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    Vargas gets better every day. she has a good level at almost all elements. she has no weak points.

    really good at both in system and out of system.

    her serving is amazing.

    and she improved a lot at defense and blocking.

    I am looking forward see her against Boskovic and Egonu. She can dethorne them.

    You know, I always looking for a future of Polish NT, thats I writing about her situiation in Eczacibasi. I hope that she will be using more as OH than Opp (my wish):whistle:

    Eczacıbaşı won't have backup OPP but 4 Ohs that can play as OPP.

    sometimes they will use her at that position to give more court time but I don't think their long term plan with Czyrnianska is using her as OPP. I am sure she will have enough court time. This year even yaprak and fabris played a lot.

    Are you sure aycin is 185? Some sources shows 188 cm for her height and from tv broadcast also she looks same height with Eda🤔 even if they are short, I don't see it as a problem. Both Aycin and Aslı are really good blockers. I prefer both of them instead of for example Zeynep Sude Demirel who is 2 meters tall but not necessarily better blocker than Aycin or Aslı.

    i agree aslı is a good blocker but dont agree about ayçin. She is a mediocre blocker. she has long way to go.

    MTS you can see in this picture as well Aycin seems to be same height with Neriman who is 188 cm

    compare her with the others like Aslı Buse and Hande not just Neriman. you can see she is not that tall.

    Also it is not just about the heigths, Aslı has good standing reach comparing her heigths but ayçin's standing reach is not good.

    What do you mean by physical? Tall? Aycin is as tall as Eda and Aslı showed everyone that being shorter doesn't mean she is a worse blocker or attacker than other tall ones. So I disagree with you on this

    What matters is their capacity to slide while picking up a back up for Eda. Aycin is the best slider besides Eda. On the other hand, Aslı is similar player to Zehra. She is shorter but faster than Zehra too.

    probably both aycin and Yasemin will play in week 2. It is good that all players in wide roster will get a chance to show Santarelli what they are capable of and he can pick the best for final round.

    ı mean above 190 cm

    Ayçin 185 cm, Eda 188 cm and Aslı is 183 cm this rotations would not have enough physicality.

    You can watch Fenerbahçe- vakıfbank games from the second part of the season. at that games Vakıfbank attackers usually tried to attack on MBs since they are not taller than pins.

    I think santarelli will try other MBs too in the coming weeks but dont like the idea of three short MB in the main roster.

    I'm disappointed with this selection. Kübra in but Aycin out?🤦 Also Meliha should have been there instead of Derya if Santa really wants to use Ebrar as OH. Moreover, Neriman hasn't played in NT for many years, she should play as much as possible this summer to get used to playing youngsters. Agree that both Eda and Zehra should have been rested

    you cant take both ayçin and aslı as backup for eda, you need also someone more physcial.

    So Carlini confirmed she is going to Aydın. That's a great transfer. They also kept Nicoletti which is good. She had really good season. They are getting İlayda and Ecenur as MB. Both imo had solid seasons.

    They kept Loda as well. She had good matches in 2nd part of the season. I wouldn't keep her honestly. She had a lot of ups and downs.

    I really hope they aren't just going to trust Loda. They should really sign another foreign OH. Someone who would be better than Fatma and Loda.

    maddison would be so good but she signed with ChieriX/

    Just like Boskovic and Egonu, Vargas will not go to the bench in crucial matches no matter what if she is heathy. She will stay on the court even if she is hitting with %30.

    And we have the depth to rest her in some games against mid level team. We've been playing games without her in the past years anyway lol

    İlkin and Vargas say we have no problem.

    Fun fact: İlkin can speak Spanish and will probably be the person who communicates the most with Vargas

    Can you share what exactly he said about Vargas?

    "Voronkova was one of the best receiver outside hitter whole season "

    I don't want to argue any more with someone who still says this. :wavy:

    and what's the point of brining boskovic to this discussion? as far as ı remember ı didnt say she was good yesterday.

    edit: I thought she improved her receiving when ı was watching 2021 summer and she would show this performance in eczacıbaşı but nope she did not. ı think she is a mediocre receiver, not that bad passer overall but she is having an bad season.

    She is not just aced so many time, number of hers overpasses are countless. People just watch statistic, and she can return perfect pass, but this is like every third ball.

    Hande can break under pressure, but she is more reliable overall.

    I totally agree

    Also, the best part of her game is serving, but she doesn't find as many aces as she did in the first half of the season since opponents solved how to receive her serves.

    she's the best passer in the league. and yes stats mean what they should mean.

    how many times ı should repeat for you? I think she is not and if you watch the games carefully you can see she is a weak passer.

    go and watch one more time her games at world championship, sultanlar ligi final and CL final. She is the player who makes the most receving errors. Thats why all teams target her at reception.

    What kind of investing are you talking about. Investing is what they did with Boskovic, they hired her when she was very young, trained her and let her play as starter etc. Voronkova came to Eczacı as an already established player at an older age. She might not receive as good as Gabi or attack as well as Arina but she is one of the rare OHs who can do both. Who else Eczacıbaşı can replace her otherwise? Gray?🤦

    lol actually, she can't do both, that's the problem. at least do one but at good level. Being a mediocre attacker and receiver means nothing at this level.

    User was saying they should give her one more year and try her, but I think she does not have much room to improve they should not waste one more year with her. that's what ı am talking about. read it carefully.

    🤣🤣🤣Not just is she often being covered in reception, but her defense/digging is absolutely pathetic. I'm saying this as someone that likes Irina, she is a good spiker though and I think Eczacıbaşı should try her one more season and see if she improves defensively.

    Voronkova will be 28-29 years old next season, that's why ı dont like to idea about Eczacı investing her. She is already in her own prime.

    I'm heartbroken for Tica. 😭😭😭

    Voronkova the best passer in the league. Blame the others for not helping. Simge is just not a libero for a high level team. Gabi does libero job better than her.

    are you saying Voronkova is worse than Hande?

    That's why stats are there. And Voronkova isn't very bad. Even Tijana was bad when support among her teammates were down.

    as ı said before she is not a good passer that's why almost every team always target her rather than Hande. I dont like her attack she does not have enough quality to make difference in attack at that level.

    I am not saying she is better or worse than Hande, they are at same level but since hande is younger and local player she is more tolerable.

    zehra has 5 blocks 1 ace total 10 points with %67 attack rate. These are quite good numbers for a MB

    She was injured during the first half of the season but gained her old form toward the end of the season.