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    In America, and in US sports, we have a common term for when things start trending/spiraling in an unstoppable direction: "The dominos start falling". WELL..

    Today the Big West...the largest, yet-to-be-decided VB conference...chose to suspend all fall sports to Spring. Only 2 leagues to go; it's conference-only or that!

    Here is my ultimate take on this, having quite a few US contacts: everything that is going to, or won't, happen has to do with institutional liability. Everything! So in other words, if Mark Emmert, conference commissioners, university presidents, college regents, etc. potentially feel they can be/will be sued: they'll quit and shut it down. All the jabbering about student-athletes', staffs', and fans' safety is real enough. But...the ultimate "hammer" will be any potential litigation!

    UPDATE; 16 July: it seems that ~50 % of the power conferences have put off determining if they will go conference matches-only until sometime in September

    This gives them time to: 1) arrange future schedules if conference-only; and 2) see where the Covid-19 situation stands in the US in about one + a half months

    At this time the two conference-only groups are Pac-12.and B1G.

    Yeah, I think (and hope) it's more a "I don't want to stay away from my home/family if everything gets shut down again and I can't go back" situation rather than feeling "safer" in the USA.

    Still, she could have thought about it earlier, up until a few days ago when the team started training in all the press everyone was still waiting for her.

    During most of her NCAA career, Foecke stated that she was going to go straight into veterinary school...not turning pro. Seems that is what she is doing now.

    She is now recently married and a lot of stress was involved here.

    Seems as if the power conferences are gonna start a season having conference-only matches; the NCAA tourney may be completely different, or not happen!

    One thing about IVC: if there are international-league matches, I will be following some of my fave former-NCAA players; no matter what happens in the USA.

    Pac-12 just announced that many Fall sports, including football and women's VB, will be conference-only seasons. They are going to try to begin in September

    Since you love college volleyball, please, guys, help the Stanford former players to keep alive the men's volleyball program. Players like the Shoji bros, Shaw, Cook and so on started a petition online. The Athletics cut 11 programs because of the financial crisis after the Covid-19.

    Already done...& shared on my facebook platform. It was at ~1700 when I signed-on; was at 6,400+ when I went to bed about 11-12 hours ago. Here's hoping!

    Seems as if the power conferences are gonna start a season having conference-only matches; the NCAA tourney may be completely different, or not happen!

    One thing about IVC: if there are international-league matches I will be following some of my fave former-NCAA players; no matter what happens in the USA.

    oh I'm late to the ball I see haha.

    I think its interesting you think they'll finish worse than in 2019 (if there's a season). I think they're the only team to return all of their starters in the B1G.

    I think Caffey is a big addition to the team. Schwarzenbach doesn't really have an offensive presence but Caffey does. Miller's scholarship ended I believe and she really did not have a great 2019 season. Seeing the writing on the wall, it was a good decision on her part to move to a very good academic school.

    I'm a homer, but this group to me, has a ceiling as high as Wisconsin this season. Last season we saw them falter in the big moments (particularly Sun). I think a year of improvement and growth will help them (if there's a season anyways)

    See you made it, welcome (we have a small, yet growing, 'party' here...~5 regulars; 10 more part-timers...started with one (me). Most are fairly new to NCAAs).

    I did these previews as a means to foster conversation amongst the other posters; not necessarily a back-and-forth w/ moi. THEY kept it going when I was gone for roughly a few months with some health issues. They started requesting previews once I returned: hence voila'. Was pretty opinionated writing them.

    That was intentional; to spark convos/debates thereof. We'll see! P.S: thanks to Sisko95 for facilitating your approval after his reading my message to Janko.


    Now, most non-UH fans usually do not understand why Hawaiians often refer to their women's teams as "Na Wahine". In the Hawaiian language, "na" is a descriptive collective adjective referring to the group of athletes as a whole: as one single group entity (not as individuals). It's a local-native thing here.

    Okay, linguistics lesson aside...this is a program that was once one of the premiere, elite teams in the early years of NCAAs. Under their first coach, Dave Shoji, they won four National titles (3 NCAA & 1 AIWA). Theyreally have not been as relevant of a program for the past 10-15 years/ since I have been here this past decade. The Hawai'i fanbase is one of the most passionate, loyal, stuck-in-the-past ones in the US. Robyn Ah Mow took over when Shoji retired.

    What will 2020 hold as Coach RAM resuscitates this program?

    PROJECTED LINEUP (* Returning Starters)

    *Hanna Hellvig, RS, Sophomore

    Kyra Hanawahine, L, Senior

    *Amber Iglede, MB, Soph.

    Kate Lang, Setter, Freshman

    *Jolie Rasmussen, OH, R-Sr.

    *Brooke Van Sickle, OH, Sr.

    *Skyler Williams, MB, Senior


    Kirsten Sibley, OH

    *McKenna Ross, OH

    *Rika Okino, Libero

    Kamalei Krug, MB (indoor-VB retired)

    *Norene Iosia, S

    Bailey Choy, Setter


    Mylana Byrd, S, Jr. (transfer)

    Anna Kiraly, MB, Freshman

    Kate Lang, Setter, Fr.

    Sienna Springborn, MB, Fr.


    NO returning Setter or Libero will be the number one question marks/ potential Achilles' Heels for this otherwise deep, talented squad. The team lost two of their major offensive pieces for much of 2019 when both Van Sickle and Rasmussen went down with lengthy injuries. They returned in time to:

    finish 26-4; win the Big West conference (14-2); and make the NCAA Tournament...losing to Nebraska 0-3 in a Regional Semi. The main strength of this group will be the pin hitters (OH and OPP), with Swede Hanna Hellvig, Jolie Rasmussen, + Brooke Van Sickle starring (if healthy). Hanawahine probably will start at Libero; Lang begins at Setter: with Byrd waiting-in-the-wings if necessary. The MBs are solid/not spectacular. Floor defense is an unknown

    Their conference was the ninth best in the NCAA in '19. Na Wahine fans live in past glories, hoping for a return. Prediction? Win BW; 2nd round NCAA.

    Here in Hawaii, we do US Independence Day a bit differently than back on the North American continent. One common, universal tradition, tho', is fireworks!:drink:


    This is a program, much like Kentucky's, which has somewhat emerged as a near-elite team in recent years. They gave Nebraska a very good fight in the 2nd round of the NCAA tourney in 2019: losing 1-3 (25-20, 20-25, 30-32, 18-25). Quite a barnburner in Set three! They lose Kayla Caffey, Riley Sents & Sun Wenting from the '19 squad, yet they have a widely/well-spaced out roster for 2020. One top returner to watch for is Junior OH Leketor Member-Meneh.


    Kiley Deberg, Outside Hitter, Senior; 2019 AVCA Second Team A-A

    Claudia Dillon, Middle Blocker, Soph.

    Leandra Mangual-Duran, L, Soph.

    Andrea Fuentes, Setter, R-Junior

    Dariana Hollingsworth, OPP, Sr.

    Leketor Member-Meneh, OH, Sr.

    Tyanna Omazic, MB, Sr.


    Sun Wenting, OH, Sr.

    Katie Turner, DS, Soph.

    Riley Sents, Libero, Sr.

    Brynn Paumen, MB, Junior

    Kayla Caffey, MB, R-Jr.


    Emily Brown, DS, Fr.

    Anna D'Cruz, MB, R-Jr. (UAB transfer)

    Anna Dixon, OH, Soph. (transfer from KSU)

    Erin Williamson, L/DS, R-Soph. (transfer from Arizona)


    Lotta offense, not much D (worst defensive team in the SEC; lost their best blocker to a suspension/transfer; graduated the Senior L). Offensively look to Omazic, Member-Meneh, Hollingworth and Deberg for their top firepower. The Tiger program is in a coaching transition. Prediction? Middle of SEC.

    EDIT: in doing this piece I admit that I really overlooked the past accomplishments and potential of Kiley Deberg. Look for her to be a mainstay in '20.