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    Surprised at this win - straight set win. Uncharacteristic of the Japanese doing badly offensively and defensively - they were so off today. 🇨🇳 did well but still not great. With the kind of performances so far, the next level is not there.

    If by “certain group” you mean a particular club, I think it’s only natural that a setter would work better with her teammates in the same club...and it would be similar in other countries too. However, the NT squad, with players from different clubs have been training and staying together for around 3 months, so I think tactically and socially there should be more cohesion and camaraderie among them. The managers and coaches should try their best to make this happen.

    A certain amount of clique forming/antagonistic feelings do exist between two or more teams, like Tianjin and Jiangsu for instances, but they’re usually caused by and blown out of proportion by the two sets of opposing netizens throwing vicious and toxic insults and abuse at each other. Unfortunately this rub off on the two groups of players sometimes.

    what I mean say Diao usually plays with GXY, LYY, WYL,etc When the setter is changed / replaced the usual lineup of OP and OH are changed. Other countries NT, they change OP and OH their main setter do not change (stay on) often. I do not see the tactic of 🇨🇳🏐 has big advantage instead it is a disadvantage.

    i wonder why only 🇨🇳team has specialist setter for 1 certain group and another setter for another group. Other countries their setters do not have such thing.

    Japan is gonna make China look even more messy tomorrow... goodluck Cai bin :gone:

    Agree. I think Japan will defeat them if they perform like these past 3 matches. It seems their performances are worst than last year. Other than LYY, they need a better OH to support LYY. WYL did better today, don’t think she is adequate.

    The performances have not impressive so far. GXY is so off today. CB should replace her and let her rest. She looks tired. Noticed that she falls a lot when hitting the balls. Perhaps the injury she had last year is affecting her balance.

    I think this 🇨🇳NT players will probably improve 1 or 2 places from last year the best scenario. Of course I wish I am wrong and they will perform well. Surprised that WYL has been picked again this year. Do not see anything special about her - slow, low bounce and average hitting power. Has she improved? Her spot should have been given to younger prospect OH.

    People on this forum usually hype Scandicci but I dont like their team structure, they should have not signed Maja and Herbots. These two were not what that team needed. It looks like they transferred them just because of their famous names. And what's the point of renewing with barbolini?

    Also, I like Zhu but giving 1.3-1.5 million when she is in this form is a bit question mark. I would rather giving that money to Egonu.

    I think ZT getting a paycheck for that much money is based not solely on her performance and name but also the reach of the market which is Asia (SE and E) particularly China. The companies sponsoring the club want / have interest to get into this part of the world.

    It was mentioned that she was the one who insisted on playing. I don't think she would be forced to play if she can't. She knows her body the most.

    Doubt it was done freely. Honestly with the kind of government where she is a subject, one cannot be truly say one’s real thoughts / be honest or else one will be blacklisted and life would be hard and miserable.

    I think she is partly to blams for Tokyo. Apparently she insisted on playing. Lesson learned for health boundaries for her, i hope.

    But the very long delay of her operation on her hand was a bit questionnable indeed.

    Really? Are you sure ZT insisted on playing? ZT was pressured and ordered to carry on would likely be the case. She was fooled into believing that her wrist was not very serious. Who would want to play with/ in pain and put their assets (physical or material) as well as their health in jeopardy? Those pain medicines injected or taken orally into her body - the side effects and consequences to her health.

    Any update as to why Zhu Ting will not join VNL this year?

    Couldn’t blame ZT for not joining the NT. She paid dearly to play for the NT. Her volleyball career and lucrative salary were almost unceremoniously ended because she was not properly taken good care of by NT. We all know she is from a poor family and she is supporting her family the importance of her financial support is. Wasn’t there a lot of 🇨🇳 people blaming / criticizing her for the poor performances (losses) in Tokyo OG ? Instead she should be applauded for playing while injured.

    Re might be some truthhe’s not leaving… there are no rumours like that. Everyone here in Poland is happy with the last year’s results and his work and no one is talking about a change!:what:

    There were some rumours about Lavarini leaving Novara and going to Fenerbahce and there Lang Ping might be his competitor but definitely not in Polish NT

    There was also rumor that Fenerbache was trying to sign Zhu. Putting two together there might be some truth in it.

    I think Camila Mingardi is a sweet and friendly person. They must have developed a nice friendship. It is good for Chinese players to play outside of their country to broaden their outlook, opinions, etc.

    you are right,zhu would not like her fans to argue, and Or she hopes her fans don't get too angry. A smart player like her already knew she wouldn't get the MVP she deserved. This time, she's more at ease than the last time, and she can face her unfairness with ease. This is where I admire her.

    What is the beef the CEV organization has against ZT? Clearly ZT was unjustifiably denied the MVP twice. CEV is a European organization and are opened to European volleyball clubs participation. The CEV tournaments awards are given to European clubs. Does it mean the MVP awards are given to European nationals only? Maybe this is the case or rule in CEV organization. If so, it should clarifying the awarding criteria. Btw, has any non European national (player) win the MVP award or any CEV individual award?

    I think the volleyball grading system for awarding in international competitions like. Olympics, VNL, etc should not be based solelyon the scores / points the players made, but also the efficiency, receptions, etc. Maybe the scores should be account as 70% and the rest 30%. Gong will have a big chance to get one of the best OP award.

    The road to version 2.0 of Zhu Ting ( fire_cai_bin) is absolutely taken...

    "If Sorokhaite was the Mvp, Zhu with her solidity effectively withstood Chieri's assaults, also enhancing the performance of her teammate. Zhu Ting's class is the key to passing even the toughest exchanges with ease. For the Chinese ace a match of depth and quality with 21 points scored even in complicated situations."…-far-esplodere-scandicci/

    ZT clearly should had been the MVP for this match . The MVP awards in Italian league are off the wall at times. Anyway, Sorokhaite getting the MVP was not a bad choice. Guess, the Italian league wants to spice up the awarding and encourage players to do their best for the MVP awards do not always go to the top scorers.

    The one avid gave always streams whatever Zhu plays.

    Thankful and appreciate this fan for his dedication and untiring streaming of the games / team where ZT is and 🇨🇳NT. We get to watch gratis for some of the volleyball matches. Grateful to him that fans who cannot afford to pay to watch the matches have such link.

    ZT almost abruptly had her playing career ended because she did not get the proper care and treatment for her wrist injury. CVL was very selfish - prioritized its interest before the athlete; this move backfired. She already paid her dues to CVL since she played in Tianjin as well as to 🇨🇳. It will be a huge lost for 🇨🇳 NT especially and to 🇨🇳NT fans if ZT retires from the NT. Don’t blame her if she put her interest and herself ahead now that time is limited for her playing career due to her age as well as diminishing physical strength and her injury.

    There is still no official statement from the club, but Miao Yiven's arrival in pinerolo seems a done deal.…-da-111-punti-in-tre-gare

    Good for her - she would be getting the exposure and experience playing at foreign league and against different teams which have great and talented / world class players from different countries. Guess CLV has started to open up a bit allowing Chinese players to play abroad. Wish LYY will be allowed to play abroad too.