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    Is USA in their country right now bombing the fuck out of Japan and stealing any of their land?

    Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California etc. They don't need to steal land from Japan because they don't have borders with Japan. Otoh, Japan is in their hands.

    That was during WWII tf. Has USA bombed Japan since? Have they mass murdered citizens in Japan since? Has USA done anything to Japan like declare war after that? Is USA in their country right now bombing the fuck out of Japan and stealing any of their land?

    I don't want to go into details but you know the war in Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan. They were strong side and that's why they weren't questioned. What I want to say is that now the strong and victorious side won't be questioned too. He said " almost all nations don't want to play with them" and I wanted to correct him " it is not all, Western countries not the whole world, the whole world is much bigger than them (even in those countries many pro-Russia immigrants from Africa and Asia)". I also want to add " didn't countries play against USSR during the Soviet era in 1960s, 1970s, 1980s etc? His country did play against USSR bcz USSR was strong side too. The countries that don't want to play against Russia today have to talk or agree with Russia sooner or later bcz era of unipolar world comes to end, you like it or not, it's what it is. I repeat China is quiet rn but China and other countries will show themselves too. Ofc, we are not solving anything here but I believe politicians will do it sooner or later. I'm sure time and/life will put everything in its place.

    They are out until war continues. Almost all nations don't want to play with them so case is simple.

    USA detonated two atomic bombs over the Japanese cities ( Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and isn't Japan playing against USA now ? Sport is a powerful political tool and I think that everything in politics will be solved in a different way. It all depends on how strong the country is. Era of unipolar world order comes to an end. Euro/dollar hegemony is gradually rreceding. China is quiet rn but I think they will show themselves soon.

    I know it's off topic and mods can move this to political thread

    I haven't been on the site for a long time, but reading comments like these, I realized that I didn't lose anything. People who think it's OK to exclude athletes, because of politics, impoverished in body and soul. I can understand if exceptions would apply to everyone, since this is correct, but no.

    Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi!

    Sheer hypocrisy, even makes me sick. I don't plan to watch the Olympics without Russian teams. The Olympics already turned into a farce when it began to get into politics, and now even more so, a pathetic sight.

    life will put everything in its place ;))

    I completely agree with Husky123 on this and my opinion will be more or less the same. I also think that Kobzar is not ready for this level yet. I also agree on this, Lazareva is not yet a reliable player, at least it is like this for me. That's why I think Akimova should be tested in VNL. Of course, I know that everyone has a different opinion and I respect it. But I don't think the comparison of Akimova and Malygina is fair enough. Akimova is a 19 years old girl and she has a long way to improve her skills. It is my opinion, Akimova is doing a good job this season even though both setters of Dinamo Metar are inconsistent.

    I think Husky123 is right, we can see Kadochkina in the national team if the rumors about Terzič being the new coach of the Russian national team are true. It is because Terzič praised Kadochkina and Lazarenko in his interview before the game against Kazan ( in that interview, Terzič talked about other Russian players too and it seemed to me like he was analyzing Russian players individually). I have to agree on this too, after Veteova's arrival, Kazan started to play better but Vetrova is an old player and I'm not sure if she will accept to play in the national team again.

    I think players like Goncharova, Voronkova, Malova, Koroleva need rest before World championship. Frankly, I want to see young players in VNL but at least I want one or two players with good reception to play in VNL because when the team is all about young players and the reception is weak, ofc this team can fail easily and then it would be pointless to participate in this tournament. Even if young players will play on VNL, I still want to see competitive team.

    I totally agree with inc0gnito on this. Ofc, with a better coach, the Russian NT could have achieved more. I remember well, even Guidetti praised Goncha and Kosha a lot after the 2015 ech.

    I agree with inc0gnito , Arina and Kadoch one step ahead among young players when it comes to offensive skills. Since Arina and Kadochkina are young and inexperienced players and I think that the experienced players and players with good reception should be added to this team too.

    After these two (Arina and Kadoch), Akimova is also a good player imo. She scored 50 points in a match in the second league two years ago. I know it's second league but still 50 points for a match was a good result for a 17 yo girl back then.

    Akimova became the 5th top scorer after the first round of the Russian League with 197 points this season. She played well against Loko in the last game as well ( 22 pts, 49% ) and Loko is one of the top teams in the Russian league. In short, if Akimova improves her skills she can be Goncha's heir imo but for that she needs to play in VNL at least every year and improve her skills.

    what about the coach? Will Busato's contract be extended?

    It is a very good question.

    Before u-18 tournament, no one (including myself) thought that the Russian NT would play like this without Fedorovtseva. There are also some rumors, Karpol didn't allow Protopopova (who is more promising OPP than Popova and Shvidkaia) to play in this tournament because he didn't want that the player to join the team in the middle of season. TBH, after that I didn't even think that the Russian NT would win medals but after this tournament, I understand that it is even possible to win gold medals without Arina and Protopopova when you have a good coach. Btw, Karikov also won the gold medals with the youth men's NT so this isn't his first gold medal in this age category. If the senior Russian NT doesn't find a decent coach, I think that all medals and efforts in the youth NT will be pointless because the senior Russian NT needs a strong coach rather than a strong player rn.

    Back to your question, this still remains unclear. We'll find out the answer to this question in December. The Russian NT played in three tournaments this season and failed in all of them. No one in Russia is satisfied with the performance of the women's NT.

    I don't know how in other countries but in Russia players can't choose the coach because they don't have such a right. This is a very similar situation, they told us Romava was injured but the reality was different, she wasn't selected. Busato said they gave the players a rest but yesterday even Godina said that the players refused to play in the Ech. Why would they refuse the coach's invitation if they chose him.

    after the game against Belarus, they asked Kadochkina why the team had such a difficult time against Belarus and did they even analyze the game of opponent. Kadochkina said that was a very difficult question and smiled. After that she said we are trying. But she didn't answer the original question and original question was like this, did they analyze the game of opponent before the match.

    I definitely agree with inc0gnito on this, he has good players around and they are saving his life at crucial moments. Gracheva and Godina said ech was the third tournament for Arina and they both were not in favor of a 17 yo player being overused like this.

    Startseva asked how and with whom she has to play during timeout and Busato said Belarus is a weak opponent. Startseva after that tried to ask it second time and Busato said the same thing Belarus is a weak opponent and you have to win it. After that, Startseva didn't ask it again and she tried to play how she could and ignore him. Gracheva said with a sad tone that we are leading against Belarus thanks to individual skills of our players. She literally said that the individual skills of the players saved us against Belarus today.

    I understand that players who were not invited by Busato earlier this year resused to play. And the teams obviously want their players preparing for the club season instead of having them back tired and maybe even injured just before the season. If Russia had a team with a chance to win the situation might have been different...

    It seems to me that Busato is better at destroying players confindence than building it. Kapustina had a good club season (her reception was never above average though) and now looks to be afraid to come on court. Even in attack she seems to afraid to make a mistake (only Goncharova made more points then her last club season)!

    Exactly. I totally and literally agree with your post. It sometimes can be difficult to explain this to people who don't watch the Russian League and don't know the capabilities of the players. Unfortunately, not only Kapustina but other players are also playing under their usual level. Voronkova was a commentator today and she praised Pipunyrova during the game. Voronkova said that if the coaches work on her skills and Pipunyrova is as strong as Fedorovtseva. Voronkova said it was very very difficult to block Pipunyrova's attacks during training process. Voronkova said she could play in ECH but she didn't want for some reasons ( you explained it in your post above).

    As for Kapustina, even Karpol had praised her (he usually doesn't praise the players no matter how good the player is) and wanted to see her in his team. She even had offers from D.Moscow.

    I didn't want to write this until you asked. Everything may look different from the outside, but the atmosphere in the team is not good rn. I was very disappointed when Buzato said we gave the players rest but the reality was different. Buzato invited them, but the players refused to play. Actually, he was surprised that the players refused his invitation (not only these players, there are other players that I know refused his invitation). It all started when Malygina was invited to the NT and it's been five years but it's like nothing has changed "Groundhog Day". After that, the players were complaining about his untimely substitution during VNL which destroyed the rhythm and self confidence of players. You know what happened after that, he said he prefer tall players, the Olympic squad was criticized by everyone including ex volleyball players etc. I don't want to go into more details. It seems to me, in a day a person can destroy the reputation he/she has earned for years.

    I agree with ignorans on this, I also don't mind taking young players, but when all this is done with a plan, it works very well indeed, not randomly. Everyone almost says that the setters reach their peak at the age of 28-30, and when you take a 19 yo girl , you limit your team because you have 2 setters in the team, if one of them is young and experienced, you will be forced to play with one setter , no matter how she plays , you will depend on one setter, even if she is off. This is still a big mystery to me, Kotova and Enina didn't play in VNL and all of sudden, why Kotova was included in the team with three days left until the Ech. It is obvious that they don't have enough time to adapt the team, and the team chemistry is important and you can't do it during 3-4 days. When you have an opportunity to take 14 players to Ech, why 12 players? I don't want to go into details, it is what it is.

    Is Chaplina still Active?

    Yes, she was the third best receiver in the Russian League this year. Even at the beginning of the season, Chaplina performed better than Voronkova and that's why her team defeated Loko in the Russian Cup.

    The number of good OH is limited in Russia. But there are several decent OH who play in this position which is something Pilipenko and Smirnova did not do last season. Possible players with pretty good reception skills: M. Frolova, Chaplina, Zvereva, Shvchuk (attack is weaker than the others), Shcherban, Kotikova.

    Yes, kurilo is pregnant, Parubets is injured but still I can add three more names to the list Simonenko, Krotkova and Ezhak ( at least she is the current champion of the Russian league). Well, now the roster doesn't seem very limited to me if tbh. If we take two of them who have the better reception and more experience (Frolova, Chaplina), we can complete the roster in this position (Frolova, Chaplina, Voronkova, Fedorovtseva). Well, it's not like we need 15 outside hitters, or it is not like other national teams have 15 decent outside hitters with better reception. Well, it's not football, so we don't need 21 players, so we could complete the roster with two decent outside hitters (I'd go for Frolova and Chaplina, or Krotkova and Chaplina) imo.

    What is the root of the problem? Lack of good players on national level?

    maybe posters who don't watch the Russian league closely might think that Russia doesn't have good players but the reality is completely different. Even Karpol said in the interview that Russia should be medal contenders in OGs, because he thinks there are still very good players in Russia. He said if they wont get medals, then the problem with the coach.

    We always criticize Malygina, but we always forget to criticize the person who invites her to the national team. It is not like Malygina invites or calls herself to the nt. I can write at least the names of 9 MBs (Kotova, Lazarenko, Slyakhovaya, Evdokimova, Sinitskaya, Koroleva, Fetisova, Enina, Zaytseva) who are better than Malygina imo but the question why the coach invited her to the NT. If Lang Ping was the coach of the Russian NT, she could build 2 competitive NT from Russian players. In short, the root of the problem is the coaches not players or with other words, the lack of good coach at the national team level.

    I would cut Matveeva, and Efimova. Smirnova and Pilipenko to fill the OHs spot.

    At the end of the day, Busato can surprise us, he can cut both libero because of height. Frankly, the roster and selection is very experimental (3 OPPs, + Arina who recently converted to oh from OPP) to me, as if it is not Olympic squad. If Russian NT will play like they did in VNL, I'm sure Russia will cut Busato after Olympics. It is my two cents.

    She did. She said it was due to injuries (if i remember correctly). I think it's because she doesn't want to be reduced as a backup player when the coach already sees Goncha as the starter.

    few months ago Gamova was talking about it on TV and she wanted to play in the Olympics, but she didn't get invited. As far as I understand there is still drama between her and Marichev.

    Voronkova, Fedorovtseva, Smirnova, ??? God forbid Russia brings Scherban :gone:

    this question has been asked before and Sokolova said that they thought a lot and finally decided not to call Shcherban. I think they will take 2nd libero.

    Busato said in the interview that he will take the players who are in the best shape because the results of olympics will determine his future in the Russian NT and he can't risk it.