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    Monza did an interview with Larson.

    Great interview! Especially like the part she revealed her gum routine:lol: In this interview you can really tell how much love she has in volleyball and she’s 110% devoted to her job.

    It’s also worth mentioning how Jordan described the molten vs mikasa balls affect the game when talking about the different leagues she played. She said “the Italian league from top to bottom is better than most leagues.” “I also think the ball changes a lot of thing,” “this ball is very different and if you’re playing with mikasa vs molten, it’s a different game. I think if you were to play with the same ball equal parts I’m not sure how that would work.”

    I don't understand why Heynen did not nominate another opposite, for example Große-Scharmann, Lara Berger, Lydia Stemmler or Rica Maase. Of course they are all far away from a solid international quality but especially regarding the huge gap Lippmann left, the VNL would be a good opportunity to give young players a chance...

    He did the same when he coached Perugia. In the season their starting opposite Atanasijevic was injured, he moved their back up OH ter Horst to Opp instead of starting with the back up Opp Vernon-Evans, who was much younger, but kind of raw and inconsistent. Even later he brought another Opp, Muzaj (one of the Opp in Poland NT, which Heynan was coaching as well) to the team, Muzaj didn’t perform well so Heynan still played with Ter Horst as Opp in most games.

    Well, their budget will decrease since they won't play CL. Kazan already has Lukianova (Opp), Kostina (Oh), and Sperskaite (Oh). Also, Akimova (Opp) and Gatina (Oh) are Kazan's players and I won't be surprised if they play there. BTW, Kazan is working with some youngsters: Pavlova (16 y.o), Kovaleva (15 y.o), and Zamanskaia (18 y.o), but I don't think they are ready yet (at least not now). Maybe Kazan hires a foreigner.

    Thanks. I’m not familiar with these young players, are they good enough for Kazan to challenge Lokomotiv & Moscow?

    Kazan seems to be falling apart, they lost Startseva & Arina last season then Kadochikina, Fabris & Bricio will leave as well. Although the departure of the foreign duo was kind of expected, I still wonder who they can find to replace them for next season. Or they still have more talents from their youth team to fill the place?

    Hmm I disagree. They had no middles and an average libero. They still almost reached the finals against the top team of the regular season.

    I still think Perugia was the biggest loser as expectations were much higher on them (probably budget too?) after grabbing Giannelli from Trento.

    Also let's be real, who cares about CEV Cup lol

    I think Modena is the biggest loser as next season they again will have to play the CEV Cup, which I absolutely agree no one cares lol

    They can only wish the Russian teams still being banned and 1 more CL slot to be given to Italy.

    paola egonu confirmed she will play for vakif

    Even though it was already an open secret, but her season with Imoco is not yet over and they still have the last and most important match against none other than Vakif in the CL final. Imo it isn’t that appropriate for her to confirm her move to Vakif at this moment.

    Congrats Imoco! At the end of the day they’re still the better team with better players on most positions, they “should” win this title and are well deserved.

    Kudos to Monza as well, they are literally playing with a bunch of (very) inconsistent players plus an Olympic MVP & a good blocker who only received a handful of good sets in every matches, and they’re still able to make it to the finals and give us some entertaining matches & moments.

    (And biggest credit to them of bringing Larson from AU to Italy:lol:)

    what an absolute collapse.

    santarelli waited way too long to make any sort of change.

    I thought he forgot someone called Courtney on his bench when Sylla was targeted and receiving like 💩. It took him 8 straight points to think of her.

    Another thing I noticed that Cansu’s sets to the pins, especially to the left have become like Russian sky high.. what’s up with that?

    Those sky high sets happened mostly when reception was bad. When Cansu had to set at around the 3-meter line or on the really right side of the court, she chose to set like Gamova hitting at 4. I think it’s just easier for her to set a high ball rather than a perfect fast and flat set to the pin when she’s not setting at the best position, as we all know the accuracy of her setting has been off since her injury.

    More importantly, Gabi can find her way to score a point as long as the set isn’t too tight to the net anyway, I’d tell Cansu just do the simple thing instead of risking more errors if I were Gui.