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    FB “International Volleyball Forums and Updates” has live streaming of 14th Asian Women’s U18 Volleyball Championship.....go to their page and scroll down 7 or 8 videos....currently Chinese Taipei is playing Kazakhstan.

    Later at around 8pm China will play Japan. The Chinese have a very skillful OP ... Wang Yindi ! Other matches are here...…8_Volleyball_Championship

    I just thought since it’s a public holiday in MY you guys might be interested...


    couldn’t agree with you more......

    I’m watching from the same time zone (Malaysia) so the timing suits me...Last night the China/Italy match ended around 2am here and after reading all the comments, it was nearly 3 before I went to sleep. Believe me, watching VB can be tiring and stressful too.


    Before the start of the VNL.....some of us thought the matches against Turkey and Italy would be tough, against the Netherlands would be 50/50 and against Thailand would be relatively easy.....

    Volleyball is one of the few sports where you can win by scoring fewer points. 96%-97% of the time the higher scoring team wins, and with a gap that big, it is a big upset. Not even mentioning the world ranking.

    The last two sets, Thailand did a great job of stopping China and scoring from their offense. The combination plays on the left, just hard for China to stop.

    I didn't get to watch the first set and joined in at the beginning of the fourth. They earned this win.

    Tennis also (you can score fewer points and still win) speaking of which, R Nadal has won the 2022 French Open !

    win or lose, the Chinese coach should make an important substitution, GET HIMSELF REPLACED..... when things aren’t going right, he is too slow to why didn’t he substitute the setter and libero during the first set, instead of waiting for the set to be lost and then substitute in the beginning of the second !

    Hope this match against Thailand, the coach will let the players of the previous matches especially LYY, GXY and YXY have a rest day. Unless the team gets into difficult situation, then have them play.

    Ideally yes, but I am not sure if the team can remain competitive. Thailand is playing well, defending resolutely and counterattacking effectively.

    Reserve OH Wang Yizhu didn’t have much playing time, and OP Miao Yiwen didn’t play at all. Perhaps MB Zheng Yixin can play a part. It would be the first time she is appearing at VNL this year. With all these changes, what would it do to team cohesion ? Honestly, it’s hard to predict....even with LYY, GXY and YXY, performance have been less than convincing so far.

    Anyway, I do agree that they do need some rest. I’m also concerned about injuries. LYY was seen rubbing her knees gingerly and doing some stretching last night during the second set (or was it the third?) That got me really worried 😐

    re. Match against Thailand is going to be a close one. With the Thais there is no cheap points, they try to pick up every ball and attack with variation. Should be a good game to watch....:cheesy:

    In the earlier match against Turkey there was maximum crowd participation and noise. This energised both teams....who responded with more attacking play and strong defending. Players were exhausted .... physically and emotionally. But it was entertaining and fun to watch.

    The match against Italy had a different feel to it. The atmosphere was more subdued....players looked lethargic, play was scrappy and there were more enforced errors.

    Also, the earlier match was of more significance, I feel, as it was against a full strength Turkish side, compared to an Italian side missing most of their star players


    I think the lower height and quicker sets by DLY suits GXY’s quick and mobile spiking style as she’s less likely to be blocked by hitting cross court, down the line and off the hands!!!
    This way she can be as effective as the taller opposites like Eganou and Boskovic!


    Absolutely !

    Zhu partnering LYY and GXY as OP.....a mouth watering prospect :cheesy:

    The problem with the middles is that Li Yanlong is supposedly the coach for this specific area. Under his coaching in Shandong Yang Hanyu's progress has been slow and he would always rotate between Zhang Qian, Sun Ruhan, Cao Tingting, and Guo Huizhen never finding a consistent starter.

    I can’t figure out Li Yanlong, on the one hand he seems like a nice fella, mild mannered and caring, never scolding the girls, but as a coach he hasn’t done a good job, I feel. Maybe he’s been paying more attention to the pleasant looking players like Du Qingqing :aww:

    If he is, he’d better watch out because I have my eyes on her also ! :cheesy: