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    Is her surgery planned? It should be done urgently! I tried to search for news but found nothing a part from speculation about who is leaving the NT.

    Why is it there is no news about it? Why so secretive? Has the 🇨🇳🏐federation helped in finding the best surgeon to operate on ZT’s wrist? Is it really seriously getting ZT the best care to treat/ fix her severe injury? It should update the public / 🏐 fans of her condition and when her surgery will happen. 🇨🇳🏐 federation owes this much to ZT to get her the best care there is for her sacrifice and dedication / service to her country.

    LP in an interview said that ZT had a torn ligament in her wrist.

    Hmm, maybe she shouldn't be on the court then?

    See, the difference between the 🇨🇳 sports federation and all other countries federations. Imagine if J.Thompson was in 🇨🇳🏐, she would be playing with her sprained ankle.

    So they are sitting out Zhu.

    JLP and 🇨🇳🏐 officials have been getting criticism and pressure from its citizens for playing injured ZT. There have been several injured athletes forced/ ordered to play and these athletes ended up retiring because their injuries affected their performances (for the worse);. ZT can contribute more to the 🇨🇳🏐NT for more years and risking her just for one Olympics is not worth it. They are listening now.

    Biggest blunder was coach's decision not to bench Zhu when she was less effective due to wrist injury. Zhang/Li combo was good enough to make it out of group stage.

    Second blunder was mental breakdown of the players. Even with injured Zhu, they choked away their game against Russia. Can't blame any for that.

    Everything else is just bs speculation by frustrated fans. Zhu can play but just down 2-3 levels down due to the sudden wrist problem.

    JLP wanted to go out with a bang. Guess she thought injured ZT can still performed just as well a healthy ZT. Thinking the wrist injury was not as bad as it really is (the team doctor should be replaced; his assessment was wrong). it just showed how huge JLP’s confidence on ZT. JLP got it wrong for taking ZT’s injury lightly and causing her to miscalculate and backfired on her.

    Zhu will not be poor even if she ends her career right now, she got millions already from her previous contracts.

    If someone can say no to JLP, it is Zhu. She is such an impactful player, she would have the balls to stand against anyone if she would really have a terrible injury right now.

    She is supporting everyone in her family. If she can still play professionally, her potential income will be more (salary plus endorsements). Sometimes endorsements stop when one retires. If you were her, would you really take the risk knowing that the possibility is real? Playing under pain that would get worst. It is a fact, one hardly will be satisfied. One want more (more money, more power, and more of the material things) . The rich gets richer, the powerful gets more power,etc. I don’t think Zhu Ting has the guts to refuse JLP and the 🇨🇳🏐 bigwigs order. We live in countries where we have the right to do what we want unlike her where freedom is limited or non existent depending on the situations. For us we live in countries where freedom is a right not a privilege. If you or I is ZT not living in 🇨🇳 I am 100% sure you and I will outright refuse to play. We really don’t know the reality of ZT situation whether she insisted or forced most likely the later one.

    Didn’t JLP herself said ZT

    JLP herself said ZT injury is really serious and could be a career ending injury. If she genuinely looking out / cares about ZT she would not let her play let alone select her to play in the Olympics instead get her the treatment / surgery and let her recuperate properly. Did JLP and the doctor lied to her the severity of her injury. Do you think she would give up the millions of dollars knowing she will lose all that money if her injury will end her🏐 career if she continue to play while injured? She / her family was dirt poor . Would she be willingly to give up the large sum of money and be poor again? she has been lied to and / or force to play.

    That's another stereotype I'm disinclined to buy into. Anyway, Zhu Ting is the biggest star in volleyball; if she had really insisted that she needed more extensive treatment or time off, I'm sure her demands would have been accommodated.

    If she's obedient by nature and would do anything her superiors told her to then she is still to blame for what happens to her own body.

    another reason I think is Zhu Ting feels indebted to JLP for she was that one who gave her the break. JLP kinda discovered her. Picked her out from a provincial club , trained under her then to the national team. JLP must had manipulated her position / authority over ZT who treated JLP as a motherly figure and trusted her. JLP want to cement her legacy / power/ influence and knowing ZT is the force that can make it possible. She also wanted to retire with a bang.

    Well, she's a grown woman, not a child. She would know her body best, and if she really felt that pushing the wrist injury would render her useless at the Olympics, she should have spoken up and done something about it. I'm disinclined to believe the stereotypes about the Chinese, that they're just good and obedient little children who are always willing to do as they're told.

    So, if Zhu pushed herself to the point of serious injury, she deserves just as much blame as anybody else for her predicament.

    🇨🇳Is a communist country. It is a big brother kind of society. You think you really can go against the authorities? You will be in trouble if you go against the mandate.

    At this point, it is better that China should forfeit the last 2 matches. The starting six players are injured especially Zhu Ting and Yan Ni. Why let the injuries get worst. Anyway, they will be eliminated. I want the injured players to start their recovery ASAP. Let the players recover. If 🇨🇳 plays let the bench players play.

    what makes us fans especially Zhu Ting fans mad and heartbroken is the disregard of Zhu Ting’s well being and career. Letting her suffer and endure pain such cruelty. Hurting her mentally because of subpar performance due to this injury ; letting her lose her confidence . The foremost concern is possibly ending her 🏐 career an illustrious one. Did she deserve this harsh treatment? Did she ask for it? 😱🤬😡😤😭

    Guess the mentality of the 🇨🇳 sports officials is nobody is indispensable. Its population is around 1.3 + billion which they have a large pool of people to pick and train to become athletes. In addition it has the money. However only few are gifted with natural athletic talents. They fail to cherish and treasure these individuals.

    It is heartbreaking to see/ know how she is being treated (sacrificing her health to win). The 🇨🇳🏐bigwigs should also be fired (they know everything and are the ones making the decisions). They would sacrifice anybody for the glory of success. Riding on the coattails of ZT and her present NT. They are the ones enjoying the fundings provided by the government I,e, fat salaries, bonuses, etc). Sadly, the athletes do not and cannot make decisions / choices for themselves. How could they take ZT’s injury lightly? She is one of a kind volleyball player and a legend of the 🏐sports. Hope her injury won’t end her 🏐career. GOD have mercy on her and help that she can recovery completely. May there be a miracle though GOD does. Hope she will be well taken care (best doctor, surgeon, therapist, etc) by the nation that she made sacrifices. If she cannot play anymore, give her a good job that she can live comfortably ( the money she would be making if she can play).

    Yeah, losing to three teams we've practically never lost to in this cycle.

    it is heartbreaking to see 🇨🇳🏐team falling apart. They are the only team that worked the hardest, devoted and invested a lot of time training and living far away from families. The sacrifices they had to endured to be in NT. Read GXY said she saw her family once this year.

    Chinas remaining challenge is Italy. Im 100 percent sure they will win 3-0 against Argentina.

    Question is will Zhu play even with her condition?

    I don’t think so. It is not worth it. Let ZT rest and don’t ruin her. China owes ZT its volleyball glory from 2015 to present; she should be given the best doctor and treatment there is in this world.

    title: "Lang Ping said I didn't expect Zhu's injury to be this serious"

    text: "CNT lost a disappointing match 2-3 to ROC, making it 3 consecutive defeats from the start of the competition. After the match, LP said that ZT's injury is serious, OOS is difficult, and is scared to put her hands up in blocking (emphasis mine). <The most unexpected thing is that her injury is this serious, we always go the conservative treatment (i.e. no surgery), but once she plays it's not working>. LP said the next two matches will field healthy players. <we will talk to the doctor and discuss with ZT herself (emphasis mine), maybe let the healthy players play>"

    come on JLP! Are you kidding me? You are with your players for months 24/7 in training facilities and dormitories. You had trainers and doctor as well as assistant coaches there with you and the players. You train, watch and instruct them what to do. Had you been sleeping? Have ZT ( wrist injury) taken care by good doctor/ surgeon and therapist. This the least you can do for her. I am sure ZT does whatever you say to her and no objections / complaint. This injury has been aggravated because of your lack of concern of her well being.

    yes Yan Ni has an injury, she was feeling uncomfortable during training

    let the injured players rest. At this point, the remaining or any matches are not and should not be important over the health of the players. Let Wang yuanyuan play to get the experience.

    Hmm is Lang Ping will not let Zhu play for the last 2 matches??

    That will be a good decision unless they really want to cut short (ruin) Zhu Ting’s career and life. I hope if ZT is forced to retire (God forbid) , she will be given a good job. Of course, we hope not for we like to see Zhu continue playing for some years to come.

    They can dream on about taking even one set off of Italy.

    I don't think that it is just Zhu Ting's wrist which is the cause of all of this...something is off about the entire team...they all look sluggish and not confident in themselves at all.

    I think the starting six all have some sort of injuries except Zhu Ting’s injury is the most serious. They over trained and got injured. they are physically burnout as well as physically broken. Hope the Chinese volleyball federation/ bigwigs learn some lessons I.e. too much of something is not always good.

    i have a feeling US will intentionlly lose 0-3 against russia on final day of qualifications.

    Besides, he should remember JLP did not

    That will comoletely blow China away frok QF.

    if that is what US coach will do, karma will get back to him/ US team. JLP played fair and professionally unlike Serbia coach manipulated the game by intentionally losing (2018). Hope he remembers and return the favor to JLP.