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    I am happy for Bosha.

    She and Stefana are working on the birth rate because they know that we are disappearing as a nation... i guess they will surpass the Spasojevic/Djerisilo tandem which already has 5 children in retirement. :roll:…gon-i-istupa-iz-Lige.html

    Continue interview for Sport Klub:

    Despite everything, are you leaving full-hearted?

    "I gave money, life, work, knowledge, I leave with a full heart, and on the one hand, I am sad because of the Alliance's attitude towards me. For all these years, I have not received an invitation to one national team game. And various members traveled the world at the expense of the Federation to watch the national team. While there, Vizura's players won medals in the biggest competitions."

    And in the season that was interrupted due to the crown, the seniors of Vizura had high ambitions?

    "We had a very young team, which needed a lot of work and whose results we expected in the playoffs. Then the corona erupted and everything was interrupted. The decision of some invisible Executive Board of OSS followed, so that TENT would be declared the champion, and the league part was not finished, and that 18 more matches should have been played before the title. That is, to put it mildly, scandalous and just another reason for my decision, since I did not want to give them legitimacy! Nobody asked any club what they thought about it, although they listed some there, which they allegedly consulted ", says Radojicic, who adds after a few seconds:

    "I am a little tired of such things. I admit, I can no longer compete with Ub and TENT, which are state projects! Srem is coming now ... There is a growing connection between politics and sports. I am not sure that it is according to the law ", says Radojicic.

    Will Vizura preserve its younger categories?

    "Younger categories have always been the pride of Vizura and will remain so. We will work to the maximum, the children will have all the conditions for progress. Our juniors were the best in Belgrade last season and beat all rivals several times. There will be more trophies at Toša's well, I'm sure of that ".

    You are disbanding the senior team, does that mean that the players will leave the club without compensation?

    "Jovana Kocic was in Vizura for seven years, and now she is leaving without a dinar of compensation. How can I pay for the investment in Veselinović, or some other young players. I will suggest them where to go, but everyone is free to choose a new environment, "said Radojicic, who in the end wanted to thank all the players and coaches who wrote the history of Vizura, the famous" sharks ", in the previous two decades. "from Toša's Well, which, after 20 years, is practically going out...


    Vizura will not compete in the Serbian Super League and senior category next season, which is the decision of club president Zoran Radojicic:

    "Vizura shuts down the senior drive and withdraws from the Super League! It has been smoldering for two or three years, especially since the last Champions League, which I had to give up. It's over now, I no longer have the strength or motivation to fight the windmills.

    Today, I informed them about everything and told them that they are free to announce a competition to fill a vacancy in the elite! In 20 years, we have achieved all the sports results we wanted.

    We were champions five times, we won the Cup and Super Cup on several occasions, we were also regular participants in the Champions League.

    Many great players, members of the national team, went from our club to the world, and Tijana Bošković is still the best on the planet! Unfortunately, I did not realize the vision, and I realized that my investment in sports and all these great results, no one in society is interested. For all these years,

    I have not received a single plaque from the Volleyball Federation of Serbia, but it is even worse that I have not received a single warm word. Yes, of course, money is always important, but not the most important. The reasons are also my private ones, my son plays tennis, so I want to invest a little more money in him now. All these years, I have invested my money in other people's children, while everyone else, with a few exceptions, took money from the state and local authorities, in order to make personal promotions. "

    Last time CEV banned Ana for stupid rule. I think she was disappointed and that is end for national team... also 33 year no small age.

    Roster for this summer:

    Setters: Maja Ognjenović, Bojana Drča, Slađana Mirković, Emilija Žakić, Mila Đorđević & Aleksandra Ćirović.

    Opposites: Tijana Bošković, Ana Bjelica, Milica Kubura & Milka Stijepić.

    Liberos: Silvija Popović, Teodora Pušić, Bojana Gočanin & Sanja Đurđević.

    Middle blockers: Milena Rašić, Stefana Veljković, Mina Popović, Maja Aleksić, Tanja Sredić, Božica Marković & Jovana Kocić.

    Outside hitters: Brankica Mihajlović, Bjanka Buša, Bojana Milenković, Jelena Blagojević, Katarina Lazović & Sara Lozo.