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    For me is like in this article. Girls need to say that they want this coach. It was with fire this coach they come to Federation and say we don’t want him and then they fired him. This is stupid but we will see what will happen.

    According one of FB post game Suhl Schwerin finish in 3 and 4 set to 24. Big mistake and they don’t know what make with this. When I watch game in sporttotal it was some more make mistake of referee in 3 set against Suhl and maybe they can win this set.

    In general I’m really interesting what they make with this 😊

    Yes I read this but from my information and calculations of players Dresden must have 2 mln or even more. Only I don’t know that they are afraid about saying this or they don’t count payment for players directly from sponsor.

    About league sponsor in women Poland league from 2-3 years the same don’t have sponsor.

    Yes but Orthmann for me can play in ECH because she play directly in Italy and was not big injury only she is so smart that know that they don’t help her in National team. This is only my feelings. I don’t know what happened there but the feedback who is coming out is not o good.

    1. Orthmann

    2. Dürr on the end is the same reason I can’t play because they don’t take care so much about me

    3. Pia

    4. Hanke for me injury on the game but then she can’t play and finish game.

    Financial relations of Münster remain tricky - despite they have a fair budget of about 1.14 million Euro (remember their second/academy team), they can't afford too much expensive players. I guess they hope to find with Müller-Scheffsky the next Lena Vedder, Lina Alsmeier or even Louisa Lippmann...

    For me they must pay a lot fof Vanjak and Alsmeier that they stay with the them.

    I don't like the tone of Stuttgart's press release. I understand their frustration, but it's not some unknown youngster they're talking about but a 35 year old ex NT player who surely has nothing to prove and undoubtedly reflected very well before making such a decision. And she never had problems with clubs before, so no need to make her seem like a bloody traitor :thumbdown:

    I don’t agree. She sing contract and Stuttgart be focus on make team better but I last moment she change decision. They can be really angry and can say what they want because they have all prepared only she change the mind. Do you think will be easy to find setter now to team who play in champions league and for gold medal??

    I was just checking polish u-18 roster for this year and I just wanted share that polish coaches want to have more Stysiaks in the team 😁

    Foe examle 198 cm tall Natalia Szmajduch was converted from MB to OH 😁i

    Good that they tray but they push so much. I hear that they tray more not only this. On the end they can tray with Kakolewska or Efimienko.

    For me this tournamet now will be big answer about Stysiak and all team, but no players only Coach.

    For me is really funny now after 4 years that he is still say that Polish team is still in building process and they can’t make goals. If they don’t make good result this season they must make change. I like him and I think he make good job but like you said I heard really not so good opinions form inside.

    On the end I hope that Stysiak will be great player but if Poland will play against Serbia with her in OH I don’t see chance to win but we will see.

    With Vilsbiburg we have a city in the league, which is much smaller than even Suhl. But of course both are countryside, so it is not for the players who like big cities with many offers of any kind...

    But you have much more money 😊 we will see how will be work😊 I’m so excite to look on our league. For me will be more equal and interesting than last season 😊