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    well, he did give some chances to Ebrar and there were times she played well and there were times she didn’t. It must be not enough for Giovanni at the end of the day to give her a starting spot. According to your post, you kind of underestimate Haak but she announced her name and got attention by playing regularly for the last 3 seasons prior to coming Vakifbank, Ebrar never showed what Haak showed. And yes, I want Ebrar to play and become really good.

    Regarding being lazy, when your teammates call you lazy for sleeping outside of practices, it just mean you like sleeping. But when they call you lazy because you don’t like working out, that is alarming. Those two are not the same thing unless you start sleeping during practice lol

    Gozde said Zhu needs to work in herself a lot and she needs to learn a lot of thing. I am sure she needs to learn a lot of things about volleyball but what Gozde really meant was

    outside of court volleyball related thing. She said Zhu needs to practice English and become more active with other people if she wants to become better.

    When he did that? Could you please give an example? Even she perform well, she benched easily.

    and I am gonna say it again if you don't give your young talents, how do you expect them to show theirself?

    I didn't underestimate Haak. I just include her name beside Boskovic and Egonu. I used ''even'' for a word because Haak is far from them.

    Excuse me, but if you don't give a chance to someone to show herself, how do you expect that she achieve something? People went crazy when they saw Ebrar because they are desperate. Turkey doesn't have the luxury to sit their young talent on the bench. especially for the opposite position. They don't have Boskovic or Egonu. She needs to be ready after Meryem.

    Ebrar told by herself that she doesn't want to play OH on TV. She wants to play an opposite but she said that also the things are not work as she wants. She asked Giovanni for opposite spot for NT but she has been answered by him that he doesn't know so she needs to prepare in both position which is OH and OP. She said also she confused because of this situation. One day you wake up as an OP and the next day you are an OH. Playing in different position all the time makes young player tired. Even Hande said almost same thing.

    In Vakifbank she never played as OP in this season while Haak was performing bad in first half of the season and When Haak rested Gozde Yilmaz played as OP instead of her.

    Nobody improves by sitting on the bench. Ebrar has a big potantial but it means nothing if she doesn't play. If Boskovic, Egonu and even Haak have come to these days and announced their names, this is not only because they are talented but because they are constantly playing and improving themselves.

    In Turkey the situation for young players are different than the other countries. The players who under 23, are not allowed to go different club without their main clubs permission, so they can't decade by themself. Ebrar wants to play, fortunately she will play in THY for the next season.

    And about being lazy, Gozde was asked which foreign player was the best that she worked with, she said Glinka and Zhu. but Zhu was too lazy, she answered. But this laziness thing does not come from volleyball i guess. 2-3 years ago somewhere in Vakifbank interviews, I remember that players said that Zhu is the most sleeping person in the team. She was sleeping during her free time. So that's why Gozde might gave an answer like this. Same thing about Ebrar, in NT interview players also said that Ebrar is most sleeping person.

    “Ebrar definitely, she only wants to spike and for all other things she is just lazy and doesn’t want to do it” that's why she must play as an OP. Just give her what she wants. Pushing her to play in the differrent position that she doesn't like, and judging her for not being succesfull is kinda unfair to me. My point of view, she handle of being OH this season for her age.

    I hope she can be succesfull like the others. Wish her a luck.

    I think Carlini is one of the best transfer in Turkish League and best foreign transfer for THY. Her sets are fit for Ebrar. She probably will hit more comfortable than Cansu sets. In Vakifbank she was getting awful sets from her and most of what she gets were out of the system. I'm sure that Carlini will do much better what did Ozge last season, except her defence. She was like a libero.

    Maybe THY can't deal with Vakifbank in league (TBH nobody can) but they can push Eczacibasi and Fenerbahçe.

    Wolozs and Stysiak must be Joke!

    Hanke was better than Wolozs on this tournament and I am pretty sure Wolozs has been chosen because of her popularity.

    Hande Baladin and Orthman were best OH duo on this tournament.

    Her attack rate, recieve and defence skills were better than Stysiak.

    Who said the numbers are lie? I just explain why her percentage that high because you compare them by looking their percentage and points and by the way Ebrar does not get that much ball as much Haak gets. So she can not reach that scores. They are not even compete equally.

    Without Haak there would be another outsite hitter. Ebrar Gabi and she could be successfull... or not. You can't know that.

    And which part was funny i don't understand :(

    You're sayig if Haak doesn't exist you don't know what vakif would be like. So what if Haak in Eczacıbaşi instead of Boskovic, would she hit Lloyd's sets with that high pertencage? Could she get Best Opposite award at FCWC? İ don't think so.

    Just being clear, I'm not saying that Haak is bad. I just say she is not Vakif's best player.

    God knows without Zhu maybe we couldn't even reach Final in the past. She is really game changer like Egonu and Boskovic but I'm not gonna say same thing about Haak. She's so depented to the way she gets set.

    She's doing fine right now in Vakif system and she gets better day by day.

    Haak attacks against single block or non-block almost every time. That's why her spike percentage that high. She should thank to Maja&Cansu duo. When she gets a bad set, she made a mistake or blocked. She rarely fine at out of system balls.

    Vakifbank uses their excellent recieve for Haak most of times and gives her perfect sets while Ebrar gets trash balls. She usually hits against double-triple blocks and she killing it.

    Haak has failed most important games half of the seasons.

    1- Super Cup against Eczacibasi.

    2- Fenerbahce at VVSL

    3- Scandicci at CL

    4- Novara ( Group matches of Fivb Club World Championship)

    5- İmoco Semi-final at FCWC.

    Recently she's doing great job but i still trust Ebrar more than Haak at hard times.

    Haak kinda overrated, sorry. At least for now.

    I hope she can be better <3