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    Ecz is the last team that needs to transfer Markova mid season. They already have 5 decent to great OHs with all kinds of style, from defensive to offensive and all-arounders. What’s the point to transfer another young offensive OH which they have Czyr on bench already? To form a OH lineup that can actually fill the need of 3 different teams?
    They should have target Jineiry to replace the underperforming Stevanovic if they really want to spend extra money. Or a more direct solution, fire Ferhat to get a better coach.

    I really don’t understand why Ze kept KVR on court despite all the errors she made. They probably have forced a tiebreak if he used Neriman to replace her. He just wasted the opportunity when he put Neriman in as a blocking sub for one rotation only.

    They should rest Zhu Ting a bit more, she's the only one Barbolini keeps on the field even when it's not that necessary. I understand the value of the player, but that's why sometimes it's ok to let Villani or Ruddins play.

    Zhu did have rest in some matches, but at least twice she had to return on court to rescue since they were losing as I recall lol

    Zhu had good rest in summer so I think it’s fine for her to play a bit more now.

    It seems that Scandicci does not have a regular starting Six. The match is inconsistent und not fluent. Especially the 3rd and 4th set. The starting setter changes almost every match. Who is the main Setter? Maja or Di lulio?

    Their starting 6 should be Zhu-Herbots, Maja-Antropova, Carol-L.Nwakalor/Washington(for CL).

    They just give rest to some starters and let the bench players have court time when facing weaker teams.

    Also I think other teams are figuring her out better nowadays. It is normal that an unknown player starts great but her performance drops gradually throughout the season while other teams analyses her angles, attacking style and weaknesses. She had a great start but we should wait to see how she will keep this level till the end of season before hyping her a lot

    I just watched a few sets and I understand why she has got so much hype after playing only a few matches in Turkey. The first impression she gave me is that she has even higher ceiling than Arina. She can hit from all positions and score without looking any awkward. She is very tall but still is a very good jumper and with good agility, shown by some of her defense. More importantly, this Russian girl can pass!

    Of course with all being said, the techniques are still very raw and she made mistakes (I blame her setter for some of the errors though). But she’s just playing the first few matches of her whole professional career, with this performance is truly impressive. If she could meet a right coach at this early stage of career, she will definitely become the one who the others don’t want to face across the net.

    Can Aleksic pls leave that club lol

    I think Vallefoglia is one of the very few (if not the only) teams that can pay her well and at the same time let her start in every matches among the top leagues. Look at the “big names” they have got so far, they surely have money but just didn’t spend in the best way (I actually like their team last season and they could qualify for the playoff, if they managed to hire Drews earlier. But this season is pure disaster).
    OTOH, it’s very hard for the foreign MB to be the absolute starter in Italy or Turkey. Butigan has been doing well for 2 seasons already, but she is still playing in Bergamo only, most better teams don’t have room for a foreigner MB in the starting 6. Unless Aleskic is willing to stay on bench, then Guidetti may rescue her to Vakifbank lol

    Will Kosheleva stay?

    Unfortunately I guess this will be the her last season in Vallefoglia and Italy. She is really bad so far, I’d say she’s probably the worst OH among all starters in Serie A1 this season. No one in Italy will hire her next season after watching her downfall rn. I won’t be surprised if she decides to retire after this season. The age and injuries have gotten the better of her.

    This season, Macris to the rescue

    The Kosheleva/Degradi/Mingardi trio is so tragic that even Fafao in her best can’t rescue them.

    There aren't many clubs willing to wait for a MB till the Panamerican Games are over. As far as I know, she had to reject offers from Turkey and Italy in order to play the tournament with her NT. I guess Azerrail pays her more than any other middle level team from the rest of Europe or small club willing to wait for her. Top teams would not wait for sure.

    This reason made Jinery in Azerbaijan is even more weird than the transfer itself. Most foreign MBs in top teams of Turkey & Italy were rested a lot in the first few rounds of the league due to foreigner limitations. Ogbogu, Fetisova, Stevanovic, Robin, Washington, Heyrman all were rested more than playing, and their teams are strong enough to win the matches they should win even without them. More importantly, Jinery is the better player than most names above, any team gave her up just because she had to skip several matches in the beginning of the season was such a dumb decision.

    If Guidetti is really that interested in Markova as the rumour said, I wouldn’t be surprised the pins of Vakif would be something like Markova/Busa/Akimova (or Stysiak?) next season after the departures of Gabi & JT.

    Who do you think will be Vakif’s new captain? Cansu or Zehra?

    All the NTs should be happy that they don’t have to deal with the jump serves from Akimova & Arina. They remind me of Arta, Godina & Sokolova’s deadly Russian serves.

    Just read that the tournament will be playing in Hangzhou and China made the team from Tianjin as the “host” lol

    Hangzhou is located in Zhejiang province, where the Zhejiang team is very weak now. Nearby there are Shanghai & Jiangsu, which are the best two teams behind Tianjin in China. But still China decided to pick Tianjin as the “host”, that the distance between Hangzhou & Tianjin is actually over 1000km. It’s like having a tournament playing in Rotterdam or Belgrade but they claimed the hosting team is Milano, which it is located just over 1000km away just like in this case lol

    Poor ZAKSA. ;(

    I want the 4-peat in CL. They are my favourite team to watch.

    I’d say it’s “lucky” for Zaksa that these injuries come at the beginning of the season instead of during the playoffs. Janusz played nearly all the matches last season in both clubs & NT. Kaczmarek also played most of games in this summer after taking the starter spot from Kurek.
    Their injuries seem to be inevitable, it’s kind of better for Zaksa that they happen right now instead of March or April next yr.