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    Know this is controversial. We all know Egonu is gay. However, her physique is kinda manly as well as her strength.🤔 Can her sexuality be similar Caster Semenya?

    just see some photos of jenny ,she appears on the eour court of 2020 OQ . And she said Brasil and Japan also have people to go there.Considering China always have methods to play against eour temas,I dont mind Mr.Gui to ask some tactics hahahha,just kidding.seems many teams are curious about which team will get the last ticket

    Scouting? Look at JLP and the other Japanese (Asian) assistants taking 📝? How hard they work.

    Wow now I want Netherlands to win it if ever they face Turkey in the finals. Such a bad taste for having to speak about them. Not your team anymore Gio!

    Mental games by Gui. He is a quintessential "cunning as a fox" type of coach, and just like a fox, he isn't above some (legitimate) dirty tactics, like trying to mentally derail an opponent he perceives to be a main rival.;)

    Guidetti would like to emulate JLP’s record which is hard to beat or surpass. JLP is one of a kind. Hall of Famer - inducted twice one as coach and another as player. JLP is low-key and humble. Me too I would like the Netherlands to win.

    Boskovic played while sick and did u notice how she looked like? She looked so pale. It was no simple colds. If i were a player who is sick, i would not play. Why risk having a major injury on top of being sick?

    Boskovic knew that her team did not have any chance to win if she did not play just like LYY did. Their respective teams needed them. They did not want to let their teammates down (disappoint) and their commitment (win / victory) to their clubs/teams.

    I think benchwarmer will point out he's saying "fast and powerful", not just fast.

    What's interesting to me is that many teams around the world, especially USANT, often play fast(er) in the one-off: a good service reception, pass and kill. Like Big Cats. Asian teams, Japan and Thailand anyway, are more like wild dogs. The longer the rally goes, the faster they get. Different conditioning, different kill strategy.

    Sorry for off topic

    Right! That is what I mean.

    Im not taking about only mental level maturity. One's game improve by repetition drastically. So in early ages 3 years of age make big difference. Being younger is only advantage after 30s before that being more experienced is advantage since it brings more excellence in techniques. Also zhu had a headstart in training compartment since she worked the best 2 trainer in the world.

    Also I don't get the argument of 'zhu hasn't experienced playing against fast teams'. Teams like Japan and Thailand are the fastest teams in the world and Zhu get the chance to play against them. So what's your point?

    the power / force of the ball. Asian teams do not have the strong spikes and the force of the strong spike equate to faster balls? If you add up, the time between when Zhu Ting and Boskovic started playing , they are almost at the same time. I Year difference. If Boskovic was 11y.o. Zhu was 14y.o.

    She didn't play that game because she was ill...

    I used to think that Barsch was a pretty average player, but after that display against Conegliano in the CL final, wow.. I'm sold

    During CVL quarters, LYY was sick running a fever (ZT was nursing her injury), she played the entire match. Beijing was in the process of eliminated, MHB maybe could play a few minutes and see if she could help her team. This showed the commitment and work ethics of the player.

    MBH will be so useful for Vakifbank for a few plans, not just for one. I don’t think she will only play CL, she could be used instead of Gabi when Gabi performs bad. with Kubra back and Rasic’s current disaster performance continue, they might play with Zehra and Kubra and get to play both with MBH and Gabi at the same time. I just wish MBH was playing for Vakif all along this season. She played an average season in Novara last season but got to her beast mode just when they needed. I don’t know how her season was in China, I hope she will fit in quickly. I wonder why she is not announced yet.

    Gui doesn’t guarantee starting spots to his players, especially to locals, he wants to push Ebrar just like he did to Gozde. It turned out to be a good method for Gozde but we will see how it will work out for Ebrar.

    MHB did not play much in CVL . I did not follow much Beijing team matches; MHB did not even play in the semi finals against Tianjin. Her performance was so-so.

    Well let's not forget that Zhu is 3 years older than Boskoviç, so starting pointwise she was already more mature when she come to Turkey whereas Boskoviç was just a teenager.

    Maturity and experience are not the same. Experiences are gained through participation / living through them. Age does not always equate maturity- one can be younger but more mature in thinking. Boskovic started playing in 2010 in a local team (don’t know If it was professional team then the following year she was in a professional team (Ok Vizura). She started playing at the age of 11; at 17 y.o. She played for NT at European Junior tournament ; at 18 y.o. She started playing big time club/ league (Vitra/ Turkish)- senior tournaments and member of NT senior. Zhu started playing volleyball when she was 13 y.o. (2007); at 17 y.o. participated at 2011 FIVB U18 World Championship (girls);at 18 y.o. played professional for Guandong and 2012 Asian Junior Women’s Volleyball Championship; at 19 y.o. her first exposure to the senior women’s world tournaments and member of NT senior. Boskovic has more experience since she is exposed to power and speed which is the trend - Europeans, Americans, South Americans are more physically powerful. Zhu did not experience much the power and speed of volleyball until she joined Vakif. Her experience of speed and powerful matches were in international /world tournaments (non Asian). Boskovic has a better head start in experience. Certainly, Zhu’s body is more matured because she is older. In sports, younger is better.

    Number of stars players in Vakif and Eczacibasi is arguable and that is not basic diference between Ecz and Vakif in previous years. IMO that was better local player stronger MB and BETTER coach and team chemistry. Results of Vakif and Eczacibasi are not way of compare Zhu and Boskovic as player. One more important thing you mentioned before is that their starting point were diferent, but you obviously dont know from where Boskovic does. She played before Turkey in Vizura in Serbian league which is definetly worse than CVL and without lot of money.

    Both of them started at no name team / club. Boskovic has an earlier starting point going to strong / big club because she controls her destiny she can sign any contract without approval from the league. Whereas Zhu was under Henan club which controlled basically her destiny just like most 🇨🇳 players. Guidetti was interested to sign Zhu when he saw her 2013; it was only 2016 Guidetti got Zhu to join his team. Boskovic and Zhu could had been teammates in Vitra, but there was a condition from her team that Zhu had to play for Henan for the National games. Vitra did not agreed, so Zhu signed with Vakif.

    Since 2015, one year before Zhu came. And Zhu played in a better constructed, MUCH better lead team, with a bigger winning tradition in recent history. All in all, in Turkey, it is Zhu who had an advantage as far as winning trophies (and therefore personal accomplishments) go.

    Vitra has had stellar players as much as Vakif has had. In fact, I think Vitra had bigger stars (accomplished players) from 2016 to 2019 like Neslihan, Maja, Kosheleva, Larson and KYK (the latter two were MVP and captains (NT and club) aside from Boskovic. Vakif 2016 to 2019 had Naz, Hill, Rasic, Sloetjes and Robinson. So Boskovic is ahead of 2 years in Turkish leagues 2015/2016 and 2019/2020. There is no way to fairly compare these two great players.

    Actually Boskovic won MVP awards on Turkish cup 2018/19 edition.

    In Turkey she misses "just Turkish league MVP award.

    How long has Boskovic been playing in Turkish league and with Vitra? Vitra has been competitive, very good and strong team ( a pioneering women volleyball in Turkey). One cannot totally compare Zhu and Boskovic achievements especially in club level ; have to consider the club and league. Their starting points were different. Zhu had been in a shitty club (the player in CVL does not have the final say as to where one can play unless the team release the player [it practically owns the player] and the CVL is not opened to open market as well as the existence of the league is not as old as the Turkish league. Boskovic has been in Turkish league longer and in strong club which is a championship contender.

    the 4 teams were the best finishers from the Continental Championship, which does have pool play.

    There are a handful of European teams, Thai team /Korean team that are more qualified or better than these South American teams mentioned or African team. It is a pity that the Olympics is trying to be politically correct. This does not seems fair to the country or players from a continent say Europe which has more competitive and better/ stronger teams. Does this arrangement of having at least a representative / country from each continent apply to all sports in the Olympics? Obviously, it is no then this is not fair and right. If this principle being politically correct is carried out in all Olympic sports, then there is nothing to complain (say).

    Why? They don't pay to their players?

    Isn’t it there is the league (CEV) that provides protection of the players interests too not just the team owners/ sponsors? I think any team that joins CEV has to put cash bond into it. If I am not mistaken some years ago, some players were not paid because the team went bankrupt or financial problems. I think this was the team in Azerbaijan. Players (professionals) need to be paid it’s their source of livelihood.

    and It was said she was going to skip the season due to her injury. I hope everything is OK with her and she didn’t rush to get back.

    Read that Zhu Ting was playing with the injury which means she is not 100%. Zhu Ting has strong sense of responsibility to her team and country. She will do what the coach tells her. She played the whole game (3 sets). Kosholeva was having an injury in her arm. Guangdong coach hardly played her. Zhu Ting injury is more serious than Kosholeva. What was Tianjin coach thinking or perhaps the sponsor / management. Zhu Ting needs to be taken care well and protected if 🇨🇳wants to be in medal contention for Tokyo Olympics let alone defend the gold.