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    Rozanski with a good start of the season :rose:

    Or her season wasn’t ended at all:gone: After the whole summer compacted with VNL, ECH & OQT, which her last match against Italy was on 25/9, the “new” season begins immediately in less than 2 weeks time. That’s just insane.

    Just watched the replay of Iran vs Ukraine, why didn’t Plotnytskyi play in this game? For Iran side Ebadipour was definitely missed, the reception without him was a nightmare. I thought he would return to the team for this OQT, but instead he seems to have met his new club in Russia already:/

    Egypt! :super: Was Japan's VNL Group phase a fluke or are they missing a key player or sth? (doesn't look like it on first glance, but I'm not following them thát well). After yesterdays 3-2 vs Finland, they just lost 2-3. Especially seeing them take a 2-0 lead (25-14, 25-10) this loss kinda shocks me :gone:

    Any VNL team not named China losing to Egypt is a shock:lol: Hope can find the replay of this match somewhere to see what happened.
    Just the second day the tournaments started there have been several surprising tight matches and results already, I wish I can spare more time to watch this OQT:gone:;(

    i just pray we don't draw Canada because it'll be a "double points" match and our track record vs them is just not great :rolll: the drama it would give if it were the last match, can you imagine (help)

    You should also pray to draw Korea while Canada can’t lol

    Finally the OQT is over, congrats to Brazil, Dominican Republic, Poland, Serbia, Turkey and USA for winning the tickets!

    After the boring first week there were lots of great games and surprises this week. The Dominicans are definitely the biggest surprise of the tournament and Brenda is undoubtedly the MVP.

    Also kudos to losing teams like the Netherlands, Canada and Thailand for making some upsets. The competition between the Dutch and the Canadians for the last ticket next year will be very interesting.

    Biggest disappointments are of course China & Italy. Question will be whether they will finally sack their coaches and bring their best players back. The game just isn’t completed when both Zhu and Egonu are missing.

    So happy for the Poles and their fans. They’re well deserved after showing great performances throughout the whole summer (and I still believe they could win the medal in ECH even without the injured Czy if they had better luck and wasn’t drawn to meet Turkey in QF)

    From what I've seen so far Bosio has poor chemistry with Danesi and struggle a little bit with MB plays. On the other hand, Orro didn't seem to find the right connection with Sylla above all.

    It’s already been better than they did in VNL. Most of her sets to Danesi were unhittable back then, at least Danesi can spike the ball for like 2/3 of the sets received now instead of just pushing it over all the time lol

    I don't know if Italy woke up after their defeat against NL at ECH or if it's Bosio who has a big influence compared to Orro, but Italy has a good start today and looks a lot better now

    Not going to compare Bosio with Orro, both aren’t perfect anyway. But have to say that Bosio has found much better connections with the hitters in this tournament than in the VNL, especially with the middles.

    Why doesn't Frantti get more playing time btw? She played with Carlini all season at Casalmaggiore, should be beneficial you'd think

    Karch has been trying hard to compete for the worst coach of the summer with Mazzanti and Cai