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    Adora Anae wants to leave Korea because of corona. It is stated in the standard contract that contract could be delayed maximum 14 days due to the inevitable outside force. However she asked to the team that she wants to get out of Korea whatever the contract says.

    She even wrote an official document to FIVB arguing that Korea should finish the league, not delaying. She also requested to compensate players with money.

    IBK is trying to stop her because other foreign players could be influenced if Anae is leaving.

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    There are several reasons why some teams want asian quota(I aslo think this would fit better, thank you theloneracer).

    1. The gap between teams could be reduced by the introduction of the asian quota.

    2. Teams could get the players with cheap money because the money required to pay for korean player is increasing every other years.

    3. Korean Volleyball League could enlarge the total market with asian players because it will be introduced to the countries where the players are from.

    4. Teams could have more substitute players when some of their starting members are injured.

    But what fans are claiming are these.

    1. 6 teams is already so small for players to play. There are not enough chance for players to play if more foreign players are hired. In fact, Korean NT always suffered from their lack of opposite. And that is because foreign players took the opposite spot, and coaches didn't want to take the risk of using 'domestic' opposite.

    2. One more thing for limited chance for players. Young players would have less chance for playing if one more foreign players are hired. There are already so many players retiring because they don't get chance, and this would become much severe with the introduction of the asian quota.

    And it could finally reduce the total number of the youth players who want to play volleyball because they might not get the chance.

    3. Therefore, the 7th team, or the league B should be first, not the Asian quota.

    4. The reason why teams want asian quota is just they want to reduce the money required to maintain the team.

    5. The majority of fans would like to see the Korean players playing because the majority of the fans are korean.

    I think the asian quota would not become a reality, but if it does, the pool of the players will be limited to ASEAN players except for the Chinese or Japanese players because KOVO have to open their players to china or japan and it might lead the star players going to china or japan if they do that. (Japan's asian quota didn't allow Korean or Chinese either because of this.)

    Breaking news!

    All 13 teams (including the men's team) requested to stop the league until COVID-19 stops spreading.

    Korean Basketball League(KBL) already stopped the league because one of the confirmed corona virus patient visited the hotel where players stayed. Some of the foreign players escaped from the team and go back to their home though they cannot come back to Korean league forever.

    Also, Korean Baseball league decided not to play the exhibition game for the first time. Korean Soccer League decided to delay the league.

    In fact, one medical trainer from Heunguk had a fever and had a checkup but fortunately he was not diagnosed as a corona patient.

    However, as all the professional league in Korea decided to delay/stop the league, so KOVO too, is seriously considering to delay the league.

    Tomorrow there will be a meeting to decide whether to adopt asian quarters or not.

    However, many fans are strongly oppose to asian quarters because there are already foreign players playing, and if we add asian quarters, then there will be very limited chance for young players or potential players.

    Korean league has only 6 teams which is very small compared to other league. Fans want to add more teams, the 7th team. Moreover, fans want league B (league for substitute players) before asian quarters.

    So I think this would not be adopted and rather KOVO should try to enlarge the overall league size to give more chance to players and have a bigger market.

    Guess you're right. ian3373

    '공격' means attack point

    '서브' means service points

    '블로킹' means block points

    '범실' means errors, plus '상대 범실' means opponent errors.

    Hope this will help you when watching v-league😄😄 and feel free to ask me if you want something to translate korean into english😊😊

    It is really amazing to watch the game today. It is almost full house though the wodespread corona virus.

    The 1st and 2nd set was below the expectation. GS got the sets so easily with Hyundai seems very unsettled. However as Hayley waking up in the 3rd set, Hyundai won the 3rd and the 4th set with the deuce. 5th set was also amazing with many consecutive scores, and GS takes the game coming back from 10-12 with 5 cinsecutive points.

    It will be much fun to watch the battle between Hyundai and GS with their point gap is just 1 point. I guess GS will be placed in the top at the end of the season because Hyundai is going through very hard time after the libero Kim yeon gyeon is out.

    Due to the corona virus rapidly spreading in South Korea, Hi-pass decided to play the rest of their home games in the opponent's home.

    Corona virus became a huge problem in south Korea, especially in the region Daegu, and it is very near to hi-pass's homeground, Gimcheon. So they decided not to play their games in their home.

    The number of the patients who are diagnosed as corona virus in Korea is exponentially rising in the recent days. 351 people were diagnosed as corona, which is 142 people plus compared to yesterday. 4 days before it was 28, and now we cannot ignore this rapid spread of the virus.

    Therefore, KBL(Korean Basketball League) decided to play the games without the spectators.

    So KOVO is also considering to play the rest of the season without the spectators. The result isn't out yet, but I think there are a high possibilities of playing the test of the matches without the spectators. Hope this virus doesn't spread rapidly anymore and not hurt the players.


    I'm a bit worried because she came back earlier than expected. However she played awesome today and rewarded her first triple crown within her career with 4 blocks, 3 aces. What is more amazing is 3 of her 4 blocks made from Diouf! She proved why many people want her and showed she is the best player in this league.

    In the 3rd set which was the most important set for both teams, because points gap between 2 teams would be totally different with that set.

    Lee jaeyeong played perfect in that important moment with blocking 2 of Diouf's attack and finishes the rallies with her attack. KGC became out of control after that set and lost the whole match giving 3 points to Heunguk.

    Moreover, the performance of Han songyi these days is outstanding! She blocks very well, and attacks very diverse with a,b quick and moving attack. I think she would be using as a starting MB in the national team because Lavarini doesn't like Yang hyojin's playing style. Beside from that she is really amazing these days. Anyone would expect this because she seemed too old to adjust to a new position. She was very successful player as a OH, and now she is also very good player as a MB. I'll cheer her for new golden days as a MB!

    Actually, Hi-pass originally re-drafted Leslie Cikra for the 2016/17 season but she got injured before the season started and Hi-pass then brought in Kennedy Bryan and then later Hillary Hurley.

    Interesting about how Kim Jong-Min wanted to keep Diouck for another season but chose someone else and then also Diouck turning down Hi-pass approach after they released Sherridan Atkinson. zenith Were these from news reports sources or were they just rumours among Korean fans?

    I have to said it is fairly hard to find a replacement for the foreign player. Teams can only choose from the players who attended the draft (and some other players who are qualified like Hayley Spelman who didn't attend the draft last May in Toronto), plus all the decent one have already joined other teams by August and September. And if they want to recruit one of those qualified player who has already joined another team then they have to buy out the player's contract.

    I think it is a rumor but rumors from fans were quite trustworthy. I know it's hard to find a good replacement player during the season, and that's why teams should be very careful when choosing players in the draft. I would tolerate it was the first time, but it is countless that jongmin made mistakes.

    Now I just hope no more players got injured from the match. Also I want just an appropriate level of foreign players. No change or injury please😔😔

    And today's match between KGC and Heunguk would be an epic!!

    Lee jaeyeomg came back for heunguk and Oh ji yeong came back for KGC.

    I hope KGC will win because it will lead to a much interesting 6th round!

    I thought he is quite good coach so far, but his choice of foreign players are so terrible. Hi-pass's line up was almost perfect in recent years, but has won only 1 title and I think it is because of their foreign players.

    In 2016-2017, Kennedy Brian was their foreign player, and she was as terrible as Sanchez right now. She usually taken out of the court because of the bad performance and they play without foreigner many times. After changing foreign player to Hillary Hurly, they won 5 games in a row, which means their korean players are good.

    In 2017-2018, Ivana Nesovic was their foreign players and she was excellent. But she was the 1st choice of that draft, all the other coaches said they would choose her.

    In 2018-2019, Ivana was hired again. But she has waist injury, which was said before the draft but Jongmin insisted on going with her. As a result she almost did not play with the team and hi-pass again have to play without foreigner for 7(as I remember)games. After Patou Diouck has come, they won 9 straight games and reached the championship games but lost to Heunguk.

    In 2019-2020 this season, he could choose Patou again and she wanted that either. She played amazing in the play-off and the championship games, but he didn't choose her.

    He chose Sherridan Etkinson and she got out even not playing the 1st match of the regular season. It is said she didn't follow the training session and she was so stubborn.

    Hi-pass tried to get Patou again but she was dissapointed that Jongmin didn't chose her, so she didn't come.

    He chose Taylor Simpson who has so bad reputation. Again she didn't show up in the games like the past 2 seasons in Heunguk, and hi-pass was planning to accuse her for not fulfilling the contract , but she escaped to US without saying goodbye to teammates.

    Their last choice was Sanchez, but as we can see she is no better than korean players.

    My patience is done. As we can see hi-pass performed excellent with just middle level foreigner because their Korean member was so good. But they won only 1 title with so many bad foreigners and I think they should win much more with this member.

    It is very important to choose good foreign players as a Korean league coach. Lee jungchul got so much title with that. However Kim jongmin is soooo terrible with this task.

    Moreover he put aside the substitute players and not using them. As a result they didn't grow well and the starting players got old, there is no one left to play well now.

    I would accept hi-pass just go with Jongmin for winning the 1st title, but he already made so many errors with the foreigners. I don't want to see players suffering from bad foreigners agian😥

    I'm done with hi-pass this season. They absolutely need rebuilding. Their starting setter, middle blockers are really old

    Lee hyohee can't play a whole game in her own, Jung daeyeong plays still okay but she is getting older everyday, Bae yoona is injury-prone.

    What is worse is 2 women reception system seems to be out of system. Both Moonjungwon and Lim myeongok looks very tired.

    Park jeongah has to take all the blockers because there is no good foreigners.

    All they need is a preparation for the next generation. Hope this works well and personally I don't want to see Kim jongmin anymore.

    It's really sad that Lucia got injured. Heunguk would suffer veru hard time because their 2 main scorers are all injured. And they already lost 6 matches in a row, with KGC trailing them by 9 points.

    However Korean league usually use players who is not in a good state. They usually say that it was player's opinion to play the matches even though she is not in a good state. But usually it is just used not to get some criticisms from the fans.

    It would be hard to suppress temptations for Park mi-hee using Lee jaeyeong and Lucia fresco as fast as she could, but I hope they all not play until they fully recover from the injury.

    Poor Heunguk... lose almost every match afterLee jaeyeong is out.

    They almost got to win most of the time but finally they lose😅😅

    Think Lee jaeyeong has a lot to do in this team. But I hope Park mihee won't use her even her injury is fully recovered.

    Lee jaeyeong definitely needs rest because she always plays the game in the season and off the season with NT.

    Hope she came back with perfect state and make a lot of contributions in the OG!

    Last time I check Japan beat Korea in Korean home in Asian Championship 2019.

    Yes right. That was the only win for Japan and that is why I said almost. These days asian championship is not recognized as a important tournament as there was no ranking points. Also it was not the match between A team vs A team.

    However astonishing point is that Japan was with B team while Korea was playing with A team. Japan B beat Korea in 2019 but Japan A kept losing to Korea except for vnl 2018, and lost almost all important matches.

    I think this system is much better than the previous one, with counting all the matches and sets with different weight value. It shows the current strength of the countries much better than before. There are some weird standings but it just counts 1 year and it will become better as the year goes by. Serbia's fall is because they throw the vnl and world cup which counts the most in rhe current ranking system.

    But the one thing I cannot understand is too big counts of VNL. 50 for olympics, 45 for the Wch and 40 for the vnl?? Can't agree with this. VNL is for $$$ and it is so exhausting tournaments for the players.