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    How does Fenerbahçe manage to be so unlucky and loser?

    Tugba has not played well in a single important match throught the season. Every time she entered the court, she was blocked 2-3 times and pushed out of the court, but yesterday against fenerbahçe she entered the championship game and won the match.:aww:

    Naz is not staying, Vargas is missing half of the season. Maybe they would transfer a foreign MB after Vargas is back.

    Kübra is not consistent, she might make 6 blocks in one match and can be a ghost in the next. Also she was not starter whole season, Aslı played as starter and performed very well, that's why to me she is a step ahead of Kübra. On the other hand I agree that the difference between these two is not big. Both should be in WCh final roster

    If Fenerbahce were a little bit smart, they wouldn't let local Vargas go after such a monster performances.

    Kübra started the season poorly, but she has been playing as starter for the last 4-5 months and performing well. In this last 4-5 months, she is not behind Aslı in terms of consistency. Asli is good against mid-level teams, but her contribution in high-level matches is often a question mark.

    Fener fans are overreacting 🤦 neither Washington nor Danesi would come to Fenerbahçe to sit on the bench!

    While having a foreign setter, it is a luxury to have a foreign MB. That's why they transferred 3rd best local MB, which is a very smart move👏 Ergül is a very experienced player, there are not many MBs at her level that would accept to spend the season at the bench anyways.

    No they don't this time.

    If they keep Vargas or Naz, they would be able to use a foreign MB as starter.





    Also, Aslı is not 3rd best local MB, Kübra is still better. Especially in high-level games, Kübra is much more efficient. She has regained her old form. I hope Giovanni calls her to NT.

    Fener's possible Mb rotation for next season;


    The problem is not only transferring Ergul. Fenerbahçe fans expected a player like Washington and Danesi but they will probably get Ergul and Kurtagic lol

    If they had transferred a better foreign MB instead of Kurtagic, there would be no criticism. Fenerbahçe definetly need a third good Mb next to Aslı and Eda. They also let Vargas go and sign Meryem. Vargas will likely join the team in the second part of the season but from beginning the second part, Meryem will be the third OPP of the team. They can't get why they transferred Meryem after such a bad season, and why so much budget is allocated to the 3rd OPP

    That was a brief summary of why Terzic and Fenerbahce's management were criticized so much., lol

    I think they are absolutely right

    Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray are not a private company or a bank team, they are foundation teams founded by normal people. The managers of these teams are obliged to satisfy their fans, but especially fenerbahce management never listens to the voice of the fans. This behavior angers Fener fans even more.

    Well in this case it means a lot, you just need to watch more of THY games without bias.

    Did you even watch any Brazilian league matches this season? There are indeed very good servers in this league 🤦 Neriman already played in both Italian league and polish league and she was pretty good even then as well

    I dont have bias against Şeyma, probably I like Seyma's game more than you. Her receiving is good but not very good. She cannot handle 2-receiving system.

    Also, according to the stats, Orthmann is one of the best recevier in the league:whistle:

    "There are indeed very good servers in this league" not at Sultanlar Ligi Level

    "Neriman already played in both Italian league and polish league and she was pretty good even then as well" about 6-7 years ago or what?She past her prime and next year she will be 34-35

    Anyways, I agree that she can be useful for teams like PTT, Aydın or Sigortashop but thats all.