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    The women’s competition is starting later today and I’m just hoping that all the players from every team can remain Covid free for the duration of the games, and beyond. Also, I’m really looking forward to some exciting matches in the women’s competition...there was already an unexpected result in the men’s side, so who knows what’ll happen ?


    Did any other 🇨🇳🏐player aside from ZT attended the opening ceremony? Seemed like all 🇰🇷🏐players attended. It would have been nice if ZT’s teammates attended ; 🇨🇳🏐NT did not attend the opening and closing ceremonies of Rio Olympics.

    I watched satellite tv...they showed the Chinese contingent for only around 10 seconds..and I couldn’t recognise anyone else... I think less than 100 Chinese officials and athletes were involved...:|

    Zhang Changning ❤️ Tbh I really like all 7 of China starter (excluding the libero sorry I dunno her). They seem very down to earth and nice.

    I think they are all very friendly and nice, Wang MJ too, is fun loving and gets along very well with the other players...from what I read in the Chinese blogs.

    btw I wanted to be the one to give you that special ‘like’... do keep the interesting posts coming, always enjoy reading them :lol:


    Love Gong <3

    Little Gong in the Hanbok looks so cute and lovable. When she grew big...she didn’t change much, and only became a bigger version of herself, still so sweet and lovable


    A while back someone posted a photo of little Zeng Chunlei...I’m still looking for it :what:

    <3 小花蕾

    Love Yan Ni <3

    To Li Yao: She is average in any technical analysis. I do not support her in the roster to Tokyo.

    To Liu Xiaotong: we still remember Liu Xiaotong highlights in Rio 1/4 final and her performances afterwards till Wch 2018, were all good enough to secure a Tokyo spot, however, now, she insists and struggles.

    To Liu Yanhan: she is not showing her big games since VNL 2019. I hope Lang Ping bring us physical/chemical miracles while mixing her in the team.

    I am not to comment the others, because 8 of players are just too good. Wang Mengjie and Yao Di are just the better options compared to their competitors. Jenny's roster is a little bit surprising me but persuading me too.

    I think so too....Li Yao is just average and maybe we haven’t seen enough of Liu Yanhan to make a fair comment. As for Liu Xiaotong, she is not the player she used to be..I wouldn’t have picked her. But I’m not the head coach. Lang Ping is...and she must have her own reasons for doing so. I don’t know, maybe it’s for good omen, as one member has pointed out, Brazil has never beaten China when LXT is playing....even in the recently concluded VNL, when she was with the understrength ‘B team’...maybe they see her as some sort of guardian angel for the team.

    I wish the team every success !

    OMG she is! I didn’t know she retired! She doesn’t play on the league anymore? I really like her. Always smiling & very positive vibe.

    she might have played in the 2019/20 league...but she’s no longer involved now.

    I always believe a person who can smile is a beautiful person ! and they make others happy as well. :)

    Who do you think should go? Can they bring back that cute and energetic player that used to wear #8?

    Gosh, you don’t mean Zeng Chunlei, do you ? She retired after the 2019 World Cup. She got married and is expecting a baby ! She was one of my favourite players <3

    photo source:

    China has a great starting 8. Will the other 4 be a significant addition to the team?

    Yes, I feel that the reserve players will be more important this year compared to previous OGs, not just for the Chinese but for other NTs as well. The pandemic adding to the usual uncertainties of loss of form and injuries to the starting 8.

    Some of us also believe that some back up players who participated in the first 3 rounds of the VNL who were expected to fill the reserve spots...were simply not good enough, so we’re hoping JLP will look at other, more deserving players. :|

    So she retired after the National Games Qualifiers back in April?

    I thought the news meant she was going to retire after the National Games later this year. I guess I misinterpreted that part.

    Wang Chenyue ? Injury issues I think....she seems to be injured very often...and she looks frail and rather ‘delicate’ compared to someone like Zhang CN   :what: