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    Afterall, the teams who didn't bring their best members to VNL got rekt. China, Italy, Serbia all considered to be the gold medal contender but they didn't show their power throughout the tournament.

    On the other hand, USA, Brazil, the best performing VNL teams are playing well at this tournament.

    Even Korea spend whole VNL as a practicing competition as our 5 out of 7 starters are out. It was terrible at the beginning but we got some team spirit and precious experiences so we became much stronger compared to the beginning.

    Winning mentality and overcoming hardships must be trained before the Olympics, but you can't learn it from NT camps, and it is getting clearer as the competition proceeds.

    there are only 3 possibilities for MVP right now I feel: KYK, Wong-Orantes (yes I'm serious) or Gabi.

    All 3 would be epic but I definitely am rooting for some respect being written on KYK's name at this point bye guys :wavy: a medal and mvp :obey: (I think USA will win gold for sure with Tandara out lmao but nothing is sure this tournament)

    I'll really love it if KYK gets another MVP, but I heard some news that MVP is given only to the gold medal team since 2014. Is that correct??

    As I heard, all other Brazilian players are in retest now and if there are two more positive case, they'll be disqualified from the tournament.

    But it takes time to get a result, and it would not come out before the semis, but it will came out before the finals.

    So the semifinal match will be played on time, so things will be clear before the finals.

    Kim heejon had an ankle surjury about 2 months ago, and she would have been working for rehabilitation if it is not Olympics. She came here because it's kyk's last Olympics and she is playing with her sick ankle.

    So I can't blame her for low performance. Hope Jung jiyoon does well but she is too young and inexperienced to play at this level...

    So sad there are no opposite left to play well at this moment😂

    Oh God, please give kyk just 1 medal...

    She worked so hard for more than 10 years in NT.

    There were so many hardships in her volleyball life, iand it is her last competition she would participate in the name of Korea.

    Her loyalty to NT is absolutely astonishing, and her last dream is to win a medal in olympics.

    Please give her 1 medal...please...;(

    Adora Anae wants to leave Korea because of corona. It is stated in the standard contract that contract could be delayed maximum 14 days due to the inevitable outside force. However she asked to the team that she wants to get out of Korea whatever the contract says.

    She even wrote an official document to FIVB arguing that Korea should finish the league, not delaying. She also requested to compensate players with money.

    IBK is trying to stop her because other foreign players could be influenced if Anae is leaving.

    Edit: changed the link. Thank you theloneracer

    There are several reasons why some teams want asian quota(I aslo think this would fit better, thank you theloneracer).

    1. The gap between teams could be reduced by the introduction of the asian quota.

    2. Teams could get the players with cheap money because the money required to pay for korean player is increasing every other years.

    3. Korean Volleyball League could enlarge the total market with asian players because it will be introduced to the countries where the players are from.

    4. Teams could have more substitute players when some of their starting members are injured.

    But what fans are claiming are these.

    1. 6 teams is already so small for players to play. There are not enough chance for players to play if more foreign players are hired. In fact, Korean NT always suffered from their lack of opposite. And that is because foreign players took the opposite spot, and coaches didn't want to take the risk of using 'domestic' opposite.

    2. One more thing for limited chance for players. Young players would have less chance for playing if one more foreign players are hired. There are already so many players retiring because they don't get chance, and this would become much severe with the introduction of the asian quota.

    And it could finally reduce the total number of the youth players who want to play volleyball because they might not get the chance.

    3. Therefore, the 7th team, or the league B should be first, not the Asian quota.

    4. The reason why teams want asian quota is just they want to reduce the money required to maintain the team.

    5. The majority of fans would like to see the Korean players playing because the majority of the fans are korean.

    I think the asian quota would not become a reality, but if it does, the pool of the players will be limited to ASEAN players except for the Chinese or Japanese players because KOVO have to open their players to china or japan and it might lead the star players going to china or japan if they do that. (Japan's asian quota didn't allow Korean or Chinese either because of this.)

    Breaking news!

    All 13 teams (including the men's team) requested to stop the league until COVID-19 stops spreading.

    Korean Basketball League(KBL) already stopped the league because one of the confirmed corona virus patient visited the hotel where players stayed. Some of the foreign players escaped from the team and go back to their home though they cannot come back to Korean league forever.

    Also, Korean Baseball league decided not to play the exhibition game for the first time. Korean Soccer League decided to delay the league.

    In fact, one medical trainer from Heunguk had a fever and had a checkup but fortunately he was not diagnosed as a corona patient.

    However, as all the professional league in Korea decided to delay/stop the league, so KOVO too, is seriously considering to delay the league.

    Tomorrow there will be a meeting to decide whether to adopt asian quarters or not.

    However, many fans are strongly oppose to asian quarters because there are already foreign players playing, and if we add asian quarters, then there will be very limited chance for young players or potential players.

    Korean league has only 6 teams which is very small compared to other league. Fans want to add more teams, the 7th team. Moreover, fans want league B (league for substitute players) before asian quarters.

    So I think this would not be adopted and rather KOVO should try to enlarge the overall league size to give more chance to players and have a bigger market.

    Guess you're right. ian3373

    '공격' means attack point

    '서브' means service points

    '블로킹' means block points

    '범실' means errors, plus '상대 범실' means opponent errors.

    Hope this will help you when watching v-league😄😄 and feel free to ask me if you want something to translate korean into english😊😊

    It is really amazing to watch the game today. It is almost full house though the wodespread corona virus.

    The 1st and 2nd set was below the expectation. GS got the sets so easily with Hyundai seems very unsettled. However as Hayley waking up in the 3rd set, Hyundai won the 3rd and the 4th set with the deuce. 5th set was also amazing with many consecutive scores, and GS takes the game coming back from 10-12 with 5 cinsecutive points.

    It will be much fun to watch the battle between Hyundai and GS with their point gap is just 1 point. I guess GS will be placed in the top at the end of the season because Hyundai is going through very hard time after the libero Kim yeon gyeon is out.