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    Don't take it to heart. QLP used that hyperbole as a shorthand for "old school volleyball", something you yourself seem to acknowledge Russian league was known for. I'm afraid the reputation stuck, and the successes of Russian NT and Russian clubs in the last decade notwithstanding, it's not like that reputation is completely without merit. That old school style can still achieve some level of success in modern volleyball, especially when carried by such talents as Goncharova and Kosheleva (at her height). Doesn't mean there aren't some intrinsic flaws and drawbacks to that style (including aesthetic appeal).:)

    i don't take it to heart. There are two way of expressing your opinion. (normal way and provocative). The latter one is the main reason why i distance myself from this forum. He could say that I don't like the level of this league or it is not like it used to be. When someone says something about Carlini, he finds it provocative but he also do it here many times. OTOH, you also react things when you disagree about Maja and certain players. In his case, Russian league was a scapegoat because of Carlini's current performance. I wonder who is responsible for Carli Lloyd's case ? Turkish league ? To me, recently Hancock and Poulter overplayed Carlini in all aspect of their plays.

    He probably doesn't know there are many youth girls from Belarus who wish to play in Russian league. Most of them live and play with this dream. Calling this league ghost ship, you probably need to count at least 20 or more better leagues than Russian one. Do we have 20 better leagues than Russian league in the worldwide ?

    anyway, if this league really was a ghost ship league, world's best setter Maja wouldn't sign with two teams at the same. Before Moscow, she had all agreements with Loko, when Loko was ready to announce this transfer last year, she signed for the D.Moscow.

    Russian league was built around local players or cheap foreign players (belarusia, ukraine). You probably need at least 100 strong local players to boost every team of this league which is not easy in women's volleyball. So far, it works well for men's league in comparison to women's.

    I find your league the shadow of what it used to be. 90% of the world champions in 2006 and 2010 retired.

    For example, Jordan Larson played for a 8th ranked team 10 years ago. Now she wouldn't even consider to come to Russia. That's it.

    btw it's not my league, it is the league of RF and I'm originally belorussian and have been living in Russia for ages, and fond of Russian players and NT. FYI, Jordan Larson used to play for a 8th ranked team because Kazan always had/have a decent budget. Except Loko, Moscow and Kazan there is no team with decent budget. And the rest of the Russian clubs play with cheap foreign players and plus local ones. Russian clubs invest in basketball and that's why they are recently winner of CL in basketball. It's all about money, when you have it you won it. And still, there are many leagues behind the russia league. Larson 34 y.o and i dont think any team from Russia is interested in her now. As for Carlini, her "out of this world" or let's say phenomenal skills is not for ghost ship league. Hope she will show her phenomenal skills in Turkish League. I'm looking forward to seeing her performance out there. As a ex v-ball player and v-ball fan, I somehow know her potential, watching her performance in Scandicci and novara were enough for me. She's not like she has been described in this forum. You probably know the underlying reason why she got gold medals of CL (Egonu).

    Russian league is a ghost ship. They still play like in the 1960s: there's no way a player used to play modern volleyball - the most modern possible in her case - can adapt. Not to mention she played in a team who can barely go close to 10% perfect passing. FACT.

    I really want to ask you this. did you live in 1960 ? can you enlighten us? thank you in advance. We used to play old school volleyball because of the height of players. Now Parubets, Romanova and etc players play very fast v-ball.

    ghost ship league ? well, the players from this league won gold medals of WCCH twice in a row, won the gold medals of ECH twice in a row, plus silver medals of OGs, and many players including Kosheleva, Gamova, Goncharova, Sokolova, Artamanova, Parubets etc players came to volleyball's world from this ghost ship league and they improved their skills in this ghost ship league unfortunately. Malykh won cev and challenge cup with russian clubs with limited number of foreign players or let's say with local players.

    that D.Moscow last year defeated Vakifbank, if you still remember that game. At the end of the day, I have to this conclusion, it's time for me to leave this forum too.

    Did you know if Hana Klimets plays only as Opp or she can plays as OH? I dont know the last two.

    Afaik, they transfer her as a backup of Goncharova, still she isn't fully recovered. Bibina is a libero who played last year for Dinamo Krasnodar. Sonya Kuznetsova can play in both positions (OH and OPP), and her spikes are really impressive but her reception is shaky. I share the link below if you are interested in

    I dont think that a foreigner setter is the best option for them. I would prefer to have hired someone as Brenda Castillo.

    it is officially confirmed that Masha Babeshina remains in Dinamo Moscow. Other than that, according to Karpol's interview, Tanya Romanova is likely to leave the team and join Dinamo Moscow, so in this case they will complete this position with local players (Babeshina and Romanova).

    another rumor about Lera Safonova, who said in an interview that she has offers from Poland and Italy and as long as there is no offer from top clubs, she won't stay in Russia.

    Officially, Rusakova, Stolyarova, Raevskaya and Karlini and Havelkova leave D.Moscow. Katya Lyubushkina is taking a break in her career. All other players remain in the team. Natalia Pereira to D.Moscow looks like done deal. They have all the agreements with her.

    I don't think Smarzek is a bad player. There are some players that they should be given a chance in different positions. I think of Smarzek...differently. In that game, as non-receiving OH, Smarzek could have contributed more to the team imo. Ofc, I am changing Stysiak's position (receiving OPP even though Poland mainly uses two receiving line) in my mind rn. Sometimes you need to change the system of the team bcz the same system won't work against every rival, esp. against Guidetti who possesses a highly developed mind. This is my two cents.

    Is there a punishment for the clubs if they travel to Sakhalin (or any other far away place) with youth team? I checked the stats last week and if I am not wrong many teams sent their squads to Sakhalin this season.

    Yeah, The Russian Volleyball Federation fined Kaliningrad Lokomotiv 100 thousand rubles for sending their youth team to Sakhalin but I don't think this will harm their budget.

    You are reading my mind lol. I also thought about Frolova as second libero and 6th OH. I even wrote about it on another page, but not on this forum. Frolova is actually a player like Blagojevic who is able to play as both a libero and an OH. The difference between them is that Blagojevic is a very experienced player. Frolova maybe has no chance to go to the Olympics but i'm still glad to have her in the wide roster. Btw, I would like to see Kuznetsova in the national team. Yeah, she is as short as Parubets, but her attacks are very impressive and otoh her mentality is strong.

    In the setter position, I actually want three players to fight for two spots. Startseva and Romanova are more experienced players. Efimova's sets may be perfect for Parubets because she also likes to play as fast as possible. But I don't know how it would work for the rest of the players. When it comes to Startseva and Romanova, I expect creativity from them, especially I expect them to play with MBs too much. Unfortunately, I sometimes fail to see creativity.

    Honestly, I do not want Rusakova and Babeshina to come back to the national team because they haven't played in the national team for a long time and even if they come back to the national team and how many years can they play for the national team ? They are old players like Orlova and I don't want them to come back to the national team just for the Olympics. Krotkova is younger when compared to them and I want her to come back to the national team. She may play as second libero because her reception at least is better than liberos of D.Moscow.

    Buzato complained that some players in the national team were inexperienced during World CUP, so I guess he will take experienced players to the Olympics.

    Kosheleva is still a big question mark for me.

    Honestly, the biggest question mark is Voronkova for me. Even Kosheleva, who recently joined the team, has taken Voronkova's spot. I can't say that Voronkova contributed more than Kosheleva. It will be better if Voronkova loses some weight because she has some difficulty in jumping.

    Parubets and Lazareva's arms are long and this is an advantage for them to attack well. Lazareva can become a good player if she improves her skills.

    The second question mark is the setter for me. I oft ask myself which setter is better but unfortunately I have no answer this question so far.

    Also, not sure if Malova is performing well in Kazan or if she is still the best libero in Russia at the moment.

    I think she is still performing well so far. Yes, definitely she is the best libero in Russia at the moment imo. Neither Galkina nor Pilipenko's performance is close to her performance.