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    1.Minchanka vs Enisei 3-2 (18:25, 25:20, 23:25, 25:21, 15:9)

    Dumcheva 23 (50%), Drpa 20 (38%), Sokolchik 18 (40%)

    2.Uralochka vs  D.Kazan 3-0 (25:20, 25:21, 25:22)

    Parubets 23 (53%), Fabris 18 (44%), Anisova 16 (54%)

    3.D.Moscow vs  Lokomotiv 0-3 (22:25, 24:26, 22:25)

    Cleger 19 (42%), Goncharova 15 (24%), Havelkova 14 (42%)

    4.Zarechie vs D.Metar 0-3 (22:25, 20:25, 21:25)

    Russu 23 (44%), Smirnova 18 (42%), Markevich 16 (54%)

    5.Proton vs D.Krasnodar 3-1 (21:25, 25:23, 25:20, 29:27)

    Martynyuk 30 (57%), Simonenko 21 (58%), Sperskaite 21 (53%)

    6.Leningradka vs Sakhalin 1-3 (12:25, 27:25, 26:28, 22:25)

    Garelik 23 (40%), Frolova 17 (48%), Malygina 15 (42%)


    1.Lokomotiv 4-1 (13)

    2.Uralochka 4-1 (13)

    3.Sakhalin 4-1 (10)

    4.Proton 4-1 (10)

    5.D.Kazan 3-2 (9)

    6.Zarechie 3-2 (8)

    7.Leningradka 2-3 (5)

    8.Minchanka 2-3 (5)

    9.D.Moscow 1-4 (5)

    10.Enisei 1-4 (4)

    11.D.Metar 1-4 (4)

    12.D.Krasnodar 1-4 (4)

    I don't think Zhu ever wanted to play in Russia.

    Money is a great motivator but location, league strength, climate and convenience are all strong arguments for negotiation. Kazan can offer money but a wealthy Turkish and Italian club (especially turkish) could offer all of those conditions.

    I remember a rumour about Vasileva having a big salary when she played in Kazan like a million dollar one. Does she deserve that kind of money? I don't know but if Kazan wants Zhu Ting so much then they might have to offer her a blank cheque in order to convince her to play in a country that may not offer the conditions a turkish or an italian club could offer to her besides monetary gain.

    After that rumor, even though Zhu refused their offer, all volleyball fans in Russia expected strong two foreign players around 1 million from Kazan.

    I also expected them to transfer two players around 1M because if a strong player rejects your offer, you will probably need to transfer another strong player/players such as Natalia Pereira, Bartsch for replacement. But D.Kazan surprised us once again with Miksikova. Whose salary was probably around 3 million:lol:

    Maybe their purpose was to help Zhu makes more money in Vakifbank with such rumors:what: Kazan always have weird transfer policy, their site wrote that they would transfer a player who would be the same level with ex Larson and Del Core. But they transfered Dela Cruz who had played in Indonesian league last year and probably she was out of interest of strong teams. Maybe she made around 5M in Indonesia and she will make 10M in Kazan:lol: who knows:lol: 10M for Dela Cruz:super:

    I find it quite amazing how she was able to walk off the court on her own with a torn Achilles tendon :white:;(

    She had suffered the injury since the beginning of the season. Playing against Proton made her injury worse. This season is over for her too early.

    Seems 19y.o Belarusian player, Vera Kostyuchik will replace her the rest of the season.

    according to Pankov, he wasn't fired, still he is the head coach of the national team. He did not go to the World Cup due to his health issues, but he would like to continue working with the team. He will apply to the federation to remain at the helm of the team.

    Players want Busato and they should not be forced to work with Pankov. Hope the situation will not be complicated like in Poland.

    Italian coach, Sergio Busato is currently the only candidate for the head coach of the national team. According to strong rumors, he will remain at the helm of the Russian NT.

    Aliona 😲 I'm surprised she scored so much points. Looks like the season in Korea really help her and she is not afraid to take responsibility for scoring points.

    in fact, she didn't play well against D.Moscow and D.Kazan. She hadn't scored so much since the start of the Russian league, it was perhaps her best play and that best play was against Uralochka^^

    He's completely lost. He has one of the best group of OHs in the world, and he doesn't know what to do with it.. Isn't there in the market any coach better than him? I think even Morrison can do a better job than Mencarelli tbh

    their former head coach, Carlo Parisi did a great job with this team last year. OTOH, as a head coach, he had a big impact on Haak. Hope they will bring him back if they want to get rid of this chaos.

    D.Metar vs D.Kazan 1-3 (14:25, 14:25, 25:18, 17:25)

    Fabris 21, Koroleva 17, Simirnova 15

    Enisei vs Sakhalin 2-3 (25:23, 25:21, 25:27, 24:26, 10:15)

    Bochkareva 27, Samoilova 24, Frolova 21

    D.Krasnodar vs Lokomotiv 0-3 (24:26, 22:25, 24:26)

    Cleger 18, Khaletskaya 15, Voronkova 12

    Uralochka vs Proton 2-3 (25:16, 25:27, 16:25, 25:22, 13;15)

    Parubets 37, Martynyuk 24, Bavykina 17

    Zarechie vs D.Moscow 3-2 (22:25, 14:25, 25:21, 25:21, 15:13)

    Goncharova 33, Russu 27, Vorobyeva 14

    Leningradka vs Minchanka 3-0 (27:25, 25:23, 25:14)

    Garelik 24, Stolyar 13, Polyakova 12

    what about Van Hecke and Laura Heyrman ?

    Does it mean Robin is mad at Caprara right now because he left AZE NT two months before qualification tournament?

    I guess no, because his contract was expired. Seems they break up with him.

    Yes, I think he is headcoach of AZE (I didn't see any news he was fired).

    because you never google it.

    why everyone here thinks that Santarelli is better than C.Parisi. I think Parisi had a big impact on Haak being a good player. Moreover, he won the Cev Cup gold medals, the Cev Champions League silver/bronze medals with his team. The reason of his failure in the Cev Champions League and the Italian league was all about the roster of his team.