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    Officially, Rusakova, Stolyarova, Raevskaya and Karlini and Havelkova leave D.Moscow. Katya Lyubushkina is taking a break in her career. All other players remain in the team. Natalia Pereira to D.Moscow looks like done deal. They have all the agreements with her.

    I don't think Smarzek is a bad player. There are some players that they should be given a chance in different positions. I think of Smarzek...differently. In that game, as non-receiving OH, Smarzek could have contributed more to the team imo. Ofc, I am changing Stysiak's position (receiving OPP even though Poland mainly uses two receiving line) in my mind rn. Sometimes you need to change the system of the team bcz the same system won't work against every rival, esp. against Guidetti who possesses a highly developed mind. This is my two cents.

    Is there a punishment for the clubs if they travel to Sakhalin (or any other far away place) with youth team? I checked the stats last week and if I am not wrong many teams sent their squads to Sakhalin this season.

    Yeah, The Russian Volleyball Federation fined Kaliningrad Lokomotiv 100 thousand rubles for sending their youth team to Sakhalin but I don't think this will harm their budget.

    You are reading my mind lol. I also thought about Frolova as second libero and 6th OH. I even wrote about it on another page, but not on this forum. Frolova is actually a player like Blagojevic who is able to play as both a libero and an OH. The difference between them is that Blagojevic is a very experienced player. Frolova maybe has no chance to go to the Olympics but i'm still glad to have her in the wide roster. Btw, I would like to see Kuznetsova in the national team. Yeah, she is as short as Parubets, but her attacks are very impressive and otoh her mentality is strong.

    In the setter position, I actually want three players to fight for two spots. Startseva and Romanova are more experienced players. Efimova's sets may be perfect for Parubets because she also likes to play as fast as possible. But I don't know how it would work for the rest of the players. When it comes to Startseva and Romanova, I expect creativity from them, especially I expect them to play with MBs too much. Unfortunately, I sometimes fail to see creativity.

    Honestly, I do not want Rusakova and Babeshina to come back to the national team because they haven't played in the national team for a long time and even if they come back to the national team and how many years can they play for the national team ? They are old players like Orlova and I don't want them to come back to the national team just for the Olympics. Krotkova is younger when compared to them and I want her to come back to the national team. She may play as second libero because her reception at least is better than liberos of D.Moscow.

    Buzato complained that some players in the national team were inexperienced during World CUP, so I guess he will take experienced players to the Olympics.

    Kosheleva is still a big question mark for me.

    Honestly, the biggest question mark is Voronkova for me. Even Kosheleva, who recently joined the team, has taken Voronkova's spot. I can't say that Voronkova contributed more than Kosheleva. It will be better if Voronkova loses some weight because she has some difficulty in jumping.

    Parubets and Lazareva's arms are long and this is an advantage for them to attack well. Lazareva can become a good player if she improves her skills.

    The second question mark is the setter for me. I oft ask myself which setter is better but unfortunately I have no answer this question so far.

    Also, not sure if Malova is performing well in Kazan or if she is still the best libero in Russia at the moment.

    I think she is still performing well so far. Yes, definitely she is the best libero in Russia at the moment imo. Neither Galkina nor Pilipenko's performance is close to her performance.

    Is the Russian team divided into 2 teams? Does it mean that Shcherban will only play for the Russian team if any players get hurt?

    She's on team B.

    I believe that the attackers who will go to Tokyo are: Kosheleva, Parubets, Voronkova and Kurilo. Goncharova and Lazareva too.

    yes, Russian NT is divided into 2 teams (A and B).

    Yes, Shcherban is in B team, and it seems she has less chance to participate in OGs, but still everything is possible (depending on their performance or head coach). I guess if any player of team A does not play well or has an injury and then player of team B can replace her.

    If we think that 12 players will go to the Olympics, Lazareva has less chance to make it Olympics because you can't take 6 hitters to the Olympics imo. Yes, I think the rest of the players (Kosheleva, Goncharova, Parubets, Voronkova, Kurilo) are real candidates for the Olympics.

    main roster

    S: Startseva, Romanova

    OH: Kosheleva, Voronkova, Parubets, Kurilo, Kotikova, Yurinskaya
    OPP: Goncharova, Khaletskaya, Lazareva, Malygina

    MB: Fetisova, Koroleva, Efimova, Orlova, Evdokimova, Lazarenko

    L: Malova, Galkina, Pilipenko

    reserve of the main roster

    S: Efimova, Novik, Ryseva

    OH: Bavykina, Krotkova, Shcherban, Sperskaite, Rusakova

    OPP: Russu

    MB: Enina, Zaytseva, Lyubushkina

    L: Kurnosova, Frolova

    I haven't watched Moscow a lot this year, but has Carlini been that bad that she has to be replaced by Babeshina?

    Babeshina is one of the best setters of Russia, olympic silver medalist and Carlini has to be as good as Maja Ognjenovic if she doesn't want to sit on the bench. Otherwise, Babeshina would not be replaced by her.

    Personally, i'd like to see Goncharova as OPP with Lazareva and Parubets as OHs. Maybe Lazareva could pull off what Goncha did in London 2012. Russia needs firepower among the OHs to support Goncha. I thought Voronkova would be that OH but from what I've seen from last tear, she was quite unreliable in attack.

    I totally agree with you. When it comes to experience Voronkova has it more at the national team level, but when it comes to strong mentality Lazareva is a step ahead imo. Yes, it's a fact, strong mentality is important for volleyball and Lazareva has it. Honestly, I don't know how her reception will be if she is in. By the way, today is Lazareva's birthday.