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    Yan Ni truly deserved the recognition. Wish she will get personal endorsements - hope companies will her commercial value for her persistence, patriotism and performance (achievements).

    There was a livestreamed interview with JLP and some of the team this evening (Beijing time). You can watch it here (Wei Qiuyue and Yang Hao were also interviewing the team members).

    She said that the team would leave for Tokyo next Friday 16 July with the Chinese contingent on a chartered flight from Beijing.

    The link is not working.☹️

    As much as we like to see Yan Ni continue to play after Tokyo Olympics, we have to be considerate of her injuries and respect her decision if she chooses to retire. Wish her well and have a wonderful future career. I hope she will be a coach.

    Read that Lin Li and LXT are leaving as well. ZCN, Yao Di, WMJ are locked in for Tokyo Olympics (never doubted about it). There are 3 spots left. If LP decided to take 2 spikers and 1MB, my guess is Li Yao, (for sure) LYH and WYY . If one spiker and 2MB, they will be LY, WYY and WHY.

    The win over Brazil was least expected. This kind of competitive match is what 🇨🇳🏐fans expected from them not a pushover. This result gave 🇨🇳🏐 fans something to be happy and hopeful.

    It's not much to begin with compared to professional contracts. 1 million / 25 staff members leaves you with 40k. And that's before any federation /taxes.

    well, that hold true if one is a top player. Professional contracts might be 150 K to 200 k annual salary for over average players. 40k for 6 weeks is really good.

    There is a lot of money at stake on VNL. The prize money is nothing to sneeze at. Perhaps in democratic countries you get to keep the money less taxes and no cut / percentage of the prize money to the federation.

    Chinese 🏐 league is kinda of closed clubs local players can not move to other domestic clubs without approval from higher up. Wondering the local players are not inspired and challenged to be competitive and to improve themselves because they feel they are stuck to the club no matter how good they are and can be - no negotiation for higher pay and move to better clubs. Thus, the growth of these 🇨🇳 players are slow or stagnant.

    Don't overdo it, the current messy line-up just couldn't beat TUR :-) they would certainly lose be it 0-3 or 1-3.... I just wish that they would have fought better... but middles who could not block, could not hit the ball properly... I hate it when i see players -- be the middle even worse the wing spikers -- just tip and tip, basically just throw the balls to other side of court, when you couldn't kill the balls when there were opportunities you just invited opponent to counter attack and got killed-- so helpless :-) at the end. just accepted that this is a messy line-up, hopeless with the current configuration. Yeah, perhaps ZYX should be given more playing time to judge. WYY is disappointing. YHY is not convincing either. Big wonder who will be picked for Tokyo. After watching the VNL, now I have no idea :-) lol

    These tall MBs (WYY, GY and YHY)are not doing well. Maybe take ZYX instead though she lacks the height standard of LP, she has the quickness and better reception than those three.

    ZCH performed brilliantly in the Olympic qualifier and World Cup 2019. She is a good player. 🇨🇳netizens should not be too harsh on her instead give encouragement. These destructive criticisms will make her lost confidence which in turn will hurt 🇨🇳🏐 performance too.

    Zhang Changning needs to work on her jumping ability. She is now jumping like 170ish.

    she got injured way back. If one got injured and quite serious one won’t be totally the same before the injury. She is still needed in the 🇨🇳NT. Who is better than her aside from ZT, LYY in the spiked position?

    Vakifbank protected ZT and took care of her really well. The salary rumored to be offered to her is really very good and enticing. If she reaps more money in endorsements than her professional salary, I guess she has to consider her endorsements which will be mostly in China and perhaps some East Asian countries. With regards to endorsements, her presence in China would be more beneficial rather in Europe where I don’t think there is / will be any advertisement of her in it.

    it is nice to see Zhu Ting found a teammate whom she feels comfortable and share more personal stuff - Yao Di helps ZT to open up. ZT said she is an introvert. I think Yao Di will be chosen over Diao because YD has more experience / exposure to international competitions and she is familiar on setting the ball to Li Ying Ying especially and Zhu Ting.

    I would describe it as China’s OH ‘conundrum’ ...Zhu seems to be a class above everyone else. ZCN is inconsistent. This could be why LYY fills in as a second or third OH, eventhough, she would make an ideal opposite. The team lacks another power hitter...the likes of Kelsey Robinson perhaps...

    China needs to develop and give playing opportunities to young players who have a good reach...Chen Boya and Wang Yizhu comes to mind, but there could be others. Currently there is an unwritten rule to not look at players under 190cm for OH/OP positions..this would sadly exclude the above mentioned 2 potentials...imo this is counter productive. If every coach follows a minimum height guideline, then, Nishida, whom we saw dismantling the Chinese defence in the men’s test match earlier, will not be accepted in any team :|

    it is a pity that players below 190 cm are out of consideration in 🇨🇳🏐NT. Maybe these good 🇨🇳players who do not have the chance to play for the national team should switch citizenships🤣🤣🤣. I am sure they will be most welcome in Japan, Korea or Thailand🤣🤣🤣.

    Actually I hope the Chinese team won't play Zhu; try the new sub walls Wang YY + Yang HY; play Li Yao :D but none happened... the same lineup, biz as usual except the last set. :P

    Me too. Wanted to see how Li Yao plays and how she can relieve GXY when needed. Would like GXY to get more rest time and does not need to play in every match.