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    I was thinking that when I asked about their OPP. They might not get a OPP. I think they OHs are too good, they just need a decent help from OPP. They could even win the league.

    Efe and Mirza definitely should be playing OHs.

    I really really hope Efe Mandıracı will make a good come back. No more injuries please. I think he is on WCH roster but probably will miss it.

    Not sure where to post this but Ma’a did not show up for trainings in Katowice and they have started disciplinary process and contacted FIVB. It looks like they have also started looking for a replacement.

    I don't really understand why clubs sign players who are already under contracts. Or like they don't contact the clubs about breaking the contract? Ma'a might be a good setter but clubs can find a replacement for him easily, right?

    I don't get why Halkbank would risk to get a punishment from FIVB for Ma'a.

    I would rather have Buse Ünal and Sıla Çalışkan instead of Buket& Aslı as setters. especially buse needs as many international experience she can get if she is really the 3rd setter in line

    Also Dilek Kınık instead of Melis. Indeed Dilek had even a better season than Buse.

    It seems like İlkin is the one Gui will cut off from the WCh roster since he send her to B team tournaments

    I like Buse but she was given a chance in Mediterranean Games. I like to see what Buket has to offer. The more important thing is Yasemin Özel and İdil Naz are here. They were the nice surprises of last season. So I'm happy they are given a chance to play NT.

    İlkin played both Mediterranean Games and VNL. She might play this tournament and WCH next. Who knows what Gui has in his mind.

    I would keep Aycin in the roster and Derya let go. WCh is such a long tournament, it is stupid to participate with only 3 players, especially when one of the MBs is 35 years old.

    Derya doesn't have anything to offer to this team as OH

    I wouldn't cut her off like that. Tuğba, Hande, Saliha, İlkin, Meliha all have weakness. Derya has too. But at least she can bring something else to the table. She is a weak receiver? It's not like Tuğba Hande Saliha super solid at reception.

    We should try to adapt Derya to starting 6. We might fail for a while with this line up but in the long run we can win a lot than we would with other OHs.

    Roster for Islamic Solidarity Games (unofficial)


    Buket Gülübay

    Aslıhan Kılıç


    Ceren Kestirengöz Kapucu

    Yasemin Özel

    Outside Hitter

    İlkin Aydın

    Yaprak Erkek

    İdil Naz Kanbur

    Ezgi Akyaldız

    Middle Blocker

    Ayçin Akyol

    Emine Arıcı

    Yasemin Yıldırım

    Zeynep Sude Demirel


    Buse Kayacan Sonsırma

    Melis Yılmaz

    Cizre just announced bunch of names. Roster is updated. Libero Semih Çelik renewed with Tokat as well. So thats weird.

    Nice and interesting to see Taha Erden here

    Really curious about Arkas's foreigners. We didnt hear anything about their OPP. I expect a MB as well. Their OHs are very solid. If they can find a decent OPP they will be very dangerous.

    Anyone heard anything about their OPP or MB?

    IRIVF just announced the roster for Islamic Solidarity Games in Turkey and most of the guys those were cut from the main team will play there including Saadat.

    6 players from 22-man World Championship preliminary list are here too, Homayounfar, Daneshdoust, Pajouman, Ramezani, Gholipour and Yali

    not a bad team but no way they can beat Turkey A team (if Turkey brings A team) Iran is grouped with Turkey, Qatar and Pakistan.

    Turkey probably won't send their A team. They are likely to send the team that played Mediterranean Games with a few additions from U22 team.

    Karch talks about his career.... the state of leagues.... (beware Turkey lol) American players overseas... etc.

    Says the best places for American liberos is Germany.

    Oh no:lol: what did he say about Turkish league? Lol


    Well, even a broken clock shows the right time twice a day :teach::lol:

    I guess this is the first time Ferhat didn't flop in an important match :lol:

    Congrats Croatia!

    It's kinda sad to see Herbots like that but on the other hand :whistle: