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    I am not surprised the Korean men team lost. They literally had no defense and their blocks were wobbly. They try so hard on serves that they have made faults there. I had no hopes for them even before this tournament. They really need to rethink their strategy.

    OMG, today is the day. I am so nervous for South Korea but yet confident they'll do well! I hope KYK, LDY and KHJ make strong impacts today for the win!! AHHHHHH~

    I really need Kim Hee Jin to step up her game. Her spikes aren't as strong as it used to be. She's not strategic with her hits.

    I think KYK and Kim Jae Yong will do great. Full confidence in them. Hee Jin and Park Jung Ah, I worry about.

    I am so nervous for the team in a few days against Thailand for the ticket to Tokyo! I wish I could be there to support them in-person. Gahhh. Praying for them to win!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm honestly curious but Team Korea fans, do you think KYK or ZT is better? Obviously, KYK's prime times are slowly waning away and ZT is younger but if they were the same age, how'd you rate those guys against each other?

    For those interested in why the main players from the Korean didn't play against Russia. I read some Korean news articles and here's what they said:

    Freaking Korea... I knew Serbia was not gonna win with Blagojevic on the floor.

    Hopefully Thailand qualifies for Tokyo.

    Someone's salty..

    Happy for Team Korea!

    Anyone knows why Kim Yeon-Koung and Lee Jaeyeong where rested yesterday?

    To conserve energy. Who knows. I think Lavarini wanted the younger, inexperienced players to play at the World Cup and get a feel for it as we head into early next year.

    Wow, I thought noone will care about this tournament at all after it was stripped from basically any value outside of FIVB World ranking points, but wow, even Kenya and Cameroon get at least 3,000 spectators per match!

    People shouldn't underestimate the African teams. They have the physical build for power and they have tall players as well. Great to see all these countries receiving solid support and viewership.

    Yes, we have that discussion when that happened... I despise this guy so much <X It is an awful mix of blatant ignorance and pure racism, really, really disgusting

    My bad. I must have missed that discussion. What's worse is, (1) Busato "apologized" but said he was "surprised" that it was offensive (2) FIVB doesn't have any official disciplinary actions for racist gestures..

    Only if Korea can bring the same fighting spirit to the rest of their games. The South Korean team has the potential to beat out the bigger players like RUS and NET. I know they can. They just need to fix their defense and speed.

    Korea is just pwning Japan lately. Nice to see them at almost full strength. Those Lee sisters are something. Not to mention the awesome Kim Heejin :)

    To be honest, I'm not a fan of Heejin. Something about her doesn't work for me. I'd rather want Park Jeong Ah. Although, I have to say Heejin's power serves are amazing but I haven't seen her do them recently.

    KYK + Lee JAeyoung is a deadly combo. If only Korea can find a functional Opp, they will be hard for Thailand to beat.

    Speaking of Thailand, will the new golden triangle be playing the Asian Qualification?

    Great point. Sorry, but Kim Hee Jin is horrible. She only has big arms but no thinking behind on where or how to hit.