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    I think Pool B for Olympics 2020 is one of the hardest pools (if not the hardest) in recent years. What do you guys think?

    I think China and Italy from this pool are the clear winners, USA can fall to Russia, and I think Russia and Turkey will be fighting for that last QF spot. Too bad they will probably face Serbia in QF, unless Serbia play mind games again..

    yeah i dont know about italy but china will be the clear winner for sure

    I am Greek American born and raised in Greece.I would be lying if I said that I like Turkey,or that I would ever just forget the past (and the present).But that's supposed to be the beauty in sports,to enjoy the sport and the players from every country regardless of what their goverment has done,or what their history is etc. I would also be lying if I said that I don't find annoying some Turkish fans,or the booing today every time Germany won a point,or the fact that Turkish fans go and bombard the Pollish and German players' instagram profiles with Turkish flags and sarcastic messages.But of course I don't think such practices are encouraged or supported from the NT players themselves.All in all,I may never cheer for them the way I cheer for the USA or Greece or even other teams that I like more than Turkey,but I would be wrong to not recognize their achievements,or underestimate their players.

    ugh baby girl the first two sentences... we dont feel her... so you have the audacity to be racist bc you are greek or sumn???😭😭 im sorry do you REALLY think that turks like greeks at all? because they dont lmaooooo😭😭💀💀 you have to be a stupid to think they like greeks but you know what turks still aint doing? trash talking about other nations lmao thats pathetic. and btw i know you are trying to be nice and stuff but being greek doesnt give you the rights to be a racist🤗 that mentality stinks im sorry for you

    btw the contrast between Turkish posts in Stysiaks IG vs Smarzeks IG :rolll: comedy gold

    The crazy people in IG are there probably bcs as I said it entered #1 in twitter and with that the mainstream and the toxic masculine hooligans that we see often in football, tennis, basketball and every sport all around the world have entered. It is also really about perspective and how you look at things really a lot of times. I wish we lived in a world where we could complete ignore things as ethnicity, color, sexuality etc. but we have a way too long road ahead of us for that.

    i mean i NEVER send hate and dont find it morally ok but smarzek deserves every hate that she gets for mocking turks lmao😭😭 thats what you get for being a racist