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    I'm hating Speraw right now. Is Muagututia the best OH after Sander and Russel?

    Speraw must think so, and he’s probably the only one. He’s consistently played over DeFalco and Jaeschke in each tournament and now in World Cup.

    Great win by Argentina. USA dig themselves a hole and it was just too much. Garrett M. did not play well at all (neither did Micah) and that put them down early. Thomas Jaeschke was much better when he replaced Garrett. But all credit to Argentina. Great serve receive and they hit around the blocks.

    I asked to few of my sources: it seems it could be Hannah Tapp (that was announced by Flamengo) and the club is probably Hitachi Rivale.

    Adams apparently is struggling all the summer long with a knee injury and she needs a surgery.

    Interesting news! Thought Hannah Tapp was set to go to Brazil. It’s not her sister is it? I think she retired to go be with her boyfriend in Italy though.

    Gibb posted something a few minutes ago. She basically said the same things as Carli did.

    Something bad happened there, for sure.

    Agree. Sounds like Karch (or someone from USA Volleyball) is not on their Christmas card list!

    That's a good sign, hope she's doing better.

    MB for World Cup:

    Dixon, Washington, Ogbogu, with Alhassan/Adams/H. Tapp vying for the last spot?

    That’s what I would think unless Ogbogu would be out (considering she appears to have been away from the gym for over a month). I would give final spot to Tapp. And if Ogbogu is out, I say Tapp and Alhassan.

    Paige Tapp won't play in Filottrano this season. She said she feels homesick. I don't know if she is going to retire from volleyball.

    🤔 Her long-time boyfriend plays in Verona so I’m surprised by this. I’d guess she is retired from VB but will still be in Italy.

    Hannah made some great strides this season but has she really overtaken Adams in the MB hierarchy? Say we're only taking 3 MB and Ogbogu is not in the picture who would you take between the two? Dixon is there solely for the blocking. Washington can be great at both and has the potential but clearly not there yet. Can Tapp provide the Offense? Can she be more effective than Adams? Is Adams trending down? I also like Poulter but I think Hancock deserves another look with the A team.

    I also would like to see Hancock over Poulter in this tournament to see what she can do with the A team.

    I think I would pick Tapp over Adams as it does appear Adams is trending down. If I recall correctly, Tapp appeared to outplay her in the tournament they were in together (one of the Pan Ams).

    My guess for roster is same as ericleo’s.

    Russell was very good. Muagututia was 👎🏻. Will be happy when Taylor sander and Thomas Jaeschke are dependable and injury free for the Olympics next year so they don’t have to depend on him. Max Holt was kind of quiet today- I expect more of him.

    Nimir was a force. Too bad his team isn’t better.

    I don't like the tone of Stuttgart's press release. I understand their frustration, but it's not some unknown youngster they're talking about but a 35 year old ex NT player who surely has nothing to prove and undoubtedly reflected very well before making such a decision. And she never had problems with clubs before, so no need to make her seem like a bloody traitor :thumbdown:

    I feel like Kim Renkema is always a bit snarky in her press releases/comments when it comes to players.

    Great thoughts! Agree with that all. I have doubts about Akinradewo now as well and I’m worried about Ogbogu being MIA. MH seems like a weakness right now with the information we have, but not as much as Libero. That is just painful to watch and not have an answer.

    That what I was thinking too. I think Langlois with his performance in the last group matches was enough to propel him to atleast Jaeschke's place.

    De Falco also had an injury so he's really the only player left who could've made an impact.

    Really bad luck to have them all injured. Garrett M is not the answer and Langlois probably would have not been either. Having just one be healthy probably wins the VNL for them.

    Shoji as best Libero is curious. He was not good. Both Shojis seem to be in the twilight of their VB careers.

    Polish commentator during match USA-Australia said that Thomas Jaeschke didn’t recover well after surgery and he still has shape problems. He meant that his (high-level) comeback is doubtful. Anyone can confirm? I see his name in VNL roster.

    This turned out to be false. He has been playing the last few weeks and appears to be recovered and doing well.

    Makes sense, all the starters can just hang out in Chicago and train for two weeks. Surprised at no Stahl though

    He’s injured which is too bad. He’s been great.

    I like the move from USA Volleyball. Let the first and second team group train and prepare for finals and fill in with a few guys from this group to be bench players to make up the roster of 14.