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    They're definitely heading in the right direction. I have a few friends who are die hard fans and they said that a European recruit is coming. Care to share some names of incoming freshman who are joining next year?

    bumpsetspike -- Also, there are two remaining available scholarships for 2020. There is a "buzz" (rumored-undercurrent/gossip) that one of Hanna Hellvig's Swedish NT teammates might be in the works. Unfortunately, as with most UH 'rumblings', that may just be some fanatical-homer wishful thinking! We'll see.

    Just reviewed each of our optimal, fantasized, A team starting lineups. Only two differences: Thompson + Larson v. Drews + MBH (both of whom I would have on my squad (and be amongst the first of my subs)). One thing about Jordan: she, to me, is like a 'swiss army knife' of this team. multifaceted & multitalented. Thompson was just raking (killing it) during the Summer before returning to her college. I feel that those seven - with the usual suspects as backups - can win!

    No big surprise in the AVCA Poll this week

    Wisconsin after the win yesterday on 6 . Gophers on 7 and Marquette on 13 after loss Creighton.


    RPI is WAY more important than the AVCA numbers-standings. With a few tweaks (bonus points, conference tourneys, et al) added, it's what the NCAA uses

    Thank you God, now players can finally go to their clubs...

    Agreed!! As surprised as I was with the USWNT's roster for this, it wasn't a major heartbreak, tournament-importance-wise (though the team wanted it/ tried their best). Here's my desired/idealized A-team starting lineup for Tokyo: Akinradewo, Carlini, Larson, Ogbogu, Robinson, Thompson, Wong-Orantes. So there!

    They're definitely heading in the right direction. I have a few friends who are die hard fans and they said that a European recruit is coming. Care to share some names of incoming freshman who are joining next year?

    The one which is confirmed, to my knowledge, is Kate Lang, Setter. An incoming Libero - Georgia Via - I think is in 2020. Then....That ever-mysterious Euro OH.

    ** Edit ** OK, in 2020: Katherine (Kate) Lang; 5'10" Setter; Keller, TX.; Georgia Via; 5'8" L; Frisco, TX. (walk-on). And in 2021: Mia Johnson; 6' OH; League, TX.8)

    It’s also in youtube. Type in Je n’ai aucun drolit d’auteur

    H. Tapp’s a-quick is basically nonexistent

    Merci'. So, since Flo covers a TON of NCAA matches (which sometimes are not typically streamed by schools/networks, necessarily), it's good to have options!

    SEMIS: U.S. vs. CANADA

    Set 1: USA 25-17 CANADA

    PS: for those who want to view the rest of NORCECA matches, FloVolleyball (c/o Flosports) is available in other countries seemingly: according to their website

    No, Was only referring to this NORCECA squad: not the entire group in the USWNT gym. Actually, your prospective twelve-person roster is very close to my ideal one! I was a coach; I'm looking at this potential Tokyo team as I might surmise Kiraly would (he is "in his own world" tho'). Start Foluke and I'm with ya!

    'K - just finished a night of following NCAA (US college) v-.ball. Afa this NORCECA tourney, I feel that KK is experimenting, before everything breaks down, so as to allow most of the current squad to (finally) get to their professional teams. One thing I do feel confident 'bout is that this team will not be the one in 2020!

    I think its alright for them to play in this tournament. They barely even played during world cup anyways.

    The point, originally, of a few posters (pages ago) was that the US has some specific players, now on the Norceca roster, who are being kept from joining their pro teams; whose seasons are just starting up. Many international leagues are firing up; some of their marquee Americans will not be joining them until after.

    they should honestly just give it to USA now.

    Meh: still a lot of VB to go. Here is where it stands, re: teams from both pools going forward in the "knockout" portion of this tournament. Point totals first:

    GROUP A:

    Puerto Rico (3-0) - 15 points

    Canada (2-1) - 9 points

    Cuba (1-2) - 6 points

    Costa Rica (0-3) - 0 points

    GROUP B:

    United States (3-0) - 15 points

    Dom. Republic (2-1) - 10 points

    Mexico (1-2) - 5 points

    Trinidad + Tobago (0-3) - 0 points


    10/11/19 18:00 EDT: Cuba v. DR

    10/11/19 20:15 EDT: Canada v. Mexico


    10/12/19 14:00 EDT: Costa Rica v. loser of one of the quarterfinals

    10/12/19 16:00 EDT: Trinidad-Tobago v. loser of the other quarterfinal


    10/12/19 18:00 EDT: United States v. winner of one of the quarters.

    10/12/19 20:15 EDT: Puerto Rico v. other quarter. winner


    10/13/11 11:00 EDT


    10/13/11 13:00 EDT


    10/13/19 15:00 EDT


    10/13/19 17:15 EDT

    *** Seems that most of these matches are determined via what seeded teams' win or lose in the knockout rounds. Therefore they're All TBD right now. ***