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    This is the new interview with Parubets. This was also asked, recovery period is from 6 months to 9 months. Fortunately, when Parubets got injuried she knew what her injury was and she said she would prepare for the Olympics and did everything possible to go there. She is already preparing the main work, jumping, running, etc. According to her words, so far her recovery is going well. As for the Russian league, she does not yet know if she will play in the final round of the Russian League. She smiled when she said this (this is a good sign, maybe there is a chance for her). At the end, she said we'll see her on the court soon.

    Lipetsk might be a favorite on paper but I actually find Sparta as the most dangerous opponent because they defeated Lipetsk in their first play (3-0). They also defeated Loko in their first play. I don't think Sparta is an easy opponent for Lipetsk. Kaskova is a more stable player of Sparta. And Gatina is a key player.

    As for Enisey, they have won their last 3 matches and the key player of the team was Filishtinskaya. She made a good comeback. Enisey is a totally different team with Filishtinskaya now. Lipetsk has a better chance of winning if Malykh can make a good comeback too. So far Lipetsk also has a problem at Opp position.

    As for Tulitsa, they were going to beat Lipetsk 3-1 in their first play but Lipetsk managed to win the game 3-2 with help of substitutions (Demidova, Bogovskaya).

    Wow. That's surprising. I can't assure that she will shine because she is in a new team mid-season, a new system, etc, but I hope the best for her.

    This won't happen, at least this year. There were serious problem between her and the club. The team didn't let her go because she had contract 1+1. Hopefully, this problem is solved for now. Afaik, she also has good offers from D.Moscow.

    I regularly watch the Russian league, even the play of bottom teams. I agree with the most part of your post ignorans. I don't take the statistics too serious because some teams have weak coaches (f.e. Leningradka), some teams have weak setters (f.e. Proton), on the other hand, it's not wch, ech or OGs. The local championship has a purpose that players stay in good shape and they don't retire early (at least it's like that in Russia, except top teams).

    I also want to write other names whose performances I like as well. Ryseva, Shlyakhovaya, Lazareva and Kaskova (but she is too short for a OPP position 176 cm) As for Zvereva, during the game (Lipetsk vs Krasnodar) Sokolova and commentator were talking about her (the trainer liked her performance vs D.Moscow).

    As for Kotikova, Russu, they can join the team that will compete in Universiade like Lazareva did it in 2019. I want to hope that Kotikova and Russu will play in different clubs next year, esp. Kotikova she can be very useful in other team.

    and that's even worse. About Loko, we all know what happened. If Lippman's arrival is true, that would be very interesting.

    Lippmann will probably join the team after NY. And this means she wont play the first 3 games in the CL. I dont know this was written here before or not, Proton also withdraw from the Cev CUP.

    Sadly, Russian League allows only two foreigners. That is one of the reasons why its clubs has been losing against Italian and Turkish teams mostly in the last years. The same thing happens nowadays with Brazilian (and Chinese) clubs when they faced those clubs in WC. But, CBV understood, and now they allow three foreigners.

    I don't expect anything of Lokomotiv. Moscow may win some games, but having Shcherban is always its own hazard.

    Yes, but D.Moscow and Loko have the only one foreign player, Natalia Zilio and Dijkema respectively.

    Idk what's going with Kazan :down:. Last season they were so amazing. They even easily beat two Italian teams like Monza and Busto, that played so fast. Now, they have a lot of troubles with Novara and Chemik, which are better, but they're not teams who can easily smash u :aww:

    Startseva is back from an injury and therefore she has connection problem with every player. She didn't have enough playing time in the Russian League.

    as for now, aside from Goncharova, who do you think will be invited to the NT? I can see Scherban extending her stint with the NT coz she can receive decently and attack too.

    First of all, I'd like to point out that most of the players mentioned above are very close to me (they are approachable), maybe that's why I'm more excited than them now. The information is too much and I can't share all of it or let's say I don't like to post too much on this forum. The most important thing for me (maybe including all their fans) now is that they perform well, not under their level. Volleyball is a team sport, not an individual, this is what I want to see on the court (team spirit). Well, let's hope we will see more fire in their eyes.

    Sergio Buzato said in an interview after the game that the doors of the NT are open to all players. He also emphasized that he wanted to see more fire in the players' eyes. He even said that he liked the play of Khaletskaya and Krasnodar's setter and libero.

    It is very good that Sergio is in good relationship with all players because some key players like Kosheleva and Malova gave up from the NT because of Pankov.

    I am glad too she is slowly getting back to her form especially with her offense. Her and Koroleva will be a very good MB duo :box: Who do you think should be the 3rd MB? Lazarenko? Efimova?

    Based on Sergio's interview on Instagram, I assume that Efimova will be that 3rd MB:wavy:. Tbh, I prefer Zaytseva and Lazarenko over Efimova. I don't know if these stats are correct but she was the 3rd best MB in the WC last year:rolll::whistle: