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    Romanova moved to Dynamo in May 2019 from Uralochka (Sverdlovsk Region), but in October she returned to her former team.

    “Tatyana herself appealed to Dynamo with a request to terminate the contract, she had the right to do so. We went to meet her. The second connecting Dynamo will be Elizaveta Popova from the school of Ekaterina Gamova. This is a promising player we are counting on,” said Chernyshov on the phone.

    I watched the games of Uralochka in Super CUP. Salikova performed very poorly. AFAIK, Karpol called Romanova and asked her to come back.

    Goncharova, Tandara and Slöetjes gain more experience because they all are members of their national team.

    I respect all users and their opinions, but Goncharova was the main reason why Russia got bronze medals at the Fivb WC. Other than that, Maja and Goncharova were the main reasons, D.Moscow beat Fenerbahche and Vakifbank (3-2) last year (that would probably be the reason, Gui wanted both of them in his team) and got gold medals of Russian Superliga. I actually do like Haak:rose:. She is a new rising star to me. Hope she will prove herself in CL, and all of a sudden users won't change their mind about her which happened here many times in the past.

    Let's not delude ourselves here. Tandara, Sloetjes, and Goncharova are a level above Haak. Was there even a rumor here that Vakifbank originally wanted to sign Maja + Goncha but of course Goncha declined. And do you really think Haak was Guidetti's first choice even if let's say Goncha was really out of the picture? :whistle:

    Her situation is diffirent. Vakifbank offered her 1,5 times more money AFAIK.

    But except Russia, she said that she would only want to play in Italy.

    I definitely agree with you.. especially after that NT-season Folie had.. But she just recovered from very nasty injuries. If I was Santarelli I would rotate the squad all the time and rest Folie when possible.. Well, even Egonu can have some rest with that squad Conegliano has.

    I think they don't have attack problems. Egonu is equal to 2 attackers lol, so she can score 20, 30, 50 pts, it's even not a problem for her, she has capability to do that IMO. Only, what they need is that Wolosz should use Egonu as much as possible. Giving rest Egonu is not logical because they have one game in a week, so Wolosz and Egonu should strengthen connection. Always changing the main roster is not a good sign, I mean they need to boost their confidence. Playing one game in a week won't kill them lol. It's not VNL, they play three games in a row every week.

    I think Geerties will be bench because they have Ogbogu, and Hill+Geerties+De Kruif+Ogbogu+Wolosz is too much foreign in court

    They need reception much more than MB IMO, so Ogbogu will be bench is logical to me. They have Folie who is not worse than Ogbogu IMO. Ofc, during championship Santarelli will give all of them chance but I think main roster in Italian championship should be so : Wolosz, Folie, De Kruijf, Hill, Geerties, Egonu, de Gennaro. I think Hill and Geerties duos will work better than Hill and Sylla duos.

    She always looks like this :D but yeah, she doesn't play well. I don't think she is good enough for Imoco...

    she doesn't play well so far, I agree... But I think Santarelli shouldn't give up it is her first game in Italian league, if she improves her skills this team will be similar to last year's Novara IMO. Geerties can do the job which Picci did in Novara last year. Ofc, Hill will complete this team instead of Sylla IMO. Very similar to Novara (2018/2019) IMO.

    Natalya applied to the federation on behalf of all her teammates and asked them to allow Busato to become the coach of the Russian NT.

    Yana once again expressed her wish to play in the national team for next year. OTOH, Fetisova and Goncharova support her in this matter.

    Busato said in an interview that Natalia's support for him is even more valuable than the medals and he would be very happy to be the coach of the Russian NT.

    1st round

    Proton vs D.Moscow 3:2 (25-23, 26-24, 19-25, 19-25, 15-13)

    Bavykina 23, Shcherban 21, Simonenko 20, Havelkova 14

    Zarechie vs Leningradka 3:0 (25-17, 25-21, 25-21)

    Russu 19, Vorobyeva 18, Samadova 13

    D.Metar vs Lokomotiv 0:3 (22-25, 18-25, 14-25)

    Voronkova 20, Kurilo 14, Cleger 13,

    Sakhalin vs D.Kazan 3:2 (25-18, 24-26, 21-25, 25-16, 15-10)

    Fedorovtseva 28, Konovalova 17, Samoilova 15

    Uralochka vs Minchanka 3:0 (25-18, 25-21, 25-16)

    Parubets 22, Anisova 13, Sokolchik 13

    D.Krasnodar vs Enisei 3:1 (25-23, 23-25, 25-20, 25-21)

    Sperskaite 24, Khaletskaya 23, Drpa 19

    I don't think Akbas is a improvement over Morrison... I'm okay with Santarelli, surely on the long run. However I have doubts he can prepare the team in the right way for the olympic qualification tournament in January. But we will see, it would be hard for any coach:D

    yes, I totally agree with... Netherlands should invite Italian coaches for an improvement IMO. Yes, Santarelli is a good coach and plus Netherlands NT is a very strong team, probably he won't need the long run. Dutch players don't have connection problem, they are playing together for ages, so he can build strong team during a short period too IMO.

    Anyway, I think Italian coaches are the best options. OTOH, Carlo Parisi is a good coach too IMO.

    Wasn't she supposed to move to Kazan? I rather have her stay in Uralochka to be honest but considering Startseva's poor shape, she may have chances to be the starter in Kazan.

    Idk maybe RVF doesn't want the players of the national team to sit on the bench in their clubs:whistle: