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    Not much to say avbout the 3rd place game.

    I think Poland was better team and deservingly won.

    Congrats to Serbia for winning the ECH 2019.

    Slovenia started strong in set #1 and nullified Atanasijevic with 3 great blocks early in the game. It looked like Slovenia was ready to take it all.

    However, in set #2 the roles reversed, Serbia blocked well and Slovenia had problems receiving. After Serbia won second set I was sure it was a done deal as the momentum switched completely in favour of Serbia.

    Lots of unforced errors from Slovenia. Kovacevic solo blocked both Gasparini and Stern twice. Bckrw attack wasn't working, it felt like Slovenia was afraid to spike to the ball at times. It was all on Urnaut who just couldn't do it all.

    Slovenia had a great run this ECH. Caused upsets and played well but again consistency is the problem with this team. With Ropret recovering after the appendectomy there was no alternative to Vincic to change it up a bit. I'm still looking forward to what Slovenia can do at OQT in Berlin next January.

    That tournament will be super stacked.

    As for the future of Slovenia's NT. The core of the team has been together for several years now and they play most of the games with the same guys.

    There really aren't many adequate subsitutes on the bench or in the domestic league to keep playing at that level, in my opinion at least.

    This years U16 final tournament looked really promising so Slovenia could field another great team in a few years.

    If someone said Slovenia is a top team in this ECH, I agree. But if someone said Slovenia is a top team in the world, I do not agree. A top team, by default, should be defined or checked by spanning a certain period of time, such as a few years, to make it more convincing. Just my 2 cents.

    Just to touch briefly on yesterdays discussion. I totally agree, my point was that Slovenia's NT is a top team right now, in ECH 2019. They're in hot form and were also helped by the stunning support of the home crowd.

    As for the future, we will see what will happen. They will need more top finish results to establish themselves. The core of the team has played together for a long time now but consistency has always been an issue with the team. As well as the lack of adequate substitutes.

    First chance to impress again will be at the OQT in Berlin in January, 2020. I'm looking forward to see what the team can do away from home and hopefuly they can continue to impress because they look strong right now. The qualifier will be brutal though. In addition, it will be interesting to finally see them play in VNL.

    Yesterday was not the result I expected. France looked really solid against Italy, while Serbia was quite shaky against Ukraine. I'm no expert but I always say blocking wins games and Serbia blocked well, really well. It decided the game in my opinion. Both teams made mistakes but I felt Serbia was more consistent throughout the game while France was more hot and cold. Also, it's been a while since the last game I saw with this many serve line faults.

    Anyone knows why Tillie was not playing?

    Not the 3rd place match I was expecting, especially not after the group stage ended.

    I'm really looking forward to it and hoping it will be a good match. It will be interesting to see which team can bounce back.

    Slovenia and Serbia played two matches in Ljubljana, before the tournament in preperation for the ECH.

    Serbia won both games. First 3:2 and the second 3:0 where Cebulj was not playing for Slovenia due to a light injury.

    The odds are in Serbia's favour but Slovenia outdid their odds time and time again this tournament so hopefully they can go all the way.


    I think being a fan already makes you subjective to a degree and sometimes it's hard not to be biased. No need to argue, I wouldn't call this arguing but rather discussing. To address some of your points.

    Population number was not an excuse but a fact to present the numbers game. You already partly answered what they should represent yourself. We have to look only at those that engage in the sport. Now I don't have the number of active players in Slovenia, Poland or Russia. I can tell you however that in Slovenia there are 114 club registered at the Volleyball Federation of Slovenia (Slovenska odbojkarska zveza), There are 497 in Poland at the Polish Volleyball Federation (Polski Związek Piłki Siatkowej) and I couldn't find the latest Russian numbers. I checked the site of Volleyball Federation of Russia (Всероссийская Федерация Волейбола) but my russian is not at a level that would let me research that much further. The report I found was from season 2014/2015 but didn't refer the number of registered clubs or players. However, going after the trend that a higher population means more registered clubs, which consequently means more players, we can assume that Russia has even more active clubs and players. While this is no proof of any kind, and doesn't generally apply in sports, purely mathematicaly and statisticaly looking, with a higher number of players it is more likely that among those will be a higher percentage of talented players emerging. Maybe this isn't worded properly but I think it is clear what I mean.

    Maybe another example to put it into perspective:

    There is one Slovenian player playing in the NHL, Anze Kopitar. North America has more registered hockey players that Slovenia has inhabitants. There are 435 canadian players in the NHL out of 637.000 eligible registrated players at Canadian Hockey Association . That is 0.0683%. One slovenian player out of 180 registered players at Ice Hockey Federation of Slovenia (Hokejska zveza Slovenije) is 0.555%. I think those number speak for themself.

    I thought maybe you would like this analogy because you like to stay to facts and stats.

    In the end, this doesn't prove anything. That doesn't mean Slovenia has better athlets or that they are inherenthly disadvantaged in competitions.

    I, personally however, think that being among top teams in Europe (currently) and being able to compete with the best in the world is a great achievement for the country and its athletes. I think it's fair to praise them for their run in the ECH.

    You said yourself, North Macedonia and Slovenia both have a population of ~2M, yet Slovenia is ranked 17th by FIVB and North Macedonia 131st.

    I think I already shared my thoughs on the game between the two. I'll just copy my final thought.

    Quote from FlyingCrow

    "...having a bad day and playing one bad game does not make the losing team bad or the winning team good."

    When it comes to stats and past achievements I have nothing to add. I agree with you, historically Slovenia's NT didn't have any visible results and major success. Although, However, I hope we can agree that the team has played well the last couple of years when compared to their previous results and has improved. I think this is Slovenia's peak performance at the moment in term of the result (not their gameplay on the court).

    We might not agree on our individual and personal interpretation of a top team but I think I was careful with my choice of words. I called Slovenia's NT a top team while Poland and Rusia World class. I'm not arguing with your tier list though, quite contrary I agree with it. I'm just voicing my opinion that Slovenia's NT is deservedly in the final of ECH 2019 and looking at the most recent results can be called a top team.

    With that out of the way. Let's enjoy today's game.

    Greetings Inside Volleycountry users,

    I stumbled upon this forums after a "Volleyball forum" google search that was sparked by my recent interest in Men's ECH 2019.

    History, first contact with Volleyball

    My first contact with Volleyball was when I was 6 years old when I stumbled upon Mila Superstar (Attack no. 1) on german television. As a kid I mostly watched the show because it was animated and I could watch it early in the morning, rather than for the sport itself but I still enjoyed the show as I didn't watch every animation that was running on tv.

    Playing experience

    I played a few times in grade school and I knew the basic rules but it wasn't until highschool that I started playing more and became more interested in the sport. We played Volleyball in PE almost exclusively, so I became a casual player and a fan. Our school didn't have a school club and I didn't join any real team but I did play casualy with an older amateur group at least once a week where I played the libero position. Due to my own training sessions in a different sport I didn't have time to play more often. Those four years were the only time I played in a team with designated roles with the intnetion of improving my game. Later I only played casualy for fun. Back then I also started following a domestic club and their international games in what was back then the CEV Top Teams Cup. However, that was the extent of my interest as I didn't follow the national league or any other competitions, outside of the NT.

    Reignited interest

    A couple of years back I started following the results of Women's VNL first and later also Men's VNL. In the beginning I would only check scores but I started watching the games soon after, at least those that I could catch on TV. Because I was becoming more interested in Volleyball and wanted to consume more of the sport I returned back to my first contact with Volleyball and watched an animated show about Volleyball called Haikyuu!! (ハイキュー!!). While this is a show aimed at mostly teenage boys it still made me think about Volleyball differently and more in depth.


    As it stands at the moment I'm about to take a teaching position at a school in Asia . There I would like to get involved with the schools Volleyball team, if possible, aot as a coach but either as a manager or a statistician (is that the correct term used in Volleyball?). I would like to learn more about this behind the scenes aspect of the game and try to help a team grow in that way.

    I'm looking forward to meeting new people and learn more about Volleyball.

    Slovenia has never entered the final 4 in Olympics, WCH and WC in last 70 years.

    Don't think that possible for a country that's only 28 years old, mate.

    Maybe to provide some insight from my point of view.

    Slovenia only has a population of ~2M, while Poland and Russia have 38M and 146M, respectively.

    No matter how you look at it it's a great feat for Slovenia's NT to achieve such results. No need to downplay their achievement by saying they never achieved any great results in the past. Every team has to start somewhere and while their team has had the same core for several tournaments, this is probably their peak performance, also due to the outstanding support from the stands.

    Poland and Russia are World-class teams that are always in running for the top finishes while Slovenia is a good team with a chance to upset at best.

    Also, don't forget that Slovenia qualified for VNL (over Germany and Russia, if I remember correctly) but was denied competing due to the change in the competition.

    Slovenia also had a positive record against Poland at two previous ECH. While they lost in a tough OQT group the narrative of having a positive record was heavily emphasised in the media and team environment. While you might say that is not important and only the most recent results count, then I would counter that by that logic also Slovenia's only most recent results count but we both know that isn't so.

    And to briefly touch on the game against North Macedonia. Maybe you could slightly compare yesterdays game against Russia's QF approach against Slovenia. Both were very confident and were most likely already thinking ahead about their next opponent in the next round. Russia had every right after a clean 3:0 victory in the group and Poland has been quite cocky, at least the media portrayed it so.

    Some goes for Slovenia, when they were already out of the group they underestimated North Macedonia and were only thinking about their group match against Russia. As you said yourself, having a bad day and playing one bad game does not make the losing team bad or the winning team good.

    As for the upcoming matches. I think if France plays like they did in the QFs they shouldn't have troubles reaching the Finals. Serbia struggled against Ukraine that were also on verge on winning the 2nd set which could change the flow and results of that game.

    I also think that Slovenia, while having a quite miraculous run, will have a hard time continuing their form in the Finals with no home support. Also, in the most recent results, France defeated Slovenia 3:0 in OQT, while it was close from what I remember. Nonetheless, we will see what will happen.

    For the 3rd place game I think Poland are the clear favourites.

    The results are what they are, lets just enjoy the remaining games and hope for quality volleyball matches.

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