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    No team should play in this league with considerably less than 500.000 Euro budget. I think, the league should finally establish a more realistic minimum for this to prevent too weak teams from participating (so far I know it is still at 250.000 Euro, but 450.000 Euro would be much more adequate).

    i agree with you. Then i think Straubing, Erfurt ans Suhl must be out and you can close league.

    I have some information. Probably Suhl take Lisane setter from Straubing. If she pass medical test and can play.

    Second they maybe have problem for next season. For my talking is that this season they are far from 500 000 euro budget ( in my opinion around 300 000 for all club) and next season maybe they have even less money.

    I totally agree with you. Now I hope all word understand that Italian coaches are not god and I hope Federation understand that players are not so important to fired and choose new coache. On the end coach and sport director from Federation must go for me after this loos.

    So why she wasn't with NT when they had Guidetti?

    There was not so clear situation beetwen them from this what I know :) but good that she come back now change for Dutch increas.

    Please explain

    Easy is enough that coach have Italian passport and then it easier and all want play and listen him. Is not that she will change Nationalty :) this is my opinion in Women volleyball.

    I know only that players want Italian coach because they said in Italy they need work hard. In general it was not about this player only about that they don’t like Coach.

    The same like the Netherlands national team players go and fired coach.

    One is good that Federation don’t make this but second is so stupid that women only believe on Italian coaches🙈

    Top match is Potsdam vs. Schwerin and the latter is no way the favourite there IMHO.

    Easy match for Stuttgart at home against Erfurt.

    Vilsbiburg should win in Suhl, but Dresden vs. Aachen is also wide open, currently Aachen is better than Dresden, but Dresden has home advantage - remember, that Dresden lost in the league already against Aachen despite having had home advantage there as well.

    I think on Stutgart will be with out fight. Rest will be big fight and not favorite even Vilsbiburg is not favorite.

    For me is like in this article. Girls need to say that they want this coach. It was with fire this coach they come to Federation and say we don’t want him and then they fired him. This is stupid but we will see what will happen.

    According one of FB post game Suhl Schwerin finish in 3 and 4 set to 24. Big mistake and they don’t know what make with this. When I watch game in sporttotal it was some more make mistake of referee in 3 set against Suhl and maybe they can win this set.

    In general I’m really interesting what they make with this 😊

    Yes I read this but from my information and calculations of players Dresden must have 2 mln or even more. Only I don’t know that they are afraid about saying this or they don’t count payment for players directly from sponsor.

    About league sponsor in women Poland league from 2-3 years the same don’t have sponsor.

    Yes but Orthmann for me can play in ECH because she play directly in Italy and was not big injury only she is so smart that know that they don’t help her in National team. This is only my feelings. I don’t know what happened there but the feedback who is coming out is not o good.

    1. Orthmann

    2. Dürr on the end is the same reason I can’t play because they don’t take care so much about me

    3. Pia

    4. Hanke for me injury on the game but then she can’t play and finish game.