The hate for turkey is 100% political. The girls hasn't any responsibility. But yeah most european don't like at all Edogan and Turkish government and think that turkey never was European but just the "less fundamentalist muslim state". Lot of people even think Turkey (and israel) should participate at Asian competitions not european

    Sorry but im not understand the "comparation part" Eda and Gunes maybe are better than Danesi folie ecc...but they are in the "Same League". Compare Egonu with Boz is simply ridicolous.

    And the major problem for italy is the SETTER, i don't know who is the worst malinov and orro. In The oh position caterina and miriam already play together in past (gran prix 2017)

    Serbia is really strong but If you want to know how to beat China call Italy. China isn't unstoppable. Italy beat them several times in these years

    Yes even if Russia going in Tokyo under olympic flag they will have basically no ranking. So interesting those groups