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    Nice ! Attractive young lady. Can hit the ball quite hard too. I noticed she has quite sharp features, especially her nose ...hehe.... It’s interesting, many years ago I visited the mountainous regions of Sichuan and met with a minority community called Qiang.

    (羌族)They all had sharp noses too ! Maybe, Miao is part Qiang :huh:

    I haven't seen too much of Miao...any links to good quality clips/videos of matches in which she features ? Thanks :wavy:

    It happened that the National Games Preliminary round still has the 9-12 qualifying matches, involving teams like Beijing, Fujian, etc, and this will last until 22 April. That's why players like Liu XT, Zheng YX, Lin Li are absent from the NT camp as they need to play with the local teams, there's possibility that they may rejoin the NT training after these matches.

    poor Macau will have to endure further beatings :down:

    The floor of the bedroom looks unfinished and the ceiling looks kinda low...especially for Yuan, who with 2 inch heels and hair tied into a bun might reach 7 feet ! The King size beds should be comfortable for everyone, eventhough Yuan’s toes might still be sticking out :)

    With regards to selection of the Olympic squad, my feeling is that 7 players are more or less confirmed barring unforeseen circumstances such as last minute injuries.

    (OH & OP) Zhu Ting, Li YY, Zhang CN and Gong XY

    (MB) Yuan XY, Yan Ni

    (S) Ding Xia

    (L) Wang MJ

    2 more spots will likely go to Wang YY (MB) and Yao Di (S)

    And the remaining 3 spots could go to Liu YH (OH), Wang YJ (OH)

    Nee FF (L)

    I further believe that the selectors should also look at the following players with potential to replace some of the above, where appropriate. Perhaps they should be given a chance to play in the VNL to test their form.

    (OH & OP) Li Yao and Chen Peiyan (Guangdong), Qian Jingwen and Du Qing Qing (Shandong) Chen Boya (Tianjin)

    - In recent matches, Chen seems to have overshadowed Li as the main attacker, in the Guangdong team. Qian and Du form the bedrock of the Shandong attack which has done well in recent tournaments. Du used to have this awkward hitting style, often compounded by wrong timing. I think she has improved and even can hit harder now compared to the 70+ kmh before. Chen Boya is like an uncut diamond. No updated stats are available, but I believe she has a striking reach of around 320cm (estimated visually) and this is a big asset. And by the way, the only reason I’ve included Liu YH in the list of possibilities above, is that she used to be quite a strong spiker. We all haven’t seen her for more than a year. Hopefully, that’s still the case.

    (MB) Guo Huizhen (Shandong) ...I’m hearing gasps of disbelief here, surprises and even shocks. But let’s go back to the CVL round of 6 when highly rated Jiangsu faced Guangdong with Guo on loan from Shandong. Attacks by their imports Kelsey and Raba and solid blocking by Guo dismantled the Jiangsu team, which was left shell shocked and their coach, befuddled. Of similar size and height to Yan Ni, she also is quite flexible, have a good reach and can hit quite hard, unlike some tall MBs such as Wang Yuanyuan, Gaoyi and Yang Hanyu, who more often then not, go tap tap tap.

    Of course any comparison with Yan Ni has to be limited to size and potentials, for now because, Yan has the experience, quick reflexes and that uncanny intuition to predict where the opposition will strike. It is for this reason and the fact that Yan Ni always seem so enthusiastic, giving encouragements and calming down the team when stressed, that ensures her a spot in the team eventhough she’s carrying some injuries.


    Mei Xiaohan (Shandong). The reason why Mei is here is because I have doubts about Yaodi. Yes, she looks good most of the time, but could this be because her attackers Li Yingying and Zhu Ting are skillful enough to make allowances and adjustments to still make a good hit from a poor set ?

    And what about Diao unpredictable as the weather, I’m afraid. Too risky to be included in the team.

    But good luck to the Olympic squad, as individuals, they may have flaws or shortcomings, but as a team, they are hard to beat :win:

    I suspect that China will send a ‘watered down’ A team, that nevertheless will include Zhu Ting. For test events like this one, the host nation would normally invite the top ranked athlete or team to attend. There is an assumption that feedbacks from these athletes and officials will be beneficial. There is also pride and publicity considerations, especially in these uncertain times. Japan wants to project, a safe and secure environment for the games and getting a nod and a thumbs up from someone like Zhu Ting helps. Another thing, I do believe we shouldn’t underestimate the strength of the Japanese team, especially since they are the hosts. I heard that Mayu Ishikawa has transformed into a really good spiker, much like her famous brother.

    I can’t for the life of me understand how Liu XT can remain in the NT. In her prime she was a strong hitter and had a reasonably good jump serve. As a reserve player in Rio 2016, she replaced out of form players in some matches and did a good job. For that, the national team, the nation and all her fans are eternally grateful. But then, she went into a steady decline. Her spiking now lacked power, her jump serve, a low percentage weapon in the best of times got picked up easily. Her receiving was no better. It was sad to watch.:|

    You know when Yan Ni decides to retire, tears will flow, like it did when tennis player Li Na gave her retirement speech :heart:

    Scores for the last day of competition - 13 Apr

    (Source: Weibo)

    Sichuan 3-0 Macau. 25-17, 25-22, 25-12

    Jiangsu 3-0 Henan 25-12, 25-21, 26-24

    Liaoning 3-0 Hebei 25-20, 25-15, 25-15

    Beijing 3-0 Fujian. 25-17, 25-19, 25-15

    Tianjin 3-0 Guangdong 25-21, 25-22, 25-14

    Shandong 3-0 Shanghai 25-20, 25-18, 25-17

    sitenoise ... They tried, they came up short, but that’s okay, they’ll be back, bigger and stronger and ready to face anyone.

    In the Tianjin vs Beijing match Chen Boya seems to have better reception/defense while Wang Yizhu has better offense. Chen also seems more suitable as opposite since her offense at that position is more effective.

    Beijing needs to start developing youth. They relied on Liu Xiaotong/Zeng Chunlei for a long time and also relied on foreigners during the league that their bench doesn't have the depth to compete domestically anymore.

    Bringing in the foreigners made the league more competitive and 'attractive' ...when Shanghai brought in Kim, interest in the league went up three notches ! local players also benefitted by getting exposed to the power hitting of the imports. When Zhu was away in Turkey, the strongest hitter was arguably Rachel Rourke of Beijing.

    But there must a balance, local players must be continually developed and where appropriate, allowed to compete. One player who could've done better is Jin Ye. She has a good reach, but her striking style is somewhat unconventional and lacking in direction. Injuries compounded her problems. She hasn't improved even after several years with Beijing and remains a backup player.

    IMO Jiangsu have yet to meet a strong side, and it’ll be interesting to see how they fare in September.

    I’m proud of them, they’re small in stature but they have big hearts. Two or three big blocks in the third set showed they are no pushovers. Yes, Jiangsu rested their first team but their reserves are also very skillful, especially Wu Han who was merciless in her attack.:box:

    I know it's maybe superficial, but when the camera zooms in on the MB through the net , when she has her arms in the air, barking orders out of the side of her mouth, waiting for a team mate to serve ... the four shadows I'm talking about all look like they own the team. I'm not getting that vibe from the youngin's yet.

    Yan Ni is like Kim YK or Wilavan...they direct operations, calm things down and encourage their team mates. They are an important asset for the team.

    Of the 12 players I added to volleybox, #12 Chao Ka Man was the only one I couldn't find a wallpaper picture for. Now she has this:

    Their expressions say it all....

    The big one is thinking: “ Ho Hum, I have to do this all the time, Why me? Why me?

    The little one is thinking: “ I’m truly blessed to be given this opportunity, I think I’m the chosen one. I shall cherish this moment forever. Thank you “

    ❤️ Zhu Ting, she’s made so many people so happy.