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    Funfact about Partizan.

    All know for local big derbys like Real-Barca, Oly-Panata, Rangers-Celtic and in Serbia is Zvezda-Partizan. Women volleybal section Partizan not exist 1972-2016 when is after initiative Zeljko Tanaskovic (ex national team Yugoslavia) and big fan white black again club re-start with very young team.

    In 2013 an agreement with OK Vizura was made and Partizan's name was revived. Under the agreement, Partizan conceded its name, logo and colours to be used by Vizura's structure, creating a team called Partizan Vizura. In the 2013–14 season, the team won the Super Cup, finished second in the Serbian Cup and won the Serbian Super League.

    After that one season, the association ended.

    Mirjana situation from Wisla is strange. She divorced from German/Danish guy after that season and return to Serbia to play for a lower league team and to be a coach at the same moment.

    But she started dating with local Serbian guy and born child last year in may. Half last season she play pragnent like Jelena Nikolic in Turkey or Brakocevic. Its that same situation in all leagues to play pragnant or only crazy Serbs play that? :roll:

    P.S. Vesovic and Ljubica would be a good tandem for next season.

    Bravo brat. :);)

    I know you waited me to come here to open this. :rolll::rolll::rolll:

    Just kidding. :lol::lol::lol:

    I do not have who play in teams like in other themes with leagues, so you might see that you are copying purely informative if you are interested.

    I hope Zvezda win after longgggg 6 year.