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    Is the Russian team divided into 2 teams? Does it mean that Shcherban will only play for the Russian team if any players get hurt?

    She's on team B.

    I believe that the attackers who will go to Tokyo are: Kosheleva, Parubets, Voronkova and Kurilo. Goncharova and Lazareva too.

    yes, Russian NT is divided into 2 teams (A and B).

    Yes, Shcherban is in B team, and it seems she has less chance to participate in OGs, but still everything is possible (depending on their performance or head coach). I guess if any player of team A does not play well or has an injury and then player of team B can replace her.

    If we think that 12 players will go to the Olympics, Lazareva has less chance to make it Olympics because you can't take 6 hitters to the Olympics imo. Yes, I think the rest of the players (Kosheleva, Goncharova, Parubets, Voronkova, Kurilo) are real candidates for the Olympics.

    main roster

    S: Startseva, Romanova

    OH: Kosheleva, Voronkova, Parubets, Kurilo, Kotikova, Yurinskaya
    OPP: Goncharova, Khaletskaya, Lazareva, Malygina

    MB: Fetisova, Koroleva, Efimova, Orlova, Evdokimova, Lazarenko

    L: Malova, Galkina, Pilipenko

    reserve of the main roster

    S: Efimova, Novik, Ryseva

    OH: Bavykina, Krotkova, Shcherban, Sperskaite, Rusakova

    OPP: Russu

    MB: Enina, Zaytseva, Lyubushkina

    L: Kurnosova, Frolova

    I haven't watched Moscow a lot this year, but has Carlini been that bad that she has to be replaced by Babeshina?

    Babeshina is one of the best setters of Russia, olympic silver medalist and Carlini has to be as good as Maja Ognjenovic if she doesn't want to sit on the bench. Otherwise, Babeshina would not be replaced by her.

    Personally, i'd like to see Goncharova as OPP with Lazareva and Parubets as OHs. Maybe Lazareva could pull off what Goncha did in London 2012. Russia needs firepower among the OHs to support Goncha. I thought Voronkova would be that OH but from what I've seen from last tear, she was quite unreliable in attack.

    I totally agree with you. When it comes to experience Voronkova has it more at the national team level, but when it comes to strong mentality Lazareva is a step ahead imo. Yes, it's a fact, strong mentality is important for volleyball and Lazareva has it. Honestly, I don't know how her reception will be if she is in. By the way, today is Lazareva's birthday.


    Last year during ECH and WC, it seems Goncharova plays better when Romanova is setting. I can't explain it, but as someone who watched all the NT matches, the connection between Startseva and Goncha really hasn't been "there".

    I'm a bit insecure when it comes to setters tbh:aww:. Yes, in the league, the setters are playing with MBs a lot but unfortunately, this word is not valid for Startseva. I don't know if it would be a good idea to test Efimova, Anufrienko and even Novik before OGs. Yes, Startseva used to be the best setter in Russia but unfortunately now the setter who is playing old fashioned volleyball like her is not much even in the Russian league. I think their main problem is setters, not MBs:whistle:

    Well, unless Thompson can serve her team out from 5 down during a tie break, I don't think she'll ever near Egonu or Boskovic level.

    It takes more than carrying a scoring load.

    Goncharova have pretty much hit a road block because of her weak serve and in my opinion, that's as far as Thompson could ever go. Not that it's bad or anything because Goncharova is a very good opposite but not enough to win games on her own like Boskovic or Egonu.

    First of all, I am sorry, being off topic. I agree with you on this, but we should not forget Egonu (21y.o) and Boskovic (22y.o) is younger than Goncha. Goncha is 30y.o now. If you compare Egonu/Bosko with Goncha when she was 21/22, yes still they are better than Goncha imo.

    OTOH, I have to admit that Egonu and Bosko's teammates in their NTs are better Goncha's teammates. Goncha scored 35 pts against USA in WCH 2018 but it was not enough because her teammates didn't contribute a lot. It was not her fault. I don't think Egonu and Bosko win the games on their own, reception, defence of Serbian/Italian NT is better than Russian NT. Not to mention, how perfect is Maja's sets to her teammates. When she was in D.Moscow, Fetisova contributed a lot and even D.Moscow defeated Vakifbank in CL last year.


    Goncharova should definitely not play all 5 weeks, otherwise she will be dead by the start of the Olympics. Busato should focus on serve receive and figure out Kosheleva`s role, and give Ramonova decent playing time.

    is Malova playing right now?

    Yes, she is playing for D.Kazan now. I think her new surname confused you:lol:. Her surname now is Podkopayeva.

    I hope she won't be dead:lol:

    Busato will probably try her OPP and OH during VNL.

    Do you think Russia will play VNL with A or B team?

    Yes, this is exactly what I think, Busato will probably try her in both position (OH and OPP) during VNL. I think Koshe won't play all the games as a main player in VNL. Whenever she destroys the reception line (thinking of her as OH), I think other players will immediately substitute her. I think there won't always be the same players on court. OTOH, when Goncha is on the back line, I think Koshe (thinking of her as OPP), and Romanova can substitute Goncha and Startseva.

    I think Russia will play with A team in VNL.

    There may be some changes from game to game. In the first game, for example, he can start with Startseva, in the second one with Romanova, or can give Goncha a rest last week.

    Didn't she play as a non receiving OH and get subbed off in the back row for the libero?

    Yup you right, she played as a non receiving OH in China. This is again what I assume, her position will be different in the national team (OH and Goncha's backup). If she will destroy reception line then I think Busato will take her off the game. AFAIK, Busato simply doesn't make his mind up about her position now. Let's wait and see.

    The most important thing for Italian NT is that Gennari(did I get it right ?) has great connection with Egonu !

    And She is playing with 4 players that are part of NT....

    There are a lot of strong Italian setters in Italian league, why Mazzanti is insisting on Malinov:what: Malinov's sets to Egonu were awful in ECH. To me, Italy is a big fave team in Olympics, if they don't insist on Malinov.

    to me Dutch NT was/is a little bit disappointing because other teams did not participate in any other tournament after the european championship, but Dutch NT participated in the World CUP and played 11 games, probably training games were more than 20 days. But Djenkema's sets to her teammates are really not good at all. Plus, she had more times to work on and improve it in the WC. OTOH, I think Grotheus should be on the court because the team needs a good reception.

    I am a girl and I can understand women's psychology, they are having a lack of self-confidence IMO. Caprara can be a good coach but not a psychologist, maybe Carlo Parisi could be more psychologist. Lyubushkina praised him too much when she had played in UYBA. Yes, female psychology is a bit difficult thing, for example, when you look in the mirror, if you don't like yourself, you can shut yourself in the rooms lol.

    when it comes to German NT, their psychology is better than their neighbor. They beat Russian NT then they beat Turkish NT, so their self-confidence is in very good condition. It's like a girl looks in the mirror and sees herself as a queen. OTOH, their reception line seems very good to me, Orthmann is really improving in Italy, it is undeniable to me. She contributes very well to the team both in attack and reception line, especially when it comes to reception line she is better than Buijs, Meijners and Daalderop imo. I wish success to all teams.

    First and foremost, congrats Turkey, Belgium once again confirmed my previous post. They played three days in a row, their head coach must skip the game against Germany especially after second set and focus more on today's game. They lost too power in that game IMO. OTOH, having Van Hecke on the bench would be more useful for them. It is too tough for them playing three days in a row IMO. I couldn't imagine how they would play if they reached the semi final. Four days in a row ? Poor Herbots.

    Maybe I'm being pessimistic in order not to be too disappointed later, but I don't really see Germany beating either Poland or Netherlands tomorrow :| Both are very physical teams, tall and powerful, and that's always hard to handle for Germany. But then, at ECH without Orthmann and with Poland playing at home, we took them to 5, so who knows...

    OTOH, your head coach is clever, he gave players some rest today. I can see the Olympic spirit in them (Athena vibes).

    if i was Belgium's head coach, I would try not to lose too much power in the game against Germany, especially after the second set. Because if they go to the semifinals, they'll play five days in a row. Van Hecke and Heyrmann should have been invited to the team, even as substitute players. Today they were forced against Croatia, even though they were clear fave on paper. It is not a good idea to win friendly games especially against the team you are going to play in the group because you show all of your capability to head coach of your opponent.