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    1 or 2 months before the end of the season is acceptable but almost mid-season, it is too early. It creates a conflict of interest since these players would play against their 'new teams' on the way to playoffs or other cups. That's the part things get nasty

    If it’s 1 or 2 months before the end of season, that would be during the period of playoff or even the finale series. Unless the clubs don’t negotiate new contracts with players of all teams in the playoffs, as well as potential opponents in final stages of CL, the problem of creating potential conflict of interest you mention would still be there.:/

    When should the club / players / agent companies start to negotiate & sign the contract for new season then??

    Take Gizem as an example, it’s quite clear that she won’t have a good future anymore in Vakif, why shouldn’t she or her agent look for another club to negotiate and confirm a new contract with another club just a few months before the end of current contract?

    I believe it’s completely understandable and normal for any “employee” to look for a new job 3 to 4 months before the end of current contract if they don’t tend to renew it with the current “company”.

    However, should the clubs openly announce a specific player will leave his/her current club and join another club in just the mid-season? It’s the question.

    I remember this tournament and liked Kazan a lot but cannot forget how well Voronkova played when she was given chance. She was really OPP then If I am not mistaken and she was very strong. Nowadays, she looks like regressed.

    I believe her weight hinders her to be a better attacker, but still we can tell she works very hard to be the best player she could by seeing her big improvement on reception.

    FIVB official YouTube channel uploaded the match between Kazan & Osasco in the Club World Championship 2014 as a tribute to Gamova as she is in the “Roster 100 of the World’s Best 2010-2020”.

    I remember this match a lot as it was the first time I ever saw a MB (Adenízia) had to hit at position 4 because the OH in the front row (C. Bosetti) couldn't kill a single ball:gone:, and this “strategy” was being used in the whole 3rd set whenever they were in the front row together...:sos:

    It’s really interesting to watch this match again, as I wouldn’t believe if someone told me at that time Caterina can improve so much to be the player as she is now.

    Other than the (embarrassing) performance of Caterina, this match had a lot of other highlights,

    - Larson was so good, her attack was unstoppable even when facing the blocks of Thaisa / Adenízia.

    - Kazan was really good that year, very solid reception & defense with Larson, Del Core & Malova together, and Gamova in offense.

    - Osasco seemed to have a nice budget as well, as they got Sheilla, Thaisa, Adenízia, Fabiola, Brait, basically it’s the Brazil NT,l. Just don’t understand why they would sign that foreign OH duo, Malagurski wasn’t even an OH...

    With all the players leaving Conegliano :sos::what: lol maybe Conegliano can be a good place for Gabi.

    Gabi + Bricio would be a good duo and they can play fast with Wolos

    Don’t think most of those rumours will really happen:D

    And I’m afraid Bricio’s terrible reception won’t help a team which wants to play fast...

    I'm also optimistic about Ferhat, I really disliked his run in Turkish NT as well but its been years and say what you want but he really went all around the world to learn more, we can't hold it against him forever. I would like to see younger coaches in general tbh :)

    But Ferhat will stop the setters from jump-setting:cheesy:

    Berg may not be one of the greatest setters, esp. there were the likes of Fofao, Feng Kun & Takeshita in her generation, but she still deserves more credits than being considered as average or nothing spectacular with what she did and achieved in her career.

    Alisha was first high level setter in usa since debbie green

    Ah mow santos no comments and lindsey fits in usa 's system but nothing spectacular or oustanding

    Like poulter

    Even if you ignore her decent performances during the London Olympics cycle, Lindsey Berg’s jump serves played a big role in their upset over Italy in the 2008 Olympics quarterfinals to help win their unexpected silver medal. This achievement alone is spectacular and outstanding.

    Kazan still maintains the same system as when Leon & Anderson were there, but it just doesn’t work anymore. Ngapeth can’t do what Leon did for the team, Bartosz’s reception is much weaker than Anderson.

    While the MBs are still invisible in attack for most of the time, Maxim’s age would definitely cause more up & down in his game, and with Butko’s predictable and sometimes inaccurate sets, it’s really unfair for Alenko to openly criticize Bartosz in this way. Alenko himself should be responsible for what‘s going on within the team, not Bartosz.

    I think it might be time EczV makes Saliha starter over Hande and trusts in her though. I love Hande, but the inconstistency ain't it.

    I think, on the contrary Hande has been consistently invisible in attack in most of the matches this season.... It’s just even her reception is gone today. Not sure what Guidetti’s magic is to turn her a completely different player in NT:call: