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    ugh baby girl the first two sentences... we dont feel her... so you have the audacity to be racist bc you are greek or sumn???😭😭 im sorry do you REALLY think that turks like greeks at all? because they dont lmaooooo😭😭💀💀 you have to be a stupid to think they like greeks but you know what turks still aint doing? trash talking about other nations lmao thats pathetic. and btw i know you are trying to be nice and stuff but being greek doesnt give you the rights to be a racist🤗 that mentality stinks im sorry for you

    I think Volleygirl17 meant well. And she doesn't deserve such harsh words. Please one crovolley is more than enough. We don't need a similar attitude against him.

    Let's spread the love and tolerance and fun

    I personally never post hate comments about anyone no matter where is he from etc. But some behaviour shouldnt be accepted and that is an example : comments under Smarzek’s IG photo. The girl just Lost her chance to play at the Olympics, she is heartbroken and that is what she receives :down:

    Many Turkish social media users, especially the ones who exert effort to comment on everything and anything are ultra nationalist, delusional and offensive. But the team and the girls are not like those fans, nor the Turkish users on this forum. Don't take it out on the team members

    Because they are hatable.

    It's either crovolley 's second account just to have at least one like-minded user for his sick thoughts or even worse we have hillbillies here. As a Turk, a persecuted one, i loved and admired the efforts of the Turkish, Polish and German teams. I would want to cheer for the Netherlands too. Please forget whatever indoctrination you get in school or on TV and just appreciate these hard-working women and what they bring to the court.

    True, true. So sad, Turkish girls were lucky ones more... after yesterday match and now again...

    After the game i binge-read the comments and i highly suggest you do the same. So you can realize how b*tthurt, judgmental and biased you sound. I feel sorry for you and for me being exposed to such lame comments. I hope you grow better as you grow old.

    Angels are going home. Devils are crying because they are going to Tokyo.

    Why be a xenophobic? As someone who was unfairly purged and had to flee from the current regime in Turkey, I can say that these girls did nothing wrong. They are chill, hard-working and friendly. My heart still beats for them.

    If you think they're devils you got serious issues. Let's spread fair play and love on this platform. People like you and crovolley , who vehemently supports any team against Turkey or Turkish teams, act like total disgraces here

    Ergül is definately an upgrade compared to Büşra, she was confident and commanding. I hoped better performance from Yasemin though. Still lacking behind Vakıf mbs especially interns of attacking, eczacı managed to close the gap a little in the blocking department.

    I want either Fener or Ecz break the hegemony of Vakıf this year but Guidetti's team usually gears up when it matters the most and becomes the strongest at the finals whereas Ecz feels shaky, inconsistent and incomplete.

    Fener on the other hand has no back up for Vargas, Naz and Eda should one or more of them slump(s), whilst Vakıf has subs on par with starters for almost all positions.

    I wonder how the league unfolds and how the top 3 will fare against imoco