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    This discussion / debate will never end even after all the 3 great setters retire, as it’s completely normal and fine that fans have different preferences and opinions. But the fact is Naz won the most important match against Wolosz, the Tokyo Olympics Qualification. I bet Wolosz would rather lose the “who-is-better-setter-battle” but to win that match and make it to the Olympics.

    They wanted to hire Rabadzhieva, but she preferred Bauru. It seems next season Moscow will get rid of Shcherban (at least as a starter), the Serbian coach wants other OH.

    The Rabadzhieva news came after she finished her season in China, that’s already mid-season and it’s too late for them to look for replacement of Shcherban. There were only Robinson & Raba available, and both are very popular among top teams.
    They should hire two foreign OH from the very beginning. Shcherban has been with the team for many years, they should have known how much (little) she can contribute.

    Daalderop needs to leave this team, she is a huge potential and deserves much more tbh.

    I used to like Smarzek but she would be a lot more useful if she could receive well and played as OH tbh, she isn't a doninant spiker (Same when it comes to POL nt btw and Stysiak on the right)

    Imo Daalderop is better on the right as well but she should try to become more all-around hopefully in another team next year.

    Agree, and it’s a strange decision of the Polish NT to put Stysiak as OH to receive and Smarzek remained as Opp. It should definitely be the other way round.

    He doesn't seem to like Daalderop that much.. such a shame :(

    And he puts Daalderop in a very difficult position. She has to cover both OH & Opp positions and needs to perform whenever Herbots or Smarzek (or sometimes Bosetti) is not playing well. In 1st set she played a few points as OH, then in the other sets she subbed Smarzek to be Opp. And she’s expected by Lavarini to perform better than the starters, otherwise she’d be subbed out just after a few points. That’s just too demanding to a young player.

    Thank you very much CEV. We get to watch every single match we want thanks to your brilliant schedule. 🤬

    and they always talk about how hard they work to make volleyball more popular. Disgusting.

    I’m actually thankful to CEV that they still manage to organize the CL & Cev cup this year. These tournaments involve lots of teams from different countries with so many matches and so much travelling in the middle of pandemic, it’s really not easy to come up with a perfect schedule.

    Terziç's plan to make a Serbia NT 2.0 out of FB is not working in general this season. I expect drastical changes in the team next season

    Serbia NT involves lots of quick attacks with Rasic/ Veljkovic in the middle. FB now looks like old Russian NT instead (but sadly without such dominant attackers).

    Although it’s a good match in the first 3 sets, I really don’t like the way FB played. Their game is just high balls to the wings and slide attacks of Eda. Quick middle attack was absent for the whole match.

    With just one stable receiver on court (Buša didn’t receive well either when she entered in 4th set), 2 unstable hitters who are also liability in defense & reception, and one middle blocker who can’t properly hit a ball, whenever one of those 2 unstable hitters began to make mistakes in attack, the whole team fell apart quickly...

    Terzic got his 1st T/O wrong. Not only did he take too long to use it but instead of trying to relax his players after the terrible referee mistake, he was just too angry at them. Sometimes players need calmed down, not fired up.

    He should have called for the time-out right after they lost 2 straight points after that call.