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    so now, all turn to the players instead of the management and clubs?

    don't you guys see? this is what they all want to do.. changing focus to who's fault, who's the bad guy etc

    it'll be all over again just like go yoomin case. at the end of the day, people care more about the gossips and nobody care on how to change the system so this f*cked up incidents will never happen again.

    I knew somehow it gonna reach this way in LDY case. She's complaining about seniority problem in the team but club, medias and knetzs focused more on her rebellious act, not what made her post that in public, what actually happened, is there some sort of bullying happened inside the club. It Is sucks they never learned anything from last suicide case.

    And KOVO is useless anyway.

    Have we seen how Lee Da-yeong sets to the hitters? If she's intentionally giving bad sets to someone, then that may be a sign....

    If we want to based on that, it would be the receiving line who made the game difficult lol.

    On serious note, no. She's playing like usual. I mean, it'd be stupid move to intentionally sabotaging your teammates when all eyes on you on that day.

    Didn't Lavarini experimenting with Jun Jihyun as wing spiker in VNL before? Against non-asian tall blockers, she's not that good. But who knows, she might get another chance in NT if she performs well this season.

    I think Kim Heejin is the type of player who did well in NT more than in club. I don't think Lavarini will replaced her as his 1st choice. Even when she wasn't in good condition and didn't perform well when IBK experimenting her as OPP last season, she still joined NT to Olympic Qualification in Thailand.

    Yes I would like to see Lee Dahyun in NT, replacing Lee Juah. She's much faster in attacking and better in blocking than the latter. For Kim Suji, well, her biggest advantage is experience. Sometimes experience is crucial in big stage like Olympic.

    Doesn't surprised me at all with juniors have to serve seniors culture. I remember watching a korean reality show about some foreign guys did training in a korean company. When it's time for lunch they need to take lunch order from every single employees who order different type of foods because of their lowest ranking in the company. It happened in kdrama too how junior in the office is basically a 'slave' for their senior.

    Lee Dayeong sometimes posted how she got really stress from lots of bad comments directed at her through sns, but idk if crisis happened between players. Based on the matches that I watched so far, she seems fine getting along with KYK, Lucia Kim Seyeong and Kim Miyeon. And she always posted ig story hanging out with her twin, Juah and some Heungkuk junior players, But idk about Kim Nahee. She rarely gets play time nowadays so not sure about her

    About Hyundai, the way the club and KOVO handled it is a joke. How Hyundai did internal investigation themselves when they were the ones who being accused of mistreated their player is so bizarre. But I feel bad for other players who doesn't even involve at all.

    The middle is a weakness. I've got a lot of love for Han Song-yi and wish her nothing less than a medal to complete her illustrious career, but for the sake of the team, it would be better to bring fresher legs. The question is who? They lack strength, someone capable of quick, mobile attacks. Jung Ji-yoon has shown flashes of impressive power at times, but is still too raw and lacks fundamentals. Lee Joo-ah, if I may be honest, still hasn't displayed any particular qualities that would warrant a selection. My dream would be for Jung Ho-young to explode this season and take over the game. In two years or less, she will chew other centers in the league, so even better if it happens sooner. As of right now, there is no one to take Han Song-yi's spot. Let's see what happens during the season

    Agreed about Jung Jiyoon. She certainly brought more aggressive and powerful attacking style as korean MB but still too inexperienced for national team and still weak in blocking which is crucial in international stage. I vote for Park Eunjin more than Lee Juah. She was quite impressive in 2019 World Cup imo but idk why she was excluded from Lavarini's Tokyo Qualification team in Thailand early this year.

    Isn't it a bit gamble to put Jung Hoyoung who never play under Lavarini team to important tournament as Olympics? Well, it's still early so let's see..

    On the right side, you just got to go with Kim Hee-jin and Park Jeong-ah, I don't think there's a debate... Same thing for the setters. I love Cho Song-hwa, but she's too slow... Unless a young kid like Ahn Hye-jin destroys the league this season, it's gonna be hard to take a spot.

    I always wonder why Ahn Hyejin never gets called back to national team after Tokyo Qualification in Russia. I used to think she's one of setters Lavarini wants to nurture as backup for Lee Dayeong, but after health problem in Russia, she's basically forgotten.

    wow GS. I thought final would be between Heungkuk and KGC.

    Lee Jaeyeong kinda underwhelming today. I wonder if it has anything to do with her knee?

    wth?! didnt wakeup early enough to watch all the sets for heungkuk vs hyundai, but caught set 3, it was a mess for heungkuk! their biggest weakness is really what to do when setter(LDY) saves the first ball.

    They keep making this kinda mistakes in every match its frustrating to watch. Usually libero/mb will take 2nd ball if setter save 1st ball. They really need to work on their teamwork.

    In addition to satisfying fans thirst for volleyball matches, I read that it was to help the teams and players prepare for the new V-league season. Since there was no international competition this year, the players haven't play for nearly six months.

    Oh and apparently, the new season should start on October 17th.


    interesting reason.

    But most of players in NT are the aces for their clubs anyway so they mostly will still perform better than the non-NT players.

    I just thought it's silly to have possibility of a repeat-like match with the team in the same group.

    Kinda kills the excitement, at least for me.

    Just finished watching Heunguk vs Expressway game

    Heungkuk won but their game play today is the worse among 3 matches they had.

    Receiving all over the place, confused on who should take the 2nd ball when Dayeong saved the 1st ball.

    And even Dayeong's inaccurate toss made it harder for attackers to spike.

    I think one day off is affecting their rhythm and sense of play lol.

    So I guess another Heungkuk vs Hyundai match

    Btw, I think this new method of kovo cup determining who will go to semis is only for the purpose to satisfy fans thirst for more matches?

    They can just pick top two of each group to go against each other like usual.

    i want to see Heungkuk vs KGC or GS, not another Heungkuk vs Hyundai

    I watched Heungkuk vs Hyundai game. I know Heungkuk will win but didn't predict it was an easy win.

    Actually in the 1st half of 1st and 2nd set, Hyundai did quite good, but they just couldn't keep up the momentum once Heungkuk started playing well. Both Hyundai setters seem like they still couldn't click well with Yang Hyojin. Plus, KYK received everything at the back. Imo good strategy from Heungkuk to make KYK receive more and attack less.

    I love when Lee Dayeong using MB more. I watched their practice game during media day, back then Dayeong-Juah connection wasn't that good. Juah really did well today.

    Haven't watch GS vs KGC match yet. I think this season KGC will be one of top groups.

    Is Kim Ki-Joong coach of Pink Spiders? Last and next season?

    The head coach is Park Mi Hee. I think she's Pink Spiders head coach since 2014/2015 season.

    If I'm not mistaken she just extended her contract for 2 more years.

    Yes... Lee JA is a little problem... she has to work hard to sync with Lee DY fast toss...

    Although she's a "senior", Kim Se Young is gonna play longer imo. She used to be with Lee DY in Hillstate, and had a good rapport in working together...

    Yep Kim Seyoung is still a good player even as senior. In fact, she actually was selected by Lavarini to join NT for VNL 2019, but refused it to give chance to young players.

    That's really a HUGE Salary cut. That's like only 1/4 of her previous earning.

    That can't be helped since the club already spent 1 billion out of total 2.3 billion won salary cap for the twins. It'd be harder for other Heungkuk players (more than 10) if KYK earn more. If the negotiation happened before FA transfer, it might be different story.

    If the translation is right, she's gonna be paid 350 M won... that's almost half Lee JY salary.. I see that as sign that she really doesn't have other option, so she has to compromise with Pink Spider...

    Pink Spider is gonna have good receiving if Lee JY n KYK both play well.. Added Lee DY, they are have to be good in blocking and overall defense...

    If I'm not mistaken, she had an offer from a Chinese club based in Beijing too. Not sure why she rejected it. Corona maybe.

    Twins and KYK playing together a lot in NT so I think they pretty much already know each other's style.

    The problem for Heungkuk imo is the center especially Lee Juah. From what I saw in Olympic qualifying match, she didn't match well with LDY. If they can fix that, it'd be good for both the club and NT.

    Is Kim Hae Ran pregnant? I read in a Chinese article that said something along those lines unless they were implying that she plans on starting a family.

    Edit: Just found out in the Korean League thread that she retired few months ago. I thought she did good as their libero at the World Cup. Is Oh Ji Young better?

    yep Kim Haeran's pregnant. And already retired after 2019/20 season to start a family.

    She's literally a legendary libero in Korea.

    As Kim Haeran retired, I guess Oh Jiyoung will be the main libero of NT. She's doing great playing for her club KGC.

    Just based on the short clip shared above, my ranking of foreigner is

    1. Anna Lazareva

    2. Valentina Diouf

    3. Merete Lutz

    4. Helene Rousseaux

    5. Lucia Fresco

    6. Kelsie Payne

    Of course it's all depends if they can match well with the setter gameplay and adept to asian style volleyball with high quality defense. And their attitude too.

    KYK need a club to maintain her availability for OG. I'm guessing she's gonna retire after OG. She picks Pink Spider I assume for sentimental reason, since it's her first pro club...

    Salary is a big problem. I wonder if she doesn't care to be paid lower as long as she can play in that club for her last pro life...

    Isn't because she didn't get FA status when she was in Heungkuk long time ago because she wanted to go abroad? So at that time KOVO decided if she wants to return to korean league, she needs to play 2 more seasons in Heungkuk.

    Watching some of Ecz games last season, I think she still can compete with lots of European players on high level even when she's already past her prime. So, I don't think the problem is she's not getting offer from european leagues. I think the uncertainty of overseas league because of covid19 plays a huge factor.

    I can't even imagine a team with both the twins and kyk. 3 players of national team..and they're the main players, not even the backup.

    But yeah, salary cap is a huge concern. More than 70% from total salary cap just for 3 players is just too much.

    What about other Heungkuk players...

    I'm curious, is foreign player's salary included in the salary cap too?

    Didn't they usually get around 200+ million won per season?

    I have to say Hyundai kinda slow with their responds to find setter replacement.

    I know it's hard to find replacement for LDY but doing last minute act didn't help either.

    Unless they already plan to make Kim Dain full time setter. She's not that bad, but playing full time just like LDY did is tough tbh. She needs reliable backup.

    Wow Hwang Younjoo is getting married. Congrats!

    One of may fav players and one of the best OP Korea ever produced in my opinion.

    Her ball placement hitting right at the corner and near the sideline is exquisite.

    It's sad to think Korea still haven't done anything solid to nurture future OP for NT.

    The current OP in NT atm aren't even playing as OP in their respective clubs, so how they're going to improve and become better...

    They really need to do something about it if Korea still want to be competitive post KYK era

    wow Ajcharaporn apply for v-league. that's interesting

    KOVO discussed about asian quota before right?

    I think most prefer to expand no of team before introducing asian quota

    Even local backups sometimes rarely get playing time

    tbh, hiring foreign players is a gamble game

    nobody knows how good they are until the season actually started.

    tiffany root for Hyundai to beat everyone but Heungkuk, and Heungkuk to beat everyone but Hyundai. Then when they play each other you’ll discover which team you really love some time around the third set.

    lmao does this work for you?

    if Heungkuk vs Hyundai, ofc I'm gonna root for Heungkuk just because Lee Dayeong in it, not because I like the team lol

    this is what happened when you like the player 1st, the team 2nd

    I can only blame myself now :(