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    After CWC, some foreign clubs want to transfer players from Tianjin

    Hope the bigwigs of CVL and Chinese clubs will allow the Chinese players to play overseas especially in / with Italian clubs and/or Turkish clubs. Wasn’t Eczacibasi interested to sign LYY years ago? If Eczacibasi can get / sign her, Eczacibasi probably would break the curse of being the bridesmaid most of the time. I favor LYY, GXY, YXY, WYY and some potential players to go to European leagues which seem to have applied scientific trainings / approaches and rest that lessen injuries.

    Ni Fei-fan was great but now she is afraid of reception!

    Is she still scared of reception? In recent years, a lot of players (Boskovic, Vargas, Haak, Egonu, Antropova, Vargas, Karakut, etc) are hitting the balls so hard, who wouldn’t be scared? The balls are hit fast and hard and they are like bullets coming at you. It becomes a risk of injuries to be hit by the balls.😱😰😬🫣

    I kinda agree. Rich Arab nations should take them first since they have the same beliefs.

    Also, China can also host them since they have millions of uninhabited houses. This is also a way to really established themselves as a superpower.

    I agree that rich Arab nations should offer the Palestinians to emigrate to their countries. China would never open up her doors to the Palestinians - they have very hard time dealing with Uyghurs. Why add another headache?

    Saw in Sina news that like 6 male 🇨🇳🏐 players (probably all are in NT) are playing overseas (Japan). Why are the female 🇨🇳🏐 players especially those in NT hardly allowed to play overseas? What is the logic behind restricting women from playing abroad? GXY, LYY and YXY have opportunities/ offers to play for foreign clubs for sure.

    Did you see ZT instagram? She posted a photo of her and the doctor who did her hand surgery? Wonder who referred to her the hand surgeon.? I think it was her agent. It took her almost a year to get surgery after Tokyo Olympics. Didn’t anyone in CVL or JLP search and research hand surgeon who would and can do the surgery as it was not a new injury? They left her with a damaged hand / wrist and let her fend for herself. I bet ZT spent her own money for this procedure. At least do the right thing, they (CVL and Tianjin Club) should pay for the surgery. Wouldn’t be surprised if ZT would not rejoin the 🇨🇳🏐NT. If ever she would return, she should negotiate terms that will protect her and her interest. She should let her agent do the negotiation / contract.

    is Adidas not the official sponsor of the 🇨🇳🏐NT (women)? What happened here? western brands pulling out of China? This pants and jacket uniform is boring and not nice. It needs a new design and coloring contrast / change. Noticed too that many local brands used to advertise / sponsor the 🇨🇳🏐NT (women). Now, you hardly see them? I guess the 🇨🇳🏐nt is not as popular as before.

    LYY was captured having difficulties to just walk down a step and needed help from her teammate after the Asian Games award ceremony.
    Here’s an answer to the often asked question, why most Chinese players retired early. The 23 yo LYY may have worse knees than a 60 yo lady after being overused and overtrained by the Chinese coaches. She is having the exact same fate like many other former players of the era before Lang Ping returned to coach the NT.

    OMG! LYY should be getting time off to rest and get the treatment for her knees. She truly deserve a vacation and a good amount of time to rest. This is so inhumane- destroying a player’s career because of abuse. The player is forced into retirement unwillingly. It is cruel to the player especially it is something the player is passionate about. This is tragic because most of the usual injuries are not career ending ones when the proper treatments, proper trainings and conditioning as well as recuperation time / rest are implemented and followed. Read before LYY bought a house / apartment and if she cannot play professionally to earn good income, how can she pay off the mortgage / loan. CVL also did not permit her to play overseas which we know she could be paid a lot of money so much than what she is earning playing in Tianjin. This is so unfair to LYY.

    This 🇨🇳🏐NT roster needs to change. Relying primarily on LYY the most does not cut it. She will be tightly guarded and targeted making her ineffective and hopeless. At the same time, she will not only be stressed out and will start to lose confidence. It will be ugly for 🇨🇳. GXY needs another OP to relieve her when she has an off day as well as the needed rest. Hope ZT will rejoin the NT. With her, LYY and WuMJ that OH is pretty solid. WYL can be the extra if 🇨🇳 brings 4 OH.

    Saw WYL crying after the end of the match. Why was she crying? Perhaps it is her last participation in the NT? Either she had been told that she will be delisted from the NT roster or she decided to voluntarily drop out from the team. We know she did her best, but it was not good enough because there is a few better players than her. I think she can hold her head up for walking away now before Paris 2024. If ZT is not coming back to NT, she can be a reserve player.

    LYY saved CB ass on the second set. She kinda single handedly score most of the points especially the catch up points (when 🇨🇳 was pretty behind). WYL scored 6 points when she was in the court for 2 1/2 sets while WuMJ scored 2 points for playing about half of a set. WuMJ was subbed in to save WYL ass. It is clear as day and night who is better WYL or WuMJ. However, the coach, assistants and CVL are all blind. BTW, noticed in 3rd set, WYL had a towel around her during the timeout (GY provided her) while other did not). Special treatment?

    Reason for CB doing this is probably to show that WYL is his first choice OH, not WuMJ.

    If he continues to start with WYL and only replacing her when things get really bad, against Thailand or Japan, he might get a rude shock.

    CB is tone deaf regarding criticisms of WYL Wu MJ did not play as much as WYL , but she has. been doing well when she was given the chance to play. WuMJ has had impressed us of her performance. WYL has not impressed us ever since from the beginning to now. Why the special treatment for WYL? Any special about her? Skill? Ability? CB killing LYY and GXY not to lessen the importance of YXY and WYY. The MBs do not hit / spike the balls as often as OP and OH. 🇯🇵 and 🇹🇭 will pose strong challenges. Let us see how CB does his tactics as if he has one. Hope CVL wakes up to this grave and disastrous mistake wrong coach and assistants as well.

    Watched the 3rd set of the 🇨🇳 vs 🇻🇳 match. Don’t know the reason why CB changed WYL and let her rest late into final set with a big lead. LYY is the one who needs the rest. WYL had a good rest yesterday. This action really is disturbing. Don’t think observers / fans who are suspicious that there is something inappropriate going on are wrong. Wasn’t following 🇨🇳🏐before (before the Fung Kun and company era). I remember reading there was a scandal in the 🇨🇳🏐NT. The NT coach was either raping or/ and sleeping with the 🏐 NT players. He was caught because the boyfriend of a player posted on social media what was happening. Maybe this is happening again (history repeats itself as a saying goes).

    correction! Went to check over the web. The coach wasn’t a NT coach but a coach of a local club.

    If there is something inappropriate going on, it should be brought to light and the perpetrator (s) are to be banished.