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    Lavarini is the best option. He has proven himself on international level, and more importantly, with different style of plays. From the fast system of Minas, to the Korean NT with both the twins & KYK, and even with only KYK left. He managed to achieve great results in all these teams with completely different style of plays. In Novara, he has yet to achieve the best results he’d have wished due to the dominance of Imoco and some weak positions in previous roaster. But overall speaking the team is still very competitive and seems to be doing better this season so far.

    For Santarelli, his biggest advantage is his successful cooperation with Wolosz, who will be very important for the NT in the Paris OG cycle. But one big question mark is whether he can build a team that isn’t Imoco style, as the MBs of the Polish team aren’t as quick nor as dominant in attack as the MBs of Imoco. The Polish NT also lacks an OH like Hill or Courtney.

    Still, I will be very excited for the Polish girls if either one of these two Italians becomes the head coach. They are the best options you can have right now and it’s nice to see the Polish NT finally seems to be on the right track. I’ll be looking forward to seeing the Polish girls to finally have a chance to reach their full potential and to achieve something great on international level.

    Oh come on. It is like Trentino dissolved after tie at 11-11. Kaziyski seems annoyed. I mean setting doesn’t look good but shouldn’t he be the one to motivate his young teammates?

    And he passed that free ball to sky high and super tight to the net that simply impossible for his setter to set:gone:

    Thanks!! :rose:
    But just hope their coach can give up the idea of putting Robinson on the right side and even free her from reception. It’s not gonna be working:aww:

    I just watched the highlights of Saitama vs Toyota, was Robinson actually playing as Opp for the whole match??:what::what:

    Man that clip really makes my heart melt. I have been a Roberta die hard fan. When the roster list released for Tokyo I was literally screaming in happiness.

    I hope she will be better. I want to see her play in Turkey or Italy. But I don’t know which team will suit her.

    IMO she can go to any team that has a spot for foreign setter. She’d be a great addition to any team no matter in the Italian or Turkish league.

    Kadochkina is terrible in Position 2, she herself stated a couple of times she is uncomfortable playing in this position. Also have you seen the digs by Goncha? Goncha > Lazareva in almost all elements, maybe except serving. Goncharova will retire soon, I expect WCH would be her last stint in NT she has played over a decade now let's show her some love :rose:

    From the few matches of Kazan I watched, I wouldn’t say her pos 2 attack is terrible. But if she isn’t willing to play as Opp, then that’s it.

    I’d say it again I do love Goncha, but if Russia targets a medal in Paris, they need a new Opp and it will be too late to look for one after the WCH. After the WCH there will be very little time left before the OG qualification.

    Russia has also Kadochkina as the 4th OH! and yeah, it's amazing the plenty of options they have (considering Smirnova as 5th, Kuznetsova 6th, etc). As for the Opposite, Goncharova could be good as a sub (for her experience), but it's time to test other options: Lazareva (she's an average player, but inspired could be useful), Akimova (she's new and has potential), Antropova (if she wants to ofc).

    At this moment I’d go to try Kadochkina as Opp, as she seems to be comfortable at hitting on the right side of the net, and her reception is an issue, esp. another starting OH must be Arina. Lazareva can be a good sub while for Goncharova I think it’s time to move on. I do love Goncha but considering her age and her inability to defend, Lazareva would be a better option as back up Opp.

    Interesting tactic by Gui. When Gabi is in position 4, she will often receive inside the court while the other OH on the back court will receive on the outside. This is the first match I saw them do this. Any explanation why?

    That’s the rotation when Haak just turned to the front row at position 4, and Gabi has to receive at pos 2. In normal situations Haak would therefore attack on the left and Gabi on the right, which aren’t their most comfortable positions.
    You can notice in the new tactic you mentioned, when Gabi received in the middle of the court, Haak would immediately run to pos 2 from the middle of the court, while Gabi would run to pos 4 right after serve reception. This can allow them to attack in the most natural and comfortable positions. I saw this strategy being used in some men’s teams in the Italian league as well.

    Normal situation of this rotation:

    Haak MB Gabi

    MBH L Cansu

    This tactic:

    MBH (Haak MB Gabi) L Cansu

    *The three players in bracket were front row attackers

    Regardless, Vibo Valentia with an absence of Nishida is in really difficult spot, they're 2-6 as for now, and in next four games they'll play against Monza, Perugia, Padova and Piacenza to finish the 1st phase of regular season, until they find a decent replacement, only this game against Padova would be winnable, and Padova so far has played much better this season than VV with Nishida.

    Agree, even with Nishida they can only be competitive in some sets of these matches but I don’t see any chance for them to win against these teams. Vibo has no reliable hitter to kill the balls. Nishida wasn’t that effective in kill% (but can’t really blame him as other hitters in the team were nearly invisible other than Douglas, who is just… fine but I expected more from him)

    Good move for him, although Bottolo is a leader of Padova and one OH spot is probably reserved for him, both Loeppky and Petrov are very inconsistent, and Padova as a team struggles in reception (Bottolo is their best receiver, and he's definitely not a great receiver, lol), so he may find some playing time very early despite his young age.

    On the other hand, Nishida's injury is more serious than it was anticipated earlier and it is possible he'll stay away from playing for a month.

    Is Nishida’s injury related to the old one he had before?

    They should start with finding 3 strong locals and then transfer 3 solid foreigners next to them.

    It would be the ideal situation, but even the Turkish NT has difficulty to find 3 strong locals in each position, it’s nearly an impossible task for all the clubs in the top 4 to do so. Especially many of the strong locals are locked by Vakif & FB already.

    After the match Arina went to Kazan side to chat and take photos with her former teammates:heart: But I was kinda surprised that Lazareva didn’t follow but went straight back to the locker room! I thought there are some NT teammates of her in Kazan so she may go together with Arina.