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    I considered USA as the main candidate for the gold medal in Tokyo, but after reading the latest news. this team can lose on their worth and surely they will.

    Russel is after surgery and out for the next 3 months, Sander is recovering after ankle sprains with an avulsive fracture and need some weeks to start walking, Anderson did not play for the last year(?). So 3 basics wing spikers are out at the moment and need to find some good subs. I guess Ben may be the 1st Opp and Taylor and Anderson play as OHs.

    Thanks for starting this thread!

    It’s so sad to read the news that Russell won’t be able to play in Tokyo. Just hope Sander can be recovered in time and be injury free afterwards, as he has also been dealing injuries these two years.

    For the line up I believe Anderson will remain on the Opp position. Unless Ben will be given more opportunities to play as starter in more matches of VNL and prove he’s more stable & reliable now, it’s less likely that Speraw to change Matt’s role. Besides, there will be no solid back up for Opp.

    They were trading points quite regularly with Herbots in and Lavarini wanted to use her serve a second time before subbing her out.

    Herbots’ backrow attack got stuff blocked, she couldn’t score when she was rotated to the front row neither. Lavarini should have put Daalderop back in court to close the set, as she’s the one who constantly scored in the match, not to “wait” Herbots to get back to the backrow for the second time to use her serve. That’d be the most stupid strategy and that’s why Lavarini is the one to blame for losing the set.

    Novara can only blame Lavarini and themselves for losing this set. Too many wasted opportunities. Imoco was not playing well as Wolosz’ sets were often too low. You can’t let so many chances to slip out from your hands if you want to win the final.

    I also don’t get why Daalderop is replaced after 20 points. I thought Herbots just came in as a serving or backrow sub, but she’s still on the court now! Daalderop played so well while Herbots contributed nothing so far, why put your best player on bench at the most critical moments??

    Can’t imagine Boskovic isn’t in the dream team... Try to replace Boskovic with Vargas to the Ecz team this season, I’m sure they can’t even enter the final 4.

    No doubt about that :win: It's a sad story that players have to take care of their own safety because the authorities who should be responsible for it fail miserably :thumbdown:

    Yup it’s sad, but it’s actually not happening to volleyball players, but to most people in the world. I’m living in one of the most densely populated city in the world, the covid cases here are “only” several thousands up to now. It’s not because the government here has done anything good to protect us, it’s the complete vice versa that most people here don’t trust the government at all. From February last year we have been wearing surgical masks all the time to protect ourselves (back then even when WHO claimed wearing masks was not necessary)

    In these days all people should just do whatever they can to protect themselves and their love ones first. Wear masks properly whenever not at home, and always keep personal hygiene. Do not just rely on the governments / authorities as we have seen countless time wrong decisions were made in this pandemic.

    Wearing masks during sports won't work, it was simply ridiculous in Athletes Unlimited league. Players will pull them down all the time in between rallies in order to breathe better, so masks won't be a serious protection during a volleyball game unfortunately.

    Macris wore her mask to play and won the Brazilian league and she didn’t pull it down, her nose and mouth were covered properly all the time. Players in AU league didn’t wear the masks properly doesn’t mean wearing masks in the game not working.
    Players should be more alert when they know their team / the team across the net has new covid cases. When they still have to play matches in this circumstances, what they can do to protect themselves is to wear the masks properly on & off the court.

    IMO players of both teams should have at least wear face masks to protect themselves when playing the previous match, as they should be aware that it was highly possible that there were potentially infected players in the court. They were at high risks to infect the players not only at their side, but also across the net.

    I agree with this lineup but then I think MBH should sit on the bench and Maja would be out because with all respect to Gabi, she can stuck at certain rotations to kill the ball that's why it is important to have someone on the bench that can come in to score some crucial points. I think it is also important to give some responsibilities to Cansu by trusting her at this level.

    IF it’s so unlucky that Cansu is injured during the match, Vakif will have no backup setter then...

    Wilavan Appinyapong announces retirement from professional volleyball

    The legend of Thai volleyball, leading her team to the world elite level and proved that volleyball is not just all about height. Hope she will become the coach of Thai NT in the future, as her experience, leadership and all-around techniques are precious.

    Great that noone among starters except Mihajloviç is missing but to be honest, FB has a better lineup with Busa-Robinson on court anyways:whistle:

    I feel bad for Cansu Cetin as she did a very good job at playing as libero in the previous match. There aren’t many chances for her to play as starter in the league finals even though she’s playing not her original position.

    Bring 2 liberos? It's a 12-person team you can only have 1 libero. Not sure if you can switch in between matches though.

    The assistant coach was actually better than that. I remember he told the girls to trap Zhu and asked the MB to go with her, first ball or in transition whatsoever. Except it only ended up a free net for Yan Ni lol

    I remember some teams did bring 2 liberos to the Olympics, but maybe one of them was registered as “normal” players if there’s such a regulation for 12-person team? If so there’s no point to include both JWO & Courtney in the squad then.

    I just hope Ogbogu’s injury isn’t getting more serious due to playing with injury in some previous matches. I didn’t see her play at all today (I didn’t watch the whole match, but I believe she should have subbed Beyza if she could when the latter made all kinds of mistakes at some points in the match)