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    So the selection to 2022 NT players (particularly WYL, WWY and JY since they were in the main line up) have not been performing well and they should not be automatically be in the 2023 NT roster. Just shows the scouting by the coaches for NT are bad and probably the coaches themselves are bad as well. Zheng Yi-Xin deserved to be in the NT; unfortunately she was not given the opportunity to play. She is deserving to be in 2023 NT for her consistent performance in CVL for years. It is also a plus to the NT since she can play 2 positions (OPP and MB). Hope she will be selected in 2023 NT and will be given the chance to play.

    What is the height and age of Xue Yi-Zhi? One cannot truly tell or be certain on one data based on 1 season only. Zheng Yi-sin has been the pretty consistent on her performances for some seasons - it is certainly an injustice that she was not given opportunities to play in international competitions this year (she was selected in NT but Cai Bin just let her sat on the sideline).

    I read on Twitter that Italy’s media is attacking Egonu for the defeat? Is it true? The poor girl scored 30 points and they still mad at her?

    Really? The Italians know pretty much that their 🏐NT lives and dies on Egonu’s performance. It is cruel to blame her for the defeat. She contributed the most points. Maybe she should just excuse herself from the national next year and see how the NT performs.

    i find a interesting thing.this century,women volleyball,amercan teams and asian teams are good at world cup and olympics,and eourpean teams are good at playing world championships.

    world chanpionships:2002 italy,2006 2010 Russia,2014 USA 2018 Serbia

    world cup : 2003 China 2007 2011 Italy 2015 2019 China (sad,this cup has ended)

    Olympics : 2004 China,2008 2012 Brasil 2016 China 2020 USA

    Volleyball Nations League, right?? :D

    🏆🥇 or 💰? Which will you choose? 💰😁

    I think lots of Chinese fans hate Cai Bin because first overusing injured player (GXY), bringing substitute players and hardly letting them play and not choosing younger promising players instead chose matured (older) ones. The Chinese fans are concerned and aware that it is not ok to overuse injured players causing irreparable damage to their health or career ending injuries. They have seen lots of good players prematurely retire because of injuries that were not taken care early / immediately.

    I just want to ask where was this Ding Xia the entire season. She was bad when coming in as the double sub -- which ironically used to be her role with Wei Qiuyue as starting setter

    I wondered too why DX was not doing well as the double sub until the last match of the tournament. Perhaps Cai Bin told her that she is the back-up setter in her face which made her depressed affect her mentality and her performance. Maybe he told her she is too old to play at Paris Olympics and she was selected because Yao Di was not available. She showed CB don’t count her out and what she can do😄.

    Was never meant as an insult. Li Yingying used to be clumsy and slow until her weight loss did wonders. Wang Yunlu can do it too and she proved many haters wrong because of her poor performance during VNL.

    LYY even with her weight before joining NT was already playing well and the top scorer in CVL. She is a talented player. WYL was not even close to LYY’s level; don’t think she will do any much different / better if she loss some weight.

    I guess most Chinese MBs excepts those represented 🇨🇳🏐NT have not encountered top MBs from foreign countries because they play only in domestic league (CVL). They do not have exposures, so they hardly encounter tough and talented as well as tall MBs. Therefore they lack competitive plays. If they do, these Chinese players are in NT and the exposure to such experience is limited (only in international tournaments). If YXY, WYY, YHY, GY, etc go to play overseas especially Europe will certainly improve their blocking skills.

    GXY would have a better performance throughout this tournament if she was not injured. She did a fantastic job in spite of her injury. Hands down for her bravery and fighting hard in spite of her condition doing her best and giving her all. She is the best all around OP player out there. Wish she can play overseas.👏🏻👍🏻
    What can I say about LYY. She is one of the best out there and will get better and better. Without her 🇨🇳 would not have decent results in this and the other tournaments.. Hope she will be allowed to play overseas in Turkish or Italian league.

    Jiangsu has some interesting 16/17 y.o. MB 😏😂 I still hope Gao Yi delivers it.. she has an unique athleticism, similar to ZT.

    Gao Yi who is the 🇨🇳🏐 NT roster? Why wasn’t she used by Cai Bin often rather than just once or twice for a few minutes in the entire tournament.

    I think the team actually plays ok, well i should say match expectations at this level. They won the matches that they should win - no complains there. And the team overall is gelling together ok, and connections much better thanks to WMJ coming back.

    I also think the we could just still lose even Zhu is back, just like we did in WCH 2018. But still, it's a pity that we are not bring the ones with good potential to at least experience a bit, just like JLP bringing in GXY back in 2016. It turns out to be very right.

    Now, looking forward to seeing Zhu play in Scandicci.

    If ZT is playing with this lineup, the result might be tight but still a defeat. GXY is injured and playing non stop through out all the matches, the OP is the weak link in this tournament. Plus the MB are lacking in blocking too.

    chinese girls really fight for something,but the reality is they are weaker than Italy now.If Cai Bin really want to get something in this OG roundt,please change most of players of this team.he really needs to train new faces for China.Hope Aisan volleyball can get a medal again in Paris.

    My opinion - as for the present 🇨🇳🏐 NT roster, these players are to be kept LYY, GXY, WMJ, YXY toss up between WYY and YHY. NFF can be the understudy to WMJ. Read that WYY is from a poor family, I have a soft spot for people who came from disadvantaged social background.

    Li has matured. ZT + LYY is gonna be TERRIFIC. Maybe the most powerful duo in CV history.

    btw 106.8 km/h? 😅😂

    I second this quote:drink:. 2020 Tokyo Olympics if ZT wasn’t seriously injured even more so if she was 100% healthy, 🇨🇳 could have retained the title. Yan Ni then was injured too. If ZT, LYY and ZCN can once again be in the 🇨🇳🏐NT, the team will be pretty invincible.

    Guess we fans of 🇨🇳🏐 are kind of happy and relieved that GXY and LYY can finally rest especially GXY to nurse her injury. Hope Cai Bin will get fired.