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    Lexi hasn’t been playing a whole lot.. the freshman (Batenhorst) won the spot

    I see. I've always been a fan of her grit but it looks like the game has caught up with her, and these freshmen are really good competition. Will be rooting for Nebraska nonetheless. I'm so happy to see Stivrins back. IMO USA NT material - although the MB position is really packed and very competitive. I can see her and Dana Retke being solid new blood in the national team.


    Man, I love seeing former players/legends go back to their team. Their mere presence must be inspiring! Is she part of the coaching staff? I think, of the Russian legends, it's Sokolova that has the goods to be a great coach. She seems to be a player that really know the game, in and out the court.

    Hoping for this continuous shift for Russian women's volleyball. I hope the coach doesn't waste this generation of players.

    No one thinks JWO is better than de Gennaro

    but JWO was better than de Gennaro at the Olympics

    Agree! The top liberos of the OG for me were JWO and Malova. Solid but not spectacular like the other two was Brait. Career span wise and accolades, DeGenaro has been solid for a long time - and I still think she's the best. I think a usual confusion people assume is how a player's entire career is reflective of an Olympic performance. Yes it is the most important game of their career but a lot of different things come in to play. Timing being one of them.

    Me thinks that had the OGs not been postponed, JWO's growth may have been premature, and she would't be performing like gold in the OGs like she did. Same goes for other teams. A healthy Mijhalovic and not-pregnant Veljkovic would have spelled it different for Serbia. Had Arina Federovtsova not shown what she got in VNL she wouldn't have made it to the cut in the OG roster. I know these things can be planned as professional athletes, but some things can just be out of our control.

    And no crovolley, if we're talking about one that it's overhyped, it's not JWO. It's that one team...

    pretty privilege at its peak. she got way too lucky. must be nice for her name to be part of a legendary team without doing much meanwhile most people today don't even know who ai otomo is.

    Such a shame, because Ai Otomo and Erika Araki were the last true dominant MBs that played for Japan NT, which forced Manabe to go by the short-lived Hybrid 6. Happy to see future MB prospects coming up, the younger MBs in the NT establishing themselves as legit players in their position.

    On a positive note, I really think that Ze did (mostly) right and chose well this 12 player roster. Choosing Rosamaria over his favorites like Sheilla and Adenizia. I would have given the 3rd MB spot to Mayany though - Bia was non-factor, and an Olympics exposure would have potentially upped her experience. Nonetheless, big win for the Brazilians, a silver is still everything to be proud of. Can't wait to see new, younger blood come in - the same way I felt seeing the batch of the golden era girls coming in post 2004 Athens when a lot of the seniors gave way and retired from the NT.

    Do you guys know how many situations like this happened to many sportspeople before? Why are you already judging her when it’s nothing official yet? There are so many things and possible reasons for the positive test other than taking doping so please stop with the judgement.

    I feel like for some people it’s now a great chance to explain the loss of their fav team with this and blame her for everything bad that happened in the world but guys remember this girl has been dealing with depression and other issues. So please stop with some hateful comments.

    THIS! Crovolley is so pressed into concluding sanctions for a still developing "alleged" case.

    Totally agree this is not fair at all:mad:

    Not fair is imposing judgement without due process. If you must know, a lot of drugs can cause false positive for doping test. Some of these drugs are medications for anxiety and depression, which Tandara has been very vocal to be suffering from. What's unfair is letting the whole team lose their chances of playing for the setback of just one team mate.

    If everything goes south for Tandara and Brazil will be suspended, then so be it. Revoke Brazil's medal and give it to the next in ranking. It's very easy.

    Award predictions? If the awards are positions based, does it mean that your team has to be in the semis to get the award? If so, my predictions would be:

    Best OH
    - Kim Yeon Koung
    - Fe Garay/Jordan Larson


    - Carol Gattaz

    - Hayleigh Washington


    - Tijana Boskovic

    - Jordyn Poulter/Maja Ogjenovic
    (IDK how Poulter's absence in the QF will affect her standings, or if Maja is the favorite given that this is her last OG)


    - Justin Wong-Orantes (hands down)

    - Fe Garay/Larson depending on which one will win GOLD.

    "this olympic cycle" also had Egonu go off on everyone (except Serbia) in the 2018 WCh, beating China, USA, Russia, etc.

    You can't take this one data point and extrapolate it to the entire sport. What about the Rio olympic cycle? London? etc, etc.

    I'd like to think of the "Olympic cycle" as one road with the eventual goal and final battle being the Olympics - the most important and coveted medal of all. Teams with ace players can win major games and be clear favorites, like how you cited an Egonu domination 3 years ago, but at the end of the day, when your ace player falters (like in Egonu and Zhu) or your supporting cast can't back up your main gunner (Serbia), a well balanced team like USA and Brazil can have better outcomes for they have not relied on one player solely.

    Maybe it was an extrapolation, but it was made on fair grounds. I wasn't generalizing, so your arguments on it's consistency re: Rio and London, is unfair, as I did not claim that it was the only truth that could exist for this sport, but just one thing we can learn from.

    If there's one thing this Olympic cycle is pointing out - it's that volleyball is a team sport. All other teams who have clearly built a team around their ace players (China, Serbia, Italy) are falling against well balanced teams like USA, Brazil and Turkey (sadly Turkey choked) . Looking forward to a redo of 2008 and 2012 finals in USA vs Brazil. (A lot of hopefuls for Korea, but let's be real here, Brazil is the better team through and through)

    I think it is fine if Brazil starts with Gabi-Natalia duo. Both are better receivers than Garay and it keeps Brazil in system. A Brazil playing in system will always be lethal.

    That is if we have very dominant MBs. This has been a very effective formula during the Walewska-Fabiana-Thaisa era that I hope continues with this team - although I highly doubt. The trend these days is to have a terminal winger that can kill OOS balls and have a steady role playing team built around them (Zhu Ting, Egonu, Boskovic). Although this has never been the playing style of Brazil, I don't think it will ever be. I think rotating among the 3 OHs is a good problem for Ze to have. I would use a Gabi-Natalia duo for games that need extra blocking, and a Natalia-Garay vs teams with good floor defense.

    I can't believe Sheilla's spot is up for argument here. She's clearly not in the best shape to be of any help to the team. Her spot in a small group of 12 will heavily impact the trajectory of Brazil for the next cycle. Imagine stealing an opportunity for growth from another player - I think that's selfish. I really look up to Sheilla as a player and I think that's she's the best Opposite that has graces the national team ever, but this decision of hers is just disappointing. I really thought she would be better than this.