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    Schwerin was very lucky to win the third set, every close decision in their favor than. The referee has to be suspended at least for the final series, no clarity, no sensitivity and no fairness by him.

    so please clearify this please !
    in 3 set is not 1 decision even close or discuss from both teams !! Which game you saw

    4. Set from the camera view the ball is out when Koslowski touch the ball ! The referee are not allowed to challenge this situation after a similiar situation last years by the men’s ! So he hold on the rules !

    Judging from the stats of the GER-BRA matches I think it's safe to say the last player to be cut will be one of Schölzel/Hippe/Lohmann. Schölzel hasn't been convincing all throughout VNL and seems to have dropped to 4th MB in the ranking now. Hippe also has nothing to add when Drewniok is in good shape and Stigrot or Emonts can play as receiving OPP. I can also see Heynen taking Pogany as the only libero and dress 4th MB or 6th OH/OPP as libero in the matches, even if Lohmann will go to WCH it will most likely be as regular player to enter as reception sub and not as actual libero.

    Heynen will surprise I guess like always … I guess chekulaev will be cut out.

    I wonder what's the point of changing team captain every week. First it was Pogany, then Stigrot, now it's Janiska again

    He is playing Mental Games, like almost all Mens Teams he was !! i guess you are right an probably after VNL some more players wont show up at WCC. the have 2 more chances for Wins, normally they must win this Games otherwise the will finish at 2nd last Place which would be very very bad !!

    I hope she played in Germany next Season. I don't think she played for one of the Top 4 Clubs but Vilsbiburg , Wiesbaden could a good choice for her.

    i think (heard) she stop playing … nevermind her second season was much under the level from her first season

    And yes, there are reasons, why Waibl thinks, titles are out of reach for them in the season coming. To be honest, I expect Stuttgart and Potsdam again in the finals, Schwerin will have a hard time to come back IMHO.

    how you know that schwerin will have a hard time ???

    And that's why I want to them as many federation as possible send B teams next year, a little to the detriment of the FIVB, and a little because I like to watch new, young and still unaffirmed players, although of course everyone would like to watch 120 matches and all the national teams will be in the strongest lineups, which is completely insane to expect, and the mix is the worst solution, which will probably be the case.

    B Teams will never happen !! with new Modus for Qualification to Olympics every Game counts !! and VNL willmhvae a high ratio for all singel Games

    first your favourite Team hast to qualify!!!... i hope you do not talk so Disrespectfull about some Teams again , like in the Challengecup-threat ...